Physical ufo-contact in former east-Germany in –57:

en annen kontakt som minner endel om denne i Baltikum  |  audio upread of this

The contacts of Martin Wiesengrün

He had not dared to talk about this for a long time, and therefore used pseudonym name. In the book he is called "Andreas". He claims it was only when the iron-curtain fell that he was able to read other books, confirming that his own exp.was not unique.

He – then in july-57 was only 15 - lived in the place Glowe, on island Rügen/Baltic coast. He was as often, running to a neighbor village 2km away (Kohsdorf), where he had his own private hiding place with a good outlook to the sea. There he just that day in the summer-57 – scared – saw two BIG color-light-flickering flying rings ca 200m up, which was flying some around where he laid. Panick – he ran, hiding some away. Then, on his way home any later – of fear or something – he lost his consciousness, but some confused, found his way home. He now had a kind of red color on his skin! That evening he was dreaming that he "met" the ET’s of the craft- and they invited him onboard, and they agreed to meet just 23.july!!

He couldn’t really believe he would make a meeting like the dream said on that day, but yet he stood up early – 3 - and went to the place. And there in the bushes, now not a dream - he scared saw the ca 2,3 m.tall helmet-wearing, silverlike-clothed beings he had met in the dream before!!! Then one of them took off his helmet, showing long brown hair below, and when he met "its" eyes he suddenly got calmed. The other- seemingly a lady some 10 cm shorter - so came up to him, and he just felt her thoughts in his head he tells. In the book he gives a real detailed description of their outlook, the equipment they wore and their 50m+ big triangular flying craft, which had a ladder to the ground. He estimates high of the ship max 10m compared to trees around.

The man resembled a middel-european but with a big nose and heavy eyebrows. Martin now understood he was invited inside the ship out of hand-gesticulation, and gone was his fear now.

down below  is the drawing of the to people he saw that early morning

Inside he was also "welcomed" in a singing, highpitched, but no-understanding voice. A 50m2 (ex.7x7m) room and a controlpanel w.6 seats. There were now 3women –ca2m tall, light skin, slanted eyes w.marked eyebrows and red-brown shoulderlong hair. And 2men w.blueish hair and broad noses. Though the other man was more of europeish face type.

Inside he was asked to get new clothes on which was stretchy. One of the women – he called her his "fairy" – could understandingly converse with him, as his guide and batman. She some later told him her name was Dagolo and had an age of 1230 earth-years – similar to 61years of Arien time – her homeplanets name Arian – in starpicture Aldebaron (they pronovnced it AL-DE-BAR-OWN). 59 LY away from here were their sun they called RAULA. Arian was 4th planet from that sun. That planet had much less water than Earth she told him. The normal inhabitant there lived average 235 Arian years – being some like 4742 earthyears!! She claimed they were distant relatives of earth-humans – another example of how many ET’s now come back to their old ancestors home for guiding and helping their "old relatives." She was trained as a language scientist for intergalactic languages, beside being an anthropologist, psychologist, biologist, geneticist and gene specialist.

On a big viewing screen he could see the outside of the ship, as it rose, and he got afraid not coming home. But then his host again looked into his eyes and he was calmed. On those screens came also more persons up, being communication and flight-pilots from seemingly other of their ships.

After some time he could see a some bigger ship ("Zubringer-ship"- conveyance-ship, cylinderlike 800m long) on the screen they were to enter.

this picture is not from book



He was also invited to eat with them – they had most vegetarian diet and also fruits and vegetables he knew from earth. But seemed to eat fish also.

In the "restaurant" he also saw a couple of another race – quite small in comparison - women 1,2/man 1,5m. The man had no hair and looked some European, but the lady had more yellow skin and quite sensual. He understood that their home star was not so far from Dagolo’s homeworld. When they ate, they all had total silence.

He was shown a lot of rooms else on this ship and gives a detailed description of it. Walls were of glasslike material, and many green plants around. Most quite earthly in look, as a luxary hotel. He was shown and tried a translating device converting his language both ways. They had also there stored all languages of our earth, and used this in the talks with him – though just Dagolo could also use his language directly.




So they went into the "office" of his guide and there came also some of the people he had met in the diningroom, and a man of his own high- 1,7m- but though he had only 4fingers/hand, and his brown skin was also different.

Martin admits he had problem fellowing the talk despite the translating eq. One of the other there explained to him that they had taken him there in the intention of showing him things he should spread to other earth-humans when time was reap - one time in the future. They told he would remember all that he saw and was told - by their special help.

The one talking was named TI, and came from the planet URU – which was 2.planet of the same sun as Arian – and same size as A. He also introduced the other people gathered and their homeworlds place in cosmos.

Martin was then shown a "film/video-like" device showing pictures of the far past of our sunsystem. He was shown the missing 5.planet they called Satanis. He was shown an explosion on that planet which changed the system and made it to the asteroidbelt of today. He was shown the big dinosaurs living 70mill.years back and the heavy plantlife – gigantic trees. He was shown the early humanoid lifeforms of dark and lightbrown-skinned humanoids - 2 different races.

art jim nichols - not from book

He was shown these races develop into spaceraces, living up to 400 years. Cities up to 100000 people. The computer said there were then 35cities with more than one million people, and also the small man present gave comments.

At one time there was need of more workers to extract the metals from the earth-crust. So they began gene-manipulation for bringing up a new race that should be strong and suitable for such heavy work.

When all resources was temporary emptied the spacebeeings left earth, and the manipulated race was left behind. After some time only this manipulated race survived. "After about 4million years these manipulated race types mutated and unexpectedly proliferated and developed more descendents. Most of these continued with the primitive genes and left several diverse race type behind. They no longer resembled their parents in the species. They moved out into separate communities of like types together".

Martin admits that he didn’t really understand the messages or education on that time when given, but first much later after calming down.

At the next meal there was much discussion on the theme "humans on earth" but martin was not able to fellow the talk.

When they re-entered the room of Dagalo, the intelligent computer there sensed the people was ready to continue the education. The computer showed geogr.maps where it claimed the Arians had been living some 65million years ago!

The map being shown told that Greenland was at that time without ice or snow, and it laid nearer to Europe and was connected by a chain of green islands to Europe.

The computer also showed how a big metorite or comet hit earth in those far times, with catastrophic results. A lot of life forms were wiped out, incl.the dinosaurs. (it is to remark that a lot of the sources on the far history of earth talks about total disasters from comets and like crashing into earth. And is likely, yes logic that our earth has gone through such a tough destiny, as it has been living through the "coarce-learning" level in the animal-kingdom‘s phase of evolution, in accordance to the spiritual science – ex.Martinus Cosmology. R.Ø.remark)

Later the studygroup that Martin was sitting with on the office of Dagalo could see his long forgotten memories on a screen, as they had coupled his "brain" to the computer on a special way.

He was also told of methods to "enlarge a time tear" – without which – or without understanding that - they meant we could not go into deepspace-exploring. "As you have seen we can expand secondary time holes. We can create them".

He also got a demonstration of a device, turning all within a defined distance into dust – apparently a magnetic eq.that disolved the cementing-forces in matter – dangerous as a weapon. This device then seemingly released those powers as energy that could be used for different purposes. It must have been another way of "benefiting atompower".

In chap.14 they told the motherships were powered by a form of vacuum-fusion. They talked about the "black matter" we don’t see – an enormous mass. But here again the young German regret he could not fellow all the explanations given to him on those advanced technical matters.

In the same way as the Erra-people had built very peculiar looking motherships, also this siv.had notable such. It is told to be constructed of "11rings which were connected by long pipes/tubes running from the outer edge to beyond the first inner ring and entered a huge powerful round ball of light".

They told it could travel through dimensions* with that ship, which had a lenght of 510km!(and that was not of the biggest!) "Each of the 11 rings have within them whole complete worlds of being within themselves. The mothership houses about 1,5million beings with highly differentiated view of life and culture. Their life-systems are big enough to provide native environments for each of the hominid races as it exists on their original home planets."

"At any time, as necessary, they are fully capable of mastering unforeseen situations. The mothership can within a few nanoseconds create and erect mighty protective shields, and through these, shoot terrible weapons, but it has never been necessary to utilize these weapons that can pulverize all".

(*comment – "travel through dimensions", but may be not IN or ON/BY those, as the material describe those very timeconsuming flights over years/-hundreds. Apparently they had no entrance to the network of 4d-spacetunnels which other space-travelling races visiting Earth now talk about, where they seemingly move all through those finematter-levels. In this process, all is "lifted" to the astral frequencies or still higher, where the "same trips" will only consume fractions of the same time. R.Ø.remark).


Ups and downs (planetary cycles)

They showed him the history of some planets and how a terrible sickness had hit a planet/ sunsystem after the inhabitants had seemingly got it on one of their deep space-explorations. This particular sunsystem of a race of people named Chentenians had been through a phase of planet-wars – in between planets in that sunsystem – but had at last come to the phase of cooperation. But when this terrible disease hit the 2 more inner (in orbit 2-3) planets, the inhabitants on the one longer out - with only 8million inhabitants, got afraid and suspicious. Out of this suspicion they began to shoot down all incoming ships. But after some years they managed to get control of the problems, and the whole system was again collected in peace.

So they began the far space-explorations again, and now they had made superbig ships for up to 480000 people onboard. Some of those big ships set out, but after many years into space, a new terrible virus-disease broke out again on one of those big ships. With all onboard infected they had to drive the whole ship into a dying star for total dissolution of the ship and the dying crew and passengers. Some time after, similar happend to one of the other ship – same "solution."

I understand they had no means to travel in higher (4.>)dimensions, and so the travels were time-consuming also for "shorter distances". At last they came to the planet Aron, which was inhabited by a race of likelooking people (means all the people there looked quite similar) of ca 1,5 high with black kinky, shiny hair. Book tell they reminded gnomes from the fairytales. They were vegatarians and just different from our human race, but very intelligent. Population was then 300millions on Aron, and abs.control of population-number. Planet Aron had much volcano-activity, and they got much energy from that.

Between these 2incredibly different intelligent species developed a very high degree of scientific and technical cooperation. They combined their research and great co-development began - book tells. The Lavanians – as the people on the planet they came to was called in the book – were very interested in particular the plantations and fields they had INSIDE their guests big motherships.

They began to exchange both technical, gene- and biological knowledge in the intention of helping each other. The Lavanians were indeed experts in gene-technology and could create all kind of biological or zoological things. They expressed themselves as "creating-gods".

So – after ca ten years on visit on Arion-planet the visitor Chetenians decided to continue on their original exploration route, on search for new worlds. Arion is said to be in the direction of the center of the galaxy from us – not told how far.

But after 2years of spaceflight a disagreement broke out whether continue or return back to Arglya –sun of the Arionplanet. But they decided to go on, and at last they reached OUR sunsystem –and went into orbit around the 5.planet. After some time its drivesystem failed, and it stayed in that orbit for a very long time. But they used the smaller ferry-ships onboard and settled to the green planet there – which was almost like their old homeplanet. They were now fedup of space-travel-life, and stayed ON that planet.

So after long –long times, the memory of deepspace-flights was all forgotten and became nearly only legends. One day much later - of excavation  - they found an archive of the long forgotten past, but had big problems with interpreting the information.

But they managed so and again began longing for spacetravels.

The book tells they called this planet – where the asteroids is today – "Cheten" – of their former homeplanet. 4moons orbited it, one of them had very much minerals they utilized.

Soon they wished to explore the planet in orbit – Earth. They first used robots for this, and found great similarities in flora and fauna to Cheten – their homeplanet (also called Maldek/Milona/Lucifera/Satanis, etc, in different books, - rø).

Book also mention that one research-trip to earth revealed an existing society of intelligent darkskinned people, living in small tribes – though managing use of fire. They wore dresses spun of hair!! Another tribe was of different origin- they had more hair on their whole body, making it less necessary for clothing. Those last, lived most in caves, and learned to use fire. The spacepeople used much time studying those tribes, and came to the conclusion that they were from very different evolutionary lines of development.

Book page 93: " …those humanoid beings they discovered were, in the history of their evolution, more gene-manipulated by various space- travelling races that visited this planet than anticipated. They found that this genemanipulation helped and had kept these hominid beings from dying out…"

The book also claim that after some time the genetic experiments was forbidden from the main planet of Chetan, but they continued on their colony on earth for a time. "…all the complete research knowledge about earth-humans heritage was taken to planet Chetan and secured into archives".

But there they went on, and later they also mixed animal-genes with those of humans. That made beings that was half animal and half human.

"…now and then there were conflicts between the Lords, and the new(-made) humans, and the Chetenians who lived on Earth did not allow any Chetenian ships from the home planet to land here. The humans and the Chetenians who lived here one day attacked their brothers from Cheten and destroyed their main bases and a few spaceships, as well as their main factories on earth".


The destruction of planet Cheten (Satani, Maldek-etc.)

In this book they claim it was demolished by a giant meteor that collided into it. Other books or sources claim it was out of internal wars and terrible weapons from that. No matter how – all sources agree that THERE ONCE WAS a planet with a high civilization, that was destroyed, and that those same also colonized the earth. (ex.source on this – the Semjase/Meier -contacts).

"…the explotion (of the 5.planets destruction) was so gigantic that it lifted the Earth out of its millions of years old orbit. This had terrible consequences for many, many years, one natural catastrophe after another appeared on earth. Heat, and cold periods, terrible electrical storms, draught, floods and earthquakes changed the entire world completely…"



Book claims that maincity of Atlantis "Akross" had 1,5million citizens, and the whole Atlantis 4,5 millions.


also in this ufo-contact-case they told that our earth could only nourish a maximum of one billion humans – as a limit: "…if the humans do not acknowledge this in time, and have not taken certain measures for reduction, one day nature will act to complete the work"


"…I do not understand why the humans destroy their own beautiful Mother Earth – why don’t they notice and mention the beautiful environment".

below is a picture from the e-book regarding Atlantis


He stayed on the extraterrestrial craft for 3 days for education. And as a goodbye-gift he got a special pocket-torch from them- which had a special energi-supply, that could be used for 50years without normal batteries!!

He was set back to the same meadow as he was taken up from - only 100meters apart, in the evening the Coming home, his mother was angry at him, surely afraid of what had happened to him, and they had also needed his help of work/farming. Of course she didn’t believe his story of being with extra-terrestrials. When he showed his gift from them – the "pocket-light", she got some calmed, but still didn’t believe. Next morning his father also examined him, and he told him not to talk about this to anybody. Not even to his brothers. "..after this day, everything changed between us – a strangeness developed between us – i only felt like i was barely tolerated". His father had later found his flashlight and thrown it in a pond! And thereby the only existing proof from his contact was gone:

As usual we see that too convincing proofs from such contacts are not allowed "from above" - the reap one will recognice the degree of truth inside.

 I personally doubt fx the exactness in this information, ex. of the destiny of the former planet behind the asteroid-belt as told here. This is not exactly as other claimed ufo-contact-books tells - but that is up to the reader to find out self!!(rø-comment)

short extract from the book on the case

About another contact in europe/italy thru many years- worddoc

swedish text; en annen kontakt som minner endel om denne Ante-kontakt - men i Baltikum

The Korendor -contact in -61>

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