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12. The analog carrierfield model, an instruction model.

The cosmic carrier field of all space and matter performs a sixfold function, of which some have already been discussed in gereral way.

  1. The carrier function of an infinitely strong forcefield blocked in itself contains the fluidum conducting all waves without dissipation and maintained to eternity.
  2. The orientation of the time-axes of the universes with respect to nothing provides the structure of the carrier-field of three dimensions, the bounded Love-will, creating our life and existence.
  3. The time synchronisation function locks all universes in the iron grip of the law of cosmic counter-balance from which no atom can escape.
  4.  The feedback principle of time to the total mass of the universe is the function of the coupling-field by counterbalance (and interference) of the time-bound waves.
  5. The function of the timeless primeval atom-field, the atom-principle, as the transmitter program containing the code of matter of which all atoms are remote manifestations.
  6. The function as bearer of the absolute ALL-knowledge and goal consciousness, manifesting itself as the laws of nature and as the intelligent goal of life: the spirit of God.

The last function concerns the existential aspects, which have been discussed in the previous section of this book.

The first analog model is a mechanical instruction model explaining the cosmic carrier field by means of symbols. This model was built on another life-supporting planet on a high mountain and was many meters high. It was the gathering point for contemplation of that intelligent race for devotion to its Creator.

It was the symbol by which the majority of the race acknowledged the goal of Creation, simultaneously the sign that the cosmic isolation had been lifted. The other function of the carrier-field will be discussed with the help of this mechanical instruction model.

The analog model consisted mainly of the six edges of a huge equilateral triangular pyramid built out of solid soft-iron bars. The many metres thick edges of the pyramid contain an impressive number of iron bars parallel to the direction of the edges and cast in a kind of plastic resin following a process similar to that of casting concrete(betong). So a mainly iron-frame was formed especially suitable for conduction of magnetic pulses of high power without much loss.

So far the carrying fuction of the cosmic time-field, which primarily maintains the timeless waves is symbolized in the model. The magnetic pulses in the edges of the pyramid run backwards and forwards like the timeless waves in reality.

With respect to the other edges of the pyramid, the magnetic pulses are phase-shifted. The problem is that up to now the forward propagation (forplantning) in time has been missed out. In fact we look for the equivalent of the two little wagons on the vibrating rail. The solution can be found in the symbol of the rotating flywheel, as with the atom its rotation is continuous in time, it is in fact time propagation. Therefore the iron frame of the pyramid is discontinued at two places in each of the six edges of the pyramid. At this discontinuation point a linear magnetic impulse motor is installed, on the axis of which a large flywheel is mounted.


PE=PyramidEdge and soft iron bars


The flywheel symbolizes not only the propagation of time, but also the inertia of matter and so the flywheel is in effect the total mass of the universe. This type of magnetic impulse motor is not self-starting, so at the inside on the flywheel axis a starter-motor is mounted, fitted solely for the purpose of starting. One rotating the synchronous motor maintains the exact number of revolutions at the same frequency of the magnetic alternation field. Thus in each of pyramid's edges two synchronous motors are mounted making twelve flywheels in total.

The two flywheels per axis rotate in opposite directions to symbolize the time propagation in opposite time directions. This type of linear impulse motor is chosen because it can be made to rotate in either direction.


The first analog model.

In one triangular plane of the pyramid the six synchronous motors in the iron frame demonstrate a rotating magnetic field, seen from the center of the plane. Each edge of the pyramid has the right phase-shift with respect to the other edges of the triangle.

The first model has four central rotating magnetic field generators in the middle of each triangular plane. (See figure of unfolded pyramid indicating the actual phase-shift).

These four synchronous (three phase) generators are coupled together by a gearbox and are driven by the main electric motor (not shown in the drawing). Consequently the four three-phase generators fulfill the synchronisation and constant phase-shifts for the flywheels of the pyramid-edges. The four separate rotating fields together, initate the complex three-dimensional rotation of the carrier field (or atom-field).

The disadvantage of the first model is that it is further away from reality, because the atomic field is not symboized as one three-demensional rotating field. However it shows better how to imagine the complicated rotation in three dimensions.


The second or the real analog model.

This mechanical model has only one central generator in the middle of the pyramid, instead of the four rotating field generators of the first model. All magnetic waves in the pyramid edges go straight to the pyramid's center. The rotor of the 3-dimensional rotating generator is like a yo-yo with spherical end-surfaces.

It requires a touch of genius to provide the drive-connection between the central motor and the spherical rotor, which has to be started up in a complex rotation. The six diametrically opposed pole-shoes from the middle of the pyramid's edges around the spherical rotor form in pairs, three axes of right angles - representing a Cartesian coordinate system. So it shows that the six time-axes of the edges of the pyramid can be converted into the three principal time-axes of the central sphere.

Together it imitates three-dimensional time, which causally creates the three-dimensional space of our universe.

The principles of the first and second analog models are equivalent. One version can be converted into the other, for example, converting the four rotating fields to one three-dimensional rotation in the centre-mass of the pyramid.

The model can be started by switching on the thirteen drive-motors. As the flywheels reach velocity the twelve starter-motors are switched off and only the central motor drives the complete gigantic model. The essence is that all flywheels have exactly the same number of revolutions. They are all either synchronous motors or generators. Then the flywheels are marked and illuminated by a stroboscopic flash light. Seen by the normal eye they do not appear to move showing the synchronous rotation and the constant phase-shifts between the flywheels.

These mechanical models are meant to explain the unimaginable Creation out of the nothing by symbolic imitation of the carrier-field. However it is only a weak symbol of Creation. The carrier-field is the esoteric medium, a transmutation of the absolute spirit or conscience, it is the spiritual force field of infinite strength which is present everywhere in the universe.


The imitation of the carrier-field functions.

Nevertheless the analogy of reality is incredible. This will be shown in the next explanation of the five functions of the cosmic carrier-field.


The carrier-function

The foundation of the carrier-field is the infinite force-field created by interference quenching (avbrytende stopp) of the original infinite vibration. The mode initiates this force-field with the six bundles of soft-iron bars as the edges of the pyramid.

As in reality, the three-dimensional magnetic rotating field in our model is caused by the linear waves of each time-axis. The timeless waves alternate backwards and forwards as in our model. They drive the flywheels representing the masses of the universes, and their rotation is the propagation (spredning) in time.


The orientation of the time-axes with respect to the nothing.

The relative position of one time-axis in the apparent nothing plays an important role in the orientation of the universes in reality, determining the direction of each time-axis. Here the first model is shown representing the four three-phase synchronous generators in the planes of the pyramid. Only with decompostion of the three-dimensional rotation into four rotations can one show that the three-dimensional rotating field has left no remaining component in the nothing, while in contrast a two-dimensional rotating field can not be nullified, a remaining component will always exist in the nothing. This can be explained by considering a single plane of the pyramid with its six flywheels at the edges, the analog for a two-dimensional

carrier-field. The rotation impulse of the flywheels is compensated by the opposite rotations but the rotation impulse of the central three-phase generator is left over. It can be measured by the outside world (the nothing).

It requires four field three-phase generators (maintaining overall symmetry) to compensate for these rotation impulses.

With this the three-dimensionality of the carrier-field has been shown and the orientation of the time-axes with respect to the nothing is determined.



The time synchronization function.

Impressively the model imitates the time synchronization, simultaneously maintaining the cosmic counter-balance by which the universes continue to exist. The rotation of the two flywheels per axis is in opposite directions and they rotate with exactly the same speed. Thus it imitates the circular motion to the timeless waves which progresses exactly synchronous by their mutual interference coupling.

The twelve cosmic systems run without any dissipation, once started, the perpetuum mobile continues into eternity with the absolute accuracy of time-synchronisation. If one supposes the model to be without loss and without using the eternal driving motors, it will continue to run synchronously due to the inertia of the flywheels and the fact that the synchronous linear impulse motors can function as generators as well.

This symbolizes another property of the continuous circular motion of the timeless waves, because every wave somewhere in the pyramid circuit at each moment has its opposite value resulting in an overall zero at any moment.

This is the law of conservation of the nothing.


The couplingfield function.

Time synchronization is not alone determined by the iron grip of the three-dimensional carrier-field and the principle of cosmic counter-balance. Apart from this an important effect is realized from the feedback of the gigantic masses of the universes to the timeless waves. These masses can be considered as enormous flywheels without loss. Once started by the super flash, no change in speed is possible, because a force of sufficient magnitude is simply not available. This function of the coupling field can also be shown in our model, because the linear synchronous motors of the flywheels are also generators. If the central driving motor is switched off, then the flywheels continue for some time to drive the central three-dimensioal rotating sphere. Everything stays exactly synchronous with the same phase-shifts.

This experiment shows how the flywheels feed their energy back and have a stabilizing function in time-synchronization. The coupling-field of the masses of the universes is fed back in the time-bound vibrations of the atom-field from which no atom total mass of the universes is fed back to one single atom.

This is a painting by Rudolf Dass of the analogous visual-mechanical carrier-field model which symbolizes time and matter creation and synchronization in twelve universes. This giant working construction that was a cross between a monument and a machine was seen on an artificially flattened mountaintop on Iarga. This place was perceived as a place of pilgrimage, a place of meditation and contemplation, and the machine was a symbol of creation. The Iargans know no separation between science and religion, and religious and spiritual theories are entirely scientific. The model was several hundred yards(meters) long. The machine seemed to operate by some kind of perpetual motion, neither running on fuel or electrical power.


The Instructional Analog Model

The mechanical instruction models are the visual representations of the principles of the cosmic unified field theory. The model is intended to demonstrate that time, matter, and energy are creations out of the nothing and therefore the counter-balance has to be maintained to allow the causal infinity of the nothing to exist. In a broader context the physical symbols all take on new meaning and demonstrate the unification of science and religion. In a religious sense the spherical three-dimensional time-field in the heart of the pyramid symbolizes the Soul of the Creator. The pyramid symbolizes his infinite lovewill, the cage in which the infinity of His existence has been blocked irrevocably. The lines symbolize the different frequencies of the timeless waves. The flywheels on the edges of the pyramid symbolize the twelve associated and interrelated universes, including ours, that make up this unity. One cannot exist without the others.


The timeless primeval atom-principle, the transmitter function.

The atom-field is a time-creating field and as such a remote manifestation of the primeval atom principle. It can be compared with a transmitter. As soon as the program is converted into waves of great power, billions of radios can receive the same program, the number is unlimited. Everything depends on the one program of the transmitter, the primeval atom-field. If this exists with infinite strength, it is at the same time the vibration medium (the carrier-field) which helps it to spread everywhere. Thus any atom in any universe can receive the timeless basic program. The second model shows the three-dimensional time-field of the primeval atom field most clearly, although this is a three-dimensional rotation of the central sphere in spatial sense. This is an analog of reality, the atom has a spherical field which is defined by six linear time-vibration directions. Any atom is a remote manifestation of the one carrier-field of infinite strength.

Considering this fifth function of the carrier-field one has to realize that only the central sphere, the atom, is visible to us. The fields in the pyramid edges outside the sphere are invisible. It is the time-field reality of which the atom is a reflection.

The mechanical instruction models are the visual representations of the principles of the cosmic unified field theory. This requires however some marginal notes. A material comparison to explain spiritual abstractions is always in some ways incomplete. There are several hiatus of which only the three most important ones are mentioned.

1. In the model one time-axis represents only one frequency of the magnetic field, while in reality all frequencies are contained. Every frequency however can be initiated for each time-axis for which the interference representation of the analog model is valid.

2. The model demonstrates the rotating field of the timeless waves. It does not imitate the time-bound waves by which our time-axis the propagation speed of time is X, then the phase velocity of the two time-axes connected to "our" pyramid edge is ½X. The other two time-axes connecting our time-axis with the other corner of the pyramid is -½X, making up for the time speed of our anti-universe -X. The crossing, not-touching time-axis is perpendicular to our time-axis and does not contribute.

3. In our model the masses of the universes are given by the flywheel symbol. In fact this is fundamentally wrong, because it is separated from the three-dimensional rotation of the central sphere. It can therefore basically not maintain the counterbalance of the nothing.

The most important conclusion of the analog model is that time, matter and energy are creations out of the nothing and therefore the counter-balance has to be maintained to allow the causal infinity of the nothing exist.


14. The existential symbolism of the model.

So far the physical aspects of the model have been unravelled, but if one wants to give a wider context to the model suddenly all the physical symbols change their meaning. In relation to philosophical or theological disciplines the model takes on the additional meaning of the unification of science and religion. By certain inherent (medfødte) laws within any intelligent race the denial of God's existence will be destroyed sooner or later. Earth science will provide an indestructible contribution to our final knowledge-awareness, which we shall attribute as typical human attainment in the cosmic integration. It is that piece of our human identity and self-awareness, which we shall possess and care for throughout eternity. It the light of this purpose, science serves God and the distinction between science and religion fades away.

In a religious sense the spherical three-dimensional time-field in the heart of the pyramid has a special meaning. It symbolizes the Soul of the Creator, the Father who is the pure Identity of the infinite origin. The pyramid symbolizes his infinite Love-will, the cage in which the infinity of his Existence has been blocked irrevocably. He sacrificed his Ego and his freedom, to love his twelve Sons once. He is present only indirectly in his Creation as the reflection of the infinity, the Supreme Being, as the one Ego-consciousness of the Archangels.

That is why the theologian covers the central sphere with pure gold, symbolizing the golden Heart, the Holy of Holies, the most sacred secret of the universe. The pyramid is then painted dark red, the universal colour of love. Over the red many thin golden stripes run in the direction along the pyramid edges. These stripes symbolize the different frequencies of the timeless waves, the expressions of Love and faith of the Father and his infinite Will.

Gathered around the golden Heart are the twelve flywheels, coloured white, the colour of purity and innocence. The model shows that every universe has the power to awaken the matter-consciousness and to transform it to the new God: the Son. The goal of Creation is therefore the awakening and the formation of the twelve Sons of the Father.

This is not in contradiction with the Bible telling us that the Father sent his only-begotten Son. The Bible is solely directed to man. It is our instruction book for life describing our attitude towards God and our fellow man. The Bible does not tell anything about life on other planets, because it is not relevant in our relationship with God now.

The same goes for our parallel universes. In fact they do not exist for us, because they are not in our world of existence but somewhere else. They do not exist for all intelligent races in this universe, we shall never be able to observe them nor experience them in any way. Perhaps at the end of all time we shall meet. In our world the Father has one only-begotten Son and this truth is already so unimaginable that nobody can conceive the consequences yet.