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SUMMERLAND    of   Leo Bonomo

The book SUMMERLAND (2014) of Leo Bonomo is written by automatic writing by his guide or ’Guardian-angel’ by an unseen hand, but he underlines we have free will and book is about ’the other side,’ He says he was given pictures and thoughts also, but the writing came in a trance-like-state, during ca 3months (back in ca 1987) and he had to read the writing afterwards, subsequently. He/they, could fx close one sentence that was started months before…The ‘other-side-authors’ – were numerous.


Chap 1 starts with ‘Alex’ (age 14) living with his mother, as his father had moved when he was 9. One day bicycling, he is down-run by a car and woke up in another 'condition'. First chaos and fear, where he also felt his mother’s grief. This was in a ward-like place, surrounded by a blue sky and warm weather, where a nurse talked to him – but unspoken in a way… She could read his mind, and this made him  understand that something must have happened. The ‘nurse’ said he had passed over, and her name was Maria.

And she also told him that many people refuse to see that they are “dead” – ‘but ALL people will come to the plane that suits them’. “Mostly arrives the 6th plane- the so-called Summerland, as you are in now”. There they will have things to learn and ‘jobs on helping others’ - will help pushing upwards; …”learning to rectify wrongdoings and working for the good of others is one of the best ways” –she said.

 She proposes he may job in the great library there…Then he was taken to one of the festivals, and there he recognized his aunt, and so knew he then attended his own funeral, where he also could pick up the thoughts of those present. He also observed his parents were holding hands together.

He memorized and lived “thru” so much – so fast, and Maria said; ‘the mind works much quicker here, but you have received instructions from a higher soul.’

She also said regarding his present at his funeral, that so was common and: ”…and those who are very materialistic, may very often stay with the body, others are drawn into the grave itself, watching the body decomposing”.

Tommy - who had appeared just after the accident, was an example on a gang-boy from the lower zones that really would NOT help him at all said Maria: ‘they are envious, greedy and evil souls that are attracted to your light. They wish you harm…- to bring souls to their own low level, called hell on the earth plan. Some can be there more than hundred earth-years, but time there feels endless.”

She else told of the positive possibilities on the (of course higher -) astral planes. Again he visited his mother – trying to heal her in her sorrows. Maria said she would memorize their meeting as a dream when she woke up the next day.

He was else invited to go bathing in a nice lake nearby a temple of translucent stones. Inside he watched a restless man be healed through the down pouring light from above.


This temple took in all of the visitors past life in pictures/’life-videos’ and also smells/emotions, - so all the thoughts came in there, incl.the bad thoughts and actions and in-actions. “The mind is Gods camera”.

‘All of thoughts and actions are seen for your betterment.’

‘Your actions affect others, who in turn, rightly or wrongly, base their actions on yours. It is a ripple effect – cause and effect/outcome.’ 

’at every turn - God gives us the choice of good and bad, selfishness or choice of the good of all/others.’ 

Just like in the book of Stephen Turoff,  7steps to Eternity, (dk/no-link) Alex was told/shown he did not need to walk for transport of the body. Focus and thought was enough. ‘It’s a bit like flying, but much quicker, instantaneous.’ The idea of angels with wings comes from this he said. And regarding that – he was able to visit a man having made for himself a self-image of a wing-clothed angel playing on a harp. Maria said his religious idea was so fixed in his mind, so he was stuck, but had though been asking himself why everything was so unchanging. “...his guides and helpers are coaxing him gently – those things cannot be rushed”. ‘His thoughts and ideas have created this world, and TO HIM it is real – he is trapped by his own limitations.”   He had been there about 5years now said Maria. Alex visited him later, and managed to bring him out of this – his own mental/religious prison.

Alex was then shown/taken into a hospital where casualties were brought. A lady of ca 45 was there saying she was so glad to still live after a car crash. She was treated as being in a earthly hospital, what she thought she was.

Is this building made of thought” Alex asked. Maria said yes – ‘however its creator has a more powerful mind than ours. We could not change its structure.”


Regarding the knowledge hall: ‘everything is known in the spiritworld. However, we are only informed at the precise moment we need to know, so that the information may be used for benefit….Sometimes it is passed on in the form of dreams, or to mediums.’

“Our mind works much faster than in the (physical) body.”

They else observed different people having ‘built’ their own living-rooms/ surroundings, brought with them from the physical earth-lives, just passed. And the dramas in that connection.


My further study notes from:

Chapter 3, named ’library’

(of book SUMMERLAND of leo bonomo)

He was then conducted to a room filled with pale blue light, where a former cancer sick women laid sleeping, and being healed. And in another, shining/glowing, building was a library, where groups of people were gathered. A young, but wise girl there told him that he had lived thru MANY lives, necessary to gather life-experience to be wise: ‘we have this existence which incorporates all the other lives of experiences, like a diamond with all of its facets being polished one by one’. She asked him about his interests. He had no definite answer.

But though de felt a flow of information reaching him from particular ‘books’ inside this library: ‘…and endless stream of information came flowing..’ He was told that on the higher planes, such was their way of ‘reading a book’-or picking up its information.


Chapter 4 is much about Jimi Hendrix and that his songs and music had deep spiritual content: ‘this marvelous man, so kind and gentle, had a message to deliver and it was largely ignored’.


4 is also about a vision made for him from a bar-fight in Glasgow, where one of the fighters are killed by a knife, but he is confused as the bartender can no longer serve him. He do not understand he is dead, as he still “is there”/sensing. He then went home and to bed. Later was the police at the door, telling his mother that James was murdered. “He” had listened outside the door, and rushed now in, asking what joke that was. But no one heard, no one reacted/ noticed!

They told Alex his job would also be to help people of that kind, such being caught in their mental hate-prisons, just like being told in the more than 100years old book on this theme; A WANDERER IN THE SPIRIT LANDS (Franchezzo) (+no), and also very good in 7steps to eternity (Stephen Turoff, 1993).



Next chapter- 5- starts with an “education-visit” to observe a group sitting with an ‘ouija-board’ intending to spirit-talk through ‘yes or no’ strokes. Meaningless questions and answers were given from the sub-consc.of the sitters themselves, in a way they wanted/expected. Alex saw their auras brightening up, which attracted spirits from ‘miles around’.

Notes else from this ch.5: we are given specific tasks to manage when we incarnate. Not more difficult than we CAN conquer or manage. But a large portion of free will is also given.

 ‘the prospect of entering the temple of truth gave full meaning to like attracts like and rewards and punishment for deeds done and most profoundly – your sins shall find you out.’

From p.67/ch.6; headlined “the meeting”: regarding nighly/not-normal-remembering-visits through the night/sleep: “he had been talking to his mother whilst she had been sleeping, and although everything was understood, it was ERASED when she woke.” He was some disappointed that she had no memory of this, but a meeting was to be arranged.

That came later in the form of a medium–séance on the physical earth, where his mother had come - strong influenced through spiritual forces. It was now 5years after his passing. There the medium could see and tell the mother of her sons presence, and they could communicate a little through the medium.

He learned that the visitors from behind the veil, choose to show themselves in the form or the shape they had just before they left. But they changes quick on the other side, so that children quick reach their mature age, but the old people passing take the form they were young, or at optimum.

Regarding guides/guardian angels: - they could not influence the free will, but more of adding an option or view from another angle to a problem. This was presented in sleep state, or scarce: a word or voice could be heard while awake.

it was interesting to Alex to find out that the guides who are appointed to us are surprisingly like ourselves” (..having known from own personal experience the problems themselves.) He also learned that different guides are with us through the different stages of the incarnation, sometimes overlapping each other.

‘Each must learn at his own pace”.

 Like magnets, we are able to repel or attract spirits whether incarnate or not. These spirits discarnate, can and will use their influence on us when welcomed, whether it is done so knowingly or not.’

 “I have also noticed that spirits of bad intent feed their victims with the food of their particular desire. They also create desire, which the individual is not averse too. This gives them greater power and therefore control over the victim, whom is led on a constantly downward path, but who still has knowledge of right and wrong.’ (p73)

Mediums are persons specially adapted to tune into spirit with the giving and receiving of information of varying levels and degrees. Very gifted mediums are rare.


his work would involve rescue of earth bound spirits – some of the those dazed and confused and those who in the lower regions who had finally looked to the light. These souls would be guarded by those more bestial than themselves, those who would feed on the torturous emotions of those that saw the spark of love but were dragged away from it(p74, again- as very good described in the books previously linked. Rø-rem.)


His guides meant he should begin such a work, but he meant he was not ready yet. Then a wiseman, later identified as his guide Brother William, materialized near by him, from a first glowing haze, and said that Alex was a part of a group who was (intending..) working on this. He transferred energy to him, and then he was gone.

Later Maria said: ”you will fellow me Alex, and soon I shall take you to the next plane to show you where your progression leads.”


In chapter7, he is urged to find God within. And is given a poem named SUMMERLAND, which is about life itself, and the constant coming back to physical life, UNTIL all the lessons this level can bring is learnt. And also “job” as guide for others.

Suddenly a man came talking to him as he really, apparently KNEW him, named Desmond, who also had passed in a accident with a lorry. He seemed to be in the group of 4to5, they should serve in.

Alex steady felt he was re-discovering old knowledge! Signs of an old soul. Slowly the group emerged, until at last four stood together: Alex, Des, Alicia and Jeffrey: different characters, but all the aim of serving.

The guide for them said it would also be a tough time occasionally; an ordeal by fire.


They found themselves at an old quarry (=no: steinbrudd). No warmth as in Summerland, as it was cold and overcast.

 They came to place where people, tramps, in rags sat talking by a fire. Other cursed each other - used profane language. They tried to guide and help some of these ‘coarse people’ changing their mind-setting then. Often in vain.

He observes – from the other side -  f x JOE, his older brother - doing very stupid things to be ‘seen’ / recognized, admired. He is a 'young, really a rather doubtful soul'. They saw f x his wild car-drive – always trying to be the first, not allowing others to drive past, often at the limit of death.


A guide said ‘a greater world is emerging from within the earth and within all souls. Understanding of all things spiritual and psychic is surfacing and with the connection to God, the greater being.’


They once helped a ‘dead boy’ still on the city -busses as social for long times after his passing. He was then allured to the other – right - side, when his dead gran’ came on the bus, and persuaded him to go with her to visit the rest of the family, long gone. 

Similar they helped in car crashes where the confused people did not understand the situation, where f x they saw they now had 2 bodies- the physical injured, and the now liberated one.

They also had some terrible operations on the lower planes, where being attacked, as described in the more than hundred years old book on this theme,  A wanderer in the spirit lands, of Franchezzo. (link, + no) – where they brought some fortunate to a temporary ward- home in those regions. (some similar to what is described in the book and film  THE ASTRAL CITY). (link it: video ( + for ipad-link)

From chap.8;

Once he and group was to help in a tube-crash, they knew to come. Their job was also to connect to the helping ‘dead’ relatives and friends coming from the other side to take them with them over to where they were to adapt.

Alex was also called when his father had a heart attack, so he died. Was received by his grandparents and uncle, and Alex had the job to comfort his mother, who now began a long time grieving.  At last she was led to visit a medium, and got the message thru, that she should try to live on, - not being such stuck in this feeling.

Late in the book is told Alex himself began to be a medium on the other side, and as he entered the body of the physical medium, who was in a trance, he felt very heavy and extreme slow. He could not make any sound/talk this first try. This was not something he wanted to go further on!

He now wondered if he had to incarnate again – and he ‘sincerely hoped not, but this was purely selfish reasons. He hated the conditions of earth and loved those he found there..’

There comes a point in progression where the way forward can only be cleared by enduring another life on earth. Gradually – if the spirit is unwilling – it is made to see that this is the only way ahead.”

The spirit attaches more and more to the new body, and as before the physical world was like a far dream, it gradually changes so that the world being left, has that ‘quality/feeling’.

Last in the book is described how Alex had a karmic dept to be born again so swift, for living only 2 months before coming back to the so-called spiritworld.


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