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By Paul M. Vest


"we- 'The Nors', in common with the other Elder Races, normally live on a vibrational level, or "wave length," which is much higher than your own. Since your awareness range is a narrow one, we would not "exist," so far as your senses are concerned, when we were in our normal state. You would be unaware of us for the same reason that an ordinary radio receiver is unaware of a telecast transmission. You are simply not able to "tune up to our channel." Yet we are quite solid and real. There are sounds, which your ears cannot hear, and colors, which your eyes cannot see. Yet these are actually just as "real" as those which register on your senses...."


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how life exist on higher level of f.x.Venus:
They can, however, by use of technical means, change their frequency so that their vehicles and people, become visible to us on earth. Venusians thus exist in a kind of invisible parallel world. The earth people who had come to the Venus has been undergoing a process of transformation aboard the craft to be able to view life on Venus.

Allegations of ocntacts with venusians, Martians, saturnias etc, have been one of the reasons that serious UFOlogists of fairly obvious reasons, dismissed many contacts as rogues. But the fact is, that UFOlogists missed several of the classic contact-cases /people, actually do not talk about it for us visible Venus.
For example,Howard Menger Space contacts presenting the same idea in From Outer Space To You: "Unless his physical body was processed and conditioned, it Could not see the beings on another planet." The process is purely technical in which a space-woman show herself in front of Menger as she pushes a button on his belt and just disappear.

That the unknown aliens have a technology that enables them to vanish into thin air, got even Richard Höglund experience of.

Richard had once a meeting and talked with two space people on a bench in the Bahamas. A group of people had gone by, and then he discovered that he suddenly sat talking with himself, as into thin air. Richard felt very ashamed of the situation.

According to Desmond Leslie's comments on the second edition of George Adamski "On board the spacecraft", had also Adamski himself declared that no man was able to visit another planet in our sunsystem and observe the inhabitants, if the person did not undergo a certain process.

The above explanations fit well into the Theosophical / esoteric worldview. The Swedish esoterician Henry Laurency, for instance, writes: "Our planet (Terra) is the only planet in the solar system, in which organic life is possible ... The inhabitants of Venus have an etheric layer-covering of coarse material that is confusingly similar to an organism". (from Haakan Blomquist blog on the theme.)


“..we normally live on a vibrational level, or "wave length," which is much higher than your own.”


UNDERSTANDING PUBLISHING Co. 1960 (but recived in 1954)



C 0 N T E N T S





In the Beginning



The Garden of Eden



Everywhere Is Home   



The Sauces      



The Space Patrol          



Mores and Morals









Mental Powers             






The Present Mission





remark that NONE of the pictures used here, was in the original book from 1960




 When a book is written for the purpose of reporting to the public, information which its author has received from some other source, the value of the book will plainly depend upon a number of factors, among which are the nature of the source of information, the means of communication, and the completeness and the accuracy with which the receiver is able to set forth the information which he has received.

Many persons tend to view with scepticism, information which has been received through means other than our commonly accepted modes of earthly communication, especially when that communication has taken place over very long distances.

In the present era, however, when communication over long distances has become commonplace, and when the impossibility of yesterday becomes the accepted fact of today, thinking people are more concerned with the value of a message than with the means of its transmission.

The following text was received by Rolf Telano in 1954, but because it was felt at that time there would be little likelihood of its acceptance by the general public, its publication was delayed until today, when the factuality of telepathic communication has become more generally known and accepted.

We present this book with the hope that you may find much of interest and value within its pages.

 Daniel W. Fry, Publisher



Sightings of strange objects in the sky, popularly known as "flying saucers," are so numerous and so well verified that no really intelligent person can now doubt their existence. Certain details force most of them to accept the fact that these spacecraft could not originate on Planet Earth. The questions which they now ask, often fearfully, are: "What are the 'saucers?' Where do they come from? What sort of beings operate them? What is their purpose here?"

As one of the race of people who control these craft I shall attempt, with the aid of various associates, to answer these questions. It is my hope that I may thus be able to still the fears of the frightened ones, and encourage the hopcs of those who will accept my statements.

To introduce myself, my name, translated into your written language, is "Borealis." It might be noted that all names used in this explanation have been thus translated. The means of identification which we use would mean noth­ing to you, and we have attempted to give you, instead, those which would be understandable in your language.


The planet which you call Venus is my home, although do not regard myself as a "native" since my people did no originate here.)* )*”My present home is not on the Venus you see, but on a higher frequency level world which is somewhat larger than the "Venus" which you know…- see later in this book. Rø-rem.)

Your scientists may tell you that life on this planet is impossible, because the Venusian atmosphere is un suitable for life. Actually, conditions on the surface of the planet do not concern us, as will be explained later. The planet does, however, teem with life forms of every sort. As a matter of fact, all of the planets and their moons contain life of some sort. The tests which your astronomers have made, reached no further than the stratosphere of the various planets, which give no indication as to the conditions on the surface a hundred miles or so below. These same tests made on your own stratosphere would indicate that neither are the chemical and temperature conditions suitable for life.

  To continue the introduction, I am the high Priestess of the Mother Temple of our people on Venus. The details on our religious beliefs are not important to this explanation, but I will tell you that we are monotheists, recognizing one supreme Deity as the First Cause and Creator of all things. We call it the Unnameable, because we believe that no word or name can create the correct mental picture of It. A mind housed in a mortal and finite shell cannot, by its very nature correctly comprehend that which is immortal and infinite It has no standards of comparison.

Many of your people will reject what I say because they do not have enough education to understand it. Most of your men of science will also reject it because they have to much education, of the wrong sort. Even among those whom we regard as the more advanced among you, there will be some who will at first feel inclined to reject it - because parts of what I say may be in conflict with some religion or philosophy which they have adopted. But the remaining ones will, I believe, be sufficient in number to make my efforts worthwhile.

Since I am a mortal being, what I say is subject to all the errors of mortals. While I do have access to records and other sources of information which are not available to you. I am neither omniscient nor infallible-nor, perhaps, en­tirely free from prejudice. My people, whom you may call "the Nors," are far in advance of yours in science. I also like to think that, on the average, they are somewhat higher in ethics. There are exceptions, however. All is not sweet-ness and good among us. There are quite wide variations of good and evil.

We are neither demons come to destroy you, nor gods come to magically deliver you. We are, in the final analysis, “just people" - people who are not greatly different from Earthfolk deep inside - people who live and love, and hope and fear, and, on occasion, laugh and weep. We regard you and greet you as "Brothers" in the truest sense of the word.







 The Nors, who operate most (but not all) of the strange craft seen in your skies, are one of the Elder Races or "Guardians" of your planet. At the present time we are the largest group operating in this solar system, although there are also members of other races present. These Elder Races have been guarding your planet ever since the first humans appeared on it. At the same time they have been attempting to tutor you, and to guide your development, using subtle pressures which would not hamper your own self development.

There has never been a time since your beginning when they have been completely absent. Their numbers at any particular time vary according to the conditions which pre­vail. When affairs are developing in a normal and smooth manner, there may be only a small number of observers. In times of crisis their activities greatly increase.

 These Elder Races created the physical bodies of your ancestors. They did not, of course, create their spiritual bodies, since this is beyond the ability of any mortal. Those parts of the "Self" are directly of and from the Unnameable,

When it was found that Earth was ready for human life, it was determined what physical characteristics were neces­sary and desirable for its particular environment. Then, by methods very similar to those employed by animal breeders, when they are producing a new species, they devel­oped these characteristics. Carefully selected parents were bred together in such manner as to fix the desired traits and eliminate the undesired ones.

The Biblical "Garden of Eden" was the biological labora­tory of these Elder Races. The word "Adam" is not the name of an individual, but a racial or group name. Jt was common for the ancients to thus personify an entire race or group with a single name. The custom survives to this day, as witness the personification of several million Brit­ishers as "John Bull," etc.

The Adams were sent out of the "Garden" as your Bibles tells, but it was a precautionary measure rather than a "punishment". Being in such close contact with the Elder Races, they were beginning to pick up many things from observation and chance remarks of their mentors. It was feared that they might learn things, which it would not be good for them to know - so early in their development, so they were sent out into the world by themselves.

The women naturally got the blame for this, since such has been the custom of men since the beginning of time.

 Perhaps some ancient “Eve” was the buttom of it. It is usually the woman who wonder if things could not be improved, and begins to snoop around to find out. As long as man has a comfortable place to sleep, plenty to eat, and is not required to exert himself in any way, he asks no questions. He is satisfied with the status quo.

Actually, the thing would have been done eventually in any case. It was a necessary part of their training to put them out on their own at the proper time. In no other way could they be taught to use their mental and physical abil­ities, and develop resourcefulness. So, in defense of my own sex, I must point out that the worst that can be said of this ancient "Eve" is that perhaps she slightly hastened the inevitable.

Note particularly that part in your Bible where the "Lord God" says: "Behold, the man has become as one of s.' Since the Deity was always recognized as singular, thi' should clearly indicate that here was some much lesses being, speaking to a group of equals -- specifically, the Elder Races.

However, if any prefer to think that the Deity personall; created the races of men upon Earth, I shall not contend with them. In one sense, they are right. Since the Unnameable is the sole First Cause in the Universe, It becomes, by philosophical extension, the Creator of all things, eve though It may employ mundane means to accomplish the actual creation.

This confusion between the real Deity and the Elder Races appears many times in the Bible, and in other ancient writings. The cause was clearly the very advanced scientific and mental abilities of the Elder Races. The Adams could not even begin to understand them, and so concluded that these must necessarily be supernatural beings. Since this would make them more willing to obey orders and instructions, I fear that the Elder Races probably made no great effort to disillusion them.

 As the Adams advanced, they began to get a somewhat truer picture of their mentors. In the latter parts of the Bible they became "sons of God," "prophets," and other terms somewhat less than divine. The latter Greeks also apparently realized that their "gods" were beings of ex­ceptional powers, but were actually mortals, and were not always "good."

 The Guardians remained on your planet, in person, for many thousands of years. To you, this would be a long time. In our time concept it was merely an interlude. We not only count our life span in thousands of years, but also carry our most important memories forward from one life to the next.

The environment on your planet is not favorable for our people, so, as soon as they deemed that the Adams could safely be left to their own resources, the Guardians left. The accounts of their leaving appear in many of your ancient records, although you might have some difficulty in recognizing them. The peoples of those times had no knowledge of science, and so were unable to clearly describe what they saw.

Since then, the Guardians have not appeared openly among you, although there have always been a few of their craft in your skies somewhere, and a certain number of "surface observers" living among you. These latter are necessary because there are certain things which can be done best and most conveniently by personal contact. These are carefully selected and trained, and are able to mingle freely among you without danger of detection.

 The Nors, like all of the Elder Races, have the ability to alter their bodies in any desired manner by using the crea­tive powers of thought. Thus they could simulate any race, or even animal forms if desired. In the present instance this is not necessary, since our natural appearance has a very close superficial resemblance to your own Nordic races, who, incidentally, took their name from us. Our former zone of activity was the North European area, and the people there were our particular charge.

 In the latter days there was some mixture of Elder Race blood with the Adams. ". . .The sons of God saw 'the daugh­ters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all they chose." This statement, like the others in your Bible, refers specifically to the Near East area, which was under the supervision of other peoples. In general, however, these statements would apply equally well to our area and to those of the other peoples.





 As your Bible correctly records (Genesis 64) the Elder Races lived in the Earth, not on it. The surface environ­ment was very unfavorable for them. The Garden of Eden was naturally also in the Earth, and the Adams were sent up and out on to the surface. The Apocryhas account of their first day and night on the surface (First Book of Adam and Eve) tells of their dismay when the sun set, and their terror when it rose again the next morning, thus plainly indicating that they were entirely unfamiliar with surface conditions.

There were actually several "Gardens," since each of the Elder Races was assigned to populate a certain area. There was close cooperation between these groups, and consider-able exchange of technical personnel, since certain groups excelled in certain arts. Over all of these groups was a co­ordinating authority. He was of a higher race than the Elders, but was still a mortal, not a true Deity. Important decisions were formed by mutual consultation and agree­ment between groups, and all usually put them into effect at the same time.

 The Biblical accounts actually deal with only one of these areas: the Hebraic-Greco-Assyrian zone. However, they would apply, with only minor modifications, to all areas and groups. The various Adamic races have different versions of these first days. Some of their information is factual, but much of it is necessarily allegorical, because the things were beyond the understanding of those who wrote the accounts. Most of these accounts also have suffered much during translations and revisions. Analyzing them with these factors in mind, however, will show that they are all basically the same.

The statement that "God created man in his own image" is correct from either the physical or spiritual point of view. The real, or inner, self is part of the Unnameable, so is necessarily in Its image. Each of the Elder Races naturally considered their own racial characteristics to be superior, so made their particular "Adams" to look as nearly like themselves as possible. Various internal changes were neces­sary, but their creations were superficially the same in ap­pearance as themselves. Thus the material self is also in the image of the material "gods."

The parent stock of the Adams consisted of many low-vibrational level life-forms, both human and non-human, from many other worlds. Persons and animals are occa­sionally taken from your planet in a similar manner for the purpose of populating some other young world. The consent of such persons is always obtained. The purpose is explained, and they are permitted to make a completely free-will decision. Most of them enthusiastically agree. If they should not, all memories of the incident are erased from their minds, and they are returned unharmed in any way.

It is almost impossible to trace the genealogy of your present races. Many former land areas no longer exist. Many new ones have arisen. During the resulting mass migrations, there was great intermixing of the races. Most of the present races of your planet are mixtures of several different ancient peoples. In addition to the races, which were actually bred on your planet, there were two other groups who were developed elsewhere and moved to your world en masse when disaster faced their own planets.

You formerly had a tertiary moon, which was named "Azatlan," although it also was known as "Bal" to some. Due to certain natural laws, it came so close to Earth that it was torn to pieces by conflicting forces. The fragments fell upon Earth as meteors, and this "rain of fire" is noted in many of your ancient writings and legends. A few of the fragments still orbit Earth as an asteroid belt. The resulting disturbance also changed the position of Luna and made it unsuitable for surface life.

These events had been foreseen, and most of the inhabi­tants were safely brought to Earth before the catastrophes. The Atlans were settled in the former continent of Atlantis, which took its name from them. They soon outgrew it and spread their colonies all over the Mediterranean area. They as the predominant factor in the present peoples of the nations of this part of the world. The Luninians were settled in the central part of Asia. Many of them died when certain great geological changes took place in this area, but they have left their mark on many Asiatic peoples.

The Elder Races were forced to their underworld life on this planet because of the radioactive solar emanations on this Earth-plane.  These caused them to age prematurely, and cut their life-span to a fraction of its normal length. On our own vibrational level, we are above these particular radiations. We are subject to certain mildly detrimental emanations, greatly increased now by your atomic explo­sions, but have ways of partially counteracting them.

These radioactive poisons are the chief cause of your own short life-span. They settle in the bones and tissues with a cumulative effect. After they reach a certain con­centration, the various organs of your body cease to function in a normal manner, and you eventually grow "old."

If your scientists were to check a new-born baby, they would find that it did not register any radioactivity. The mother's body filters out all the emanations. As a person grows older, this radioactivity constantly increases. Certain persons are better able to resist this process than others. Those who look young or old for their age would show corresponding differences in their radioactivity.

By borrowing deep into the Earth, the Elder Races were able to avoid much of this poisoning, the thick layer of earth acting as a filter. At a certain depth there is a "zone of light." Here certain of the energy flows, which are not converted by your stratosphere, are changed into light by the effect of certain elements in the Earth. It was in this zone of soft continuous light that the Elders built their homes. They did this by disintegrating the material in the space required, and packing its energy into the walls and ceilings to form a lining of very dense and strong material. This eventually grew into a multi-tiered underworld, ex­tending under both land and sea, whose total area was much greater than that of the surface world.

The Elder Races regarded their cavern homes as very undesirable, in spite of their vastness and elaborateness. They were not completely shielded from the radioactive poisons, and consequently suffered many ailments which had been heretofore unknown to them. They felt confined, and longed for their own homes where they could live on the surface. As soon as they deemed the Adams sufficiently advanced to no longer require such close and constant super­vision, most of the Elders left for their own homes. A few chose to remain behind. The others regarded them as foolish, if not insane, but conceded their right to stay is they desired to do so.

When these few who remained were freed from the restraining influence of the main group, they began to bring in evil members of the Adamic peoples to join them s various sadistic orgies. The other surface peoples, whom they were supposed to guide and protect, were constantly tortured and tormented. Among the Adams, the concept of the "underworld" changed from a place of good - to a place of evil. After all other means of controlling them had failed, forces were sent to correct these conditions. Some of the "mad gods" were removed to other places for treat­ment. Others were placed in forcible restraint for the re­mainder of their lives. The entrances to the underworld were sealed. Since then, small groups of varying moral levels have found their way into the underworld through accidently uncovered entrances. Much of the ancient cavern system still exists, and small groups still live there. See link to info on such an alleged base below Sweden. Rø-rem.2013 - 

The writings of Richard S. Shaver, which caused somewhat of a stir in occult circles a while ago, describe many of the features of the caverns. Like all fictionalized reports, however, they must be read critically. Many things have been distorted by presenting rare or occasional incidents as typical. Some entirely fictional details have been added. The author cannot be entirely blamed for this state of affairs. In order to successfully commercialize a book, one must cater to the intellectual and moral level of the mass mind. This, unfortunately, is not high.

Sex is of paramount interest to your people, so this angle was stressed in the most sensational manner possible. If one were to take these tales as factual, he would think that our ancestors were indeed an immoral and dissolute lot!

Horror is another subject of great reader fascination, so the "Deros" were greatly overstressed. There are a few in the Elders' abandoned cavern homes who would fall into this classification, but their influence is insignificant. The evil which they do to you, is but a drop of water in the ocean when compared to the evil which you do to one another.

The evils, which plague your world, are not due in any important degree, to any sinister unseen influence. They are primarily due to your own decadence and degeneration.They follow the old familiar pattern of the general break-down of intellectual and moral levels which have prefaced the last days of all former civilizations. It is the inexorable end of any social order which seeks to build a Master Race upon the misery and suffering of its brothers. Your much prized "way of life" is destined to a lingering and painful death. It is even now in its premonitory death throes. I would be morally dishonest if, in order to avoid offending you, I should pretend otherwise.

The pattern could be changed, if your rulers and priest-hood were wise. We have carefully scanned their inner thoughts to find if any realized the true nature of the prob­lem which faced them -- to find if some, perhaps, would bravely pioneer the way out. With a few very inspiring exceptions, we have not found that for which we sought. Instead, we have found an obstinate determination to hold fast; to strengthen and defend the old order, with all its evils; to ruthlessly destroy any who attempt to change it in any detail.

Some speak sincerely of greater justice and freedoms, but frustrate their own dreams by attempting to build them on the rotting foundations of the existing evil institutions. But neither is the correct way the way of the Communists.

Some of their aims are high, and many have dedicated themselves to the task of attaining these ends. But they attempt the impossible task of attaining good results by evil and unworthy means. The fruit can never be better than the plant upon which it grew.

These statements are not a prophecy, in the mystical sense of the word. They are merely statements of the workings of certain inescapable natural Laws, and an analy­sis of certain existing patterns and trends. The results are not necessarily inevitable. By bringing activities into har­mony with the natural laws, the pattern could be changed. In all honesty I must say that there is no present indication that it will be changed, although many of my people are working, in every lawful manner, to influence the thinking of your people to the end that they may change their present course of action.





 It could not correctly be said that any of the Elder Races come from any specific place. They are all space-travelling people who inhabit a countless number of places for varying lengths of time. Perhaps some, or all, of them did have some specific home at one time - but, if so, all records of is have been lost.

There are Nors in several different solar systems. For many ages past they have had bases and colonies on Mars and Venus. Others of the Elder Races have similar instal­lations on other planets. We maintain advanced bases on Luna, as also do several other groups.

Since Mars and Venus are the nearest planets to you, they serve as control, or "check in," points for those coming from other parts of the universe to visit your world. It is here that they are briefed on any matters, which they should know, and make any necessary preparations for continuing their journey to your planet.

It is these visitors who have made most of the contacts with you, since our people seldom have need to personally talk to any of you in the course of their duties. When these visitors say they have come from Mars, or Venus, or some other nearby planet, they are merely stating their last port of call, and not their real origin.

Some may visit you on some self-assumed mission. Others are trying to increase their knowledge of the universe. For still others it is merely a sort of pleasure cruise, to amuse them and satisfy their curiosity.

The Nors, in common with the other Elder Races, normally live on a vibrational level, or "wave length," which is much higher than your own. Since your awareness range is a narrow one, we would not "exist," so far as your senses are concerned, when we were in our normal state. You would be unaware of us for the same reason that an ordinary radio receiver is unaware of a telecast transmis­sion. You are simply not able to "tune up to our channel." Yet we are quite solid and real. There are sounds, which your ears cannot hear, and colors, which your eyes cannot see. Yet these are actually just as "real" as those which register on your senses.

Our range of perception is much wider than yours, but the difference in levels is so great that we normally are also "unaware" of you. We do have the ability to extend our perception range down to your level, but for most effective observation it is necessary that we actually convert, or "tune," ourselves down to your frequency range. This can be done either by direct mental effort, or by a simulated form of the same energy produced by certain mechanism.

At our base on Luna there is a "master pulse generator" which blankets your planet with a wave of the correct frequency to accomplish conversion to your vibrational level. All our craft and surface observers have a small mechanism which will enable them to "lock into synchrosism" with this wave. This automatically maintains them on the proper frequency level without any further mental effort on their part. They can "drop out of sync" at any time and take over mental control if they should desire to slightly change their level.

In a recent incident over Washington, D.C., our craft suddenly disappeared from sight, and a flight of your air­craft flew through the spot. Your radar, which has a much higher range of perception than your eyes, continued to record the presence of our craft. They were, in fact, still there. The operators had merely raised their frequency level slightly in order to avoid a collision and your aircraft were able to actually fly through ours.

Some have termed the sudden appearance of our craft a "materialization." This is not usually correct in the normal usage of the word. Our craft are quite "material" at all times. If you travel from New York to Washington, your reality has ceased to "exist" so far as the New York range of perception is concerned. Yet you are actually the same "you" - and are quite real to yourself and to anyone else on the Washington range of perception. It is exactly the same with our craft except that, instead of travelling on the sur­face, they are travelling up and down the scale of vibra­tional frequencies. Actually, they may often be moving in the length-breadth-height dimensions while simultaneously travelling in this fifth dimension, which is completely independent of the four-dimensional time-space continuum.

 Einstein and some of your other advanced thinkers now realize that the various forms of energy with which you are familiar: light, heat, gravity, electricity and magnetism, are merely different forms of the same force. This primary energy flow, which permeates all space, is so high in fre­quency that they can only postulate it. It has no characteristic which will register on their physical senses, or on any instruments which they can devise. It is imperceptible until modified in some manner, just as electricity is imperceptible until you introduce some modification, such as resistance, inductance or capacitance.

In this, as in any other solar system, the sun is the focal point of these primary energy flows. Contrary to popular opinion, the sun is neither hot nor luminous. Its radiations' are these same characterless primary energy flows. These are converted into lights heat, cosmic rays, and other forms by certain elements in your own upper stratosphere. The sun does radiate sufficient energy to produce the temperatures which your men of science compute, but the actual conversion into heat is not accomplished at the sun. It only appears so due to the fact that you are seeing it trough your "conversion zone."

When viewed from any planet which has an atmosphere, the other planets and stars would appear about as they do to you. In space, however, all would be dark and cold. The planets would glow very faintly, due to the refraction of very small part of the energy flow, but most of the flow is directed downward to the surface. The light, which you see from the planets and stars, is not transmitted as light. It is a reflected (or, in the case of the stars) energy flow which is converted into light in your own upper stratosphere in the same manner as the solar flows.

It should be noted that, when I speak of "space," I do so with reference to your frequency level. There are many different frequency levels, or "planes," beyond your range of perception. Each of these contains many worlds.. Some of these co-exist with, or overlap, planets visible to you. Others are in what you regard as "empty space." Your own world is also "empty space" on the perception range of some of these other worlds. My present home is not on the Venus you see, but on a higher frequency level world which is somewhat larger than the "Venus" which you know.

Some day your advanced thinkers will go on to the next fact, namely: that what you call solid objects are also merely another form of these primary energy flows. They are merely energy which has been slowed down, by some ex­ternal influence, to a very low level. They have been created from pure energy, and are constantly straining to break free from the restraining force and return to pure energy. It is this fact which makes all objects perishable. All things must, by progressive means, return to their original source.*

 * Edward S. Schultz, Regional Director of B.S.R.A., points out that this same tendency of material to break free from the restraining force exists on all levels or "planes," and is the cause of natural radioactivity.

Since "material" objects are only another form of energy, they are subject to all the physical laws which governs energy. They can be converted from one form to another. The frequency level of their existence can be raised or lowered. Just as several different messages of different frequencies can be transmitted over the same cable without interference, so too can several different material objects of different frequency levels occupy the same "space" with-out interfering with each other in any way. They can, and do, co-exist intradimensionally.





 There has been considerable controversy among your "disc experts" as to whether the objects they see are built and controlled by mental means, or by orthodox (but very ad­vanced) scientific principles. The former thesis has been offered by Meade Layne, Founder of the Borderland Sciences Research Associates, who believes that many, if not all of the larger space-ships are projected as mental constructs which then draw to themselves etheric or physi­cal matter. The other hypothesis is the favorite of those who are mentally unable to accept any paraphysical explan­ation. Either might be right as regards any individual sighting. It would depend upon who was operating the craft, and certain other circumstances. It should be under­stood that anything which can be done by the use of any of the physical sciences can theoretically be done by mental means alone. The degree of the maximum potential, which any individual can attain, depends on his individual knowl­edge and ability.

Different branches of the Elder Races have different interests, and have developed their maximum skill in different fields. There are some who make almost a cult of the mental sciences, and will not use any sort of mechanical device if it can possibly be avoided. The Nors, on the other hand, will go to great lengths to accomplish the same results by use of various devices, even when the objective could be accomplished quite easily by use of the mental sciences. Our technicians claim that this permits them to concentrate their mental attention on other tasks.

The visiting, or "tourist," craft may often be constructed and controlled entirely by mental means. The Nor craft are usually made and driven by means of the various physi­cal sciences. The control of our craft is usually either manual or automatic, although the operator can take over mental control at any time, and frequently does under certain conditions. The method of construction does not make any important difference in the nature of the object. You would be unable, by examination, to determine whether an object had been made by mental or physical means.

The members of the Patrol, who operate our craft, are much more skilled in the mental sciences than the rest of our people. Physical means are neither as versatile nor as quickly responsive as mental means. On the present assign­ment conditions are well known and operations can be largely routine and automatic. On other assignments they may be working with many unknown factors and must be on the alert to meet any sudden development. Under such circumstances they customarily drive and control the craft entirely by mental means.

The "tourist" craft, which you might see from time to time, are so varied that it would be impossible, even to cata­logue them all. You might literally see anything. They might be the same ships in which these visitors had come from some distant world, although it is not likely. It is much more probable that you would see merely the small craft which most of these larger craft carry, much as your ocean ships carry small boats. It is not impossible, however, for these inter-planetary ships to land directly on your planet. The main reason that they do not do so, is that they are usually huge, by your standards, and would be likely to attract too much unwelcome attention.

The craft operated by my people are the most numerous over your planet at the present time, although they are not necessarily those which are most frequently seen. They often operate just above your visual limit, in order to escape observation by your people. They would, in such cases, perhaps be visible to a few people who had an ex­tended visual range. They would also register on your radar. Those of our craft most likely to be seen by you, are essentially aircraft, not spacecraft. They could operate in space, to a limited degree, in case of emergency, but are usually brought to your planet by large carriers.

We are currently using seven different types of these small fliers over your planet. Five of them carry crews, While two are "robot" devices, which are remote- controlled from some other point. Their descriptions are as follows:

(1) & (2). These are essentially the same type, except for size. They are crescent shaped, resembling a disc from which a "bite" has been taken. The first is about 45 feet wide by about 18 feet high. The other is only about one-third this size and is normally operated by one person, although it can carry one or more passengers if required. Both are reconnaissance craft. They are very ancient types - almost museum pieces as compared to some of our other types. They are particularly well suited to the re­quirements of the present mission, however, and so are the most used of all the types. They are driven by two jets set in a universal mounting at each joint of the crescent, and controlled by changing the direction of the jets, thus elim­inating all external surfaces.

(3) A cigar-shaped craft, about 100 feet long by 25 feet at its maximum diameter. This types might be likened to your navy destroyers in its functions. It is used to protect the smaller fliers when necessary, and for rescue operations. It is also used for escort duty, and you are quite likely to see such a craft escorting visiting or "tourist" craft. It is frequently not considered advisable, for various reasons, to permit such visitors’ full freedom of unsupervised travel over your planet. These craft use both jet and "primary" drive.

(4). A doughnut-shaped craft, about 125 feet outside diameter by about 36 feet thick, with a hole about 25 feet in diameter in the center. They are used only when compli­cated scientific observation of some nature is required. Due to the large amount of test equipment which they carry they have become known as "flying laboratories." They use "electro-magnetic drive" and are not likely to be seen by    your people except on comparatively rare occasions.

(5) A spherical, or ball-shaped, craft about 100 feet in diameter. It uses "electro-magnetic drive" and is a passen­ger and cargo transport ship. It might be compared to a marine "lighter" which carries cargo from the shore to a ship standing out to sea. It is seldom used in the present operation, as there is very little to be transported between our ships and your planet. It is possible that you might occasionally see one of this type, however.

(6) & (7). These two are also essentially the same type except for size. Both are "ball-shaped," one being about 5 or 6 feet in diameter, while the other is only about a foot in diameter. They are remote controlled observation craft, and usually are used where the larger manned ships would attract too much attention. They record both visual sight­ings and other data, and transmit it back to the parent ship. They are regarded as quite expendable, and we some­times disintegrate them when their specific mission is finished, rather than take the time and trouble to return them for reuse.

The "green fireballs" seen in your skies cannot properly be listed among the others. They are more comparable to your guided missiles than to aircraft of any sort, only these have a peaceable mission. They are composed chiefly of a collodial isotope of copper, and are used to "mop up" the excessive radio-activity resulting from your A-bombs.

While this operation is beneficial to you, its chief purpose is to prevent harmful results on other vibrational levels.

The "jet drive" used by us consists of a small pear-shaped reactor into which a very small stream of fuel is injected This is disintegrated within the chamber by a small electronic ray. The resulting expansion, rushing out of the exhaust port of the reactors produces the desired thrust Any material which can be reduced to a liquid or powder may be used as fuel. Water or air are the most frequently used fuels over an inhabited planet, since their reactions produces very short-lived radioactive end-products, and thus does not cause any permanent atmospheric contamination.

The "electro-magnetic" drive obtains its power by cutting the natural lines of force of a planet. The action is much the same as that of your electrical generators. The craft are oriented on the magnetic meridians in such a manner that a small electron beam will drive them. They can cross the meridians, or travel at an angle to them, in a manner similar to that used by your sailboats when "tacking into the wind." This form of drive can obviously be used only over some planetary body, but this body does not necessarily have to be on your vibrational level.

"Primary drive" is the only true space drive, aside from teleportation. It consists of mechanism, which will place the craft into synchronous frequency with the primary energy flows which permeate all the Universe, but slightly out of phase with them. The speed is theoretically unlimited with the speed of sound. In actual practice the maximum speed when using "primary drive" depends largely upon the skill of the operator in controlling the craft, and upon the degree of phase angle which can be applied, and that depends on the amount of "shading power" which the craft can supply.

In addition to these methods of driving them, all craft are equipped with mechanism, which will enable them to hover motionless when desired. A cone shaped repulsion field is created above the ship, which diverts the flow of gravity around it much as an umbrella would divert a fall of rain around its user. These diversion fields are frequently employed while the craft are in motion for the purpose of reducing their effective mass. This reduces the amount of power needed to drive them, and also makes them more maneuverable.

Both the diversion field and the "electro-magnetic" form of drive create an ionization of the air above and around them. Under certain atmospheric conditions this will result in a visible corona discharge. It is quite possible that, in many of the reports of "fiery inverted cones" and "flaming balls," the observers were seeing this corona discharge rather than the body of the craft itself. In some of these cases the actual craft may have been operating slightly above the visual range of the Adamic peoples, and only the corona discharge could be seen by them.



Chapter FIVE


 The name "Space Patrol" is not the one which we use, but I have selected it because it gives a fairly accurate picture of its functions. The name, which we use, would mean noth­ing to you. The Patrol is under the direction of a sort of "Galaxy Council" composed of representatives of all the advanced planets on all vibrational levels or "planes" in this galaxy. The Council functions in very close relationship with similar groups in other parts of the Universe. Again, the name which I am using is not the correct one, but will give you the most correct impression of its purposes.

The Patrol might be called the "executive branch" and, when need be, the "armed services," which carry the decisions of the Council into effect. They guard backward worlds against any outside threat, although it is not con­tended that they are always completely effective in this function, and evil visitors may occasionally do some damage before they are detected and countered. When a new world is evolving, they aid it by giving various bits of scientific and ethical information, although such activity is somewhat limited by their own code of ethics. This subject is reserved for a later chapter. If it should become necessary, they would also guard the rest of the Universe against any of these backward worlds.

In addition to this, they enforce certain regulations con­cerning inter-planetary and inter-plane travel. They supply visiting craft with information of interest and importance regarding the places which they wish to visit. They aid any craft, which might be in trouble. They explore and chart previously unknown areas. They are constantly re-checking and verifying data regarding the various planets and planes. When a new world is to be colonized, they aid in the estab­lishment of the various life forms, and maintain favorable technical conditions until the newcomers are able to shift for themselves.

Membership in the Patrol is theoretically open to any member of any of the advanced races who are able to meet the very strict requirements. In actual practice, however, it has become almost exclusively the hereditary calling of certain of the Nors. Many of the other advanced races have no desire for this type of service. Members of the Patrol, on the contrary, have an intense attachment for their service. When they "die" they usually reincarnate as the children of Patrol member parents. These children are given preference for Patrol service, and are trained almost from birth. As a result, there are seldom any vacancies for outside applicants.

The Patrol uses several different types of carrier and other interplanetary craft, according to the requirements of the particular mission. The only carrier used over your planet so far on the present mission, is a multi-purpose craft which might be compared to your naval "heavy cruisers." It is cigar-shaped, about 7000 feet long, and will normally have on board about 2000 persons, including the crews of the small special purpose fliers. Their main purpose in the present instance is to serve as bases and coordinating cen­ters for these small craft. They normally operate high above the range of your radar, but have occasionally been seen by your astronomers.

The part, which probably would be of greatest interest to your scientists, would be the control room. Here they would see a large room with a row of console type desks set in the form of a horseshoe. At the center would be the raised master-control desk of the officer on watch at that time. At these desks, crew members would be seated in front of an imposing array of screens, meters, dials, and control knobs. I say that your scientists would be interested in this, but I fear that not even the most advanced of them would be able to fathom the purpose of them, since they are based upon a science many thousands of years in advance of your own.

The crews are composed of both men and women. In certain duties it has been found that one sex will excel. In others the positions are open to either sex without discrim­ination. Many complete family units are carried, since these craft are the only permanent homes, which many of the members know. On the present mission they are operating from nearby bases, and crews can be frequently rotated back to their home bases. In other instances the craft might be operating far from any permanent base, and might remain on station for many years. Thus, if the crew mem­bers are to have a normal family life, they must take their families with them. This does not result in excessive in-active personnel, since both husband and wife are assigned to the same ship.

The crew's quarters are divided into three sections:

(1) the family area, for married couples and their minor children; (2) the women's section for unmarried women; (3) the bachelor quarters for single men. The latter two areas are forbidden territory to any member of the oppo­site sex, including even the highest officers. There is still ample opportunity for romance, however, and marriages among the younger crew members are common on board ship. There have been instances, on very long missions, where children have been born, grew up, married, and began to raise families of their own, without ever having been off their ship.

These carriers are heavily armed, chiefly with various forms of blast and disintegrator rays. These would compare to your H-bomb about as the H-bomb would compare to a bow and arrow! They are seldom used, but a full comple­ment of "rays," as the operators of this mech are called, is always available. They are normally employed at alternate duties, but can be summoned to their battle stations on a moment's notice. It is rarely necessary to actually use them.

 The mere knowledge that such an overwhelming amount of force is available is usually sufficient to calm down any who sight otherwise be inclined to be belligerent!

This heavy armament should not cause any alarm among your people as there is neither any intent nor any foresee­able possibility of using it against you. The code of the Patrol, which is religiously observed, forbids the use of force if the objective can be attained by any other means. In the present instance any decision which they might be called upon to enforce, could be put into effect by non-violent and very unobtrusive means. Events would work out in a quite logical and natural appearing sequence. It is not likely that even those directly concerned, would sus­pect anything beyond a "peculiar coincidence."

It might be interesting to note - that contrary to your customs in the matter of armed forces, these fighting rays are invariably female. When the commander gives an order to attack, it is only after all other means have failed. By then the situation has usually become very precarious, and instant response on the part of the rays is essential. Ex­perience has shown that women will respond more quickly, and will kill with fewer mental compunctions, than men. This is due to a basic psychological difference between the sexes; a derivation and extension of the protective mother instinct. "The female of the species is more deadly than the male," even among the more advanced peoples.

The Patrol is highly organized, and has a complicated chain of command. There is no lack of discipline but, in common with all of our social and governmental organiza­tions, the officers have no real coercive authority. They retain their posts only so long as they retain the confidence of those under them. If their subordinates should, by com­mon consent, adopt a decision of "no confidence," and transmit it to the next higher in command, the officer concerned would be automatically removed. After examination (and further training, if necessary) he might be reassigned to some other post. Such incidents are very rare, however. The selection and training is so carefully done that there is usually no question as to the competency of any officer or crew member.

These larger interplanetary craft use a variety of drives. From their advanced base on Luna to their customary station above your stratosphere, is a very short trip in their concept of distances, and they would probably use ordinary jet drive. The same form of drive could be used for a journey to Mars or Venus, but it would be more usual to employ "primars drive" for such a trip. For still longer distances they would "teleport'.

In this mode of travel, the ship and everything in it, is momentarily converted into pure energy, almost instantly transferred to another loca­tion in space, and re-converted into "material" form. This operation is obviously very delicate and, while it can be done by the use of mechanism, the more experienced commanders usually prefer to do it by entirely mental means.

This same principle is employed in several other varieties of mechanisms. If the reconversion step is left out, and the energy merely shorted out to ground, it becomes a dis-integrator ray. A "pattern" of any desired object can be made from any easily worked material, and the energy of other materials packed into it to create artifacts of materials, which could not be worked by ordinary means. Alloys of dis-similar elements, which could not be combined by ordinary means, may be made. The 'packing in' process may be con­tinued until the desired density is secured. It is possible to bring a piece of very hard material almost to the conversion point, shape it like putty, and then remove the ray and let it become hard material again.






 In my introduction I said that I liked to think that my people averaged slightly higher on the ethical scale than the Earthians. Some of you may feel inclined to contest this statement, because our code of ethics is different in many respects from yours. We see many things from an entirely different point of view. There are wide variations among our people, as among yours, and it is quite likely that the Higher ones among you, are higher than the lower ones among us. Those who man our patrol ships, or who have been sent among you as surface observers are, needless to say, carefully selected as to moral and ethical standards.

As stated before, we intently study the manifestations of the Unnameable in an effort to discover its Plan and Laws. We believe that we have made much progress in this direc­tion. We have lifted many phases of personal behavior out Of the realm of theology and abstract ethics, and into the realm of scientific knowledge. We do not contend that we have learned all of these Laws; nor that we ever shall. We do know, however, that many of these things are governed by Laws which are just as definite, inflexible, and impersonal, as the Laws which govern your physical sciences. We obey them not solely as a matter of ethics, but more because we know that the results of defying them will be very unpleasant for us.

If you defy the Law of Gravity and jump from a high building, your body will be smashed on the street below. If you defy the Law of Thermodynamics and place your hand on a hot stove, you will be badly burned. It is exactly the same in the matter of these other Laws. No invisible "policeman" sees your "sin" and brings you to justice. No unseen "judge" finds you guilty and fixes your punishment. You merely suffer the natural and inevitable result of your own incorrect deed. Thus no one can "forgive" you one of your "sins" in the sense of altering the result. Once you have set the chain of events into motion, they must continue to their final conclusion. This may be soon, or it may be far in the future. It may even be in another incarnation. But it is certain.

 This does not mean that your teachings regarding re­pentance and redemption are completely in error. It is never too late to change the pattern of your life. You may, at any time, cease your defiance of these Laws and begin trying to order your life in harmony with them. You cannot change that which is behind you, but you can alter your future in any manner you may desire. Those of you who regard the Christ as your personal Redeemer are correct if you use the word in its broadest sense, instead of in a literal and narrow manner. He will not magically "save" you without any effort on your part. That must be the result of your own decision and act. But He has outlined for you the Laws of the Unnameable, by means of which you may redeem yourself.

 If we see someone who is defying some important natural law, we will warn him, as you would warn someone who was preparing to jump from a high building. We do not enact any formal laws of our own concerning these things, for we do not feel that we have any moral right to do so. We are required to warn if we believe that the person is ignorant of the result of his course of action. But here our duty, and our rights, end. If, after being warned, the per­son insists on continuing as before, it becomes his or her sole responsibility. Force or violence may be used only when the rights of others are very seriously endangered.

 Our most important ethical foundation is our acceptance of Universal Brotherhood. We regard all intelligent beings, on all planets and planes, as brothers, regardless of race or physical form (if any). They may, at times, be erring brothers, but they are still brothers, and must be treated as such. Your hatred of one another, your discrimination against certain races and religions, and your wars against other peoples are not only morally wrong, but are also completely insane. Your material bodies are made of atoms which all come from one common source. Your Inner Selves are all part of the same Unnameable. Each is only a small part of a much greater whole.

Your hand would not, in a sudden fit of anger, gouge out Your eye. Your teeth would not spitefully bite off your tongue. Why, then, should you be so foolish as to seek s harm some other person who is actually only another part of your own greater self? When you harm any part of an entirety you harm the whole. And when you harm the whole, you harm every part. Thus when you harm your fellow men you harm yourself.

In matters of sexual morality, we again have no specific laws, and each may theoretically act according to his or her own conscience. In actual practice, certain customs have been adopted by common consent, and most of our people conform to them. Those who seriously disregard these customs would be subjected to the moral pressure of the others. Since our people are all highly telepathic, it is impossible to conceal any low or evil intent, and likewise impossible for the others to conceal their contempt for the wrong-doer. Moral pressure thus becomes a powerful in­strument of enforcing things, which have been commonly agreed upon.


Both polygamy and concubinage are socially accepted under certain conditions, but few practice either. Most men seem to feel that one wife is a sufficient complication, with-out multiplying their marital woes. Wedding rites are not regarded as creating the state of marriage, but are merely the act of solemnly proclaiming an already existing state. That is to say that we recognize that only mutual love can create and sanctify a marriage. The paramour who truly loves is wed in the eyes of the Unnameable. The wife who loves not, is still but a harlot, in spite of all the laws, customs and religious dogmas which you can write. Divorce among us could thus be accomplished by a simple public announce­ment by either party, but it is almost unknown.

The most sacred of your laws - those regarding property rights - are the least among us. We held that one may retain property privately only to the degree that he can usefully employ it. If I had some object which I did not need and another needed it, he would simply take it as a natural matter of course, and none would think it the least strange. You, no doubt, would regard this as "dishonest." We, on the other hand, regard it to be a crime of the worst order for your American Government, for example, to permit un­needed grain to rot in the storage bins while millions starve to death for the lack of it.

This attitude is probably due, in part, at least, to the fact that our people have no motive for trying to personally lay up stores of things against their future needs. There is an ample supply of all things to meet all the needs and reason­able desires of our people. This same condition could exist among you. Your planet has the ability to abundantly supply all of your people for many generations to come if things were intelligently produced and fairly distributed. But your people will not wait their turn in orderly fashion to receive their fair share, as intelligent beings should. Instead, they become a frantic, fighting and clawing mob of animals, each seeking to snatch immediately not only his Own share but his neighbor's as well!

In the field of production, you waste much labor and material making things, which are neither needed nor really desired. Instead of producing wealth, you produce illth. The driving force is not to produce better and more useful things, but merely to produce more - of anything. Those who can build and operate the largest factories, and make the greatest amount of anything, whether it is truly useful or not, are highly honored among you. They occupy a place of respect second only to those who are most skilled in the horrible arts of murdering their fellowmen es masse.


The joy of labor is fast disappearing from your life. This not only takes from your people one of the greatest joys of living, but also has an important effect upon the objects, which you use. No two objects are exactly alike. Every person, and every other object, which comes into contact with them, leaves an impression, and modifies them in some manner. These "trace emanations" are important. An object built by a true craftsman, who builds something of the finer part of himself into it, can be your faithful servant forever. The same object, if built by human robots, will forever be a soulless thing. It may, at any time, turn upon you like a Frankenstein monster.






 Before I can explain anything about reincarnation I must necessarily correct some erroneous concepts which most Earthlings hold about the nature of a "human." The thing which you can see and feel, the material or physical body, is only one part of the individual. It is the least important part, being in its own behalf a purely animal thing, which is capable only of a few elementary physio-chemical activities. This material or low self is very perishable and transitory, as you are aware. The middle self, which carries all the inherited memories and instincts, exists for a much longer time, but is not truly immortal. The high self is directly of and from the Unnameable Itself, and is part of Its immortal and eternal being. Therefore it is also immortal and eternal. It may be transformed from one state to another, but it cannot die or be killed, since Eternity is a circle, having neither beginning nor end, and since it is true that this high self lives on, then it is necessarily also true that it has always lived.

The physical or low self is a matter of practical necessity on your plane in order to permit the two higher selves to effectively deal with other "material" things on your plane. The low self cannot be disregarded, since its defects and limitations hamper the two higher selves in some matters. It is important to constantly keep in mind, however, that this physical self is not the real self. It is merely something which the real self happens to be wearing at the time, just as the physical self, in turn, wears various articles of clothing.

When the physical self dies, the two higher selves auto­matically go to a higher frequency level which occult stu­dents usually refer to as the "astral plane." Most of the beings on this "astral" plane will eventually reincarnate back to the physio-chemical level, although some of them may remain in a disembodied state for many thousands of years. Most of your people will suffer a severe psychic shock when their physical body dies.

In spite of all their religious teachings, most of them inwardly fear that the death of the physical body is the end of everything. Many of them remain in a dazed condition for a long time, unable to fully realize what has happened to them. When they finally become aware of the fact that they are "dead," they are usually seized with an overpowering urge to reincarnate as soon as possible.

Among our people, birth is customarily by request, and all the details usually are arranged with the parents-to-be before discarnating from the old body. Our life span extends over several thousand years, but our bodies do eventually grow "old" to the extent that they seriously hamper the functioning of the higher selves. When this point is reached the person usually selects two trusted friends to be his or her "parents," and arranges for the new body. Then, at the proper time, he will discarnate from the old body and enter the unborn body which is waiting for him.

It would be theoretically possible for a person to construct a physical body, atom by atom, by mental means alone. It should, however, be a very complicated, delicate and lengthy process. It is much easier and simpler to let the body be born in the normal physiological manner, in which case the inherited memories of the middle self will handle all the detailed procedures. It is possible for the mother to take over mental control at any time before birth, and make any desired changes in the normal pattern. It is quite common for them to do this in order to bring out certain desired characteristics and repress others, which are deemed less desirable.

Birth results in the temporary loss of previous memories, due to the fact that these must be consciously expressed through the medium of the brain cells, which require a con­siderable length of time to fully develop. At the proper time the parents will take the necessary action to bring the desired memories to the surface. The matter of which memories are to be retained, is usually one of the details which the person settles with the prospective parents before discarnating and reincarnating. The person himself will usually also help the process by attempting to sweep from his mind those memories, which he does not wish to carry forward. It might be compared to your habit of discarding unwanted objects when moving from an old house to a new one.

There is practically none of this conscious selection of parents among your people. The ordinary Earthlings will, like the animals, usually reincarnate as soon as possible into the first available body of their species and race. The high birth-rates after wars are due to the reincarnation urges of those who have been slain. This pressure from the astral impels those on your plane to create the bodies, which these discarnate beings desire. The usual pattern is for the discarnate being to return to the locality most famil­iar to him. The locality of his "death" is not important, since travel on the astral is merely a matter of thought. Thus he would normally reincarnate into his former race and nationality.

Among the more highly developed peoples of your planet there is a certain amount of instinctive selection of parents. An advanced individual would be instinctively repelled by anything low or sordid, and would usually remain disembod­ied until he came in contact with a body about to be born to parents near his own level of advancement. This, being merely an instinctive reaction, is not always completely realized. Also it sometimes happens, that just as such an advanced being is about to reincarnate, he will be rudely brushed aside by a lower and more aggressive being who will seize the body for itself. This is one explanation for the occasional "black sheep" in good families.

Earth plane mothers-to-be who have some knowledge of metaphysical things, and the ability to concentrate their thoughts, could do much to ensure the kind of children they desire. They should first erect a psychic shield around them­selves and seal their aura, to prevent any undesirable entity entering the body of their unborn child. Then they should concentrate their thoughts to invite some high entity to enter and inhabit it. It is not very likely that they could accomplish the reincarnation of some particular individual, as we do, since this requires mental activity by both parties. It is theoretically possible to do this, however, provided that both parties are well advanced in the metaphysical sciences, and provided that arrangements have either been made prior to the disincarnation, or by reliable contact on the astral plane.

Due to our long life-span, as compared to yours, and the fact that our population is almost stationary in numbers, children are much rarer among us than among you. The matter of "birth by request" also gives rise to some peculiar psychological problems.

We who are parents have the natural pride of all parents in our children. At the same time, however, we have the realization that they aren't actually "ours" at all, but are really individuals whom we have known for a long time, and who merely require a certain amount of temporary care and protection until they have regained their previous memories.

I have, in various places, used the term "plane," although I do not ordinarily like to do so. It is a word which is always likely to cause confusion, since it means so many different things to different people. There are several different levels, or "planes," where both discarnate and "material" beings can, and do, reside. Some students refer to all of these upper levels as "Etheria." Others restrict that term to only the higher levels. We refer to our particular level as "Heavi'n," which should not be confused with your theological "Heav­en." Our word "heavi," like your "heavy," means dense. The symbol 'n is the abbreviation of a source concept. The free translation of "heavi'n" would then be: "A place of high vibrational frequency (or great density) from which we come." It might be noted that high level material is much more dense than the material on your plane.

Above these levels, and extending clear up to Nirvana, or infinity, are the zones inhabited by those advanced beings who have cast off both the low and middle selves, and thus have become purely mental, or "spiritual," beings. These zones would correspond more nearly to your theological concept of Heaven than any other place. Those who have attained these levels never again reincarnate to any material level. On very rare occasions one of these beings may temporarily descend to a lower level in order to bring a message of some sort to those on that plane, but these occasions are rare indeed. The great teachers - Osiris, the Christ, Buddha, and the others were such voluntary mes­sengers.






 Many of your writers have longingly mentioned our sup­posed wonderful medical science. The truth is that we have practically none. Our people have little need of such. We do have and use various surgical and healing rays in cases of accidental damage to our physio-chemical bodies. Unfor­tunately, however, these cannot be given to you at the present time. The scientific secrets involved could also be used to work great harm among your people if they should fall into the hands of men of ill will. Under the present circumstances such men are so numerous and so powerful that it would be almost certain to be so misused. Accord­ing to our technicians there is also no certainty that these rays would be effective on your bodies. Due to the difference in frequency level (or plane) - it probably would be necessary to develop an entirely new series of medical rays for your people.

The natural and normal state of all beings is health, and Our efforts are concentrated on maintaining this normal state. It is only when some individual has violated a natural or higher law, that illness strikes him down. The understanding of these laws is more general among our people than among yours, but I will not pretend that we always perfectly comply with them. When we do not, we become ill, just as you do. In such cases we do not bother with the symptoms or results, except in rare instances. The effort is to discover and correct the cause.

Since you are a com­bination of physical and higher beings, you are subject to both natural and higher laws. Both of these must be ob­served, because ill health of the physical self will influence the psychic, and vice versa. Your material body exists on a physio-chemical plane, and is therefore subject to certain physical and chemical laws. "Render, therefore, unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's    " Do not attempt to defy these laws. Instead, attempt to learn them and live according to them.

The natural laws regarding nutrition and health are quite widely known among your peoples, but also quite disregarded. They not only demand that you eat a balanced diet, but also that the food itself be healthy. You cannot maintain your health with food, which has lost its own health, and you cannot raise healthy food on land, which is worn out and tired from generations of improper use. Nor can you maintain health with food from which all traces of good have been "refined" away. The lack of these precious elements cannot be made up by the addition of any man­made substitutes. Man cannot create life, and these elements are life itself.

If you would retain your health, then first rebuild your land. Foods grown on healthy land do not need the aid of chemical fertilizers and poisonous pesticides. They are able to take care of themselves in a natural manner. Next, eat sour food in as natural and "unprocessed" a state as pos­sible. I shall not continue listing the things, which you should and should not do, for it would be endless. As I noted before, these natural laws are all well known among your people. All you need do is search out the correct foods, and follow sensible rules of living.

The role of toxins in disease cannot be entirely disre­garded, but has been greatly overrated. Toxins, by impair­ing the functions of some part of the body, render that part more susceptible to disease. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the basic cause of the disease was already existent. If this were not true, then the disease could not have attacked. Since it is true, it would have eventually come to the surface regardless of the toxin. Thus it might be said that toxins do hasten the outbreak, and may de­termine what part of the body will be diseased, but that they themselves are not the primary cause of disease.

 The basic cause of most of the more serious diseases is mental, or psychic. It is the result of some strong inner mental or emotional conflict, usually caused by the retention of destructive emotions, such as hate, fear, greed and selfish­ness. That is to say, one or more of the higher Laws have been violated. Just as violation of the physio-chemical laws will cause unfavorable reactions to the physical self, so will the violation of these higher Laws bring about unfavorable reactions to the real or Inner Self.

There is no quick and easy road to the real health of the Inner Self, which is essential to the health of the physical self. There are no pills or potions, which you can buy at your drugstores. You cannot merely summon up some astral guide or mentor and place the entire matter in his hands. Or merely recite a prayer, or some mystic formula or ritual. Nor construct some magic talisman. You must attain spir­itual and mental health by correct day-to-day living. Then physical health will follow as naturally as night follows day.

It is not really necessary that I, nor any other, should relate these higher Laws or chart for you the Pathway. Nor is it necessary that you employ any "expert" in such matters to interpret them for you. You already know these laws. Every sane being, deep within his secret Inner Self, knows that which is right and that which is wrong. It is not so much that you do not know, but that you do not yet accept the fact that it is a matter of life-and-death necessity to act according to what you know.

But if you must have a "message" spelled out for you, then you already have it. It has been brought to your world many different times, in many different wordings, according to the understanding of the people of those times. The one most familiar to the people of your nation was brought to you almost 2000 years ago. There can be no further revela­tion because everything has already been revealed. If any speak to you of "things too sacred to be revealed," reject them as false prophets. Nothing was held back. No messenger would dare omit any of it. The messages are all complete, if you have the wit to understand them. The same message may be brought to you in still another wording, if the understanding of the people should require, but it will still be essentially the same message.

The understanding of this message is really not beyond the mental ability of any of your people, but few have taken the trouble to understand it. Man refuses to think, except when dire necessity forces him to do so. It was much easier to deify the Messenger than to try to understand the Message. Then they could merely worship Him with various prayers, hymns, rituals and ceremonies. All of these things could be learned by rote, and required no great mental effort. The Christ rebuked His own followers for this same error: "Why callest thou me good?" But professed Christians still prefer to pass lightly over the Message and concentrate on adoration of the Messenger.

As a matter of record, He was a deity. This was necessarily so. None other could have brought the Message. Oranges do not grooves upon thorn bushes. But that is also unimportant. It is always the Message, which is of the first importance, not the Messenger.

Study your New Testament. Read and re-read the parts printed in red - the direct sayings of the Christ. You can sip lightly over the parts printed in black, and not miss such of importance. Those usually represent someone else's Opinion of what was meant by the Messenger, and it is often wrong. Many of them could not understand the Message themselves, so how could they "explain" it to others? Study the direct sayings of the Christ and make your own inter­pretations.

While it is desirable for you to understand the Message and all the Laws, which it includes, it is not necessary that you wait until you have done this before you enter upon the Pathway. As I noted before, your own secret Inner Self knows what is right and what is wrong. Do no harm to any living creature, by thought, word or deed. Help any and all who may need help, be they friend, stranger or foe.

A man must lose his life in order to gain his life. This is probably the most important and at the same time the most misunderstood part of the message. It means that you must submerge your own ego. In order to gain true Life, you must lose that life which is selfish, vain, and greedy. You must lose your personal identity in selfless service to all the Universe.

Do not retire from the world and spend your time in study and meditation, as some religious groups do, for this is a selfish deed. You are seeking to benefit only your own vain self, not your fellowmen. It may be necessary to spend some quiet moments in thought now and then, but thought which does not generate action, is a sterile and worthless thing. The Path is one of action.

Do not sit idle and wait for your chance to do some great and spectacular good for the world, for this too is a selfish attitude. You are willing to serve, but you wish the praise and glory for what you do. Great things are merely a large number of small things. So busy yourself doing the small things which you meet along the road, the day-to-day monotonous and thankless tasks, and think not of credit or glory.

Even Jesus the Christ did not seek to glorify Himself. Although he was ordained to rank above all earthly kings and Masters, yet He first had to learn the Laws and bow his will to them. He lost His ego and vain self in the great power of Universal Brotherhood and Selfless Service. He became the most humble of men. Only then did He go forth as the true Messenger of the Great Unnameable, "an High Priest after the order of Melchi Zedek." For just as a man must lose his life in order to gain it, so too must the greatest among you also be, at the same time, the least among you.

Do not lose heart because you occasionally stray from the Pathway. Man is a weak and imperfect thing, and few can hope to reach perfection on your plane. But the nearer one can come to perfection, the nearer he comes to that complete peace and health of the Immortal Inner Self - which will not only result in perfection of physical health, but is also the true Heaven on all planes.






 In one of your insane asylums there is a man whom I shall call "John Doe," since there is nothing to be gained by ex­posing his true identity to the curious. According to his case record he is there because he believes that he is the Christ, come to Earth for the second time. But the records are wrong, as records often are. If he really did believe that he was the Christ, completely and all-inclusively, then he would in fact be the Christ. For things are because, and only because, people believe that they are. Every single thing in the Universe exists solely because some intelligent being has, either knowingly or unknowingly, brought it into being by use of the creative powers of thought.

The power of creative thought, the reaches of what you call the "human mind," are theoretically without any limit whatsoever. If properly concentrated and directed they can control the Universal energy flows, which are infinite. Thus humans (and others) can create and they can destroy. It is important that all should know this for they often do create unintentionally, without realizing that they are employing this all-powerful force. And thus, if one fears a thing intently enough, he may actually create the very thing he fears. But if he uses the powers wisely then he can destroy those things, which he has reason to fear, and create those which are good.


But the belief and concentration must be complete: to the absolute exclusion of any and all other thoughts. In the case of "John Doe," the belief is not complete and all-exclusive. There still exists in some far corner of his mind some small shred of realization that he is not really the Christ, but is merely "John Doe." If either of these two beliefs should ever crowd out the other, then he will become that which he completely believes. Until then, he is nothing at all. He is neither the Christ, not yet completely "John Doe." Whether or not he can ever become that which he wishes to be is on the lap of the gods. Few among you have ever been able to intentionally summon up a sufficient amount of con­centration to consciously create. But some have, in a moment of great stress, unintentionally attained it.

 Among the ancient peoples of your planet, the Lemuians were the most skilled in the use of this almost-forgotten art of creative thought. The Polynesians of the South Sea Islands are the closest lineal descendants of the Lemuians. It is probable that the most reliable remains of this ancient lore would be found among the natives of Hawaii, however, in' spite of the great intermixing with other races. When ancient Mu (or Lemuria) was destroyed, the priesthood fled to the mountains, which are now Hawaii, whereas those on the other islands in the Pacific have descended from the lesser Lemuians.

The colonies of Mu extended eastward to South and Cen­tral America, and to the west coast of North America. To the west they included what is now China, India, the He­braic-Assyrian areas, and Upper Egypt. It is quite probable that fragments of their mental sciences would be found among the records of all these peoples. The culture in these' colonies was not as high as it was in the Motherland, however, and so, with the possible exception of Egypt (if any of the ancient records still exist) the information would not be as reliable as that of Hawaii.

The Egyptians were very accurate historians and scribes, and it is probable that their Temple Records came close to equaling the records of Mu. Unfortunately, however, most of them were destroyed by the Mohammedan invaders. Moses had become a Master in the Egyptian temples before he wrote the Old Testament, and carried some of the most important parts of these old sciences forward into the He'-brew religion. Most of it was deliberately written in an obscure manner so that only the initiates could understand it. Large parts were later lost, either accidentally or deliber­ately, and the remaining parts have suffered greatly in the various translations and revisions.


The entire Mediterranean area was originally a colony of the Atlans, who were not particularly skilled in the use of these mental sciences. They did pick up parts of it in their latter days, due to their close cultural ties with the Lemurians in other matters, and fragments of it might remain in the records or customs of these peoples. It is not likely to be either complete or reliable, however.

These mental sciences, which you now call "Huna," were not necessarily good. As a matter of fact, Lemuia was destroyed by the use of "Black Huna." Like most civiliza­tions, both ancient and modern, it was based on a "master and serf" social system. In the latter days the master class gave itself up almost entirely to sensual pleasures. The condition of the serfs became intolerable. Death offered a welcome relief. They banded together secretly to use their mental powers to destroy their Motherland, their masters, and themselves.

The physical cause of the catastrophe was the shattered fragments of Azatlan, the former tertiary moon, which crashed into subterranean gas pockets, causing great earth­quakes and violent volcanic eruptions. But such things do not "just happen." In this case the downward course of the meteors was influenced by the combined mental efforts of millions of serfs who had lost all hope. Similar events, but on a much smaller scale, have happened before and since. These others were, however, accidental and unintentional. So far as is known, the destruction of Mu is the only instance where such a catastrophe was deliberately caused.

After the destruction of Mu, the remaining Masters of these sciences banded together in various priestly orders and pledged themselves to keep the lore secret from the ordinary people. They were determined that the tragedy of Mu should not be repeated. Initiates were taught the "mys­teries" only after they had been carefully scanned for fitness. Fragments of some of these groups still survive as small occult or religious cults, but most of their information has become badly distorted during the intervening time. Some of the lore has also been handed down among certain Inner Groups of the Masonic lodges, but the ordinary mem­bers are usually unaware of the fact.

Considerable research into the ancient Lemuian mental sciences has been done by a group led by Max Freedom Long. )* It is doubtful that it will gain wide support at the present time. The great bulk of your people are not yet ready for it. The number who have the necessary intelli­gence and moral character to learn it is small. The main thing, which they can do, is to keep it alive for a more favorable time.

 * )Huna Research Associates, P. 0. Box 875, Vista, California.

It is not merely a matter of "revealing the secrets" to the students. The process of becoming an adept is much more complicated than this. They must train their minds by long and strict self-discipline. A Master can guide them and can give them valuable hints from time to time, but the actual process of learning must, in the final analysis, be an individ­ual and personal one. That which is suitable for one person might be totally unsuitable for another. Each must uncover the facts for himself. Each must develop the particular techniques, which prove to be most effective in his own individual case.

 The Huna lore contains many elaborate rites, rituals and ceremonies, but it is not enough merely to learn these by rote. In themselves, they are of no use whatsoever. The student must look behind their symbolisim for the deeper meanings. These things serve merely as a sort of mental "check list," to remind the user of things which must be done.

For example: much importance is attached to the ceremony of foot washing. The real purpose of this is to remind that humility and self-abasement are essential to the practice of "White Huna." There are certain "purifica­tion rites" which are regarded as essential. Yet they are of no avail whatsoever unless they are accompanied by a real spiritual purification of the Inner Self.

Christian Science, faith healing, and the "miracle cures" at various shrines all employ the basic principles of the ancient mental sciences. In most cases they are used in a crude form, and often instinctively and accidentally rather than intelligently and intentionally. The Christ employed these mental sciences in their most highly developed form in order to heal the sick, raise the dead, and perform all the other miracles which are credited to Him. There is nothing supernatural about these things. They were merely the natural results of a science, which is largely unknown to your people of today.

"He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." If there is any real "secret" concerning the mental sciences, it is contained in this statement. The Christ was not referring to Himself as an individual. He was using the word "me" in the much broader sense of the Message, which He brought, and the way of life, which He taught. If one sincerely "believed on" these things, then he would follow them to the best of his ability. Thus the promise is that any and all who follow the Christ's Pathway will be able to do all the wonders which He did.

As a matter of fact, there is no other way in which one may become adept in the use of "White Huna." It is essen­tial that one learn and follow these' higher Laws. The use of "Black Huna" to harass or destroy an enemy is much simpler, but those who employ "Black Huna" will fall by it. The thing which you call the "human mind" might be likened to a two-way radio. It both sends and receives. If you "tune" it to a low level in order to accomplish some unworthy end, then you open the way for low influences from the outside to enter and also do you harm. "As ye sow, so shall ye reap."

Among those who are studying these ancient mental sciences the emphasis is usually upon healing. This is, of course, a proper use of this power, since the healing of the sick is a worthy end. Actually, however, this is only one part, and perhaps the least important part of all. As I said in the beginning, the powers of these mental sciences is actually without limit. They could, if their potential was fully realized, accomplish anything, in any field of endeavor. The only thing which prevents the attainment of their full potential is the human limitation of those who attempt to use them. One cannot, of course, ever hope to be entirely perfect in these respects, for only the Unnameable is that. Even the great Masters are constantly striving to improve themselves. But even on a less than perfect scale the study and striving will bring rich rewards.

When the efforts of several people are combined the effect is, of course, correspondingly multiplied. Just as the hordes of Lemuian serfs combined their mental talents to destroy their world, so could the people of today combine their talents to remake their world. They could fashion it in any form upon which they agreed. Even today, without waiting to master the mental sciences, they could accomplish great good by jointly concentrating their thoughts and prayers upon certain specified and worthy objectives.







 It had not been my intention to say anything about re­ligion, but it is perhaps impossible for one of my calling to say or write anything without eventually getting arosnd to the subject which is closest to me. You may perhaps think that I have already said much on this subject and, by your standards this is probably true. The things which I have previously mentioned are not, however, placed in the category of religion by us. We regard them as merely part of the everyday "facts of life."

You might perhaps also think that, with the removal of all the things which have been previously mentioned, there is not much left for us on the subject of religion. This is not true. As I said before, we study the workings and manifestations of the Unnameable intently in order to try to fathom the Divine Plan, so that we may order our lives accordingly. It is an unending search, for we, as finite crea­tures, can never hope to fully understand the Infinite. We find, however, much pleasure in the close contact with the Unnameable which results from our quest, and each new partial success brings us great joy.


By contrast with most of your religions, ours would stand out for its simplicity. Our temples are very plain. There is no carving, save one or two symbols which indicate their nature. They are made of materials which are substantial, but of no great intrinsic value among us. For temples are useful only to protect those who worship. Were it not for man's weak nature in the face of the elements, there would be no need for them at all. For who can build a temple which will compare with the great natural beauty all around us. Who can devise adornments which will compare with the handiwork of the Creator and Ruler Of All Things? These are the things, which we gather to admire and adore; not the pale counterfeits of mortal man.

The priestly vestments are the same for the most humble neophyte and the High Priestess: a plain white toga with no embellishment whatsoever. For the neophytes it is bound at the waist with a common cord; for all others, with a belt of colored material which indicates the wearer's duties. The head and feet are bare, as a symbol of humility. The hair is bound with a simple band of the same color as the belt. Gems are used only to accomplish some practical pur­pose, not for ornamentation. Whenever I see a church and clergy richly ornamented, with vessels of gold and statues decked with costly gems, the thought comes to me: "They have crucified their God upon a cross of gold. They have traded their priceless birthright for worthless trash."

If any among us wish to make an offering of the fruits of their labor, they are told not to entomb it, forever sterile, within the cold walls of a temple. They are told, instead, to lay it upon the living altar of selfless service of their fellow men - that it may travel and return manifold.

There are no poor among us, so it is not needed by our own people, but there is need in many other worlds. Many of our people who visit your world, as well as many other planets, do so to give of their wealth or services according to some self-assumed obligation.

In my previous writings I have made many references to your Christ, and to the Bible of your Christian religion. If it had been desirable I could have cited references from others of your great religions equally as well. They all stem from one common source and we are quite familiar with all of them. The reason for the selection of the Christian religion as an example, is mainly because I am addressing myself primarily to those who follow this faith and such references would be more understandable to them than those from other sources. I must confess that I also have a certain sentimental attachment for the Christian religion, for I had a small part in its beginnings.

I cannot speak with first-hand knowledge of the deeper phases of the coming of your Christ. The project was under the direction of a much higher group than we, although they were not true deities in the strict sense of the word. Our people did, however, have certain assuagements to carry out. I was quite young at the time, and was merely a temple neophyte, but I had the honor to have been selected as one of a large group who were sent to your planet to serve as attendants to Mary, the material mother of the Christ. She was, I might tell you, only a mortal woman; not a deity. But she was much more beautiful, and much sweeter, than any of your artists have ever pictured her.(some similar said in this site on Omec Onec- see ca half down here and copy most down here if it orig.diseappears.)

The Christ was "virgin born," as many of your religious dogmas claim, but they go completely astray in assigning the reason for this fact. It was not to eliminate any "sin" in the moral sense. Among all the higher peoples, as among the early peoples of your own planet, natural procreation was not regarded as "sinful" or "nasty" in any way. This error is due to comparatively recent misinterpretations of certain ancient writings. The phenomenon of birth is one of the manifestations of the Unnameable; the method de­vised by It for the perpetuation of the species. No mani­festation of the Unnameable is ever sinful. The "virgin birth" of the Christ was selected because it was the most practical and convenient under the particular circumstances of the occasion.

When the decision was made to incarnate the entity of the Christ among you, it was decided that He would require a material body of certain characteristics in order to most effectively carry out His mission. It was determined that this would require the mating of a very high-plane father with an Earth-plane mother who had been carefully selected for certain physical and mental characteristics. Due to the very great differences between the two parents, natural mating, while not utterly impossible, probably would have had some very undesirable results. It would have been "sinful" in the sense that it was undesirable - not immoral. So a method was chosen which your men of science today would call "artificial insemination."

(The same is  told in the material from “Thao” – thru an ufo-contact in the 80ths to a man in Australia – see   and also in the Meier-Semjase material + in the Lobsang Rampa –books. R.Ø.rem.)

The matter was much too important to merely sit back and permit "nature to take its course" from thence onward. Conditions had to be established and maintained which would be most favorable for the desired results. The physio­chemical development of the child had to be constantly watched and, when necessary, guided into the proper pattern. The unborn body had to be carefully protected until the Christ was ready to enter into it, so that no other entity would take possession of it. Since Mary was, as I noted before, merely an Earth-woman, she knew little or nothing  of the mental sciences, which had to be employed to accom­plish these things.

And so it became our duty, in addition to providing for the material needs of Mary, to constantly stand guard and to combine our efforts and our knowledge of the mental sciences to do these necessary things which she could not do. The rites, which we employed, were strange to the people of those times. Our ability to appear and disappear at will, by raising or lowering our vibrational frequency, mystified them. They concluded that we must be supernatural beings of some sort and called us "angels." Had they come to know us better I fear that they would have found us far from angelic!

After the child was born we worked through the mother to teach it the things which an infant must learn, and to lay the foundation for the knowledge which the real Mentors would later impart. When these things were done, our as­signed task was completed, but many of us elected to remain on your planet a while longer. Our priestesses are not re­quired to be celibates. Many of us were married to men who had still-uncompleted assignments on the same project, and we wished to remain with them. And, aside from this, we had other grand plans lurking behind our star-blinded eyes!

As the Christ went through the land, delivering His mes­sage - we were planning to work unseen behind Him, and gather together into an irresistible force those who had re­ceived the message. We were going to lift a whole civiliza­tion out of the mire. We were going to save an entire world at one stroke! In our youthful enthusiasm we would not admit any possibility of defeat. There could be no failure! For had we not foreseen every possible eventuality and provided against it? Ai! If only we knew now half as much as we thought we knew then, we would indeed be wise!

And then a gnawing thought began to enter our hearts that perhaps we had failed to provide for just one thing, namely: that the people of your world were not yet ready for such a Message. But we refused to fully acknowledge the thought. We tried to tell ourselves that it was merely a vagrant and unworthy thought, which we must firmly cast out of our minds. We redoubled our efforts to bend things to our wishes. Finally events ran to their bitter end, and there could be no doubt that the thing was finished.

It was then that all things seemed to come to an end, and we drank the bitter cup to its dregs. Nothing seemed to matter much. We cared not whether we lived or died. But we lived. And we learned. And eventually we came to real­ize that it was all a part of the Divine Plan, and that the effort had not failed. For there is a time for sowing, and a time for reaping. And no matter how faithful has been the sowing, the harvest cannot be garnered in, until the seed has sprouted, and grown, and ripened into its full maturity in its own proper and appointed time.

One may speak of these things only with great caution, and perhaps I have already said too much. It is difficult to speak the truth without offending those who hold blind and unreasoning allegiance to some particular creed, dogma, or sect. Your Earth would be a better place if every creed, dogma, and article of faith were thrown into the sea! When you attempt to reduce principles to writing, and codify them into laws, you open the way for corrupt scribes and law­givers to distort and misquote them for their own selfish ends. And you open the way for endless contentions as to minor meanings, until the trees of innumerable creeds shut off the view of the forest of Truth.

It is not necessary that you follow any one variety of religious faith. Nor is it needful that you be a member of any particular church, or for that matter, of any church at all - although the fellowship of a church is usually helpful. But basically and essentially if any among you wish to become true Christians, you need do only one very simple thing - live like sour Christ. And to do this, you need learn only one simple rule - whenever you are in doubt as to the correctness of any of your actions, look into your Bible to find out what your Christ did under similar circumstances. Then "Go thos and do likewise."





 When the Elder Races developed the material bodies of your ancestors - they assumed, by that act, the moral and karmic responsibility for whatever might happen to them thereafter. Thus, besides the natural obligations of brother­hood, which we regard as among our most sacred duties, we have a special reason for acting as guardians to your peoples. We have been attempting to help and guide the Adamic races ever since their beginnings, and to foster their material, mental, and moral development insofar as it was practical.

This is not an easy task. In the final analysis, no one can "teach" another. He can only place the information before the student, in the proper sequence and according to the student's mental capacity and understanding and then, by means of various psychological stratagems, attempt to se­cure the acceptance of this information as fact. The actual learning process is primarily by the route of the student's own experiences; by the process of trial and error. The guiding hand must touch very lightly. The student must be permitted to strike out for himself, for better or for worse.

He will never learn if the mentor insists on solving all of his problems for him, and protecting him from the conse­quences of his errors.


As I have said before we have never been entirely absent from your planet, but we gather there in greater numbers during times of crisis. One of these climactic periods is now upon you. For several years past your scientific ad­vancement has been becoming more and more unbalanced. Knowledge with a high potential of harm was being discovered before your moral advancement had developed to the point where such knowledge could be properly used. The most important of these was the premature discovery of nuclear fission and fusion, which represents a serious menace to all entities on all planes.


The results of your present atomic experiments are not particularly dangerous except to yourselves. They contaminate your atmosphere and will, if continued long enough, make all forms of life extinct on your planet. However, they do not form a great danger to other planes at the present time. It is possible, however, to employ methods which will react with certain constituents of your planet and thus cause its total destruction. The band of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter are the remains of a former planet. Its people, like yours, prematurely discovered the secret of atomic energy, and they also lacked the ethical advancement to use is properly. The result was catastrophic on all planets and planes. It is the possibility that your people might dup­licate this tragic event, which is causing us the most concern at the present moment.

Many have asked what we are likely to do in the event of an atomic war on your planet. The answer is: "Nothing, or a great deal, depending on the exact circumstances." First, you must realize that our concept of a "catastrophe" is different from yours. We are interested in the fate of the world population as a whole more than in the fate of any particular nation or individual. Many events might be tragic for some individual, or even for a whole nation or race. Yet in the larger picture of the total effect on the whole population of your planet, these same events might be very unimportant. While we would not intentionally cause the "death" of any intelligent being if we could possibly avoid it, we do not regard this "passing over" as being tragic or evil in itself. That would depend entirely on the circumstances.

If a group of your people insisted on cutting their collec­tive throats by means of an atomic war, or by some other means, we might think that they were insane, and that their decision was regrettable. We would, in the spirit of brother­ly concern, attempt to dissuade them insofar as our code of ethics permitted us to enter into their affairs. But we would not forcibly restrain them unless the act threatened those on other planets or planes. As I have said before, we recog­nize the right of every individual to exercise complete free will so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others, and the right of free will includes the right to be wrong.


If your atomic developments should show signs of reach­ing a dangerous stage, then we might be forced to take some positive action. It should be understood, however, that we do not intend to take any dramatic action, such as taking over your existing governments, or setting up any "super-government" over them. Nor do we intend to kill or other­wise "punish" the people of your planet. As I have pointed out before, our code prohibits killing, except as a last and very desperate resort, and there are more peaceable ways of attaining our ends in the present instance.

Restraints, whether forcible or unseen, are of only tem­porary use. The only permanent solution is education, which will raise the mass ethical level of your people. Restraints can never be permanently effective, for some will always find ways of evading them. Taboos are worse than useless. Previous experience indicates that, due to some psycholog­ical perversity of the Adamic races, taboos merely serve to glamorize the forbidden thing and make them determined to break the restraints.

At the present time (nb-this was 1954-rø-rem.) we are keeping careful watch over the relations between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. because war between these two powers is the event which would be most likely to lead to the development and use of dangerous forms of nuclear reactions. Our analysis of this situation is essentially an analysis of facts, and does not include any­thing which could be regarded as a true "prediction." Since we have means of learning all the facts, however, plus the secret intents of the persons concerned, our analysis is probably more accurate than any which your people could make.

We consider a conflict between these two powers to be very unlikely in the near future. (remark: this is said in the early 50ths. Rø.comment) The rulers of each country fear the retaliatory powers of the other. The U.S.A. realizes that, due to the geographical distribution of their population and industry, they are much more vulnerable to attack than is the U.S.S.R. Unless they were able to completely destroy the Soviet Union in one blow (and they doubt their ability to do this) an attack would be suicidal. The U.S.S.R., on the other hand, feels that it would be foolish for them to risk the results of a war when they are already doing quite well by infiltrating into local situations. The progress is much slower than military conquest would be, but the Rus­sians have a great deal of Oriental patience.

There are unstable elements in both countries, which have powerful followings. If these should gain power in either country, they might blunder their way into war without actually intending to do so. Unless and until this seems likely to take place, however, we probably will continue to be merely neutral observers, and will continue trying to raise the ethical level of all peoples.

While most of your people have given themselves up to the pursuit of sensual pleasures, many have also experienced a psychic awakening. There has been a resurgence of in­terest in religion and the deeper philosophies. This is also part of the traditional pattern of the last days of nations and civilizations. Past history shows, unfortunately, that these good elements are never either numerous enough, or energetic enough to alter the chain of events leading to the final end. As I mentioned before, the pattern could be changed this time - but there is no present indication that it will be changed.

This does not mean, however, that those few of good will should give up the struggle in despair, for it is upon them that the New Order (New Spiritual Order) must be built. No matter how dark the night may now seem, the things for which they struggle must one day prevail, for they are right and just and it is the inescapable law of the Unnameable that no such may die. "There is not enough darkness in the whole Universe to put out the light of a single small candle."

Mankind today finds a tiny beach beside a vast sea of ignorance, superstition, greed and inhumanity. The beach exists because, down through the ages, countless billions of brave souls crawled out of the sea, for a moment at least, and each brought with him a few grains of sand, which he left behind.

We can do no less than to add our few grains of sand, that we may leave the beach just a little larger than we found it - until at long last, some day in the dim future, the beach will be large enough to contain all of mankind, and none will be forced to remain unwilling in the sea.

In our efforts we can never hope to "succeed," as un­thinking men measure success. Our names will be lost among the countless masses who have gone before and who will come after us. For it is written that true and lasting progress does not come with a sudden and dramatic leap, but at a slow and painful crawl. But, in the truer sense, neither can we fail. Because no effort directed to a worthy end is ever lost. Each grain of sand, which we place upon the pile left there by those who travelled the path before us, brings the beach a little nearer completion. One day some passer-by will drop the last grain and the beach will be finished. And at that instant each and every one of those who have struggled since the long forgotten beginnings will have succeeded.

And now may the Great Unnameable walk at your right hand, wherever it may be your lot to travel, through all the days of all the years, which may be written to follow.


It has been said.



it is not clear on just how Telano or somebody else took down this messages, - in the book above and else - but this below, it was also by  a radiolink:

extract from page 213, in ”the wanderers”

"...Rolf Telano wrote: "The messages received on radio are actually point-to-point messages intended for certain persons on this planet who are working with the operators of the flying discs . .  mostly their own people whom they have put here to live among the people of this planet, and act as observers. A telephone directory check would be useless because they are not known among the Earthlings by the same name as in the message. In most cases, the name mentioned is the actual name of the person, but it is often a name which would sound strange to the people here, so they assume one which will not arouse so much curiosity. The particular band was chosen because it is not as much used as others, and it is thus less likely that others would hear the messages. As an extra precaution, they are also usually coded. The 'CW' is not actually such, but merely a tape recorded message which happens to sound like it. The transmission is on a rather wide band (in frequency), but on a quite narrow band as to direction, being beamed directly to the person whom they wish to contact. If a radio set happened to be directly on the beam, it would be quite likely to pick up the message even if it was turned off, as it is possible for the voice coil of the speaker to pick it up by induction. Ordinarily, however, the set is working on the fringe of the beam, and must be turned on and tuned somewhere near the right frequency."

Some have said that the coil of the speaker could pick up the code by induction, but there would have to be a cold solder joint somewhere in the circuit to act as a rectifier.

When writing the above, Telano had reference to the strange message picked up by the Iowa research group that was mentioned in "The Saucers Speak!" This message was received on 405 kc, and said, in part ". . . contact Alesandro Stockvet of Chicago." When the group checked the telephone directory in Chicago, no such person was found listed.

Telano could be referring to "Wanderers" and also regular Saucer occupants now engaged in activities on the surface of the Earth. However, as mentioned before, most of the space people on Earth are "apples" ("frukter" fra noe som ble sådd her i fjern fortid - rø)

(from Other Tongues--Other Flesh Book III. Other Flesh Chapter 2. The Wanderers or this link  George Hunt Williamson [1953])


reports from  astral exploration of Venus in-1955/ Astral levels of Venus  |  Astral MARS

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Omnec Onec

The True Story of Jesus Christ

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~~~~~~The true story about the life of Jesus Christ is most fascinating to me. I will tell it the way I have heard it from my aunt Arena on Venus. I will relate the things that really happened in the same way as I have heard them during my studies of the Earth's history on Venus. I do not wish to discredit or condemn any religions or teachings.
~~~~~~Take it as you wish and let it affect your life where it may.
~~~~~~The man that you know under the name of Jesus Christ is one of the most controversial and misunderstood figures of all times in Earth history. Before incarnating here, he lived as a Master on Venus. But his highly evolved Soul decided to balance old karmic debts by living as a spiritual teacher among the same people that he and others had led into ignorance in a former life.
~~~~~~After the genetic manipulation of humans on Earth, the people had forgotten their heritage and former powers. They no longer could communicate with their ancestors in the other dimensions or contact the Ascended Masters. They had become a frightened people. They were ignorant of the most basic truths, about the universe, about God, and about themselves. Physical survival and comfort was the number one care, and death was the number one fear. Religions with their rituals and restrictions had been established by the ruling officials in order to exercise limitless power and total control over the people. Limited beliefs had created a limited way of life for the masses.
~~~~~~Space ships were as familiar in the skies of Biblical times as are the UFOs of today. Space travelers visited regularly to help with Earth's spiritual growth. In the lands of the Jewish people, visitors from outer space were called angels, which means heavenly beings. And Biblical history is full of tales about people meeting with God or the angels, or crude descriptions of space ships such as "ball of fire" or "wheel within a wheel". People who know nothing of advanced technology cannot relate to it other than in their own way. In those days the unknown was usually thrown in with the religious or spiritual. Thus they believed that humans who landed in spaceships, always wore white robes and who had such a peaceful and friendly countenance to be spiritual beings.
~~~~~~A young woman named Mary happened to meet one of these beings from another planet. She was out alone, walking the sheep, when a space ship landed nearby and one of these heavenly beings came out to speak with her. The man from space perceived that Mary was pure of thought and would not be frightened by the visit. Mary of course was awed by him, considered him to be an angel sent by God. When she asked him about this, he said, "Yes, we are all of God." That day he gave her spiritual insights about God and about people from other planets.
~~~~~~They met quite often, and soon they had fallen in love. When Mary became pregnant by him, he asked to marry her. This was impossible, she said, explaining the way of her culture. A person who married outside the faith faced a horrible death by being stoned. This was merely a rule made by the priests to keep the race intact, and the visitor knew this. Mary was also frightened of leaving with him, because she thought this meant she had to die. It was no use trying to persuade Mary to join him.
~~~~~~In the following weeks, the visitor received the spiritual insight on what was happening. For centuries there had been prophesies in this culture that a Messiah would be sent by God to lead the people. This was the child that Mary was bearing! Knowing this, he realized that the boy must be raised among the Jewish people. He agreed with Mary that she would be able to stay and have the child. "You can tell your people whatever you want, but I would tell them the truth. You may have the child here for thirty years, but I shall have the child for the last half of his life. And I will visit him periodically throughout his growth to help him spiritually". Mary agreed to raise her child with the spiritual teachings he had given her.
~~~~~~Then she went to her people and told them that an angel had appeared to her saying she was to give birth to a child of God; immaculate conception it was called later. Mary believed that her lover was of God because he always came from the heavens to visit her, always in a bright light.
The True Story of Jesus Christ
Christ's father tried to explain that it was only a space ship, but this did not make sense to Mary. Machines were unknown.
~~~~~~Meanwhile, there was a man named Joseph who loved Mary very much and had admired her most of her life. He was much older than Mary. He listened to her story and understood what she was saying because he himself had met one of these beings from the heavens and had heard the stories of ancient times on Earth.
~~~~~~Joseph loved Mary enough to care, and was willing to take the responsibility for her and the child. He went so far as to say that the child was his own to those few who ridiculed Mary. People knew she had a miracle child; miracles were very popular in those days.
~~~~~~People from Venus and the Brotherhood of the Planets knew that Mary's child would become a spiritual leader, and space ships were used to spread the message to various parts of the land. Prophets had seen this psychically, and many people like the shepherds had been visited by heavenly beings who foretold the great event.
~~~~~~The truth is always a threat to those who preach lies. The religious organizations and leaders of the day felt threatened by the birth of the child. This led to the order that all male children born within a certain time were to be killed. This threat and a contact made to Joseph caused him to take Mary to a safe location to have the child. The star that led Joseph and Mary to safety was actually a small ship. This same kind of star led the wise men and the shepherds to the stable where Jesus was born. At night, the ship hovered above the small stable, glowing like a star.
~~~~~~Christ's childhood was a rather quiet time. Joseph's work as a carpenter supported the family, and Mary taught Jesus the principles she had learned from his father. He also met regularly with his father who taught him all about Earth's history.
~~~~~~By the time Jesus was twelve, he began to travel and study on his own. His studies of secret teachings led him as far as Egypt, Tibet and India. For three years he studied under Fubbi Quantz, abbot of the Katsupari Monastery in Northern Tibet. There he learned the secrets of the Laws of the Supreme Deity. He received the spiritual name Jesus, which could also be taken to mean "King of the Jews", and the name Christ because of his new teaching, meaning "Bearer of Truth".
~~~~~~When Jesus returned to his family he was thirty years old and now ready to begin teaching his people. His disciples were twelve in number, chosen for their character and their karmic connection with Christ, and for the different roles each would play in his life. Christ knew that one of them would betray him; another would deny him. Christ also knew Simon would be the one to carry on the work after he had left. He was shown this via the inner knowingness when he first met them.
~~~~~~Christ was a very spiritual individual and knew much about the spiritual laws. His teachings about the journey of Soul through the lower worlds and the power of each individual were given mainly in fables and stories. The people of his culture were very simple and had not reached a very high level of consciousness. The principles of the Laws of the Supreme Deity can be recognized underlying Christ's messages. To seek first the kingdom of heaven meant literally that man can and should experience the higher planes before physical death, by leaving the body. This is only one of many, many examples.
~~~~~~Unfortunately Christ became more important than his teaching. He became more of a celebrity than a spiritual leader. Finally his compassion overcame what he was trying to do for the people - lead them from the ignorance.
~~~~~~Christ's compassion did not leave him much of a free will to say no when so many clung to him begging for a healing. He succumbed because of his great compassion for the poor and suffering people, but he knew that he would have to pay for it. And he needed to pay for it in this lifetime because it was to be his last physical incarnation.
~~~~~~Therefore, when it is said that Jesus took upon himself the sins of the people, and later died for their sins, it means that all of this karma added up to one horrible death of physical torture by the very people he helped.
~~~~~~In the scriptures it is written that Christ went to the wilderness to pray, and great beings of the past appeared to him. These spiritual leaders of the time included Christ's father, who told Christ that because he had succumbed to compassion and had become sidetracked from his teaching, he would have to physically suffer in this life or reincarnate to pay the karmic debts. At first Christ did not wish to go through with it. But finally he realized that the karma was his to resolve, now or in the future. He said; "Not my will, but thine be done." He knew that he would have to obey the spiritual law, and so he decided not to defend himself and rather have the suffering now, to be finished with it.
~~~~~~Toward the end of his life, Christ was healing too many people and doing too many miracles, enough to frighten the Roman and Jewish leaders. He was hunted down and finally captured. Pontius Pilate had a great respect for Christ and even tried to persuade him to defend himself. Christ refused because he knew the debt had to be paid.
~~~~~~The Roman and Jewish leaders were well aware of what had taken place on Earth during Atlantian times as they still had some of the technical devices hidden for their own power and use. Because they knew how dangerous Christ was becoming as he was exposing the past and turning the people away from the organized churches they devised a plan. They were to release one prisoner and let the public choose. This way they were not responsible. Barabas, a known murderer and thief or Christ! Their plan was to send soldiers throughout the crowd and pay gold to those who shouted for Barabas to be released.
~~~~~~The second part of the plan was to set up a whole religion based on Christ after his death. They knew of the prophecy of his return. They also knew the laws of Karma. If they could convince the future generations to worship Christ and baptize their children and dedicate their whole lives and all they do in the name of Christ, his spiritual evolution would be slowed down and he would be bound to a certain dimension by all the responsibility and karma of these people and not ever be a threat again.
~~~~~~What Christ did not know was that he would be responsible for all the Christians of the future who would look up to him, all of the people who considered him to be their personal Master. He did not realize that his simple teachings would be turned into a religion, or that he would become more important than what he was trying to teach.
~~~~~~The same powers that helped destroy Christ now turned around and set him up to be worshipped as God's son. Even the Jewish people allowed the scriptures of Christ's life to be created into a book for the whole world. Excluding some of the truths Jesus taught. And how is Christ portrayed in most churches - tortured and bleeding.
~~~~~~In suffering on the cross and being ridiculed by the people he had helped, Christ resolved most of the karmic debts upon his shoulders. On the one hand, Christ was compassionate enough to say to the Deity, "Forgive them, for they know not what they are doing!"
~~~~~~But the suffering was much worse and lasted much longer than he had expected. He was not able to leave the body until much of the suffering was over. But because his father did not come zooming up in a spaceship to save him, he cried, "My father, my father, why hast thou forsaken me?"
~~~~~~The people from Christ's home planet had a plan, which his father had told Christ in the wilderness where Christ had pleaded so much that he did not want to suffer. This plan was to show the people that there was such a thing as life after death, and that the body is only a vehicle to live in, that Soul could leave and reinhabit it. But the people of Christ's time did not interpret the resurrection in this way. They considered it as one of Christ's greatest miracles.
~~~~~~Meanwhile, at the time of Christ's passing, a great storm developed and black clouds covered the Sun. This very much frightened the non-believers and added a great deal to Christ's story. The storm was actually caused by the collective psychic power of Christ's followers who believed God to be an angry dictator.
~~~~~~After the death of Christ, his body was moved to a tomb prepared by Mary and friends of Christ. The authorities placed guards at his tomb in order to keep people from stealing the body. In
reality they knew of the plan for his rescue and tried to prevent it. When the ship landed near Christ's tomb, the guards passed out from the light and intense energy field. His body was carried away to be repaired.
~~~~~~Christ remained in his astral body while his father prepared to repair the physical body. A body less than twenty-four hours dead can be repaired by rays which rebuild cells and tissue. Soul can then inhabit the body again.
~~~~~~Mary Magdalene was the first to arrive at the tomb to find Christ's body missing. After regaining consciousness and as the details of what had happened came to her mind, she remembered just arriving at the tomb to see the angels arriving in a bright light, wearing shining garments and giving the news that Christ was alive. She remembered their words, "Do not be afraid", as they rolled away the huge rock at the entrance. She assumed that the angels from heaven had healed Christ and went her way to find him.
~~~~~~There are many passages in the bible where Christ appeared to many of his followers and they did not recognize him at first - until he spoke to them. There are also other reports of beings in shiny garments being seen at the tomb.
~~~~~~When Christ appeared to her, he said, "I am not yet of the body; do not touch me. I will return." He appeared to quite a few people like this, and walked through doors and walls in his astral body. The physical body was repaired on board the ship, whereupon Christ as Soul reentered the form. Then he was able to show the people his body, and allow them to touch him. He told his people", I am leaving now to live with my father who is in heaven." The people interpreted his explanations as best they could; the ascension into heaven was their way of explaining Christ leaving in a spaceship. He returned with his father, where he married and later had children. He lived many years before he died again physically.
~~~~~~Christ guides his people through their many lifetimes. He is their inner Master and communicates with his followers by the inner channels. His karma is to be spiritually responsible for all the people who have put their hope for salvation in him. He takes each individual as far as he can, then will push him out of Christianity into a greater spiritual path. He does this to rid himself of the karma that keeps him in the Causal dimension of the lower worlds. All the acts done in his name, all wars fought in his name, all children baptized and all who live their lives in the name of Christ are more chains binding him to the lower worlds.
~~~~~~Until the day comes that Christ can rid himself of all the misunderstanding, and until all these Souls in Christianity go to other paths, Christ must remain on the Causal plane, within the lower worlds of time and space. This heavenly part of the Causal was created by the group consciousness, the belief in heaven of the Christians here on Earth.