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The Convoluted Universe

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she on Frequency and Dimensions   Separating Earth.

Book 2

Of Dolores Cannon

From 2005 - a book of 661 pages!!

this book continues on the past life therapy through the use of hypnosis.


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Some more from chapter 5 - "the hidden city"

Dolores writes:

"....It took three years, but they were correct. More information did come through in 2004 after I opened an office in Huntsville, Arkansas, and began seeing clients on a regular basis. 

Bob was a man who had moved from the north after his wife died. He came to our area sight unseen, bringing just his books and his dog. He had left everything behind. When he bought his house by the lake the former owner left all her furniture, so everything worked out fine. A new life in a new area, even though he knew no one.

He was a voracious reader, especially consuming everything he could find about metaphysics. He owned some rare, one-of-a-kind books. This was his passion. Yet I believe the information that came through during his session would be difficult to find anywhere. I do not believe he was being unconsciously influenced by his reading.

He had difficulty seeing anything at the beginning of the session. Although he felt he was standing on something rock solid he could not see anything but gray all around him. After several attempts to trigger visualization I asked him to imagine what his guide or guardian angel would look like. He saw a beautiful blond haired woman in flowing, shimmering blue robes. He felt comfortable with her and agreed to allow her to lead him somewhere that would be appropriate. He took her hand and she led him downward through an opening into an underground tunnel. The tunnel unexpectedly came out into an unusual place.

B: We're in this large open air space. But I can sense that there is a roof above our heads. A much different distance above. It is like being inside a cavern. A very, very large one. It is very nicely lighted. There are trees everywhere. I sense that it is a very gentle place to be. Many very beautiful buildings in all pastel shades. There are trees and lawns and gardens, and beautiful flowers, and animals running every which way.

D: This is all underground?

B: (Excited) Yes! Yes! Yes! It is very well lighted. It seems to radiate from a central sun that can be seen quite easily. It's not the same brightness as our Sun on the surface. Greyish in shade, but it puts out a beautiful light. The buildings here and everything else looks just like it would if you were looking outside in our sunlight. And it maintains a temperature of approximately 72 to 75 degrees, and it never gets hot. It does rain, but that's of course programmed into it.

D: Hmmm, this sounds unusual to have all of this underground, doesn't it?

B: Well, it's been there for many, many millions of years. And of course their technology now is far surpassing ours to the point where some of us come and go from here quite often. But we never realize we do. And I have been one of those people that have been there many times in the past.

D: you said there are also animals down there?

B: Oh, yes! Yes, yes. Many animals that we see on this planet all the time. But there are many other types there that people wonder about. That you never see that often. For instance, there is one that is a big swimming animal that they only get glimpses of. A Loch Ness monster type of thing. They come up from underground channels through the earth. And occasionally they swim into them and pop up in above ground places, because they can go either way.

D: So there's water down there too.

B: Oh, yes! Actually there's almost as much water down inside the planet as there is on top. It gets there by flowing through the various fissures through the actual crust of this planet. And some, of course, comes in from the polar openings on both ends of the planet.

D: you said there are cities under there?

B: Yes, everything that you could ever hope to imagine, including one of the greatest computers in the entire universe. Far, far in excess of anything on the surface.

D: What does that look like?

B: Actually it isn't just a little piece of something, like we see here. But it's literally acres and acres and miles and miles, all self contained. It stores all the main universal knowledge. You can walk along these nice beautiful garden paths, like it you were on a twenty acre farm, for instance. There are flower beds, little patches of roses and all sorts of other really exotic plants.

You could walk down these little pathways, and go into various garden plots or flower plots. And you could find yourself in a raised chair, or it's more like a lounge bed. And you get on it like you would try to get on a hammock. And it doesn't swing, it sort of stabilizes. But as you sit down into it, and then pull your legs over onto it and lean backward, it encases you like a banana peel. It's a machine which you can then ask a question, and automatically you can travel anywhere in the universe that you want. You can do it that way. It's also a learning machine. It will teach you anything that you need to know, or want to know. Or it's also a virtual reality machine, which will allow you to travel. You can use that type of conveyance. Or if you don't want to use that, we do a more physical body transport. You can go up the little steps into what they call "portals", but basically what surface people call "stargates". You walk in there, and you can literally transport yourself anywhere in the known universes that you want to go. You take your body with you, and you can also come back. There are also high speed tunnels interwoven like a spider web, where trains will pass through the interior of the Earth at more than 3000 miles an hour.

That's very commonplace. It takes a mere matter of an hour to go someplace. This is only one of the planets in the entire known universes. But it's pretty much generally the case, because they're all hollow. Most have civilizations living inside. And we have a continual fleet of interstellar ships that travel between all of these worlds on quite a regular basis. You sometimes see them here, but generally, we have these so-called "cloaking" devices that sort of crop out of these Science Fiction movies you people show on the surface television systems. Called "Klingon cloaking device"? All of the ships have them. It is just standard procedure.

D: Why would people want to live underground rather than on the surface?

B: It's safer. There are secondary reasons. You have on planet Earth something that is called the "frequency" barrier. The frequency barrier is lessening now, because you're travelling close to the new frequency change on planet Earth. That's basically what everybody is waiting for. That's why there's so much interest from intergalactic races. We can come here and watch all this happen. Because while you can't necessarily see it on your Earth instruments, we're aware of it. And now we can gauge this on our instruments that are much more refined that yours. So we're all waiting, because it's upcoming very shortly.

He was speaking of the frequency changes leading up to the creation of the New Earth. See Chapter 30.

D: But we don't think o the Earth as being hollow, because we think there is magma at the center of the Earth.

B: But that's one of those cute little stories they get you to believe on the surface. They tell you all sorts of untruths. Actually your surface of this planet is 800 miles thick. Underneath that it's entirely hollow. The sun that we have inside is 600 miles in diameter. It was brought in millions of years back, and installed there. - But the people who remain here are going to be inside the planet. It's not affected inside. It's only affected on the outside. The eight hundred miles within that crust is where your planetary magnetism actually comes from. It's not the center. Your volcanoes all come from the friction of rocks sliding back and forth within the frame. The center is very hollow, and of course, has the sun as I've indicated. All other planets are very similar to this same construction….


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