Artur Berlet Case:Enigma after 49 years

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In the year 1958 a man named Artur Berlet disappears from the city. After 11 days returns and reveals an amazing story of abduction and travel to another planet.

An employee of the Municipal Prefecture de Sarandi Artur Berlet and returning on May 25, said he was abducted by aliens and I travel to another world.

The importance of this case in UFO cases in Brazil is that it was the only abductee who transcribed his entire story on paper and pencil that was brought to TV network in Brazil by RBS, were 5 days of recordings in the area of "rapture" Teams with RBS. The oldest abduction case registered in Brazil is that of Antonio Villas Boas (see separate article) in 1957. The first reported case of flying objects in Brazil took place in 1952 in Rio and was named "Barra da Tijuca" when a UFO was photographed by the now defunct magazine "O Cruzeiro. Although more research time and will get to determine that the photographs were faked.
Berlet's account rather gloomy, could be understood only years after the event. Some of the technologies described in the text that appeared years later, such as photocells for converting sunlight, dry food in the form of pills or running shoes with shock absorbing structures and special reinforcements, sound communication and image (cell phones) and the most impressive Yuri Gagarin's first trip the day April 12, 1961 or the launch of the first Soviet artificial satellite Sputnik, which was part of the conquest of space that was initiated. How could a simple farmer to predict such things at that time?

Berlet the fantastic narrative is GCA in book in 1969 with help from researcher Walter Buhler and K Macedo Jorge Ernesto Geisel, titled Utopia Records Voador da da Realidade. The book also has other technologies that will be discovered by the land in future years.
Berlet was a simple person who disappeared primary Video instruction in a city of only 3 000 inhabitants at that time during the 11 days of the abduction.
Artur Berlet reveals422 pages written in manuscript (manuscripts) what he lived, he met and learned to live with new technologies that after almost 50 years we are still discovering.
Berlet died in the decade of the 90.
The body full of life and work of Artur Berlet as documents, personal items, manuscripts, photos, clothing, etc. are located in the International Museum of Ufology in Brazil, a research update on the case Berlet is being led by Hernan Mostajo Investigator founding director of the Museum.

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