the book have very much of reported "technical details" - but is only available  in german, spanish or french

1953-1977, Mexiko, Salvador Villanueva Medina - audio on this case | pdf
still another contact to a higher (astral plane) of Venus ?? om dette på norsk m.lyd
"do not blame the many so-called Venus-ufo-contacts from the 50s on-> for lying -  almost none of them understood that that they had altered their vibration and was really no longer pure "physical" in the normal sense -  when many of those contacts / space-flights happend!


but 'Borealis'  told how  -  by technical means - they lowered their material    vibration to materialize  ->  become  'coarce-physical' onto this level   )*

om dette på norsk m.lydopplesn

1953, August 21, a car broke down 500 km north Mexico City forcing the Mexican taxi driver Salvador VILLANUEVA Medina on the road from Mexico City to Laredo / Texas to keep the roadside, waiting for spare parts. While he was still trying to jack up the car, he suddenly see a being 1.20m tall, stand in front of him. "It" wears a jumpsuit made of spes.material and had delicate features, shoulder-length gray hair, speaks to him in correct Spanish as - "What's wrong with your car?" Afraid ask VILLANUEVA  the stranger: "You're probably have a car?" The answer he got - "Yes, my machine is over there." He pointed toward a hill. And VILLANUEVA further ask - "You're not from Mexico?" The stranger says - "No, I come out of the space."

-Then he goes away, but soon comes back with another  'space-man'. They talked  with him - the two aliens described  to VILLANUEVA  their home planet  - and also said; "the state/level of development, that you (means "Earth"?) now lives through, we made already thousands of years ago in our own world, when  similar, to you - WE lived through many wars and devastating setbacks, as well as later - progress. Finally, an agreement was signed between the.... and their national governments/ countries disappeared,  and later understood that we were ALL children of the same world. A council of wise men was formed -and who still are the ones who govern us now. All those who have distinguished themselves by a very high spirit, or projecting on any area of knowledge, belong to it. The headquarters of this government is in a central place - and a representative Council is in each group of people with the task of studying the needs of the residents, and to accept and reach agreements. These representatives have very capable fashion also among the lower classes, and there is no extreme poverty, since every inhabitant always do a work, where he is asked, and he has in each case enough to live well -> (see also similar info. Omnec ONEC) -but nobody have their children with them alone. As long as they are small, they come to an area where they are well looked after - as a school. There they live and are educated according to their physical and mental abilities. Later they live in the groups to which they are assigned.

 "The two UFO pilots invited VILLANUEVA to visit their home planet.

And  he gives a very detailled technical description of much of what he was shown on that planet. I have only red the auto-translated (from spanish), book of this, and this get a bad translation, but I understand so much - that it is REALLY insterestting things in it, and much of very detailed, high tech.descriptions. I understand that this book is not translated into english - but if I get the german transl.-I will try to take out more details from that.

 One can speculate that it was no coincidence that that just he - who was of a technical mind (automechanic/car repairer) was to experience this, as his book gives a lot of logic explanations of so much.


When he came back on Mexican soil, he was irritated that a motorist who drove him to the nearest town, was thinking that he had smoked marijuana. So he reluctantly told his story later, but was supported by George Adamski, who confirmed much of the information Villanueva came with, and the reason for coming:

"1946- North American scientists experimented with an enormous radar system, trying to send signals to the moon, to see what happens. These signals were shot beyond the web of our satellite up further into the infinite space and were measured by the inhabitants of other planets. ... These signals proved to them that we had achieved a high degree of technological progress -and out of that quickly saw it could have been a cry for help. " Since the spacecraft and the pilots were almost identical to those whom Adamski met, many concluded that, VILLANUEVA must have visited Venus - but he himself was not so sure of this, however. is adr for online book on spanish

audio about this contact - but remark again, that he himself was not sure WHERE his was taken- so VENUS is only an assumption: for listening to a talk on this-
look top on

or here;

pdf in non-prof.english tranlation

 some auto-translated to english  |  deutch  (noch ein Kontakt zu einem höheren (Astralebene) der Venus??) norsk intro

another contact-case where the contactee is of spanish roots- an allegedly walk in case - THE ADRIAN INTERVIEW


clip from Chapter5 of book of Omnec Onec.

Regarding the level on which Venus supports life -
= is a higher frequency/ level/ consciousness, than here 


another special case:

A Contactee Born In 1920 Was Given Psychic Abilities By The Aliens

Read also:

A man named Ted Owens, who lived in the United States, had been trying to tell the world about his superpowers for decades, but not only nobody believed him, he was ridiculed and called crazy. Besides, Owens repeatedly proved his words. Contactees in Ufology are people who were not just abducted by aliens but repeatedly met with them and also received information from them. Some contactees received messages from aliens about the existing alien civilizations and the information about their work, others received warnings about the future of our planet.

At the same time, contactees were just as often subjected to humiliating and painful medical manipulations as ordinary abductees. The case of Ted Owens is one of the rarest because, in addition to all of the above, he also received unusual psychic abilities from the aliens. It began in those years when the UFO phenomenon was known only to rare researchers. Ted Owens was born in 1920 in the USA, and due to the fact that his father was cruel to him, he was taken to his grandparents. From early childhood, he knew that both of them had strong superpowers, as they would say in our days, were psychics.

When Ted grew a little, he also appeared to have superpowers, he began to move objects with his eyes and learned to levitate in the air, experimenting in his room. Then he had an imaginary friend, who from time to time told him how to use these abilities. When Ted became a teenager, he learned strong hypnosis and sometimes arranged tricks with hypnosis in public, each time striking his surroundings. And when he grew up and joined the US Navy, his psychic abilities became even more powerful. According to Ted, he could easily read the thoughts of his colleagues.

Ted Owens
Ted Owens

After the army, Ted Owens entered Duke University in North Carolina and told everyone there that he could control the weather. Some of the people, including famous city lawyer Sidney Margulies, saw several of his tricks with their own eyes, for example, when Ted forced lightning to strike at the right time and place. When Ted got married, his wife also began to see various unusual things, and during the drought, Ted could order the rain. He also said that he could even cause severe hurricanes. Owens also joined Mensa because he had an unusually high IQ of 150.

Years passed, by 1965 many people were already aware of UFOs and aliens, and Ted decided to confess. He said that his superpowers (as well as the superpowers of his grandparents) were actually given to him by hyperspace entities which he called Super Intelligences (SIs), which Ted described as “short grasshoppers with two legs”. He said that those creatures specifically decided to give him almost unlimited psychic abilities in order to conduct an experiment on whether a person would withstand this. He called it “increase the brain to 11 points” and compared it with the superpowers of comic superheroes.

As proof of all that was said, he, among other things, showed an unusual mark at the base of his skull, supposedly in this place, he underwent an unpleasant operation and it affected his brain. Every year, Ted Owens tried to draw more and more attention to his surroundings. He called himself the “UFO Prophet

” and compared himself to the biblical Moses, and in 1969, he finally released the first book with his story entitled “How to Contact Space People.”

In the 1970s, Ted began arranging public shows to talk about his superpowers, and also made many predictions about the future. However, practically nobody took him seriously, people did not believe him but constantly showered him with ridicule. After that, Ted changed a lot, instead of his usual stories, he began to make a frightening statement that he would use his power for destruction. And he was not believed at first, until some of his predictions began to come true.

In May 1972, he announced that he was going to cause massive thunderstorms that would cause a blackout and an accident in Cleveland, Illinois, and in the summer of that year, a severe storm swept through Cleveland, causing not only a massive blackout but also numerous human deaths. In October of that year, Ted announced that he was going to create an unusually warm winter in Virginia, and that really happened.

In 1974, Ted made a statement that it was him who was behind the series of weather disasters that hit Texas that year and caused great damage to the crop. He also said that he was responsible for many unusually strong and frequent hurricanes, floods, droughts, earthquakes, fires and plane crashes that swept the world in the 1970s.

Owens also predicted that UFO sightings around the world would become more frequent and that he had the ability to specifically trigger UFOs anywhere. Ted also repeatedly tried to make money on his abilities, for example, to cancel a hurricane in exchange for cash. He also tried to sabotage sporting events & extorting money.

It is not surprising that soon, they began to just consider Owens as a madman who seeks attention by calling on television, in various magazines, and trying to contact government officials. Nobody wanted to listen to him. In 1979, Ted began to harass military historian and National Enquirer journalist, Wayne Grover, assuring him that he could witness how he would use his superpowers in Florida for a year.

Grover said about Owens that he could control the weather and predict events.

In 1987, Owens died of liver sclerosis and since then, various ufologists and researchers of abnormal phenomena regularly study his history without finding answers to his questions. One of those researchers, parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlov, carefully studied all of Owens’s well-known predictions and is convinced that he really had superpowers. His prediction about space shuttle Challenger crash in 1986 had also become true.

Mishlov wrote a book on Owens: “The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter,” which is based on the life story of Ted Owens. Mishlov analyzed a lot of facts and is sure that strange cases with Florida hurricanes and many others can be explained only by the influence of some superpower. At the official level, the phenomenon of Ted Owens has never been studied, as for scientists, he was nothing more than a fraudster, or a mentally unhealthy person.

Source: Mysterious Universe