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The Convoluted Universe

Book 2

Of Dolores Cannon

From 2005 - a book of 661 pages!!


she on Frequency and Dimensions   Separating Earth.

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this book continues on the past life therapy through the use of hypnosis. Here "Marian" came across a life as a male in the 30ths, who had left his small hometown to come to another town as an emissary to try to get the people there open up for help - first by listening to a local adviser as a woman.

They were to tell and warn of a planned evacuation of the planet …


Some from chapter 8 - "taken to safety"

Dolores -the therapist: I could not lead. I had to let the story unfold by only asking questions. I asked, "What are you deciding to do?"

"Let her work with them for a while before she presents the idea of an alliance. Of getting together with other villages, so we can discuss strategy. There are other people that went out to other villages. It's going to be kind of like a council. There's a threat that's common to all of us. It's not other people threatening."

I thought maybe it could be an invading army, because that happened countless times down through history. "It's hard to define, because I don't understand it either. I can't say if it's Earth changes, or if it's coming from outside. Nobody's quite sure what it is. If we can organize, we can get through this."

I decided to take him forward to see what was happening, and the hope that it might become clearer. All the people were gathered in a large clearing. She led out a big sigh, and said, 'It's crazy." After a pause, she reluctantly told me what she was seeing. "I see ships. Alien ships. They're coming down. It creates fear, but they're not hostile."

He described the ships as "Sort of round, but not ball shaped. More oval. They're not little two or three man things. They are bigger. They can hold many people." The ships were not landing, but hovering over the ground.

D. What do you do?.

M: (Hysterical laugh) Try and pretend I'm not afraid.

D: Did the people know something like this was going to happen?

M: We have never seen anything like this in our life. Maybe on a psychic level we knew. On an animalistic level we knew something was coming, but we didn't know what it was. That's why we were organizing. There was a threat. But nobody understood the threat.

D: So it was something you couldn't have really prepared for.

M: No, but we had to. Because otherwise people would just be running around crazy. And so you have to be organized. And all the people from many villages are here.


D: What happens?.

M: We have to leave. Everybody has to go in the ship.

D: Is somebody telling you that?

M: No, I know it. I just know it.

D: Why would you have to leave? This is your home.

M: Because something's going to happen. And if we don't leave we'll be killed. So this lady from that village, and me from my village are here with the people that went to different villages. We know we have to get the people to go.

D: Do you have any idea what would kill you? What would happen if you don 't go?

M: Something that's going to happen to the Earth.

D: Are the people willing to go?

M: They're all scared. It's hard. I can't let them know I'm scared. Me and this woman, and other people from other villages are going to help lead them on these ships. We're trying to round them up. Some go willingly. They're willing to follow. And others, you have to encourage them. They think it's crazy.

I asked for a description of the inside of the ship after everyone was onboard.

M: It is good sized. There's room for everybody. And it's not crowded.

D: You said there are several ships?

M: Yes. In different places. You can look in the distance and see them. You can take stuff with you if you want. Or animals and whatever you think.

D: Can you see the people that have come with the ship? What do they look like?

M: (Chuckle) They're trying to look non-threatening. They're trying to smile, and hold out their hand, and be friendly. Be careful of who they approach.

D: Do they look human? (Yes) It's not as frightening that way. Well, if the ones that will come get on with their animals and whatever; what happens then?

M: (Long pause) The ships go out into space and heaven.

D: How do you feel about that?

M: There's a lot of work to do. In terms of talking to the people, and telling them it's okay. It's the right thing to do. And it'll be all right. I'm starting to relax. I'm so busy.

He was able to see outside the ship, and the Earth below.

I wanted to know what it looked like. He sighed deeply as he tried to describe what he was seeing. "The Earth looks like what I would imagine solar flares look like. Things flaring up from the Earth. I can't say they're volcanoes. I don't know what it is.

D: Can you ask one of the people on the ship what is happening?

M: I could. They're busy, but I could though.

D: Just ask them what's going on down there?

M: Just planetary changes that you wouldn't understand. (Chuckle) You could try. (Laugh)

D: yes, let him try.

M: It's kind of a cross between a volcano and a comet and a nuclear explosion. That's the closest he can describe that I can understand. They knew it was coming, and that's why they wanted to take as many people off as they could. And we'll go back.

D: Will you go back right away?

M: He starts to explain that we can be held in a situation where time goes by, but we don't change. And then we'll just go back.

D: That's an interesting way to put it. Time will go by but you won't change. Can he explain it any better?

M: It's not suspended animation. Time will go by, but you won't.... (Very softly:) How do I explain it? Time goes by on Earth, time does not go by on the ship. The Earth will go through stuff and the ship won't.

D: It's kind of like two different- I don't think "time periods " is the right wording.

M: Time goes by there, time does not go by here.

This is very similar to the concept they have told me, that time is an illusion. Time passes from the human perspective:

hours, days, weeks, months, because we are trapped in that concept. They have no concept of time and thus it does not exist for them. This is one of the reasons they can travel so easily through time and space without restrictions. They said that mankind is probably the only species in the universe that has found a way to measure something that does not exist.

D: Are they going to keep you on the ship until it's time to go back?

M: Right. It's not going to be very long.

D: But on Earth it would be much longer. (Yes) So you won't go anywhere else. you'll just stay on the ship.

M: Just hover.

That answered the question I had earlier. I thought they would have to be taken somewhere where they could wait out a catastrophe, and not be able to return until the Earth was capable of supporting life again, which could be thousands of years. If they were not trapped by the concept of time, it would be rather like watching the events like a fast forward on a video tape.

M: That is good that it will not take long, because the people won't get that upset. There is plenty of room, so some of them brought their animals with them. (Laugh) It's like a Noah's ark!

D: (Laugh) That's what I was thinking. It sounded like it.

M: We won't feel like it's a long time on the ship.

I moved him ahead so he could see what was happening on the Earth below.

M: It's almost like the fourth of July. You know, one of those cones that go off. That's what it looks like is going off in different parts of the Earth. There were fires, and clouds of ash. You can see the colors changing.

D: what do you mean by the colors?

M: When it first went off; there were the greens and the blues and the white cloud things. And then these flares. And sometimes there were gray clouds. Then the gray, and the ugly brown and gray yucky clouds slowly clear up. And then things came back to the blues and the greens and the whites.

In a short period of time, he watched what would have taken thousands of years to happen. He then moved ahead to when they were all returned to the Earth.

D: Do they take you back to the same place?

M: It's hard to say. There are trees and stuff again. They came back. But there are no villages and no manmade stuff around. There are no animals except the animals we took with us.

D When they let you off did they stay with you?

M: They told us that we were going to just have to start over.

D: So it's not their responsibility to help you?

M: They just tried to help people see that they will have to use their skills, whatever they know.

D It's hard to begin all over again. (Yes) At least they saved everybody.

M: Right. And they work with the people to boost their morale and give them confidence. Tell them why it can be done.

D Do you know if everything was destroyed? (Yes) The whole world? (Yes) Then do they leave?

M: Yes. They're going to continue their functions.

D: You're going to have to begin again. That showed a lot of perseverance to do all of that.

I then moved her forward trying to find another important day, although I didn't think anything could be more important than what he had just been through. He announced, "I don't live much longer. Something happens to me. There's an accident. A tree falls during the rebuilding process. It crushed me."

I then had him move to the spirit side and look at the life from that perspective. I asked what he had learned from the life.

"Sometimes you have to go with the unknown."

I then integrated Marian's personality back into the body, replacing the other entity, and brought forth the subconscious.

D: why did you pick this strange lifetime for Marian to see?

M: It's going to happen again.

D: (This was a surprise.) you think so?

M: It's going to happen again. There's going to be Earth changes. And the ships are going to come again.

D: What's the connection with Marian's life now?

M: Because she knows it's going to happen again. She went through it once already, and she's going to be living when the Earth goes through it again.

D: The man could see something happening from the ship. What happened to Earth?

M: There were lots of changes. Lots of disruptions. It's a cycle.

D: Was it caused by man the last time?

M: No, it's a cycle. A natural cycle.

D: That the Earth goes through? (Yes) But it was not meant for all life to perish, was it?

M: No, they don't want everything to be wiped out.

D: That's important, because it's a lot of work to start all over again. What did they mean when they said, "Time would go by on Earth, but not on the ship"?

M: Because that's the way time is.

D: It must have taken a long time for the Earth to come back to where it was habitable again. yet the people on the ship didn't change.

M: Time is where you focus. On Earth you go step by step by step by step. You don't have to when you're not on Earth. You just focus and you're there. If you focus over there, you're there. There's no time scale. You are out of scale, because they don't need a scale.

D: it's always hard for our minds to understand…

M: It's going to happen again….



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