Translated from Landet Hinsides - descriptions from astral world– book taken down ca 1908 through “Ænor” /Oscar Busch | this in pdf

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Stories/descriptions from the ASTRAL WORLD (from 1910)

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through  AENOR from ca.1908



A colored version of the book's illustration of the astral plane 'location in different dimensional "frequency layers" around the Earth - but note that each plane is located at a specific vibration frequency, in the same way as the various television / radio channels creates their own "realities" or "rooms" - that only those who are ON or in tune with frequency can experience.

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A few words about the cosmos and its construction
The similarity between a world globe and a human
WorldGlobe/Earth’ss physical death and resurrection
WorldGlobe/Earth’s reincarnation
What is natural and what is astral matter?

II The Earth's astral realms
The seven
astral spheres
The large air-sea
Transport and communications in the spheres
Spheres lighting conditions
Time in this worldlevel
Animal World on the astral plane

III Life in spheres
hell Sphere
The sphere
other spheres
third sphere
fourth sphere
Fifth sphere
Sixth sphere
The seventh sphere
higher worlds



Shortcut to what I think is the most ‘important headline’- “what is the astral matter.”




If someone wants to undertake a trip to a foreign country, and especially if he intends to stay there, he likes to be pre-informed of its nature and the benefits, and of the living and social conditions. Now - it's a journey that we all must sooner or later take, and from which we can not turn back to our present circumstances. It is the journey through the portals of death to the land beyond. Would it then not be of the highest interest to learn anything about this; this so “distant”, unknown country, where it is located, and how life/conditions are there? I think many on this question is ready to answer: certainly it would be of great interest, but who can give information about it, from the dead turn no back, and the living do not reach out there.

In general, such is the case, but in all times there have been a few seers with the ability to peer into obscurity, and especially in our days
(though this is written more than 100years ago) have for some receptive minds, a small tab been lifted of the veil which separates the invisible world from the visible. In all countries have also messengers from the other side rushed through the veil and by the means they have at their disposal, given people some of their experiences. The literature is rich in such testimony.

One such voice has made itself heard in the following little work.
Regarding its creation I feel I should mention that it is dictated - or more terms - written down consciously under direct influence of a discarnated intelligence, which therefore speaks in the first person. It is not a word for word rendered dictation, but it is the person on the other side giving the thoughts, reproduced by his Secretary words.

Much of what is written is doubtless inspired by these invisible intelligences, but in most cases, the one holding the pen, is not aware of this inspiration. He believes it to be his own thoughts he writes down and that he/she is rightly the author. Otherwise is the case, when the writer is aware of this influence and can distinguish between their own and the dictating spirit’s thoughts. Then he is only a secretary. The invisible intelligence is the author.
So this work must also be assessed.

One note, as most likely all will do, who read this book, I want  - in a few words beforehand –to meet. It will be said that these stories are all too tangible, too Earth-like to be true. The spirit world must surely still be quite different from the physical world, something that we simply can not understand.

Yes, it's true, the world, which is located above the physical plane, is in many ways so different from Earth, to our comprehension, which lacks concepts, and our language lacks expression of certain aspects of the conditions that prevails there. They become for us while we walk in the flesh, always an enigma, and prepare us always a surprise, when we first open up our eyes to a different world. But in other respects, are the conditions there and here so alike, that all that exists here, even in one form or another is found there. It has often been said, that the physical world alone is an incarnation of the astral, a densification or crystallization in the matter of the models, which houses the astral world. The astral world is the original, the physical are the copies.
(As fx a car, must in every detail be thought of/planned or ‘constructed’ - first in the thought form- i.m. ‘drawn’ - before made physical. Rø-rem. )The matter/substance of each ‘world’ is infinitely different, but the external forms are very similar. In the first respect they are hardly comparable; in the latter they are fully comparable.

What then is then more natural, than the books, we obtain about the ‘country other world’, get to be about the conditions that resemble the Earth, and for which we thus take both concepts and expression, while the other, the purely supernatural, must become us a mysterious ‘terra incognita’.

Stockholm in December 1909
Oscar Busch.


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Infinite as space, is also the creation, filling the same. In the rambling ranks orbits solar systems beyond solar systems, each individually a physically and ‘mechanically finished’ completely, apparently independent of other similar entities, and yet keep them all together as members of one great body, all dependent upon each other, all influencing each other by forces, that in our time (ca 110years ago – and still are. Rø-rem), science is only partially and very imperfectly able to perceive.

Theories of the grandiose mechanism succeed one another: but there is a big, wide universe common central sun, around which planetary systems and nebulas in eternity, along paths are looping. Though it is said, that such a central sun is not needed, the centre around which this rotate, might as well be a floating point, an imaginary world, whose gravity force alone is the resultant of all the real worlds through their respective loads of attraction.

But so are the hypotheses concerning the large works ‘of the cosmic clocks’ or mechanism - not exhausted. New such schools arise as far as the occult (cosmic/hidden/universal) knowledge makes new progress. For the next great discovery, which in this area will be made, that is, that there are other forces than gravity and its corollaries centrifugal and centripetal forces, which here run their game; magnetic and electric, and indeed astral forces, of whom the latter, science still does not have a clue.

Only when they get tracks on those, can schools of new hypotheses be made, new tracks broken for astronomy, the highest of all exact sciences. Until then, we all go blundering and wondering, and must, if we want to be honest, admits our deep ignorance. Only one we should hold as an axiom: the universe is a coherent movement, where all worlds, how infinitely different in space they may be, intervene in each other like cogs in a big mechanism. To suppose otherwise, would be to set the coincidence/chance, in the high seat.

If I thus, for my small part, realize that there are subtle, yet for science unknown forces, which influence on the celestial mechanism and without whom this unsatisfactory can be explained, I am by no means ready to present any theory or hypothesis for the same ; thereto requires deeper studies than I conducted, greater knowledge than I possess. I have only as an introduction to what I really want to talk about, the astral spheres around the planet. Thought I will draw attention – that the cosmos becomes us an unsolved mystery, until we penetrate into the astral worlds’ secrets, before we come to know the forces which act, and who through the astral matter influence on the physical.



The similarity between a world globe and a human.

Even the fact that there are astral world globes, which are quite unknown to Earth astronomers, show how Paul was right when he said: "We see so little, and understand so little."

Our earthly scientists see only one side of creation, who is dressed in physical matter. They have - with a few exceptions - not even got as far as to admit that man beside his physical body, also has an astral body that survives physical death and represent her clothing when she crossed the line and become citizens of a higher world , the astral.

But long will it not be, before materialism is forever defeated, it is already in its death spasms, and an old truth lives up again and go conquering the world, namely, that man after death survive in an ‘airier’, for the physical eye invisible body, as she already during his/her earthly life, is wearing a robe below the physical.


Russian dolls are a good example to illustrate the different bodies that we carry "inside/into each other" albeit on different dimensions and "density level." One shell "dies" but that inside/ the ‘interior’ - takes over.


It was this invisible, astral body, which Paul called soul. There are thus two kinds of human beings: those who walk on the earth, dressed in both astral and physical bodies, and those who reside on the astral plane, only dressed in an astral body. Or, as they tend to put it simpler: there are both incarnate and discarnate people.

The innermost core of the human being, whether she is on the earth or on the astral plane, IS the Spirit, an emanation of God, the universe’ creator and sustainer. ‘He’(/’she’/IT) that lives in all, and yet is so far above the universe, that He af no thought can be fully understood.

This truth, which so far is only covered by a few spiritually awakened people, is now about to make its foray into the world as a generally recognized fact. It will grow out of severe ‘pains of childbirth’ )*, by which the people will come to writhe in pain, and at the same time great social upheavals will happen - but this is not the place to that effect prophesy.

) * A real correct prophecy was this, as it was written down before 1.worldwar-ie book publ. in 1910th. (Rune comment 2013)
The truth, which next will be revealed, is almost regarded as a corollary of the former and reads thus: Even world globes are built of both physical and astral matter, although they have in their physical body an astral body, which is the power source for the spheres’/earthball’s  life .

And as man at death throws away the physical body and survives in the astral, which Paul called "a transfigured body", so can a world globe die, its physical materiality falls apart - a truth that even astronomy recognize - but it does not end to exist, it survives as an astral globe, invisible to incarnate astronomers gaze. Just as there are incarnate and discarnate humans, so there are also incarnate and discarnate world globes.

(this is just logic acc.to Martinus and his logic cosmology on the theme ‘life on higher spiralcirculations. Rø-rem.)

But the parallelism between humans and world globe, does not stop there, it goes even further. Just as man after a longer or shorter time on the astral plane, for its further development, is again attracted into matter and assumes a physical body, reincarnated, so to even the astral globes again incur physical matter and thus again appear on the physical plane theatre, as visible suns, planets or moons, therefore, in the fullest sense reincarnated) *.

If also this parallel is quite accurate, are there however, quite naturally a very big difference in regard to the lifespan for a human and a world globe. The latter is of such an enormous extent that it can not be measured with standard measure of time. Just as the distances in space outside the solar system, to be taken, not can be measured by our usual measures of length, but for this purpose have had to resort to a new unit length of such a staggering degree, as the length the light travels in a year - it has been called a "light year") ** - so also must the planetary life, to be understood/taken, be measured by a unit of time, which is related to ours  year - like "light years" relates to the mile.

) * This view was already covered by Immanuel Kant.
) ** Equals 946 080 000 000 mil, or in round numbers one billion mil. (1 mil = 10 km.).

This unit
(‘normal lifespan of a living life ball-planet’) is not yet defined by science, of the simple reason that the planetary biology (+ life on those other levels) is still a completely unknown science. The highest man – along that road – have come, is to an idea that even the World Globes are subject to birth and death.

Our ignorance of these ‘pieces/themes’ - are neither not much to wonder about. All knowledge is in the rule based on the experiences and how would we be able to possess any experiences on the changes, which extends over such vast periods of time? By its very nature, the level of knowledge about this, we may be able to obtain, must be out of authority of anybody. Intelligences, which stand infinitely higher than us and whose skills have a depth and extent of which we are unable to make us a concept, a superiority, which is many times greater than that which the earth's most learned astronomer possesses. They are always ready to seek human spirits communicating to, so much of their knowledge, which they can receive and assimilate. But they do not persuade the knowledge on others or require immediate being believed. They just say: so it seems to us, but do not receive our opinion that a complete truth, employ it only as a working hypothesis, which can be confirmed or contradicted, it can stand or fall.

Well, though I by no means am an intelligence of rank, I here suggested, but only an applicant human spirit, which is wondering and inquiring before the cosmos’ many mysteries, so I here would like to seek to give new comments, from which I think these riddles must be considered, in order to eventually be resolved.


The first and most important is the already implied, that the cosmos is composed not only of the gigantic creation of physical planets, suns, moons and comets, as earth people with their eyes and their optical instruments can perceive, but also of an even richer collection of astral world globe, which also revolve in strictly lawful paths around in astral solar systems by merely astral matter, and with the physical worlds around the Suns, built of both physical and astral matter.

Surely exist worlds of still higher order, built of even finer matter, but I will not speak of that now, I stick to the astral plane.


World Globe/Earth’s physical death and resurrection.

Everything on the physical plane is subject to dissolution or rather transformation into new forms, not even suns and planets are to exempt.
Our solar system consists, as we all know, of a central body, the sun, and around her circling planets, asteroids, moons and comets whose paths, size and rotation periods have been with all desirable accuracy specified, all built of both physical and astral matter. But thus are not all members of our planetary family registered. There is also inside the (-planet-)family, what we from the earthly point of view could call ‘dead children’. Planets and moons, who once had a ‘physical/living body’ - but who left it and now only appear in astral form.

Thus, for example has, as astronomers quite really believe, existed between Mars and Jupiter - a large plane, which is now in mortal eyes disappeared. Its physical matter is not destroyed - nothing is destroyed - and also not completely dissolved into for us invisible gases. But like a dead human body disintegrates and dissolves into gases and in solids, long resisting decay, so also the dead planet physical body has fallen apart and left behind a lot of solid fragments, which are now in the shape of asteroids are scattered within this belt, where the former planet was wandering its metered path. But this is not all of the planet's story, it has ceded from the physical plane scene path, but now appears on the astral plane in the transfigured body, it continues as astral orb in its orbit around the sun, which by the astral mass still leads its ‘freed children’.

Similarly circuits also around our earth, an astral moon - invisible to Earth humans, but visible to us, who ourselves belong to the astral plane. For us we see the astral moon even clearer than the physical, for we see with the astral eyes and understand why the only astral construct is fully tactile and real, whereas the astral matter that is encapsulated in, and therefore, as it were clouded by physical matter , for us is slightly darker.

Where has this moon's physical materials gone? Do those still revolve, as small diminutive world globes or miniature moons, around the Earth? It is possible that this is to a part possible, but certainly they are so small that they could not be caught by astronomers searching glances.
(today – a 100y later- some can be traced. Rø-rem.) It is also possible, yes, certainly the relationship with the vast majority of smaller fragments, they wandered and wander into space as wayward vagabonds, attracted hither, thither, until perhaps struck by a meteor on earth or sucked into any of the planetary mosquito swarms, which we call comets.

Surely there is in our solar system, several such astral world globes, those I do not know, but it is also not my intention to give here a complete list of them, or at all to explain the building of the astral solar-system. I only wanted to draw attention to the existence of these astral globes, without whose knowledge, we will never learn to properly understand the cosmos.) *
) * Astral World globes are mentioned also in the remarkable book "Oahspe" by JB Newbrough. O. B.

One may wonder, how is it that a few balls in the planetary family die sooner than others. It seems not to be the size, that is the controlling force, because, of the examples I have cited -one was a planet, and the other a moon. Nor, it seems the age, since we surely can venture the supposition that a planet between Mars and Jupiter must have taken a position in the system. But aren’t the relationship similar in the human family? There is not the size or the age, which determines whom are in line to move over to the astral plane. One is harvested in its full manhood, the other as a diluted child, while the elderly may go and wait for liberation.

And just as we are not, at our present position, to get on the trail of a law for the length of human life, - as little, yes even smaller is it possible for understanding the planetary life and its incalculable measure of time. Here we are - as in so many other cases – in front of a mystery that will have to wait for their solution.

World Globe/Earth’s reincarnation.
Is the issue of World Globe/Earth’s so-called death, an intractable problem, where we are only able to touch with parallels and hypotheses, the question about their rebirth, their appearance again on the physical plane, is yet more obscure. It seems - but I can not express any definite opinion - as if Kant-Laplace theory of the worlds “creation”, how well it seems to explain the purely physical process, is not enough to solve the whole problem, as viewed from astral standpoint, and also includes the worlds/planets rebirth. Here we hardly come beyond resolving concerns.

Hypotheses regarding the lapse of such a reincarnation are not missing, but although I have devoted quite much time to the study of such, I have not been able to find anyone which seems quite satisfactory to me. The most appealing and also which have won the most recognition, is based on the experimental spiritualism with the materialization phenomenon.

A human being on the astral plane, thus wearing an astral body, can as we know, under certain favorable conditions, take up or attract the right etheric matters from the medium, and from present Earth human physical bodies, and some even from the atmosphere - take in and such compose for himself a physical body. Thus - by an act of will, and of perfect spiritual impulse, an astral man can temporarily assume a physical body of the same kind of matter, as of the earth human’s flesh and blood. She can not keep it, it's true, it dissolves very quickly, but it's also quite natural, when its main components are a loan of a medium and of the séance participants, a loan which must be returned, if not the medium will die in the process.

But the duration of the phenomenon, is of secondary role, the main thing is that by an act of will, one materialization can be brought about. There is then, natural to assume that the materialization should be able to endure, if the material - of which it was conducted, were not a loan, which must be returned, without being one’s own property, of his disposal, which furthermore possessed this capacity. This is also confirmed by experience. Such skills can not be made by without training, but the high masters, who are humanity's pioneers and leaders, have through long development stages, eventually gained such knowledge and such a mastery over nature, that they can live alternately on the physical and alternately on a higher plane, or in other words that they are at will able to dissolve their physical body and re-densify it, provided always that the wonderful thread that binds it to the physical life, is not broken. Should this be the case, they must be born again in the flesh as the child of an earthly mother.

Well, if now an astral man, not only temporarily but for a long time, may take on a physical body and then leave or put it off, why should not also an astral world globe/planet do the same, to incur a physical material body and form a physical world globe? The willpower that would perform such a materialization - for a will have to be brought into action, as the engine - - can come from an outside intelligence, as the globe/planet’s own guardian spirit, whose power is in proportion to the work he performs. So, why not from the eternal SOURCE HER-/himself, He/she/it who never ceases and certainly will and can never stop creating.

But whence collect material for such a materialization? Because the matter must surely be from somewhere/-what; from nothing comes nothing. Alas, the cosmos is full of stuff. Why should not fx asteroids, those of the disrupted planet's debris, or even finer distributed matter, be converted into a physical envelope around some astral planet or globe?

But how the actual process is occurring, which laws of nature is used, of that we are in similar ignorance as regarding the course of a normal materialisation.

There is nothing in this theory, which violates the laws of thought, but that's not why I said it is correct. Its strength is that it is so logically joins the parallel between people and a planet/world globe, between microcosm and macrocosm,
(yes, again; exactly as the logic cosmology of Martinus, 1890-1981, similar tell and are. Rø-rem.) - which take so many similarities, but its weakness is that it requires the universe’ intervention - one would almost say disturbing - volition.


What do we know about the laws that regulate the relationship between the physical and the astral matter? What do we know of these subjects’ inner nature?
Let us stop for a moment with the question:

What is physical and what is astral matter?

This issue marks a new point of view for Earth humans to consider.

What physical matter is that we always have ‘in front’ - we believe to know, even if we do not have a clue about its essence. But we have arrived at its tracks and with the help of this knowledge, we utilize Matters’ opportunities, and increasingly, the longer we penetrate into the secrets of nature. Ourselves bound by this matter, we feel at home in the world of matter and establish us there in the best way. For us, the physical matter in a solid, tangible reality, which in our hands can change the shape and shade, but not to the extent that can be transformed, that it completely evades our powers of observation. It should then be no wonder the hypothesis, as more and more begins to make itself felt, that the matter would only be a temporary manifestation of vibration and thus basically an illusion. This appears to us as a philosophical speculation unsupported by experience, without confirmation from the exact science.

Yes, as this has the question been in our times, but - mind you - now have an experience seeped its way to give a strong support to the hypothesis.


What has happened since?
Well, not once, but countless times at spiritualistic séances, has fixed objects, without changing shape, penetrated right through each other, so that objects that found themselves at a great distance from the closed séance room, fell down on the table in front of the participants eyes. This fact is now so clear that only those who do not wish to see - and they are yet in the overwhelming majority - deny its possibility.


But some have been honest enough to not deny what they witnessed with their own eyes; they have also set up hypotheses for the phenomenon’s explanatory.





When Professor Zöllner )* (1834-1882) - during a séance with the medium Slade, witnessed a seashell, which he placed under a silk handkerchief on the table, fell across the table and down to the floor and then was found unharmed but burning hot.

)*His experiments began in December 1877. He was assisted by William Edward Weber, a professor of physics; W.Scheibner, a professor of mathematics; and Gustave Theodore Fechner, a professor of physics who, to quote Zöllner's words, became "perfectly convinced of the reality of the observed facts, altogether excluding imposture or prestidigation." Professor Fichte, of Stuttgart, and Professor Ulrici, of Halle, also endorsed the experiments that were further supported by an affidavit of Bellachine, the conjurer at the court of Berlin. The evidential value of the investigation was somewhat weakened by Zöllner's insistence on the theory of fourth dimension as an explanation. Of the theory itself, the astronomer G. V. Schiaparelli wrote in a letter to Camille Flammarion: "It is the most ingenious and probable that can be imagined. According to this theory, mediumistic phenomena would lose their mystic or mystifying character and would pass into the domain of ordinary physics and physiology. They would lead to a very considerable extension of the sciences, an extension such that their author would deserve to be placed side by side with Galileo and Newton. Unfortunately, these experiments of Zöllner were made with a medium of poor reputation." more


 He resorted to his hypothesis of "space of fourth dimension," a statement, which was even more incomprehensible than that which could be explained.
Professor William Crookes produced a hypothesis of a fourth state of aggregation, which he called "ray-substance" and thus came closer to the truth.

However, the hypothesis is not included as "ray-substance" and would be a new substance-form, in series with the three already known. Then Zöllners seashell penetrated the table, this can not be explained by a resolution into a thinner substance-form and a condensing back again to the solid form. A piece of ice can certainly be melted, assume gaseous form and condensed to water and then to ice, however, the original ice piece’ form has been lost and can never be recovered.

Zöllners seashell however was completely undamaged. Yes, what is more, it provides examples of living flowers, and even a living human being, having been, in this way, moved from one house to another and which ended up in a room with closed doors. ) *

) * This happened, for example medium, Mrs. Guppy 1 London June 3, 1871 in the evening, while dressed in a gown in her home, with pencil and notebook in hand to set down her notes, she suddenly disappeared. At the same time, there sat a small circle of her acquaintances in dark séance with closed doors in another house some distance away. They heard something fall down on the table and lit candles. There sat Mrs. Guppy in deep trance with pencil and her book in hand. She was followed home by three people, who would investigate how it behaved. These were given by Mr. Guppy and one in family accommodation Miss Neyland, the confirmation that Mrs. Guppy immediately prior to her conduct in the séance room – had been sitting at home in her own room. The event was witnessed by 12 people, who gave their names and addresses. See Emma Hardinge Britten Ninetheenth Centuries Miracies. OB.

Here we must hold that the object in question, whether it be a dead thing or a living creature, always retains its shape and its identity, but its matter undergoes such a change, that it ceases to be physical matter of common terms - that evades the natural observation methods - to be immediately resuming its previous state of existence as physical matter. The body literally dematerialized to short then again becoming rematerialized. Does this not suggest, that this "solid physical matter" -  is not so very solid after all, that it is rather a manifestation of vibrations which are so adjusted or adapted, so they could be perceived by the earthly senses?

For we know that of the sun specter’s rays, only some have the vibration velocity – as to the eye could be perceived as light, but those who have a larger or a smaller rate, can not be perceived by sight. Can not as analogous hereby we assume, that the atoms, from which the solid body is composed, and that the science already know are vibrating motion, in fact vibrate at a rate that is so adjusted, that it can make an impression on earth human five senses, - but this speed/frequency/vibration, can be increased and the object at the same moment ceases to be physically perceptible matter, but still continues to exist with unchanged internal properties. And when the vibration speed is reduced, the object again appears in the same solid form, as by the senses are perceived as physical matter? Unthinkable isn’t it.

One wonders then, how such a disorder of vibration speed can be achieved, and once again we get to the answer: it must be through willpower, a new expression of the spirit mastery over matter. By the above indicated phenomena, one must assume that one “dead” / free-from-coarse-body intelligence was behind the force, and he wanted so, and with his knowledge of the forces of nature, he has been able to do what he wanted.

It is not a miracle that has taken place, it is an equally as law-bound work, the photographer does, when he in a moment on his sensitive plate, captures the moving image of a face. (Remember this is of the photo-tech from more than a hundred years ago. Rø-rem). Since the well-known laws is known, the art of applying them is not great, but still the science of the coarse-level/physical, know only too incomplete on the laws which govern the physical world.

If we now turn to the astral matter, so is earth human’s ignorance regarding this, naturally even more, because they have generally not even acknowledge that such matter exists. But here I speak from my own experience, because I myself live on the astral plane, dressed in an astral body.



What is then the astral substance?

Yes, what it is - in its essence, we do not know any more of, than we know of what ‘physical matter’ really is, but as hypothesis can also here be said, that the supposition, that it is a manifestation of vibration, tuned in tune with the sense organs, which the people on the astral plane are endowed with. Organs that is fully analogous with those of earth man.

A world of astral matter is thus to/for the astral man just as real, just as solid as the earth is for the earth man. It has fixed mountains, its has lakes and rivers, it has forests and meadows, it have a beautiful scenery as well as the earth, it is even more beautiful. And astral man can of the astral world of matter, build themselves huts and castles, villages and cities, yet only much easier than earth man on this heavy earth.

And why easier? Because the astral matter is so immensely more easily to form, than the physical, it sounds with utmost ease conform, not only formed by the tools with which they are processed, but in some cases, directly through human willpower - again a testament to the spirit dominion over matter. Here is also the essential difference between the physical and astral matter, the latter is far more than the physical, man subservient.

It could be written many volumes about the astral substance’s properties and astral man's ability to exploit its possibilities, but it partly means greater difficulty than I can overcome so, through an imperfect medium of earthly languages. To ​​describe conditions that are so alien to earthly terms, that language therefore lacks expression and IT is the most penetrating study of astral conditions, and is beyond the scope of this little essay.

Only so much may here be added that, though the astral world, in many respects is to Earth man incomprehensible, because it is governed by forces that are to them unknown. Same as there - on the other hand - is hardly any phenomena on earth who do not take their full equivalent of the astral plane. The physical world is as it were an incomplete crystallization of the astral, a mirror, which only vague reproduces the features which characterize the astral archetype. (Again – that astral/thought level – is the original – and the physical is the copy, not the other way. Rø-rem.)
You hear so often repeated the proposition that the astral matter is infinitely thinner than the physical. Yes, such may be seen from an earthly point of view, as the earth's astral world, which extends beyond the surface of the earth and thus surrounds it, is (from OUR sensing-frequency) so transparent, as rather to the earthly eyes; nonexistent. Then it does not block even the smallest star in the heavens, not to mention that people normally have any senses of the departed friends, who, dressed in astral bodies, get to visit them or follow them as guardian spirits.

But from our point of view it seems different
. For the astral man is the astral world the most real, the one with full objectivity appears to her/his senses, whereas the physical world emerges in a somewhat subdued light. If one could imagine oneself that the physical matter which was not penetrated by astral matter, I fear for that the astral man would be imperceptible, for our astral senses, as they are not adapted for the vibration, in which the physical matter atoms oscillate. But now we to know that even the firmest physical matter, yes the whole earth, is "animated" by a corresponding astral body, which, of course, by their vibrations impresses in harmony therewith tuned senses.

And it is these astral counterparts we see, but then they say are clouded by the physical matter, in which they are encapsulated, so we see them somewhat more obscure than we see the astral world’s phenomena. However, clear enough to get a perfectly valid idea of everything.

If therefore - physical and astral matter are strictly non are fully comparable from only “earth”/physical or only astral standpoint, so they are, no doubt, seen from a higher point. And then it has to been understood, that astral matter is far thinner and lighter, more plastic in the will influence and more useful for the Beautiful manifestations than physical matter. The former may thus with good reason be said to be higher than the latter, as much higher as the human astral body, the soul, is higher than her physical body.

With reason, can now the question be: are these two forms of universal matter, the only existing, or is there possibly matter, which is denser than the “physical” or thinner than the astral?

The latter is undoubtedly the fact, it is with certainty not one, but several modifications of universal matter, which are thinner than the astral, and for us astral people - equally so imperceptible and unreal, as that astral matter is for the earth people. But for those I have not the knowledge, so that I can speak about it. Whether it also exist a matter, which is coarser than the physical, I leave unsaid. I have heard that statement folded with great certainty, but of it, I have no self-knowledge.

I only wanted to draw attention to, it exits astral matter as well as physical, and that you have to study them both to get a deeper insight into the ‘World building’, a greater knowledge of how the worlds are composed/ created, and perish, a truer picture of the cosmos .

(Comment by rune when I scans and proof reading this in March 2013: the density of matter is- also on our physical level - illusory. Both the macro-atom / the solar system as the micro-atoms, are incredibly small and yet, most of an atom is empty space, as most of the solarsystem is similar= “empty”space. The entire atom volume  is around one trillion (1000000000000) times more of that of the very core. If you compress all the planet's physical atoms, then everything would fit in - believe it or not – in matchbox-see below.. Our "density" is therefore illusory, and has something to do with what the Danish wiseman MARTINUS (1890-1991) CALLS ‘THE PERSPECTIVE PRINCIPLE’)







matter / substance is not as tightly packed; as it seems and as we normally think: Acc. to head of Research JAN M. DØDERLEIN, INSTITUTT FOR ATOMENERGI and his book "ATOMKRAFT", are there 500000000000000000 atoms in a needle-pin. If all those atoms were laid out beside each other,in a row- so that the outer tracs of the atoms just made contact, then it  would be a measure of reach: 170000 km = 6 x dictance to the moon!!

-If all the atoms that EARTH rooms - with all its mountains, valleys, oceans, forests, cities, deserts, etc.-in short, ALL MATTER IN AND ON EARTH - IF ALL THIS MATTER WAS COMPRESSED SO THAT THE ATOM'S OUTER ORBITS WERE TOUCHING EACH OTHER - yes, then would the WHOLE EARTH fit into a matchbox ....

... but if further being shrinked- so that the atoms (micro solar systems)own inner volume were filled up...... then the WHOLE EARTH would fit in a ... pinhead!


End - comment and back to the orig.book from more than a hundred years ago:







Humans have not from the beginning emerged, such developed as they (earth-coarse-people) are now. During times of immense extent, they eventually developed their latent physical potential, and each generation has given to the next, the inheritance of their development, they self attained. So, the experience passed on. It is not really new thoughts that have emerged, it is the sensitivity of the current, which through training have been worked up and developed. Talk of a "sixth sense", which would be under development, is thus not quite correct: it is the susceptibility of the peculiar sight and sense of hearing, which is being tightened, so that by the corresponding astral bodies could capture vibrations of other natural frequencies, than the standard/normal, and thus be enabled to see and hear, what is happening on a completely different plane, the astral.

The people in our time, who still very incomplete have the powers of observation, could note, that the earth man is not sharply limited by his physical body and -senses, but also - it can be observed - an astral envelope, an aura or charisma of particular color, which are different, depending on the individual's temperament and varied for different sensory movements.

This aura extends several centimeters outside the body, has an ovoid SHAPE and appears diminish in density outwards. That this waning is not uniform, but rhythmically, thus with alternating denser layers and intermediate thinner, seemingly evident as of a scientific experiments, carried out by de- Rochas in Paris. He managed to put a person, in deeper hypnosis than usual and found that this showed sensitivity to needle-sticks in the aura, and that this sensitivity was stronger at certain distances from the skin but weaker in the intermediate layer of the aura. It appears that man is surrounded by some of concentric layers of astral matter of outward diminishing density, and that a strict correspondence is present between these layers and the physical body.

Well, even in this respect is there, as we shall see, a striking similarity between humans and a world globe/planet.



The seven astral realms.

Our planet, the Earth humans, consider to be so sharply limited by the spherical surface, on which they themselves live and travels, as from an astral standpoint, is alone considered to be a part of this celestial body, its inner physical core.

The Earth is surrounded - namely outside its physical body - of seven concentric spheres or parts thereof, all of astral matter of varying density, (and vibration/frequency), all absolutely invisible to the earthly sight. They are not directly on the earth or on another, but are separated by a layer of “astral air” of varying depth and density. Each sphere has a certain thickness and thus a top and a bottom. These are of relatively “hard” material, enclosing between them an inner and “softer mass.”

Only the first, closest to Earth is located as an entire sphere, which circles round the globe. The rest serve as a spherically curved, wider or narrower belts round the equator and on either side of it, but leave open the polar regions.(comment – this is seemingly how the concept of the hollow earth is founded or created - “earth” is really a lot of frequency layers, which has an opening thru those “layers” at the poles. Rø-rem.of 2013- the rest of the book is taken down a hundred years before this!!)


Thus ranges:
The second sphere to about 60 gr.latitude

The third sphere to about 45 degrees. latitude

Fourth sphere to about 35 degrees. latitude

The fifth sphere to about 30 degrees. latitude

The sixth sphere to about 25 degrees. latitude

The seventh sphere to about 20 degrees. latitude

everything on both sides of the equator.

When the spheres thus become narrower the higher up the lie, it forms on the both the north and south and around the earth, like an amphitheater staircase of gigantic dimensions.

It is very difficult to give any definite
measures of the distances between the spheres, but to still give some idea of ​​it, I would -  from a source, which I consider reliable – leave the following data, that might apply for what it can, but they must always be regarded as very approximate. Acc.to those datas, would the distance between the “earth-surface” (i.m. “our”) and the first sphere to be about 300 mil, (1mil=10km) and the distances between the different spheres vary between 75o and 500 km, so that the distance between the Earth and the 7th sphere would be about 7000 km. When the radius of the earth in round numbers is 6360 km, then would the astral diameter of the sphere thus be more than twice as large as the physical. The thickness of each sphere is acc.to the same source some few miles. (1 Swedish mile =10km)  The image in the beginning of the book shows after these measures a section of the globe with its astral realms. (Inserted above)

As nothing in nature is purposeless, do you at once the question: what is the meaning of this great astral creation, what is the task of the spheres? I want in this context give an answer as short as possible. We return later to a more detailed treatment thereof.
These spheres form the worlds, where the vast majority of people after retirement from earth’s hard life. The world where they, dressed in their new bodies, "enlightened flesh bodies", get rest after mortal toils and trials, re-register the experiences they harvested, continue their developments under – hopefully – more favorable conditions and gather strength for a new life in the world of matter. This when those from the Earth reaped experiences are not enough or sufficient as a basis for further progress.





 see a similar explanation for this from a cosmic, pfysical chat contact with higher levels  from 2021 and about 30% down there



Here is all distributed according to their purity, so that each one comes to the realm, where he feels most at home, and whence he through his own efforts must strive further upwards -until he after any period of his own imperfections, anew is pulled down in the matter and into a new life on earth, whose external conditions with natural essential consistency portrays itself as a fruit of the faults or merits of his previous earthly life and from those enclosed as seed. As you sow, you shall reap.
But let us return to our picture of the globe.

The large “air sea.”

Each sphere except the first, is in both the northern and southern hemisphere limited by the parallel circle, the 2nd at 60 th latitude, "the third in the 45th and so on. Beyond this limit takes what might be called “world-ocean”. The boundary is the “coast”, which is by no means a mathematical circle line but have depth bays and headlands projecting the rich variety. This sea has certainly – seen from the mainland - the same appearance as a sea. On the surface, shifting between quiet and calm agitated waves, but its physical condition is not very common with Earth's water. It resembles more air. It appears in this sea without the slightest danger how great you may dive or sail, and not only on the surface but just as much in depth. Yes, in fact, there goes big “route paths” which convey transport and communications between the spheres, (“world-levels”) across participating seas from “coast to coast”. This sounds for the “earthly ears” - certainly not as a little amazing/ adventurous, but is seen from here, very natural.

It is not more difficult for one of the astral world inhabitants, that from a higher sphere, descend through this “air-ocean” and down to a lower level, than it is for an eagle to fly from a high mountain peak, thru or across a cloud bed and instantly shoot down into a valley.







It comes with incredible rapidity through this for all spheres of “common sea” as easily as you walk on the earth in a straight way. See THERE one of the astral world’s wonders.

This large “airsea”, which fills the spaces between the spheres and reaches high above the 7th, extend over both poles and fills thus in every sphere, what is missing of the spherical shape. Its density is highly variable, most dense, closest to Earth and waning upward, but by extension of each sphere, the upper surface adopts the same - one more water-like consistency, which lends it the appearance e of a sea. A counterpart to this exists also on earth. For an air-glider )*, that is above the clouds, they often appear as a stormy sea. )
*Swedish; ‘luft-seglare’- but this book came thru BEFORE the motor aeroplane was discovered, but otto lilienthal had just flown his glider in those far years/1891. But remember this is dictated from the astral level, and also from there they supposedly saw how the upper cloud layers look like. Rø-rem.

It is a peculiarity of the astral world, that “air and water” to its physical conditions stands so close, that they specially in the “big air sea” - is almost imperceptibly blending into each other like air and clouds on Earth. A similar relationship has also been on the earth's surface in an earlier period of the planet's life. The study of ancient Atlantis' history, preserved in the astral libraries, suggests that the air in that time was much denser and more water filled, than now is the relationship.

Besides the large “big air sea” – there is also, in every sphere, lakes and rivers whose waters are of a slightly denser texture)*, until it runs out of the “air sea” - where it assumes its density. Else describes the water in the same sphere, the same cycle as the earth. It evaporates on the surface of the sea, forming clouds in the sky and fall down like rain.
)* read how the passing soldier from ww1 – James Legget – felt this when he bathed in a small lake on astral for the first time:
”it was as the water had a mind of its own. As hard as I tried to push myself under, I popped up again…” | this book is really a jewel on life on the other side and also about the transition problems, and can be read online on this link    (here on norw./Danish)

Transport and communications of spheres.

Another of the astral world's great wonders, as in terrestrial conditions has no parallel, is that with the greatest ease and at an amazing speed, you can move wherever you want in the field, where you are or have the ability to tread. Any correspondence can be found in the birds' flight, but they are not enough to symbolize the astral human’s locomotion.

Like a balloon in the Earth's air circuit of himself rising to the air layer, whose density is equal to the balloon's own, but not able to rise above that, so induces the, by death liberated spirit, himself to ascend to the sphere with which he by his spiritual development and his astral body’s related purity best match, and where he therefore rightly belongs. Here he right of domicile, but the higher he can not raise. Within the area, which lies between this his own sphere and the earth, he has the ability to move freely, but of own power to rise higher, he needs through spiritual purification have to be free himself of his burdensome astral matter. Similar as the balloon to rise in the air, where the air is thinner, must eject any part of his ballast.

This does not, however, prevent that with the help of someone else, who inhabits a higher sphere, and with proper authorization – can do a short visit, and even stay to do a particular activity. But often such involve an extension of his own sphere, so how pleasant it is, in some respects, it may be a discomfort. This can be likened to the ‘light shade’ that sticks to sight, also after he is exposed to a stronger light than his eyes can endure.

The ability to move freely is probably in the lower realms, in many ways limited, but the higher the spirit rises, the more he can serve himself thereof, and by training make it to an incredible degree of speed and accuracy.

But beside this individual mobility, in the astral world, inhabitants also have a tremendous highly developed communication-level. From the 7th sphere’s "coast" are going into both hemispheres, several broad “road-paths” (energy-corridors) in a steep slope, tangent to ‘coastlines’, such going from sphere to sphere down to the 1st (astral-) and across this and to the surface of earth.

The first sphere is namely, in the region where these routes cross roads, large seas, which form a cut in the solid mass of the sphere to pass traffic to the earth. Along these “roads” is a colossal traffic, done through the means of transport of many different kinds, of which I find it hard to even to a small degree, giving any real idea.

If I were to compare it to electric railway train, it would be a too clumsy, earthly image of the infinite lightly, airy and fast means of transport, but there is not even anything equivalent on earth, who could give a correct idea of ​​the technical perfection of exchange, which admit a continuous frequency plus one for earthly concepts just unimaginable speed, which, however, operate with a sense of security and precision which is admirable.

In addition to these major “routes roads” are also in all spheres vertical shafts "through which transport and communications conveyed in a way that is very imperfectly - can be likened to electric elevators through floors of a house. These devices operate with the same dizzying speed. (may be a kind of flying saucer type “craft”- but remember neither those nor any kinds of airplanes were to compare on more that 100years ago…rø-rem.)

Men of average type, who come over and fall into one of the lower realms, have hardly any idea of ​​the complexity of the means of transport, of which avails here. She/he does not know how she comes up, so thinks to fly. The more developed understands it is an extremely ingenious craft, but has not any concept of the forces put it in motion      . She knows that its designers as well as its top leaders belong to a plane, which is located high above the astral. Perhaps it gives a truer picture of those crafts, if one does not think of them as mechanical machines, but as organic such, something like the circulatory system of a body.



In addition to these common means of transport, have more developed spirits, even their private use, small airships with which they in all directions traverse the vast “air sea”.

(Again- the conception of “ufo”/magnetic flying saucer, did not exist on the time this was transferred to the physical earth-level more that a 100 years ago. Rø-rem.)
Communications within each sphere are very different depending on the sphere's position in the seven point scale; they produced the same variety and the same types as things on earth. Man walking on foot, going by horse and carriage, having something like railways and tramways, having a kind of electric automobiles, dirigible balloons and airplanes, only that these means of transport here are immensely more developed, more refined, easier and more convenient.

Thus, there is a not insignificant difference especially concerning speed between the crafts which goes in the vertical direction between the different spheres and those that act in the horizontal travel, within each sphere.  The latter produce more similarity to underground conditions.

To appellations also include the various ways of transferring the thoughts from one individual to another.

Language barriers in the lower spheres equal to the earth. Here exist in every sphere, places or nationalities just as on Earth, and the liberated spirits seek to the rule, their known tribe folks within their sphere, where they are at home. These distinguish themselves; here too, for the same traits and the same temperament as on earth, and in the beginning, i.e. in the lower realms, they also speak their earthly tongues.

But in the fourth sphere, there is already a tendency to fusion, in that it is a communal language begins to be used, together with the other languages. A kind of Esperanto, which is then widely spoken in the higher spheres. This suggests that even on the physical earth, a common language will be included as an important factor in human development.

For messages over distances, one uses on the higher stages most of thought-projection, a kind of wireless telegraphy, built on the same principle as this: on harmony to harmony - but this of spiritual nature between sender and receiver.

To a friend  one sends thus only ones thought/mind, which he/she easily reads) *. In other cases, of course, even here is (a kind of…) post, telegraph and telephone.

) * Compare William Steads ability to write messages from friends living on earth, residing many miles distant from him. O.B.

They also have their private communication wires to those with whom are in constant touch. A guardian spirit, for example, which has to monitor his protégé on earth, does not always follow him close. He may have his home in a higher sphere, but is connected with his protégé through an astral thread, by which he receives the impression of his thoughts and intent and can give him impetus for his action. He finds his presence needful, he can easily and quickly move down to earth.

As we see, the astral world inhabitants have to rejoice infinitely easier means of transport. As an earthly idea, it may sound as a not little fable, when talking about these almost thought- rapid movements, especially in the vertical direction, but we may remember that the physical incarnation, largely limit the human understanding.

He/She can hardly make a concept about it for the astral specific characteristics, and it includes, among other things, the immense light transport and communications between the different spheres. Only after he/she self had tried this themselves, it would be completely natural.’




Spheres lighting conditions.

We know that the astral realms even in equatorial countries, where they lie in seven layers over the other, for the earthly eye, would obscure outer space. This is quite natural of the reasons that the astral worlds’ atoms as above told, is swinging with a vibration speed, which is not making the slightest impression on the earthly eye, as they are in the physical sense of sight - absolutely invisible. But how will this be to an astral man in one of the lower realms, who himself dressed in a body of the same astral density, as the realm he inhabits and to the sense organs that perceives the astral matter. He feels them just as solid as the earth humans perceive their.. (..world as “dense/hard”).

Yes, if there were overlying spheres, where all was of the same astral density/frequency, they would certainly be seen as an opaque dark blanket over the greater part of the underlying sphere.

This, however, is not the fact, due thereon, to the density of the astral matter, from which the various spheres are constructed, very significantly vary. It is greatest in the first sphere, decrease for each overlying sphere and is least in the seventh sphere. Thus, if it is the same kind of matter, it has such different densities, so the same astral eye can perceive a part - its own sphere - as solid and opaque, but another parts - a higher sphere - as transparent.
Haven’t we examples of the same density conditions in the physical world? Water and air are the same kind of physical matter such as granite, and yet they have such different density, so to the earthly senses, the granite is hard and opaque, water makes little resistance and are nearly transparent  - while the air is hardly perceptible to the senses.

 It should not then be something to the thought, inconceivable, how it is possible that overlying spheres of less (frequency) density, not to any appreciable extent obscures the extraneous light. At its height to overhead spheres could (be thought to) appear as heavier or lighter clouds over the part of the underlying sphere, which covers thereof.

The northernmost even as the southern zone, who both shoot a few degrees forward of the overlying sphere are of course completely unveiled, from there you can freely look out into space. The higher up you go, the more developed also become sensory organs, so that the eye eventually get the ability to see right through astral matter, only it has a lower density than that, of which the astral body is built. Although these conditions are the astral world so specific, that the earthly comprehension is difficult to put into them.

Lighting conditions in micro spheres appear thus as follows:
In the 1st sphere have both
Polar Regions as the greater part of the temperate zones, full light, but in the equatorial regions towards the equator, there is a growing permanent twilight, as yet not making them uninhabitable. In the second sphere is the twilight of middle region already more lighter, and in the 3rd, one can hardly speak of twilight, but equatorial belt is in shadow as of a light cloud-veil. In all overlying spheres is everywhere full light, where you have no sense of the above-lying masking spheres.

The sky is not always clear - why, it would mean a sad monotony. The beauty "as the skies impart on the earthly landscapes" especially at sunset, the astral spheres have even more to offer, but these cloud formations have the same cause on earth.

The light source for spheres is just as on Earth; in the first place the sun, however, we must not we make it so, that it would be the sun with the same kind of the “physical rays” enlighten both the astral and the physical world. The sun, seen from Earth, has in fact also the astral shells and these emits a peculiar kind of rays or rather vibration, which of the astral eye is perceived as light. The astral sun therefore appears to be slightly larger than the physical. The same ratio is also about the light emanating from the fixed stars.

With the moon the situation is somewhat different. The moon, who sprinkles his magical glow over the earth nights, seems barely on the astral plane, because the astral body is shrunk within the physical shell and obscured by it, and is therefore not in the same degree able to reflect sunlight. This situation on/of the moon seen as an archaic character. But, as before, already stated, there is also a purely astral moon, which had once been physical. This does not appear from the earth, but its lights reflected astral light of our nights.

Time feeling / division.
With the ‘light-things’ is also related to the question of the time’s division/ classification / subdivision of the astral plane.
You so often hear the speech, that "in the spirit world, time and space does not exist."

I would not speak about everything, which can be attributed under the term "spirit world," for indeed exits it on its highest stages, circumstances "of which we scarcely have any idea, and such events unknown to me. I speak only of the seven astral spheres which surround earth.

And regarding the conditions on them, I can confirm that as well as any of its inhabitants, can and must distinguish the place he/she IS ON, from where he is not, there must possess a concept of room, as well there are a conceptual world of a past, a present and an additional, ie a concept of time and consequently happenings. Well notice that this is not the case of the subjective perception of the time’ length, an idea which - already on the physical plane - can be quite different, depending on the time elapsed during the grief and suffering, or joy and pleasure. And on the astral plane can such, take extremes, so that one man in his excruciating anxiety loses all control over the time and think of ‘what is’ a few years - to be an eternity, while another one in her restless love service, finds a century to be like a short day. Here is the only question of the precise objective time- measurement.

Now when the astral spheres surround the earth, and follow her in her movements as well around the sun, as around her own axis, it is quite natural, that we divide the time just like on earth in years and days, and that these time dimensions have the same length as with you. As we follow the earth's daily motion and get our light from the sun, we also have a variety of day and night, though our nights are never as long and as dark as the (physical-) earth.

Yes, in the higher spheres, the night is of very short duration and as bright as a faint dusk or dawn, depending on the diffuse light, that in the astral world plays an even greater role as on earth.

Then on the astral spheres polar axis coincides with the Earth's axis and thus have the same inclination to the ecliptic, it follows that we also have a variety, corresponding earth seasons, although the difference between summer and winter is not so marked as in the (physical) world and also decreases in the higher spheres, which, course is also quite natural, since the higher spheres are only narrow equatorial belts. An earth man, which at its transition to the astral plane will f x come to the sixth sphere, may therefore easily imagine that in her/his new homeland, scarcely any change between day and night or between seasons may be and but portrays everything as "an eternal spring." Whereas the one who ends up in the first sphere, can complain about constant twilight without a ray sun (as told in the first part of “a wanderer in the spirit lands”). So the various data on conditions in the spirit world could thus be both true and so by purely natural grounds.

Animal World on the astral plane.
Before turning to the portrayal of life in the spheres, I want to give some few words about the animals here in our world.

Perhaps I hereby immediately meet a reader with the suspicious question: are there also animals in the other worlds? They are surely not immortal, as man? Yes, indeed they are so. The wisdom and hunch, the affection and fidelity, the touching maternal tenderness as, for instance, dogs - are but so purely psychic/soul- characteristics, as it would be foolish to deny this soul-characteristics /attributes from our faithful friends. Only the narrow-minded types, those true childs of arrogance and stupidity, can be so inconsistent that for them to claim the life after death, but will judge his faithful dog to eternal annihilation. Has he any heart in the body, he shall at his entry into our world, become pleasantly surprised, when his dumb friend, here welcomes him with high joy-jumps.

Such a reunion between master and dog to the mutual joy is not uncommon here. It is also natural and logical that the intelligence that manifests itself in a higher animal must be the same as immortal as that which distinguishes humans.

But if the dog has an immortal soul, must surely also other animals have such; where else would the line be drawn. Our time’s idolized Science has with a certain pride emphasized its discovery, that matter is indestructible and hence eternal. You also get to hear from the scientists, admitting that life has a certain continuity that it is in a sense: indestructible. Next discovered - and it is not SO far - shall be, that everything in nature live in various stages of development, and that this life is just as indestructible, just as eternal as matter - and that the source of this life is the spirit of nature, God, who lives and manifests in all his ‘work’.

 We are all his children, but at different ages. The plant is a younger brother of the animal, and the animal is a younger brother to man and man is a younger brother of the angels. If we in foolishly pride, do not want to acknowledge our kinship with our younger brothers, so we also need to be consistent renounce any kinship with the angels - so much the worse for us.
But whether it be or IS, human theories and beliefs are plenty, and it is a fact that our world, the spirit world, as you Earth people a little improper to call it - takes a rich fauna of the same types as on Earth, but with the restriction that the wild predators missing in those spheres. They have their domicile elsewhere.

As for the spheres’ inside builders, the astral man, is the immortal part of the earth man, since she has slung away her mortal physical garment, there are also the astral worlds’ animals, to be nothing but the imperishable part of earth's animals, then those in the death process deprived of his physical body. Astral Man consists of spirit and soul, whom the latter is the astral body, where Spirit manifests on the astral plane. Astral animals consists of only the soul, it has not yet received the Spirit. Therefore, the astral world is the animal heaven, it can not come higher.

But even in the animal world, there is a diversity of development levels, represented by an infinite variety of different types. The lower animals, which have not yet reached the development, where they take individual existence, belongs here - just as on Earth - any for the same genus common group soul, which manifests itself in a variety of numbers. The higher developed animals, however, are individually an individual, who, after his earthly death survives on the astral plane with the individual soul.

 Life up here is for the animal as well as for man a rest time, until both one and the second have to incarnate on earth. Specially are pets, as in so many cases suffered during human’s harsh, sometimes cruel treatment, here in our world, to get compensation for the sufferings endured, - and so are the object of the most tender care.

Often is a life in the service of man, also the last, that it as animal, such require to be on earth. So are the animal development progressing, since it exceeded the threshold of individuality -through a series of earthly life, until it is ready to receive the last stage, which transforms the animal to human. Before that, however, on a different planet, it will undergo a special training, which I am not able to describe in detail. Thus equipped, it at last gets the Spirit, and is born for the first time as a human being on earth.


 At that stage of development as the animals find themselves - here in the astral world, they have no other task than to enjoy life and receive good impulses, at the same time as they delight people and contribute to bestow life and beauty to nature. The animal on the astral plane is man's friend and servant, but never his/her slave, let alone her sacrifice. No-one overexerts their friends there/animals, never kills an animal to eat its meat. And the animals themselves ingest none other. People and animals are vegetarians here. The astral animal may also not be killed by mortal concepts, and like the astral man disappears here, because being reborn to the earth, and come back here when it dies on physical earth. Here animals thus do not need to reproduce, that do belong to the earth.

The mammals do not give birth to kids and do not need to give milk, no birds lay eggs. But nevertheless - there is a rich wildlife, seas and lakes teeming of fish, and forests of wildlife. Trees and parks echo of birdsongs, and the pets are good friends to the people.

Then - could anyone ask - the reason why the cruel predators are excluded from the spheres, and where they take the road, when they die on earth? They are excluded for not having their wild and predatory habits disturbing the peace and rest of the spheres. Perhaps also because they would not be able to feed themselves by the plant food they only find here, because the animals here, needs food just as on Earth. They have another refuge, of which I can not provide more detailed information, a place that better suits them and from which they again descend to (physical-) earth, some still like predators, others, who on this plane are allowed to be tame, to such animals of a pious nature.

It would take me too far in this little essay, to include the question why some animals need to be wild and bloodthirsty, while others are pious and harmless. Only so much do I want, in this context to emphasize, that even by the animals, there are a willingness, to be faced with a choice.

No one is forced to be born as a predator, but they, who from the start are turned in such a direction, - are drawn irresistibly to a group soul, which have the nature of the predator prevailing. They could be "converted" already as animals, but they could also persist in the nature of the predators, and with these tendencies, go into the human world, where they are able to develop much power and intelligence, but where they can do much evil, before they learn to bend.

There is not in all creation somewhat whimsical selection from a higher authority, where some are life seeds for good, others for evil. Even at the lowest stages of development, is given to each one, by his higher aspects, the freedom to choose. And during the course of evolution, one small lifsmonade, can through free choice, turn into the life form that best suits him. And always under lovingly caring from some high spirit, who indulged in this work, because each species, each group soul, has a supreme leader one angel.

If people knew, in which close relationship they are to the animals, and how they are jointly responsible to the great task of raising the lower creation, yes, how they some day will be judged for how they turned and did this task, then they would with more tenderness nurture about their dumb friends.

Life in the spheres

If a creature that has never been on earth, would ask to get a sketch of the conditions on this planet and this would first be given him by an Eskimo, and then, for example, by a highly educated Frenchman, these books would become from another so different, that the requester perhaps felt compelled to wonder who of those had lied, or whether the two had gone with falsehood.

In the same position, is the Earth human to the astral world. They have certainly been there, but the memory of it is completely obliterated from the day/normal-awaken- consciousness. She/he asks and get an answer first from one direction – and so from another, but the data seem to stand in clear contradiction with each other. What will he/she think? May he the to be remembered, though, that the astral world offers even more varied conditions than the earth, and that therefore different stories may to be true, even if they are in seemingly essential elements to differ from each other.

A major difficulty in the portrayal of extraterrestrial/’other levels-  conditions, are also what the language is causing, which are just adapted to what belongs the earth. While it is true that the astral world in a certain sense, are so similar to the physical world, that hardly anything exists in the latter, which does not has its counterpart, or rather the original/archetype in the astral, it is on the other hand no less true, that the two worlds are so different from each other, that they strictly can be compared.

Yes, the astral world, can not thru earthly language be fully comprehensive depicted, because the language lacks expression of so many conditions that for the astral world are special/peculiar. Thus, if the subsequent descriptions would be said, that they are all too tangible, then such a statement is to some extent justified, but - be it noted - the reason for this is found in restrictions of the language. When the astral conditions must be interpreted in an earthly language - and something else is the not possible/available - so must the interpretations in the sense, not be other than deficient.

This although the narrator's subjective perception, and even his temperament plays a major role in his portrayal. We know how “on earth”/ in mortality, the mood plays a big part into the human perception of external conditions; joy and peace spread the glory of even a bleak sky, whereas sadness and anxiety may ‘darken’ even a sunny day. This is even more the case on the astral plane, whose matter is very formable to the spiritual impulses.

Even if it is also the truth that nature here is something quite objectively, as our world ALSO has its mountains and forests, its lakes and rivers, valleys and plains, IT IS perceived quite different, by the many individuals, and it is therefore some truth in the claim, which can often be heard, that man on the astral plane, creates his/her own environment. Especially is this case with the unfortunates who agonize over a sense of guilt and afflicted of evil conscience, and from these BAD (‘inner’-that here also become external-) images, for those they become tangible realities.

Very introspective, contemplative natures, immerse themselves often so in themselves, that for them the whole external world almost disappears. And you may therefore not infrequently from the world, hear the opinion that the 'spirit world not possess any real reality - but only a condition, a state of mind '. Even such a testimony can have a part-truth, equally to those entitled, that I am here to present.

I've wanted to make or pre-send these recollections to the extent possible, to prevent the mistrust and misconceptions that so easily creep in the study of such topics.




Hell Sphere.
We will now, if also quite volatile, make a visit to the various spheres that surrounds the earth, and study conditions on their surface, but before we begin our journey through these worlds, we must, in order to get a good overview of the various living conditions, which meet the people after death, first take a look at the purifying realms, where mankind's most wayward creatures, are initiallystored’ (or ‘thought-prisoned’).


Just as the wilder predators, at death are separated from other animals and meet a different world than the (higher-) spheres, to which not raise concerns/problems/disturbance, so are also the coarser criminals moved to another place, more suitable for them, where in one form or another, they have to face the consequences of their actions/crimes. With crimes, I do not only mean those who sinned against human law, but also those who knowingly sinned against the higher laws of life, the love, truth and righteousness. This despite whether they “in the world's eyes” lived an impeccable life or already on earth was affected by the ‘legal arm’. These are still too evil to stay in (higher-) spheres, where they would never come to any remorse, they would just do much interfering with the peaceful development, which there must be conducted.

Where this place is located, I can not tell here. It belongs not, however, to the seven earth- spheres. Its location is also of subordinate meaning; it is how life there unfolds or takes shape, which is of interest to study. It is not by an external act of judgment, that the unfortunates are led to this God’s cleaning-sphere/level/’world’ - but they condemn themselves, they are pulled there by their own inner evil, and where through wailing and anguish, is having a grim existence, until they in true repentance, will bend their knees.


Then the conscience repentance has filled its mission, the disastrous one melts and shouts: Father forgive me, I am a poor, sinful one!! And at the same time, the anxiety is released, and a bright figure, the guardian spirit, who watched over the wayward, come forward and leads their minions across the border to another and better world. Nothing is eternal hell.


In the deepest part of hell, reigns an almost impenetrable darkness, only occasionally scattered by intersecting lightning, which, however, is not accompanied by a rolling thunder. The silence is horrible and oppressive; it is broken only by the groans, cries and wailing cries that like cuts through the air. Misery is terrible; no one cares about the other. Each one just wants to shout out his own anguish, but scorn is the consolation the others give him.

There are burning hot areas, where the air is thick as of sulphur-smoke, slippery ground of solidified blood and the atmosphere poisoned by fetid gases, and not one drop of water for the unfortunate who find them perishing of thirst.

There are marsh areas, in whose quagmire the miserable crawl around without any support to hold on to, they rise and fall, they strive with their utmost forces, but cannot come up. There are areas where the cold is unbearable, and where the unfortunates, who scarcely have clothes to cover themselves with, feel themselves freezing to ice.

There are caves inside the mountains, real prison rooms, with bare damp rock faces, where the poor is imprisoned, not out of the external jail, but by his own terrible inner pains and walls.


There are also castles and palaces, even entire cities, a Rome, a Venice, for example. Which are reflections of the corresponding structures of the earth, where for centuries serious crimes have been committed and are now inhabited by those who committed these crimes. For them it is a constant pain and, therefore, a call to repentance - to live in these surroundings that still remind them of their misdeeds. But how do they look; these ancient palaces: crumbled ruins, where the marble stairs are sullied with blackened blood, the walls covered with a slimy stinking humidity and the overdue staterooms the haunt of loathsome reptiles) *.

) * Those willing to take a closer look at this, and study the situation in hell spheres, recommend to study, particularly the into many diff. languages, translated book "A Wanderer in the spirit lands - of Franchezzo". O. B. (no-link of same)


But what are these excruciating external conditions, which are in fact only reflections, though real enough, -of the internal state – what do they mean compared to the agony they represent? Where those poor unfortunates, are sitting in silence with the entire mind alert and all the nerves tense and see how the passing life like a living movie. See the many lives slowly go by, as living pictures.

Crimes and misdeeds, which they thought would never come to light, come forward and grinning against her perpetrators and require to become indemnified.


Soon the scenery shifts and other paintings are rolled up, to show how life might have unfolded if the unfortunate had used his/her opportunities and said NO to the temptation. Then grows the anxiety, the agony becomes unbearable/ insufferable. No verdict of the society else could have him overthrown in this misery. It is he himself, who judged and judge himself, and it is he- himself - who once again will be able to come and save himself, through a true and sincere repentance. From deep inside, Heart Weeping, and nothing else, can release him from this place of torment.

Time after time, bright messengers from higher spheres, comes to preach penance and call for humble submission, but usually they are talking to deaf ears. Only those who have suffered “enough”, as into exhaustion of agony state, are ripe to take the saving hand, which is reached out to him in this dark resident. (Again- this is shown in the first part of the video production ‘nosso-lar’ - ASTRAL CITY – link to video, also on that site. Rø-rem.)

In other districts of the hell realm, is the darkness not so intense, but a deep twilight is oppressive heavy over the landscape. This part can be likened to a desert. Not a tree, not a bush, not a blade of grass, only sand, fine, easily moving sand. No roads, no communications, you wade in sand. Whirlpool storms/tornados rage and tear up whole mountains of sand, just sand. It is a must for the unfortunates, to seek protection for themselves, lest they will be buried in the sand storm.

Ideally they would like to sink into dormancy, but are kept awake by the efforts of the elements, that induce rage. And even if they for a moment leave them in peace and drowsiness, he is soon roused by the inner voice that awakes the terrible memories, to be active in his consciousness and is crying at him.


The air is heavy and oppressive, at times burning hot, at times biting cold. Here and there one encounter small miserable huts, where people stay several together in cramped barracks, however they have shelter. Work Blessing is denied to them, but in very primitive schools, one is announced to “force-free”/voluntary teachings. Many people, and especially those that come directly from the earth, prefer not to visit those schools. They harden themselves and live an isolated life, in torment -like inaction.

Hunger and thirst, as in the first described places, are for this population the constant scourge. But for helping on this, are given fruits and food, which are sent here from earth spheres. But the gluttonous are never satisfied. He can hallucinate to the most delicious dishes and the choicest wine, but when he eagerly is stretching out his hand for the dish or cup, all is lost. The story of Tantalus is a terrible truth.

Another hallucination, no less painfully, is the hoarded, as he sits and counts his gold, which still runs away between his fingers. He counts and he hide (money), pull his hair in despair over how everything disappears.


Yes which role the imagination plays in the unfortunate’s afflictions, one can hardly imagine. There are, of course, in their location, always a basis of objective reality in the rugged terrain, where these wretches have their domicile. But the subjective perception, affected as it is of the remorse horror pictures, is of far greater importance. They seem to see the victims of the torments he gave them, the “friends” they cheated, they see them sneering against him, and though it is only fun images of their fright grand imagination, so stand these images with a for step process reality.


Those who come here from even more horrible districts, have in all generally easy to submit to the penances or purification processes required to move forward, and that after having passed the earth wanderings, ending up here, may stay long in inflexible defiance.
Sooner or later, however, the hour comes, when the humble repentance has set in, and so being relieved and get moving to a nicer locality.




Still other districts in the hell realm show up high mountains and vast deserts and occasional small lakes, but not a trace of vegetation, the ground is everywhere stony and hard. For those who waded into the desert, it is a relief to walk on hard stones, and a pleasure to splash their feet in a lake. Here you also have to work. They themselves have to build or construct their own primitive homes of timber, which are given from 2nd earth realm/sphere. They learn woodcarving and other simple handscrafts and in the schools they get instructions in the rudiments of normal subjects.

It is a strange but wise way of God/All-entity, that those who end up in the hell realm and often are intellectually, highly developed individuals, keep this intelligence, as long as they are turning away from God in defiance, but when they have repented and BEGIN the arduous penance way up through the higher realms and spheres, this intelligence are stripped from them. They become as large ignorant children. This is not so to understand, that their once acquired intelligence should for all time be deprived from them, but this is withheld or obscured, and they will gradually re-acquire this, as they move forward.



Full/completely, it will not return, until they have reached the level/realm/sphere, whence they went down to their last earthly life that he/she wasted. They are at times fully aware of this, and often impatiently clamoring to regain their lost cultural standpoint. It does not help; they must by themselves earn it back. This is also generally done much faster than for the uncultured man, who for the first time is walking this path of evolution/development.

The memories awake and he/she learns quickly, but never faster than the moral development keeps pace with the intellectual. This is just as loving, as a wise arrangement, for it greatly facilitates the development of the astral plane. Would a highly developed intelligence have dragged through all the rough and primitive living conditions, the spirit on this ‘cleaning-road’ have to pass, it would only increase the suffering and make the work more difficult.


Now it is to be noticed, that nothing in the universe is so uniformly marked out, so there not are exceptions. Rather, one could say, that as not two individuals are identical to each other, so it is given nor two life stories, which run through exactly the same stages. It is difficult to set up a general scheme of human evolution - rather we are all exceptional.
Thus do not all need to crawl this cleaning-path, step by step? Some highly developed, strong spirits, who have fallen deeply, could also through an intense suffering and after severe tests, -in great leaps regain the height, they once had reached. If they fail in such a test, they naturally fall back, and then have to crawl back to the level, that they were able to reach with leaps. Such cases are rare, however.

However, it is not only in the astral world, that such regret-“walk” is done, in the rule must also “the fallen” - through repeated earthly lifes- atone for what he has done/broken life-laws (“made bad karma”) and whitewash his character.


Since we now cast a glance in the “cleansing-department” of this world, justly called hell, I now turn to a depiction of the seven spheres that surrounds the earth.
We start our survey where to the nearest “fine matter land” is located:


Those up is made of RUNE ØVERBY – to the left from this book- right of prinsipple on “traveling” thru higher-dimensions on REAL spacetravel.




another illustration of the spheres, made of Jurgen Ziewe after  his own experiences from conscious astral travels

The first sphere.
Here we meet a barren and harsh nature. Over the Polar Regions, propagate vast expanses of ice, snow-covered mountains and frozen seas. In the temperate zone, the landscape is characterized of barren mountains, barren valleys and large heath lands. Any vegetation is not present, here and there grows a few stunted, leafless trees and creeping vines, which form almost impenetrable thickets, only grasses occur more commonly. One or more pelvic strainers find its way between the rocks, and flows into a lake or a swamp. The whole landscape seems highly sterile and desolate.

Closer to the equator increases the permanent twilight, caused by the overhead spheres. Here, the land is more flat and desolate; big stone- and sand deserts alternate with marshlands and swamps. The seasons, especially in the temperate zone, is switching between hot summers and harsh winters.

One might think that this inhospitable nature would not be suitable for residence for human beings. And yet is this sphere harboring quite a numerous population, larger than any of those ‘overhead’, since a large proportion of those who die on earth, do not get higher than this sphere. Here are collected namely, first and foremost, the majority of so-called savages. They might be good-natured and inoffensive, but are raw and undeveloped.

Here you meet Eskimos, patches, Hottentots, Negroes and Kaffirs, each of which visit the districts, who in climatic terms is most suitable for their habits and lifestyles. These belong to the first sphere's better elements. But then come here a lot of people from the civilized peoples, not the cruel, rude criminals - but the moral ‘minimum stocks’ of all nations, such as: rough and spiritually sleeping, having lived a purely material life. Those (ignorant-) having given no thoughts that they are immortal beings. And finally, those of bad-dark thoughts- who are smutty in spiritual dirt, because they understood no better, because they have been unavailable for higher influences. Finally, are the first sphere recruited of those individuals who come from the hell realm, and must pass this realm on his/her journey up to their true home. (As told in this book) If they behave well, their stay here very shortly. There are also those who just make a sort of walk through this realm, on the way to the next.

The various nations unite here, as on Earth, in different kingdoms, each with its capital and its ruler. He cannot be among the country's population. He is appointed of Advices from higher spirits, among more prominent personalities in some higher sphere, usually the 3rd. Such a task is a difficult test, and those who do it well, thereby acquiring the right to move to the next higher sphere.


To lead such uncultured crowds, it is necessary that governance is despotic/dictatorial. But the ruler may be a good person, who does not usurped their power, but elected by an even greater leader, for whom he is accountable for the management, and not to abuse his authority and also make sure, that his servants not to do it. But on the other hand, he also has in his hands; the power to make his will felt/done.

The best method for upbringing people - for individuals at this low position - is a severe and persistent work. They are employed under the watchful supervision of leaders and work f x with mining and stone cutting, and timber work, building construction, shipbuilding and manufacturing of household goods, to which the timber are imported from the second sphere and also with factory work of many different kinds.

In the towns are namely large factories, especially for the production of woolen fabrics and blankets. The workers live in barracks and get their food in large common kitchens. This is prepared of corn, turnips, bananas, etc., which are imported daily from the 3rd and 4th spheres.

Those who on earth belonged to the rural population, prefer to stay in small houses, which they themselves construct, extremely primitive and uncomfortable, but still own creations. Here, they live a similar life as on earth. They keep animals, of which they may not have any advantage, they dig and chop the hard earth, but get just nothing to grow, they occupy themselves with various handworks, and receive in exchange for to work - the food and the materials they need. It is a hard and joyless life they live, but the get, however, to work and it is a great help in their situation.

The first sphere is no nuisance -locality in the same way as hells, but it is a hard school, which the raw and undeveloped spirit undergoes a first grinding process in order to be released from his grossest errors and delusions. And thus provide an opportunity to rise to the next higher sphere, or with better conditions to go down to a new life on earth.

But not all will open up to the development’ opportunities offered, and no one is forced. Many go as hermits into the wilderness and there live a completely isolated life, brooding over their more or less gloomy memories. Others keep a wandering life, driven by concerns that never want to let go.

Still others, who have been hard and callous to the sufferings of others and led a selfish life, - they go to the Polar Regions. Here they meet in the nature that surrounds them, the cold that their own hardness developed. (Once again: as told in the 2. part of this book) Some build for themselves great ice palace, where they in lonely stillness spend time to commiserate over the world's baseness and admire their own greatness and excellence. Others to dig or erode caves in the ice or go into crevices in rock walls, where they are indifferent dullness are living a bleak existence. They have no interaction with each other, they see no other human beings than the missionaries, who from time to time come to try to soften their hard minds and get them to work. All these idle and apathetic hermits, who basically are selfish natures, stay usually very long in the first sphere, because they are the most inaccessible of higher influence. If they are vexatious increasingly harden them self, they are pulled down to hell realms, which to them is just a joy, while those in the furnace, easier get softened and sooner come to a deal with themselves.

For the newly liberated from earthly life, it is not so easy to immediately find their way in the new world, where he was so unexpectedly transferred. Especially is this the case, with those who died a violent death by some accident or natural upheavals, or who died in war or succumbed to their own doings.

They are initially very confused and do not understand their situation. They usually think they are still living on earth, and are not seldom wild and unruly, when you want to remove them from their old surroundings. In particular those having done suicide are deeply regrettable, they have often an excruciating feeling - which they again and again perform their murderous deed, and have thus again undergo the terrors of death.

But at the same time, their memory of things else is at first very stupefaction that they do not have any concept about where they find themselves, or who they are. Sometimes they resorted to by a dizziness, though embarrassing, however, seems deafening, but soon returns the consciousness, and with this; nameless sufferings, both physical and spiritual.

To help all those unfortunates are there in the lower realms, ambulances, hospitals and asylums, which is managed by loving doctors and mercy-sisters from higher spheres, who give up the glorious life of its own sphere, for to these unpleasant surroundings give the tenderest solicitude to their suffering fellow men. The unfortunates are cared for such, as for so long, until they become calm and aware of their plight, as they brought to the place where they are by/through their last earthly life, prepared a place.

In the first sphere are also given, in relation to current builders developed state, a good education or teachings, which are given by teachers from a higher sphere. There are great schools, representing public schools elementary/lowest classes and in urban areas are also public libraries, each of which is the reward for the work, and is him/her-self able to choose  books, which become own property.

For the industrious, who divides his time between work and study, there is obviously not much time to rest to look around elsewhere. In the rule, each one is tied to its place, and any convenient communications within the realm, do not exist. But instead, there runs through this entire realm, a sucking desire to go down to earth. There were in many ways better than here. The (mentally-) poor ones, who are staying in this low sphere, too, are so earth-bound, so coarse material, that their only desire is to visit the earth, mix with people, participate in their lower pleasures, enjoying of their debauchery and excite them self to new orgies, and leading them to real crimes. Because free choice is the divine fundamental principle, nobody is stopped from doing what is wanted. He/she has the right to try everything, but must bear the consequences and responsibility for their actions. Hence will the first sphere people, widely avail himself of the right to ‘walk down’ to earth, usually for both themselves and the people there, making no small harm.

One can then ask: how can a loving Providence allow, that these low standing spirits are allowed to visit earth and deceive people into follies and crimes without them even have a clue that they are influenced by invisible tempter? Are not people then without guilt?

First we must remember that no one may be misled, which do not allow him/herself to be misled. Or in other words, which does not have - in its inner essence, though so concealed, there has a desire of evil in one form or another. The one, for example, which is completely elevated above drunkenness enticements, is also completely protected against the evil influences in this direction to reach him from an unseen world. They are bounced back from the armor of purity he/she has acquired in that respect. Those left - who could still be in for such a temptation, will not be total free of the evil inclination, till they have learned to resist the temptation, independent of under which circumstance it may approach, thus also if it comes from an invisible instigator.

No sustainable development is gained through a hermetic suspension from all evil influences, as long as it inside the human beings, is a germ of evil, he/she is not safe for a “fall”. The temptation can get over her like a thief in the night, when she is least prepared to make resistance. And - mind you – they are always responsible for their actions. The temptation may sneak up on her from any direction. In the conscience, we have a safe beacon, which cannot fail.

It is then understandable, how it can be to the best help - that this dark side, this mental weed, may come forth so much that he/she gets a hold of it and can pull it up by the roots. And hence, it is also clear, how these secret temptations from invisible beings are means of a providential hand to promote the good.


Mephistopheles introduces himself to Faust as

”Some of the force, whose lot is always to like the evil,

But always do good."

The Second sphere.
This sphere does not differ much from the first; however, the conditions are, in many respects more favorable. Nature here too, is harsh and barren, but there are, however, in several places the opportunity to cultivate the soil, though is only sparingly worth the effort. However, there are vast forests of spruce and pine, and in smaller amounts also of birch and oak and beech, lime and cedar. Fruit trees are not present.

The Rural population's chief occupation is logging and wood processing. Wood and processed wood products is exported in large quantities to both higher and lower spheres. However, any farm can one hardly speak of. Also is worked a lot with metals, smelting of the ores mined in the first sphere, and after a preparatory procedure from there imported. Metals such as raw materials exported from here to the higher spheres for further processing, but before such a transfer to a higher sphere happen, the metal - by heat- is released from the slag, which belongs to the lower realm and are given a finer or lighter form/density, which corresponds to the density of the sphere to which it is moved. It is thus not only the astral man, which must be refined in order to rise higher; this also applies to natural creations.

In the cities are, like in the first sphere, large factories, but the work is not as hard as there. You have more freedom and feel more satisfaction of the work. Anyone who has undergone the first sphere’s hard school finds out with joy that when he comes here, he has gone a step forward. But ALL must work, and that is what they need most, and come here to realize. No one is forced, but when they realize the work is the blessing for them, they are also willing to work.

Those who on earth were idlers and loafers, but plagued his subordinates with a rigorous work, - here get themselves learning to work. They, who as in idle lagged a futile existence, become through this work, which they now cannot evade, elevated into energy and Courage.
Spare time is spent on teaching, reading and games. As entertainment and sports, is even practiced hunting, especially of Indians, whom you often see on horseback with a pack of dogs to hunt antelope, deer and deer. Well - notice that they could not kill or even hurt anything there. The hunt is a game that amuses as both the hunted as the hunters and dogs. The talks of the Indians’ happy hunting grounds have here its real counterpart.


Government is also here despotic (Dictatorial). The Sphere’s own residents are non-voting, but the various nations’ rulers are chosen, as in the first sphere, of advice from a higher sphere and equipped with power and authority. Only important matters are transferred to the Council. Nations do not fight in wars; peacefully and quietly they are working on the completion of the program, which has been presented to them and, as always, is suitable for their abilities and capabilities.

In the first sphere, there is hardly any religious cult. The crude and uncultured or spiritually disinterested individuals living there have no need of religious association, but in the second sphere, there is a keen church-if not always religious interest. The various believers join together in different denominations, Catholic, Protestant, Reformed, Baptists, Methodists, etc. Who strictly keep to their own orthodox doctrines and reject all others. They lie in constant polemicists with each other and argue on their dogmas. Here come namely those, who on earth has been religiously fanatical and intolerant, and here they thunder still in their condemnation of all that is not consistent with their own sharply formulated schools.

The Catholics have a certain advantage; they go with banners and crucifix in procession through the streets to make proselytes. They have their Pope, sometimes having two who mutually communicate. Monasteries are also found, but it is generally poorly with holiness within their walls. At the low cultural position, whereupon the sphere’s people are, they have not the ability to build great Gothic-like cathedrals; they have to settle for modest parish of wood, which they adorn with sordid Madonna pictures, crucifixes, flags and paper flowers.

In the Protestant cities, unite the different sects in different neighborhoods and fight for their beliefs, vicarious righteousness, christenings and adult baptisms. Being a teacher for these fanatics is something of the most desolate work, the spheres have to offer, for none are as blind as those who will not see. But as soon as someone is ready to drop their locked intolerance, he is also in this respect through with this, the religious intolerance’s sphere and must move to a higher level.

On the astral plane govern a purely, on ethical grounds, footed ranking scale, which do not have counterparts on Earth. Not only are the specific spheres as many in steps in this scale, so that one may NOT enter a sphere, which is higher than the one, by to the degree of their development - belongs. But also within each sphere are divisions or classes, living side by side with each other, but have different benefits and life-conditions, just as a city on earth has its poor neighborhoods, their factory districts and their wealthier neighborhoods.

But while on the earth, money alone is what determines where to live and how to live, it is in the (astral-) realms, the ethical development, which in this respect is controlling or setting. Each one appreciates the justice in this, and all abide this. Such things as the poors, being envy and having class hatred towards the better situated, do not exist here. Each one knows that through obedience, diligence and kindness makes them self eligible to enter the better terms, as a higher class or a higher realm has to offer and such promotion is gained immediately, as soon as deserved. The leaders, who must therefore be highly developed, watch with tenderness and love of their “children” and ensure that justice befalls all.

If someone requests, to move higher, before he thereto is called, this will be granted at times, but is a test. If he fails there, he may go back again, possibly as to a lower, whence he came.






Third sphere.

Here nature adopts a friendlier touch. Large fertile plains alternate with beautiful forest parks and
Blue Mountains. Rivers and lakes give the landscape a vibrant look. The climate is pleasant, the air fresh and clean.

Rural population lives in small nice cabins, usually with a small garden plot around. Here you can thus see a beginning to own home with genuine cosiness, which is such an important factor for the development of individuals. The houses, as well as furniture and household items, bear the stamp of a nascent art; they are not as bulky as in the 1st and 2nd sphere.
Cities occur quite numerous, but they are small and inconspicuous with wide, straight streets. There lives the ruling people, and there are schools and libraries, and even concert halls and theaters, all though of rather primitive types.

This sphere can be described as the astral world granary. Most of its inhabitants are farmers. Here are grown almost all of the grains, which occurs on Earth, as well as several types of root vegetables, all of which are mainly exported to the lower realms. Agricultural work is carried out mainly by steam engines, because they believe that the horse is for good to carry such a heavy work. Also are grown vegetables and some simple fruits. A strange species is the so-called “cup fruit”, which has the shape of a pot with a lid. When the fruit is ripe, the lid opens and the cup contains a tasty liquid - similar to milk. Another fruit like pomegranates, but taste like boiled eggs - a good substitute, as cows there is not milked and chickens not lay eggs.

The population in this realm are recruited mostly from the better part of earth's rural population, which in their homes (-on physical earth-) having been farmers. They are virtuous, good-natured and friendly people rather do not stand at very high cultural level. To begin with, while those belonging to the lowest class, they are often burdened by a certain drowsiness and long – as on the earth - go his sleepy time between the cottage and stables, but when they wake up, are moved to a higher class. There they become more living, lively and get more intellectual interests, they begin to understand that they have a spirit, which requires nutrients for its growth.

As the earth there is easy-grown, and very fertile, the work is not heavy, and much time will therefore also be for growing of dawning spiritual faculties. Schoolwork, who is cared of from teachers from some higher sphere, is not neglected, and yet there is always enough time for recreation. You often - in the evenings - see the farmers with their wives; dressed in their national costumes, get into the nearest town to hear a lecture or a concert or a visit to the theater.

Good actors are considered, in the astral realms, of a very important upbringing method and therefore exists theaters as early as the third sphere. It is a traveling companion, as this give simpler folks play, always of good tendency and free from trivial and obscene scenes.
In this realm, inhabitants possess a limited right to vote, they choose from themselves the lower rulers. The higher Regents are selected, as in the 1st and 2nd of the realms of the Council in a higher sphere. They exercise their power of patriarchal authority.


It may sound strange that the astral world's inhabitants, "spirits", as you call them, have the same needs, live “the same life”, and have the same pursuits on earth, they break the rock and fell forests, timbering the housing and building ships. Plow, sow and reap, in other words, that they may keep toiling to get themselves a home and food just as the earth. Can such be possible? You inquire. Do spirits need food, clothing, housing and homes, just like when they went in the flesh and blood on the (physical-) earth - what is the difference?
Yes, the difference is on the astral plane's lowest stair level - not so great. The undeveloped or ethically retarded individuals, who there are having their domicile, are in fact so earthbound and their bodies built of coarse astral matter - mind you that they have flesh and blood - have therefore as purely physical needs of both food and sleep, that their lives is substantially similar to life on Earth. Their ethical development is also best conveyed by a persistent, but by no means slave bound work, which is enforced by these needs.

And yet it is also in the lower realms, a big difference between the situation there and on the earth, a difference that can not be described, because - as mentioned above - the language lacks expression of the peculiar conditions that makes life on the astral plane so light and comfortable.

What now regards the need of food specially; there exists the big difference, that this need on the earth is imperative? Here, however, one can not starve to death, the astral body has an unconscious capacity to absorb, from the atmosphere, the little nourishment it really needs. Therefore can also the unfortunates, who live on the wrong side of themselves, apathetically brooding on their hateful and vengeful thoughts, during times of immense extent, survive without consuming food or drink. Hunger can tear their guts and thirst burn their tongue, but they do not perish, it only increases their pain. But when the hapless finally turns in repentance and begins a new life with a wholesome activity, then is the ingestion of food a much needed recreation after work. Food and drink is a stimulant, which imparts force to the new efforts. Food is never of coarse nature, it is entirely vegetarian, and the higher man rises on the astral plane's seven point scale, the lighter it becomes, and the more he/she becomes independent of both food and sleep.

Fourth sphere.

Here ‘smiles at us’ the pretty nature, here is the "summer land" where the weary wanderer must rest after mortal toil and trouble, sorrows and disappointments. Ending up in the fourth sphere is like coming to a resort after a strenuous work or over the ending of a disease. However you can not be here and surrender yourself to a narcotic idleness. But the work is easier, the variety richer, schoolwork more interesting and above all, home life more pleasant. Those who are happy for each others sit together and start a family. They could have very different occupations in the public service, but free time and especially evenings are spend together at home or at a concert, lecture, etc.

This grouping into families is based solely on sympathy and love. Spouses, who on earth lived in a happy marriages, reunited here and keep a pleasant and ennobling intercourse. Is one of them more developed and thus eligible to enter a higher sphere, he/she stops or stays in the lower, for to be with his beloved, until he/she also is ready to move higher.


Those who on earth loved each other but were denied the joy of living united, seek each other here and make the marriage, they longed for. But not a marriage in the earthly senses, of outer bands justice, but one of the higher spirits blessed compound without being forced on either side.


Even new -on tenderness tied bonds- between spirits, who first on this world (-level) get to know each other - is tied here. Bonds, as if they are strong enough, will make connection to each other during their next earthly life. Here meet friends, who have followed each other in the evolution/development, yes, even those who may not have seen each other in a thousand years, but which, however, if sympathy was genuine, recognize each other and are happy to re-establish friendly bands.

The family consists so usually, except of the two, who love each other - husband and wife - even of one or more related friends, often those of any earthly life were children of both or either, and even here occupy the place as an adult son or daughter in the family. Children in earthly sense, of course, are they not, as natural reproduction there, like in the animal kingdom - is not needed and therefore not present.

(The sex-life on those levels are acc.to the Danish seer/wiseman MARTINUS- such of intimate exchange of sympathy-feelings thru the whole body, and not only thru the sex-organs as on earth’s coarse/physical level. Rø-remark).

Every family is living spacious and comfortable in their own house, in all respects very similar to conditions on earth. Often - the lower floor are of a large common room, which is also a dining room, a private office and a library, which for the latter, is also the family room for anniversaries and devotion, where you can retreat for study and meditation.

Upstairs lie the bedrooms with their balconies. The roof is usually flat, and up on the patio you can stay happy for a while after sunset. Each villa includes in general a garden that supplies the house with the fruit, which gives the finest nutrients, and is often picked directly from the tree, and added to each meal together with any wine that is not making intoxication.

Flower cultivation is very high, and often sees loggias and verandas covered with the most beautiful climbing roses. In general they are serving them self, but some stick with servants, usually volunteers from the third sphere, who thereby is accelerating their development. Their duties are very light, and they are kept as members of the family.

Villa plots usually lie close together and form large communities or villa towns with wide streets, grassy walkways and an electric tram in the middle. Each city has its library, its concert and lecture halls, theaters and churches, all in the rule built of wood. The religious cults have here adopted purer forms. Admittedly, are also found in this realm different faiths and different denominations, but they do not lie in conflict with each other, they thrive in good tolerance by each other.

Although the various nations, as in reference to the people’s nature/disposition and temperament are unequal as on Earth, they here live on peaceful terms with each other. Any standing armies are not needed - only some security guards, who monitor that no one do bad or wrong things to others. More severe violations in this respect involve always a demotion to a lower realm, so it is so easy to maintain order in the (astral-) spheres.

In the fourth sphere are also evident, as above mentioned, an initial tendency into grouping/merging of the different nations in the communal language, as here, to some extent- are beginning to be used.

A particularity of the fourth sphere is that here come those who on earth died in infancy. Well, not always. This is why we here find so many creches, orphanages and children's gardens, where the most tender care is given to these, that is early torn away, who initially also on the astral plane are children.


The situation is namely so, that when man dies down there on earth, and so enter our world wearing the astral body, he/she had to bear inside his/her physical body, and which initially always bear the stamp of, or constitute a faithful likeness of the body he/she left. If he /she die as a little child, she is therefore also here in our (astral) world to start as small childbody who needs care and being protected. She may be an old spirit, which has undergone a long series of earth-lives, but as long as her organs (and the astral-) are undeveloped, they will be restraining, so that the spirit can not make their capabilities forth - just as the case is on schools on the earth. (Physical level).

Many are also those, who here engage in care of these children, usually the women, who on earth longed for, but never had a taste of motherhood’s happiness, or mothers who soon become deprived of their children. Here you get the opportunity to use the maternal tenderness, that she during her earthly life had to wear as an inside treasure.

But here, as everywhere is exercised strict control. Nobody, that is not clean, gentle and good, may bring up a child, and those who proves unworthy of such a mission, are immediately taken away from there. A child is considered somewhat sacred and is therefore treated by all with the greatest tenderness. It is a joy to see how cheerful little ones playing in their gardens and parks. Often female teachers take them down to earth to let them be on the excursions in the countryside, as school children down there to do, when the season and weather conditions are favorable. A well-behaved children can also as reward, come on a short visit, to follow his/her teacher to a higher sphere, where this has home.

If children, when they die, get to the fourth sphere, one may ask the question: what is it that determines where an adult after death will end up? The above suggested - that it is alone the ethical development, which in this respect is of crucial importance, but this calls for an addition. Each one comes in first rule back to the sphere, whence he/she went down. There, he/she initially examine its last earthly life and compose a story or a record of their actions and their motives. Only after this is done, she will occupy the place, which he/she by their earthly life is prepared. It can happen, she must move to a higher sphere, or stay where she is or rarely - go lower. During his custodial time, she can at least move forward in the development and rise higher, until she earned the store of experience from the earthly life, as she for such development needed.

Then he/she is gripped again by a ‘grounding’ longing, for she realizes that it is in the Earth school, we have to get the additional nutrients she needs. That’s where we have to undergo a new treatment process in order to rise higher. And so he/she was born again “as new” -  as a small child on earth.






The fifth sphere.

Nature is in this realm very varied and indescribably beautiful. Within the comparatively narrow belt that forms on either side of the equator, are tropical vegetation in voluptuous shapes and colors. But there are also the highlands of a wild beauty and magnificent alp like realms with snow-capped peaks and rushing waterfalls. The climate is mild and pleasant, no bothersome heat of the lowlands, no nasty cold in the
Alps. A brief winter ice-covers Lakes and is spreading its snow cover over the ground, but this contributes only to enhance the beauty of nature.

This sphere can be described as one of the fine arts of Eden.


Here come those who are ethically justified and the artistically gifted, which have an open eye for nature. They take out their sketchbooks and tighten their canvases, they are drawing and painting, they revel in the colors.

Here you also have the best line in the artistic schools and art academies of painting and sculpture, which constitute this sphere in pride and ornament. But it is not only painting and sculpture, as is practiced here. This also is including music and drama, which here have their academies and temples with teachers from a higher sphere. Often are played large concerts and, more often, good acting, and classical pieces from the world's best repertoire, and newer pieces by prominent authors in the spheres. The actors are often great talents from the 6th or 7th sphere.

When a new play is done, audience from these spheres is invited to the premiere. Good writers and poets are here standing in this high reputation, they contribute to its extent, that by pressing their beauty stamp on this sphere and make it into “the free/liberal arts republic”.

From this level are teachers in these subjects, going down to the earth and also to lower spheres, as happy messengers, who proclaim the gospel of beauty. It goes without saying, that life in this realm bear joyful character, but it is not the delirious joy with their harsh sounds, which often distinguishes the artists' life on earth. It is a still with devotional parade - joy, which rejoices thankfully to Him, who is all beauty’s source.


Something that also significantly contributes to make life in the fifth sphere cheerful and pleasant, is the sport that this large-scale undertaking carried. In winter time is practiced Nordic skiing and ice skating, summer time ball games, boating and sailing, etc. Contests are held, and the prize is awarded, but nothing may go to extremes.

It could of this description may seem as if everything in this sphere were shooting at spreading and enjoy happiness. However, this is not the case, here is done too much work of another kind, especially manufacturing of thinner fabrics, chasing and other fine metalwork etc. Here flourishes magnificent arts. All factory work is very easy, and the artistic effort is its own reward.

There is a general principle in the management of the (astral-) sphere’s economy, which to such a big degree, contributes to make life here easy and pleasant, and this IS; that each one for a certain amount of daily work, which is smaller and lighter, the higher one rises, are entitled to have everything you need to keep a comfortable life, and beyond that even what the person of all his heart is yearned for, and all this without pay, because money exists not here, - they are only  upon the earth (physical level).

Sphere’s (astral-) free societies have, thanks to a mild providence genius devices, solved the social problem in an exemplary manner. There are here no poor ones, no dissatisfied. All do their duty and enjoys of that, and get from the rulers a generous remuneration, in that way as getting all that they reasonably could wish for.
pictures from video NOSSO LAR / ASTRAL CITY

 Sixth Sphere.

This realm offers not such variation of the landscape- forms - with so rich variety - as of the 5th, but is if possible, even more comfortable. It seems like a large park or garden. Here and there are interrupted by cedar and rocks, idyllic lakes. Nature has lavished in extravagance- its wealth and its people are diligently to shape it after their ideals of beauty, everywhere you meet magnificent parks with terraces, ponds and fountains. The climate is mild and pleasant like in
Southern Italy, so that even during the colder season you can pick flowers in your garden. The main nutrients are pears, grapes and apricots.

Here people live in magnificent villas of wood or stone, usually marble, sometime malachite, and each villa includes a garden, and the the larger - even a park. This means that communities are less densely populated; they spread out over a larger area, but have instead so much more convenient and faster transport. The large building complexes, one sometimes sees on the heights, are science colleges and the ecclesial communities’ temples, which often lay side by side, a visible expression of that science and religion here, in consensus best work for the same goal, humanity's enlightenment and refinement.

One imagines may be, that in the lovely climes I here depicts, the religious sentiment should take the form of one for all common faith with the corresponding joint Rites. That this is not the case         depends upon the individual in man's power, for the gratification of her greatest longing, as belonging to God. They do not so easily let go of their pattern of thought, least of their religious beliefs. Life after life we have, for example, belonged to the Catholic Church on earth, so he/she will then also remain as a Catholic during their of Freedom-time between incarnations. They join together with like-minded, and they form churches that worship the Almighty for their beliefs and their cardiac force - just like on Earth.

But here in our world will eventually her religious concepts become purified, she may learn to see mistakes in their faith, she learns to see the "heretics" with different eyes. And the same way that the various church’s teachings are thus reformed, and all for them common foundation appears, they come closer to each other and their followers will be filled with understanding and tolerance for their different thinking.

In the sixth sphere has such an internal association of significantly degree, already reached, even if the outward forms are yet to distinguish the great churches apart from each other. The distinctive feature of this sphere is the scientific and religious studies, as must go hand in hand, and with so much success, conducted under the guidance of teachers from a higher world.

Here are the finest universities, where teaching is focused on discovering and developing every one's individual talents. From here goes down to the physical earth, to incarnate, many who are destined to become the pioneers of science and religions.

It might then seem strange, that still so much division and intolerance prevails between churches and sects in the (physical) world, and that there still so much deception can be regarding the divine truth. We must remember, however, that he/she who goes down to the earth as a teacher, and he is also in the spheres given the very best education, - but down there is born as a little child, so that his intelligence is encapsulated in the physical body limitations. So he is gradually forced to learn the lessons, the people for centuries has formulated and preserved to be handed from generation to generation. It is needed a high spiritual power and great personal courage to break these centuries-old dogmas and let the light of the little candles, from which he only has an intuitively clue, from the teachings he was given up here. Is it strange that evolution on earth is so slow?

The seventh sphere.

We have now reached the last and highest realm of the astral plane. Here, each one, before he can rise higher, undergoes a kind of refresher course of what he/she has learned during his walk through the underlying spheres. All his records of past lives on Earth must be gone through and adjusted. They are here given over for examination of the respective leaders and then stored in large archives.

Spirit is here to undergo a kind of final test. Does he/she have any desires; they will be pulling him to the ground/physical earth. He has to go down in a new life on earth to be purified or to atone. Only after he has in all respects comprised their tests and come to a full understanding of his own being, his peculiarities and errors, he may move to a world, which is located above the astral.

Many linger here very long, up to several centuries, before they dare to take the important step into another, completely new world, which is for them almost as unfamiliar as the astral world for Earth humans.

Here you have that also in all respects so beautiful, they are happy to be desired. Nature, which even in this realm carries earthly characters, is of an ideal beauty. The material, of which the sphere is built, is in comparison to the others lighter and more formable. For those, who from a lower realm first time, is coming here as a guest, everything seems as almost translucent. The natural scenery seems more like air forms, than realities. The beauty is so captivating, that he would exclaim: This is heaven, fairer, it can not be, can not be a sweeter life to unfold! The old saying that "to be in seventh heaven" means a literal truth, which certainly has been known of the old, who was in close contact with the country beyond. Now it has been forgotten, which is why the term has become an empty phrase.

‘Since we have become a citizen of this world, however, it is just as real and solid as any of the lower, because our bodies then undergone a similar refinement and been adjusted in harmony with nature here’.

Life in this realm is shaped substantially the same as in the sixth sphere, only that things have reached an even higher development. Here is reached only those who on earth led a pure and unselfish life. Many, who held a prominent position as statesmen, teachers, artists and writers, will meet here, but also many who stood low on the social scale, but quietly practiced well and quietly cultivated his/her  spirit. Here you get the rich pay for your efforts and work.

But nowhere is there a passive rest; everything is life and activity. In this realm is the astral world’s capital, the seat of the High Council, which has the top management of any of the underlying spheres. From here they “dictate”/inspires with as much love as wisdom and with the undeniable power of authority - all those subordinate leaders and teachers in the lower realms. Over all is exercised tight control, but everyone also befalls not only justice but also love.

From here, many goes with the work on the earth, to inspire good and educated people to a blessed work of authors, inventors, engineers, patrons, etc.., Yes even themselves going reincarnated into a new life on earth as humanity's pioneers and benefactors.
From this realm, even also from the immediately underlying levels/spheres, is finally carried out a very extensive missionary/helping activity in the lower realms.
(as f x is told of in the  book

‘A wanderer in the sprit lands’ and in SEVEN STEPS TO ETERNITY. Rø-rem.of 2013)


There is so much spiritual distress in the world, not only on earth, but even more so in the astral world’s lower spheres, and most especially in the deeper located hells. Commandments of love, which is the constitution of the universe, that all the good being with joy obey, invite each other help. - One after the measure of his strength; to support, help and save them, as been locked in perverse mind, turned away from God and squirm in self-inflicted suffering, or gone astray and groping in spiritual darkness. Everywhere is needed as supportive hands, tender care, loving guidance.

This help are hold out of countless warm hearts in all spheres, but it is only when the spirit has reached a certain development stage, as he gets the strength to accomplish the difficult acquisition. It is therefore only from the higher spheres that a missionary activity, may properly be sent out. Many are also those who largely refrain from domestic life’s pleasing, to go down into the lower realms and hells - in order to preach the gospel of love. They have their homes up here, but their daily work in a lower world, which can be thousands of miles away, a distance that they without any significant efforts can do almost with the speed of thought.

The difficulty is not to travel the long way. The difficulty is to penetrate the heavy, dirty atmosphere that prevails in the worlds, where these unfortunates have their domicile, and be able to make them selves perceptible. It applies to those who, for example, will “dive into” the deepest hell, to compress his body with fluids from the atmosphere there, in order to penetrate into the foul fumes that surround this kingdom. And there make themselves visible to the person or unhappy one; he/she wants to visit. And what this means of pure physical discomfort for a spirit, who have reached a higher purity, one can hardly imagine.

Often will the person engaged in this service of love, become so infected of the poisonous exhaustions, which he meets there, - so he afterwards feel a pure physical nausea. Diseases do not occur among the good and happy astral people, but the discomfort they feel by getting in touch with such a low world, seems at times like a fever dizziness of transient nature.

And yet, what is the bodily discomfort against the spiritual suffering, the loving missionary experiences, by seeing this misery and hear all this doom and feel some helpless by so little that could be done to help and relieve. Often he/she is met of scorn and derision; often he sees his warmest efforts being met by apathetic
lethargy or stubbornly obstinacy.

But no work in service for the good is without his merits, and the grief over the ninety-nine who resist his loving zeal, gives the hundredth, which he manages to bring over the border to a tolerable existence, the richest compensation, for indeed it is true words, that "be joy in heaven over one sinner who repents and improves himself."




Higher worlds.

We have now thrown an introductory overview of the astral worlds seven spheres, and saw how everything in this world, though an increasing degree of sophistication, bears the stamp of earthly conditions. Nature presents the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms exactly the same types as on Earth, the metals mined and processed, the same species occur in forests, the grains are grown, the flowers adorn the fields and gardens, the same animal species contribute to bestow life and beauty to nature . And although man to its outer shape, as to their lifestyles, occupations and requirements of food and sleep, basically are the same, though increased development and highly refined and spiritualized in his/her outer living conditions.

But the astral plane of existence is by no means the highest step. Far from it. Above the astral plane is another, the mental, as in reference to forms of existence, is as much subtler than the astral, as this is more subtle than the physical. And above the mental is other world levels, even more refined, yet more spiritual, divided also in spheres denote shades of sophistication of the matter, of which the plane is built. But about these higher worlds, I do not have any closer understanding. That is why I do not dare the delicate task of describing them. Earthly language is too poor for such an attempt to succeed. It may in this respect, be enough to acknowledge that they exist.

I therefore stop on the astral world's top border. If one here scouts out into space or embark on reconnaissance, to discover, where the mental world is located, so will you be as disappointed as the earth man, who, not having received his astral vision being opened, seeking to explore the astral world . The Mental world is for the astral man, just as imperceptible, as the astral world is for Earth humans. It has no senses to perceive the vibrations that characterize the higher worlds, than this as man himself belongs.


The transition from the astral to the mental world is also associated with a process that is somewhat similar to the physical death. You will lay away the astral body and is then found dressed in a mental body, as is carried under the astral, just as man on earth in the physical body carries both an astral and a mental body under the physical, but generally have not a clue about it.


These various bodies are so closely interwoven to each other, that not even from a higher point of view, is it possible to distinguish them from each other, but in death - either the physical or the astral – are those elements that belongs to the lower world separated, and the next higher body-shell enters forward and are shaping the new man, which then belongs to this higher plane.

When we speak of an astral death, we shall not, however, paying the same concept of a painful and ugly transformation with subsequent decay of the body- elements which characterize the physical death. Far from it, the astral death is an easy and comfortable sleep, during which the transformation takes place, and the astral mortal clay, which is deposited, evaporates like dew in the sun's rays.

One can then ask: is the person who has gone over to the mental plane - let's call her/him/it- ‘mental man’ - then not able to go back and make itself perceptible on the astral plane? Oh yes, indeed, we have such a capability and use it to a large extent - whether in quest of his old friends, or to perform any task on one of the astral levels, as a teacher or leader. For we also know that the astral man, under certain conditions, has the ability through the "materialization" - to make him/her-/ itself visible on the physical plane.

For the mental man is it infinitely more easy to extract/attract/suck, the necessary ingredients from the astral atmosphere, to create matter for (a flash-quick-) building of an astral body and keep it as long as he/she, as a guest, stays in the astral world. And then just as easily take off the ‘borrowed costume’ when she returns to her ‘own’ mental world.

Conversely, the astral man cannot, other than in exceptional cases, take off his astral body to make a visit to the mental world. Just as on Earth - only occult trained people possess this ability visit on the astral plane.

One word at last on the essential distinction that exists between the astral world and the earth's social conditions.

We have seen how the astral world's inhabitants are separated after their moral content, so that those ethically standing lowest are remaining in the lowest sphere, and how each step in the seven point scale is achieved alone by a corresponding higher development. It follows from that, so that each sphere are inhabited by in ethical view, of those of about similar individuals and that therefore all the disturbing elements of moral seen lower standing people/ inferiors - are excluded. Then with teachers and leaders, that in the rule comes from some higher sphere, one can understand which security and rest-life that such staying in the astral worlds higher spheres might entail.

On Earth, however, are people of all denominations mixed for each other on a single plane in a colorful jumble, and all go with the mask, which hides what they really have in heart. It is then not surprising that there appear so many tensions and frictions, so much split and fight. But it's also there, as the grinding of the character is going on - through friction between so many selfish interests.

Earth (physical-) life is the hard but necessary schooling. Life in the astral world, however, is a holiday time, when you get rest after mortal sufferings and hardships; assimilate its reaped experience by getting it infused it in its essence, and gather strength for a new wrestling in Matter world. For it is through a series of incarnations on earth, that spirit eventually rises from the savage primitive position  - to that of the angel. Which then is not in need to go down to the earth again, because he/she can complete the development in higher and happier worlds, but perhaps by mercy and love - still goes down, to spread a light on the earth for the guidance to those left there - into the darkness' groupings of brothers and sisters.


How wonderfully wise and loving is not the entire universe organized by laws that never need to be improved or changed, which never loose control of the means, which inevitably lead to the big goal: all beings development and blessed in perfection!
May our tongues faint praise and glorify ‘Him’ -

"who did not hang on to his ‘wall-mason cinquefoil vertical’- when he did masonry work on the world!"

 (Backside of this  Swedish old book – reduced size)

+ translated by Rune Øverby, in feb.2013

more on similar: http://galactic.no/rune/livdod2.htm#English


Here left/up is to read that the book Sådd och Skørd -english, “sow and reap”

costed kr.1,50 in those far days - more than 100 years ago!! One can still get it – but now it costs more than 100times that:  199 sek (link)



orig. drawing of the dim.layers in book from 1908, and
 see a similar explanation for this from a cosmic chat contact from 2021 and about 30% down on that page and this is English language