Quetzal: How were Minoa and the Minoan culture destroyed?

Semjase and Edv.Meier


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Good, thank you. How were Minoa and the Minoan culture destroyed? Do you know much about this?
143. The history of the Earth and the history of nations fall into my area.
145. Two factors were to blame for the fall of the Minoan culture, namely on the one hand, the disorder of the Minoan society, which was very divided in some respects and which created evil hatred in the various social structures, even due to the disagreement that the Minoan empire threatened to fall apart.
146. The cultural structures split apart, and soon, the whole thing threatened to degenerate into a war of the entire citizenry and, thus, of all levels of society.
147. But before this could happen, a tremendous natural disaster occurred, namely as the Santorini Volcano erupted and burst forth lava, gas, steam, and ash, whereby the ash
148. Also vast sulfur fumes belonged to this, whereby the whole atmosphere was so polluted and shrouded in a veil that the Sun was darkened, and climate changes emerged from this, which lasted for several years.
149. Low temperatures arose from the veil of smoke and dust in the atmosphere, which caused many years of harvest failures.
150. The bad and poor harvests led to the great famine during the following period.
151. In addition, the Santorini volcano did the rest, for as a result of its powerful eruption and the subsequent explosion which triggered gigantic tsunamis that devastated the large areas of the Minoan island when the waters raged across the island many buildings and lands were destroyed, while very many people lost their lives.
152. The largest tsunami, however, the huge tidal wave caused by the explosion of the volcano, rolled far across the sea to Egypt, being red with the blood of countless slaughtered aquatic animals, by what means the river Nile then colored itself red, and many people in Egypt died.
153. But the tsunami found no end in Egypt and rolled back into the sea, where it united with another tsunami, which was generated by the explosion of the Santorini volcano, and rolled eastward, where the country was destroyed once again and people were killed, when the wild waters penetrated into the country.

source; http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_213