More on the origin of the destroyer-comet from Quetzal-contacts in oct/dec. -81.

(when the "blind and thought-locked" scientists and historians of to-day understands this cosmic factor, they have to rewrite history and most of the "science" of today)

(and remark the some adjusted timetable here - some diverging from earlier data, is out of timeadjusted events, as they say our present calendar is many years wrong)

link on Velikovsky in english | some from "Ages in Chaos" on bottom |  video ut fra hans teorier |   video om "comet / asteroid crashes in the past " | audiobook mp3 of 'worlds in collision'. | book |Videos on his theories:


this from book of G.Moosbrugger on the Meier-contacts.


idea of the destroyer-comets destruction on earth ca.3500 years ago- picture created of Rune .in-78, inspired by the Velkovsky-books, and later from the Semjase-material

Velikovsky was quite near in his books that came long before those Erra-contacts were published - see picture  just above

and if you click the picture- there opens a new window with a online film, on the Velikovsky  history view of the relative near past history, regarding chaos in the sunsystem (and the destroyercomet is in some material circulating today  called "nibiru".) This film is to show some of the ideaes  of the Velikovsky books )


see else this video below; and when they here speak of an enormous "young" crater, it may well be from this last chaos-periode from ca 3500 years back;(or may be in connection with the chaos around the biblical flood at 4613 BC)  This is about a huge crater found under Greenland ice (2018-nov    ):

from Quetzal-contacts in oct/dec. -81;

475 Many millions of years ago, the earth-moon was torn off by the destoyer, as a fragment of a planet about 4 mill.years older than Earth, and hurled out into space, into a course towards the sol-system, where it then was captured by the Earth as satellite.

(update 2015: now some earth-scientists have also come to this insight + clip down + this up2019)

  1. Meanwhile, the destoyer fellowed, after the collision with the planet, a great deal slower along the path of the planet fragment.
  2. This happend for reasons unknown to us, and as a result of occurrences, which we were never able to explain.
  3. Regarding this, we are therefore able to only make suppositions in connection to similar events, which are well-known to us, but which do not satisfy us with regard to the destroyer, and its orbit behind the planet fragment, here to the sol-system. That is why I do not want to explain our thesis regarding this matter more definitively, althoug it appears to us as the only possibility of why also the destroyer found the path to the sol-system, so it cannot be spoken of a coincidence any more.
  4. The moon, the former planet fragment, joined just a few million years ago the earth as its satellite, whereas the destroyer, which was following after it, and much slower, penetrated into the sol-system for the first time around 970.000 years ago, whereby causing an enormous earth catastrophe.
  5. However, in later times and after umpteen (=many) reappearances of the destroyer, a large part of the Earth-humans found protection and a survival, because they had been warned by our ancestors of the coming of the destroyer, and the threatening catastrophes. As a result, they built structures like the pyramids, and other protection spaces.
  6. After that umpteenth appearance of the destroyer, it fellowed an orbit which carried it back into the solsystem, regularly every 714years.
  7. Around 87times, it moved so through the solsystem on its orbit, before it changed its orbit, in the year 12943 before Christ, for the first time- through to us unknown circumstances, precisely to a constant of 575,5 years.
  8. This occurred through very strange circumstances, incomprehensible to us, wherein the first and second change of its orbit, did not fall to 575,5 years, but to 533 and 618 years.
  9. Burdened with a, to us until a few months ago unexplained phenomenon, the destroyer demonstrated a constant of 575,5 years orbit time, which however reached, with on great exception, only every third time.
  10. Between them were and resulted regularly large orbit time differences in years, wherein the lowest orbit time amounted to 412 and the highest rotation time to over 670 years.
  11. Here, look, this is the exact data of the appearance years of the destoyer in the solsystem, as well as the particular orbit times, together with various information, which imparts to you other values, like for example, disturbances of the Earth by the destroyer and by Venus, which was torn away by the destroyer from (the planetary/read moon;-)system of Uranus, and has been brought to earth coursc.
  12. However you may also see other important data from these notes, as you can recognize here.
  13. If you therefore begin here, you have the year 14812 before Christ, a time therefore, at which the destroyer has still shown a fixed constant of 714 years orbit time.
  14. Record these data now, so you have them in hand any time you require them.

pictures above: in Alvdal/Hedmark in the east part of south-Norway, there is a canyon "JUTULHOGGET"(videolink some sec.into this), that - the sci.theories,  is formed in the ending of the ice-age, when the ice made barrages broke, and carved out this canyon. But can it rather/ or also be, that this is one of many break-gap-zones, made from the violent tension in the regional mountains, in connection with the passing DESTROYER-COMET?? (r-idea/not from the orig.material)  Anyway - all logic seems to indicate that this comet was the cause of/ occasioned the ice-age by making an axis-shift here!!

 see also

See this video clip or the whole via
or just now - late 2020 via nrk

more info from 2024- on this theme from the TAYGETHA contacts - link


All honor to Wendell Stevens and Larry Driscoll for collecting this info from the Erra-contacts into a table.

Year before christ

Orbit time in years

Specific event

- 14812



- 14098



- 13384


Destoyer flies on collision course with jupiter, and disturbs its rotation, wherein it rushes past so close to the outer layers, that an enormous storm is created, within it rotating and extending into the innermost layers. The mass of jupiter tears at the matter of the destroyer, and gathers a particle and moon ring about itself, which will continue to exist for millions of years, together with the original and already for around 4 billion year old existing particle and moon ring into which the new ring is intergrated. The gigantic cyclon on the gigant planet, already developed at primeval times, has nothing to do with the destroyer. Simultaneously with the passage of the destroyer on the jupiter system, the destroyer tears an old small moon of around 4 kilometers in diameter from its orbit, which flows out with enormous speed in an unknown course into the open space of the solsystem, accompanied by some small asteroids. At first this moon vanished in a very long orbit, after which it appears again after a long time and passing thru the solsystem again and again, until it will be captured by jupiter again one day and will fall down on it with great certainty, which in accordance with our calculation will be around the turn of the 20>21century AD.

- 12670


Destroyer changes from now on for unknown reasons its orbit time, which from now on is unpredictable.

- 12 137



- 11519



- 11503


(maya) destruction of the continent Atlantis as a result of a war feud with MU, wherein Mu-scientists, guided a small planet/asteroid from the astoridbelt and steered it to the Earth and into Atlantis, through which it sang into the ocean and a deluge was caused.

- 10 943,5



- 10454,5



- 10219


A large asteroid plunges into the Indian ocean and causes a deluge

- 9792, 5


Destroyer tears 7 large asteroids from the asteroid belt, which take up different orbits, and will endanger the Earth in coming times, one presumable in the year 2014.


Orbit time in years

Specific event

- 9545


The 7 large asteroids from the asteroid belt, reach the Earth orbit, and plunge into the worlds oceans, one in north sea, one in the Indian ocean, one in the Chinese sea, one in the sea off the southeast coast of Australia, one in the Atlantic, and one in the Pacific, wherein results a large deluge of worldwide form. The last one of the asteroids, continues in its orbit.

- 9217



- 8186


Halley comet disturbs the Earth rotation, and lays the planet in a 32day lasting particle tail.

- 8639



- 8066



- 7490,5



- 7210


Halley comet disturbs Earth orbit as well as its rotation and lays the Earth in a 19 day lasting particle tail.

- 6899,5



- 6339,5


Destroyer tears venus from the uranus orbit, and pulls it beind itself , bringing it in the direction of Earth orbit.

- 6104

Small deluge

Venus breaks into the Earth orbit and disturbs Earths own rotation, so much that a new rotation time results, combined with tremendous Earth quakes, volcanic outbreaks, floods and elementary storms.

- 5764



- 5245



- 4613


Biblical deluge

Destroyer breaks into the earth orbit, disturbs it- Earth - in its own rotation, and in its orbit around the sun, causing tremendous Earth quakes, volcanic outbreaks and volcanic outbreaks, floods and elementary storms, wherein the biblical deluge fellows from the occurrence (this doesnt concern the deluge of noahs ark) The Earths own rotation is changed and a pole shift occurs.

- 4037



- 4006


Venus breaks into the Earth orbit and disturbs slightly the Earth, but without causing great catastrophies.

- 3551

Small deluge


Destroyer runs again on Earth collision course and disturbs the Earth orbit and the Earth s own rotation, causing worldwide catastrophies, as well as a small deluge. Thru volcanic outbreaks and their ash ejection, a darkening of the sun occurs, lasting 48 days.

- 3545


Venus stabilizes and fixes itself on its own orbit around the sun

- 3030


Halley comet comes dangerously near to Earth and slightly disturbs the Earth -moon in its orbit.


Orbit time in years

Specific event

- 2826,6



- 2470



- 2058


Destroyer slightly disturbs the Earth orbit and venus, wherein venus suffers a poleshift, and gets a new own rotation time. On Earth small catastrophes become evident, which however are not of great significance.

- 1453


Destroyer comes dangerously near to Earth and causes severe catastrophes, Earth quakes, volcanic outbreaks, elementary storms and floods of enormous size are the consequences. Volcanic ash slightly darkens the sun, which lasts for several weeks. The volcano Santorini in the Hellenic Sea, explodes, and causes an 1800 m high floodwall which rolls over the Mediterranean sea, and further into the Nile-land of Egypt and floods everything. Not only many human beings die, but also countless animals, causing much illness, due to their decomposing caresses, after the rolling back of the flood. Thru these occurances, the 7 biblical plagues are caused in the moses-time, therein the water of the nile is colored red by the blood of the uncountable dead life forms, with their bodies torn open, and mal-treated. The flood rolls back again, and thrusts back over the Mediterranean sea, right up to the Northeast, where it then floods the land of syria, causing enormous terror and devastation.

- 677,5


Harmless approach of the destroyer to the Earth, wherein the moon orbit is sligtly impaired.

- 280, 5




Orbit time in years

Specific event

+ 32


Crusifiction of Jmmanuel, is accompanied by an unuaual sun darkening, which was caused by an enormous sandstorm. At the same time, a very strong Earth quake becomes evident in palestina, syria, lebanon and saudi-arabia, which takes place with several Earth tremors while the crusifixion was taking place.

+ 273, 5



+ 749


Destroyer passes by far away from the Earth orbit.

+ 1150


Halley comet comes very near to the Earth and lays it in a gold colored shining tail, lit by the sun's light, and lasting for 3 weeks.

+ 1238





So far is the last passage of the destroyer. It will probably not return, since we (means the Erra-ETs) try to expel this wandering planet from the sol-system.

+ 1910


Passage thru by the halley comet. Its next appearance will be in the year 1986, far outside of the Earth orbit and completely harmless (as happened- R..rem)

Then the Pleiadian Quetzal answers Meiers questions on the size and data else on this big destroyer-comet:  | in german-link | norwegian


  1. Its volume measurement corresponds to 1,72 times that of planet Earth, wherewith however, the specific gravity is different from the average gravity measure of Earth
  2. The total mass of the Destroyer-comet matter is a little denser than that of the Earth.
  3. If the Earth has a volume of appr.1,083,3 billion cubic meters, with an average density of 5,516 gram/cm3, then in comparison the Destroyer-comet, is a giant, which has a volume of 1,694.2 billion cubic meters, with an average density of 7,18 g/cm3. If i may name to you these data terrestrial understanding. (then Meier asks about any rotation of the Destroyer-comet)
  4. That is correct, yet this rotation is lower than that of Earth, which is around 465m/s at eq.
  5. The particular rotation of the Destroyer-comet, is 314,7 m/s. (Meier then comments that that is about of the Earth rotation)
  6. That is correct
  7. This speed, however, is accelerated for quite some time, to be precise through our efforts, because we endeavor to make this wanderer change its orbit in order to lead it far away from the solsystem, into a region, where it can cause no more damage. (Meier then comments; gigantic, then humankind on Earth must have no more fear, that it will threaten the Earth again - if you succeeded in this venture.
  8. Quetzal: that is correct, and we are really confident. (and then Meier asks 'why is it allowed that you may interfere with the Destroyer-comet course, when you on the other hand, are not allowed to undertake anything against other threatening dangers, like - f.ex the expected RED METEOR?' )
  9. Quetzal: The destroyer was influenced in its natural orbit in a vengeful way by very early ancestors of ours, so it caused damages in the solsystem, which are not of natural cosmic origin. )*
  10. (Meier; however, you said nothing about this in all your explanations -Semjase did not talk about it).

  11. Quetzal: we do not know the exact conditions of those times, which is why we cannot give more specific information and explanations about it.
  12. Meier: a last question about the destroyer, Santorini and Moses. My timetravels with Asket, may have taught me the correctness of the data and information you gave, yet on various occasions I have recently red in writings that Moses time and Santorini outbreak, are moved into completely different timeperiods, these reach from 1500BC up to 5.millenium BC. Why?

  13. Quetzal: the reason for this lies in the time falsification of the chronicles, wherewith the Jewish and other chronicles influenced by them committed the most serious evil in this regard; as a result, time falsifications up to several thousands years in the passing on of data have become evident.
  14. The volcano Santorini erupted and exploded through the enormous influences of the Destroyer-comet, exactly 3453 years ago (from y2000), while Moses lived at the same time and was preparing Egypt the exodus for the Hebrew people of that time.
  15. This data is correct, as you yourself could establish from your travels with Asket into the past.
  16. And Moses really lived and carried out the exodus, even if it will be claimed at later time this had not been the case.

From another contact to Quetzal, he comment on this theme:

  1. Quetzal: however, before we now further speak, regarding these things, I have to draw your attention to the pages of the contact notes, that you recently handed over to me, in which a serious incorrect point has become evident.
  2. In our conversation on oct 10th, just 2 months ago, you have recorded in writing and short form my explanations and notes, which relate to the Destroyer-comet, the planet Venus, Earth and various other things.
  3. In the pages you handed over to me, I have now established that you have made an omission, in the list table to be precise.
  4. Here, you see, between the years 1726,5 BC and 1151 BC, you have left out and not recorded the year of the apocalyptic catastrophes.
  5. This - here you have to insert in order to complete the list.
  6. Meier: yes, indeed, i must have overseen this, will take notes. -So,1511 BC to 733 BC, a very bright and wandering planet, 1,4times size of Earth's moon breaks into the solsystem. Coming from an unknown origin, it bursts out from outer space and breaks into Venus' orbit, in order to disturb its course. Afterwards, it passes very closely by the Earth and disturbs its orbit and balance, wherewith the Earth , during the next 158years, is disturbed several times by the accompanied returning wanderer, and even is turned around in its rotation. All of this is accompanied by apocalyptic catastrophes, wherewith the points of the compass and the Earth's yearly cycle around the sun is changed, so the orbit time slowed down to 284days. Worldwide conflagrations, earthquakes, deluges and volcano eruptions were the consequences and left their traces on Earth. Fragments of continents and islands sank onto the seas, while new land fragments rose up. Well, this time I also have this data. I may have been quite innovative when I copied off your recordings and overlooked this information.

  7. Quetzal: you were under much strain at that time, that's why such a mistake can occur.
  8. Meier- possible, but tell me now how did the humans react at that time, when all of this occurred? I must see here that your notes talk about, that this wandering planet remained in the solsystem for 758years, before it left again.

  9. Quetzal: that is correct, this wanderer fellowed a swaying course around the sun for 758years, which brought the Earth, venus and mars in distress and peril several times, wherewith particulary the inhabited Earth was very much endangered and covered with catastrophes. (confirmation of all these assertions; - just read the books of Velikovsky, and research yourself ! - will find that this seems to be just the case and truth. R..rem.)
  10. The human beings of the Earth made the catastrophes even worse, when they doomed into decline, destroyed, murdered and plundered entire empires through wars, when certain lands had not been so severely affected by the catastrophes.
  11. This entire process of catastorphes and insanity, lasted a long 758 years, namely up to the year 753 bc.
  12. Yet all this was still not enough, for after the year 1151 bc, the Destroyer-comet, also brought with its next return new shocks and fear for the human beings of Earth, which you have already cited in your notes, however.
  13. For eleven days, the Earth floated in the tail of the Destroyer-comet, which caused smaller catastrophes during that passage.
  14. Meier; still another question about this; you have given me only main data, therefore other incidents of lesser meaning must have existed.

  15. Quetzal: that is correct, yet on the one hand they really are not of so great importance, and on the other hand, they belong partly into a much earlier past, like f.ex the destruction of the planet Malona (maldek in other sources.R..rem)- about which you are informed and have received information too.
  16. The Earth was also slightly affected at that time, when this inhabited planet, destroyed by human hands, exploded. (and Meier asks when did occurred..?)
  17. Quetzal: at the time of the construction of the pyramids, around 73000years ago. (I think i have red someplace else in the contactmaterial that this maldek-milona destruction was just after the warlike lyrans had taken itR..rem.)

In the 228 contact from 1may-89, it also came up that the Destroyer-comet, was visible last time from Earth from 14.nov.1680 to 19.march-1681. "it trailed also a gigantic trail of 80degrees long behind itself, which corresponds to a typical apperace, when a comet passes by very close to the surface of the sun. The astromomer Gottfried Kirch observed it, as he observed the planet mars". (seemingly a Ptaah -contact).

Next excerpt from the 248contact- feb3-94 to Ptaah, where Billy says: 'In the 150th contactreport of 10oct-81, Quetzal spoke about the Destroyer-comet, and that through it, 13384 years before Christ, a small moon was torn off near Jupiter, and brought on a course, and which was followed by some small asteroids. It was said that this small moon would return one day to its place of origin, that is Jupiter, in order to crash down on it. Regarding this: terrestrial scientists have discovered that at present a small planetoid of about 4km nearing Jupiter on a collision course, accompanied by several following asteroids. scientific calculations, this small planetoid, which is called Shoemaker-levy-9, crashed down on Jupiter in the middle of -94, shortly behind the horizon, which is visible from Earth. Is this small planetoid the small moon that was mentioned by Quetzal and which set off from Jupiter onto its course in the year 13384 BC, and which now celebrates its return to its place of origin, or is it some other space projectile?

Ptaah: actually it is the small moon which was mentioned by Quetzal, and which will reach Jupiter's attraction with great certainty.

******** the newer info through Billy, the Erra people did succeed in bringing the Destroyer-comet, on a new course that will not any more bring it close to any stars or planets for millions of years. info from feb3,2000, the Destroyer-comet is into the passing of the "Oort Cloud" on the way out of the solsystems far-far borders.,

All honor to Wendell Stevens and Larry Driscoll for having made this info available into English from German.

link on Velikovsky in english | some from "Ages in Chaos" on bottom |  video ut fra hans teorier |     video om "comet / asteroid crashes in the past " | audiobook mp3 of 'worlds in collision'. | book |Videos on his theories:


link to youtubevideo on a cometcrach from a film - on how a steered asteroide - out of the ongoing war between the eastern  Mu-colony  and Atlantis - which crushed the last part of that island


)* leading this destroyer-comet into our part of the galaxy - yes,this is an example of a form of macro-cosmic "black magic"! How? Well, all kind of sickness in an organ/body, is caused by particles/electrons/planets coming out of their normal orbits, because of disturbances in the input of thought-power, which cause them to come out of orbit and such colliding with other particles/electrons/planets, in regions WHERE THEY DO NOT BELONG, and such creating sickness/wound in the spesific organ in the "outer body". "Black magic" is misuse of external thoughtpower, and the tools here was those mentioned far "dark ancestors"- which can also be named as "disease-cells" in the macro-body, as just those "materialize" the thoughts of the macrobeing, which here is the mind, or macro-SPIRIT, behind the milkway-galaxy. .

(R..rem, my idea outled from the material from the danish wiseman Martinus (1890-1981) - who could view and "see" the deeper spiritual connections into both micro - and macro-cosmos, and wrote many books out of this. (This to underline that this idea is not of the Semjase-Meier material, and Martinus do not use this words on macro-cosmic "black magic"- but I outlead it to be just that! r.)

the intuitive Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky understood how the violent catastrophes of the past described in ancient scriptures were real events, and wrote many books based on his research on it, and all this, and many more logical details were confirmed by the physical contact meetings of the extraterrestrial Semjase in-75, and recent research in this field shows that they were both right - these were concrete historical events that left clear traces we can read in nature today. This is what this clip from a TV production is about, called KILLERFLOODS; see videolink

intuitive scientists such as Velikovsky, L.T.Rampa, Martinus and cosmic contacts, described the cosmic mechanisms behind those catastrophes.

new research on geology, ALSO shows that Velikovsky++ was right. That is, the catastrophe that shaped the landscape, dramatically happened in ONE AND THE SAME PROCESS IN A RELATIVELY SHORT TIME. See this video clip or the whole via;
or just now - late 2020 via nrk
(maybe this video link will only work for those who live in norway)

according to info from one of the Rosawell-ufo-crash that survived, there came info that confirm the Semjase/+ Velikovsky research on just the Rosewell-visitors, and on info  that Earth went thru a chaotic upheaval time around 1500 BC; here an extract from the Roswell-ET-info from booklink found online (and a copy on  ) page 90:

1,500 BCE --
...these were refugees from the Minoan civilization on Crete escaping from the volcanic eruption and tidal
waves of Mt. Thera that destroyed their civilization.

Plato's references to Atlantis were borrowed from the writings of the Greek philosopher Solon, who was given
the information by the Egyptian priest who called Atlantis "Kepchu", which also happens to be the Egyptian
name for the people of Crete. Some of the survivors of the Minoan volcanic disaster asked Egypt for help, since
they were the only other civilization with high culture in the Mediterranean area at the time.

Quetzal-contacts to Meier: How were Minoa and the Minoan culture destroyed?   |   more extract material from the talks with the pleiadians | Several indications of violent earth changes by Destroyer Comet's last major devastating passing

How the Moon Formed: Violent Cosmic Crash Theory Gets Double Boost extract from


by Charles Q. Choi, Contributor   |   April 08, 2015 01:01pm ET

This image depicts the catastrophic collision of two planetary bodies similar in composition that led to the formation of the Earth and its moon 4.5 billion years ago.




The formation of the moon has long remained a mystery, but new studies support the theory that the moon was formed from debris left from a collision between the newborn Earth and a Mars-size rock, with a veneer of meteorites coating both afterward.

Earth was born about 4.5 billion years ago, and scientists think the moon arose a short time later. The leading explanation for the moon's origin, known as the Giant Impact Hypothesis, was first proposed in the 1970s. It suggests the moon resulted from the collision of two protoplanets, or embryonic worlds. One of those was the just-forming Earth, and the other was a Mars-size object called Theia. The moon then coalesced from the debris.

The long-standing challenges this scenario faces are rooted in the chemistry of the moon. Most of the models of the giant-impact theory often say that more than 60 percent of the moon should be made of material from Theia. The problem is that most bodies in the solar system have unique chemical makeups, and Earth, Theia and therefore the moon should as well. However, rock samples from the moon reveal that it is puzzlingly more similar to Earth than such models would predict when it comes to versions of elements called isotopes. (Each isotope of an element has different numbers of neutrons.)

"In terms of composition, the Earth and moon are almost twins, their compositions differing by at most few parts in a million," study lead author Alessandra Mastrobuono-Battisti, an astrophysicist at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, told "This contradiction has cast a long shadow on the giant-impact model."

The moon's violent birth

To shed light on this mystery, Mastrobuono-Battisti and her colleagues simulated collisions in the early solar system of between 85 to 90 protoplanets each of which had up to 10 percent of Earth's mass, and 1,000 to 2,000 smaller bodies, called planetesimals. Each of the latter had masses that were about 0.25 percent of Earth's.

The researchers simulated the collisions taking place in a disk pattern that extended from half an astronomical unit (AU) to 4.5 AU from the sun. (An astronomical unit is the average distance between the sun and Earth, which is about 93 million miles, or 150 million kilometers.)

The scientists found that within 100 million to 200 million years after the models began, each simulation typically produced three to four rocky planets, with the largest comparable to Earth's mass. These worlds often were composed of material that was distinct from one another. However, they also found that 20 to 40 percent of the time, the composition of one planet was very similar to the makeup of the last protoplanet that had collided with it. This likelihood is about 10 times higher than previous estimates.

"The most exciting and surprising thing was to find out that we can shed new light on a 30-year-old mystery," study co-author Hagai Perets, an astrophysicist at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, told "Compositionally similar planet-impactor pairs are not rare at all." 


1. A distant sun explodes in a far sunsystem in this galaxy. One of the rel.big ones in that system is thrown out of that system.

2. After millions of years, this expelled planet goes into another solar system, where it collides with the fourth planet in that system, but this does not break completely

3. but the broken planet leaves this distant sun-system along with the destruction comet, which has great attraction-force, and after many centuries of migration through this part of the galaxy, the remains of this broken planet are drawn into this OUR solar system together with the destroyer comet

gradually, this dead planet is captured by the earth's gravitational field and becomes what we know as the moon.

The destruction comet was captured in this solar system about 75,000 years ago and has since caused massive devastations during many of its 575 year cycle

There are the many traces of this that the ingenious Imanuel Velikovsky has researched and written many books about and here video on his ideas


See this video clip or the whole via or just now - late 2020 via nrk about this in scandinavian- see book:
more info from 2024- on this theme from the TAYGETHA contacts - link