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"sleep is little brother of death" in both cases, the astral body moves out

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Buried 19th Century Account of the Afterlife Reborn in the 21st Century

In his recently published book, "The Afterlife of Leslie Stringfellow: A Nineteenth-Century Southern Family's Experiences with Spiritualism," Chism provides a reprinting of "Leslie’s Letters to His Mother" (Fayetteville, Arkansas: Democrat Publishing Company, 1926). "Leslie’s Letters" is an interesting artifact of the spiritual and religious climate of the late nineteenth century in its recounting of the experiences of Leslie's mother and father with "automatic writing," a form of communication with the dead.

In the opening chapters of the book, Chism describes the interesting lives of the Stringfellows. Alice Johnston and Confederate Lieutenant Henry Martyn Stringfellow were married in Houston, Texas in 1863. Both were Southerners displaced by the Civil War; Alice from North Carolina, Henry from Virginia, where he had obtained graduate degrees in both divinity and law after completing his undergraduate studies at the College of William and Mary. Following the war, Henry cultivated orchards of fruit and vegetables for a living, and in 1884 planted the first citrus orchard on the gulf coast of Texas with orange saplings imported from Japan.

Following the unexpected death of their only son Leslie in 1886, the Stringfellows turned to spiritualism for comfort. Dissatisfied with the advice of mediums they consulted in New England, they returned home and purchased a planchette, an instrument that holds a pencil or pen above the surface of a piece of paper on which the letters of the alphabet are printed. A person guides the planchette through the "magnetic influence of those on the other side" and a message is received.

Through experimentation, the Stringfellows eventually discovered that they could receive "messages" from their dead son Leslie when both of them placed their hand on the planchette. Every evening at 7 p.m. for over 15 years, they "communicated" with their son, who told them through these “letters” about people he'd met, places he had visited, activities he had undertaken-all in the afterlife.

In 1897, taking the advice of Leslie, the Stringfellows adopted a two-year old orphaned girl and named her Lessie after their deceased son. In 1911, the family moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas, where they built the house on 329 Washington Avenue as an exact copy of their previous home. There Henry Stringfellow died in 1912. Lessie worked as a reporter for the Fayetteville newspaper that later became the Northwest Arkansas Times. She became its editor during World War I, a position she held for 27 years. Alice died in 1942 at age 97; Lessie continued to live in the house on Washington Avenue until her death in 1971.

In 1919 Alice sent a manuscript filled with selections of her letters from Leslie to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, (or here) the creator of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries and a well-known advocate of spiritualism. In one of his responses to the Stringfellows included in Chism’s book, Doyle wrote, “I hope you will publish Leslie. It is one of the best documents I have ever seen.”

In his republication of “Leslie’s Letters,” Chism provides an introduction to the phenomenon of spiritualism. In addition, the book contains reproductions of images and artifacts related to the Stringfellows. The letters themselves (as written by Leslie through the planchette) are a fascinating introduction to the vision of the afterlife held by nineteenth century spiritualists.

Copies of the book are available for purchase through the University of Arkansas Press at (479) 575-3634. this is copied from here

Barry Eaton is one of Australia’s most experienced radio and TV presenters. He discussed how his partner Judy's death in 1997 compelled him to find ways to communicate with "the Other Side." A few months after her passing, Judy spoke to Eaton through a medium to inform him that his own abilities, latent for years, would now open up and allow for direct communication between them. Eaton's skills as a medium developed, and soon, he was channeling countless spirits who had passed over, and learning what the afterlife was like. The afterlife is a vast interdimensional system where there are many different levels and planes, he said.

illustrations below showing main frequency levels/ also such creating their own worlds, in a the finematter/ socalled astral or higher forms of matter, that we thru our "built-in" corresponding higher bodies are able to experience and create in.

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We come into this life like an actor with an assigned contract to play a role, he explained. Then when our life ends, "off goes the garment which is the body and then the essential energy goes back to where it was, to rest and get ready for the next role." Frederic Myers, one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research in the 19th century, was said to communicate with a number of mediums after his death, and described in some detail the different levels of the afterlife. The one that most people go upon their arrival is called the Plane of Illusion, which bears much similarity to one's earthly life. In the next level, the World of Idealized Form, souls move away from the earthly plane, and usually can no longer be contacted by mediums. At this level, they don't have to reincarnate if they don't want to, Eaton noted.

Individuals belong to soul families-- close knit groups that reincarnate together over the ages, and encourage growth and development in one another, he said. "When the souls are reunited after each lifetime, there's a tremendous feeling of joy," Eaton remarked. Interestingly, when a soul reincarnates, it brings down around 60-80% of its energy, and the remaining amount stays in the afterlife, retaining all the soul memories, he said. Also of note, is that euthanasia is frowned upon in the spirit world, as some of the greatest lessons a soul has to learn could be in the final months of a person's life, Eaton shared.


Barry Eaton starts his book AFTERLIFE with some thoughts regarding his former/last incarnation in World War 1 in France, where he ended that life in the war massacres in the Battle of Somme, quite similar to the story that the clairvoyant healer Stephen Turoff got from another soldier who died there. And Turoff, communicated for long times with this soldier; James Legget, to bring his informative account correct through  from the other side.

So Barry Eaton, being an Australian in the current life, have thru some processes he decribes, been able to open some paranormal psychic abilities. He further in the book talk about his earlier views of  “death” and how he met JUDY and their deep spiritual connection. In this process he began testing “automatic writing” – and he got messages on among other things – their common earlier lives together, including war losses and pains.

In this “now-life” in Australia, Judy died after they had been together for 4 years. But the connection was not broken. It happened to be a reconnection to the spiritworld in her leave. A short time after her passing, she came through a mediumfriend of them. And the he soon learned to get in connection with her by this ‘automatic writing’. But this form of communication costs a lot of ‘work’ for the other side he learned.

 link to audio reading/ recital of the part of the book and on his last physcial life, ending as soldier at Somme in world war 1 - mp3

Book Extracts else from his own booksite:

Heart Breaking Loss of a Loved One

Losing someone you love is heart breaking. But more often than not there is a gift for the surviving partner when people pass away. Sometimes it is hard to see what this gift is as emotions tend to cloud our mind. My gift was the opportunity to communicate with those in the world of spirit. As this gift developed it began to accelerate my interest and growth in spiritual matters. Gradually my work as a broadcaster took second place because this new world was so fascinating.

At the time of (my partner) Judy’s passing we were running a radio program called “Celestial Power”. No prizes for guessing the theme of the program!

The title of the show was given to us one night by Judy’s deceased father Bill. This was quite fitting as Bill had been an off course bookmaker in his previous life. He gave us a great racing tip, a horse named Celestial Power. It romped in the following Saturday at 14 to 1, so of course we just had to use the name for the show. Celestial Power was the start of a successful program that evolved into my current program RadioOutThere. Unfortunately there were no more racing tips from Bill after that. He was obviously a one tip pony.

A few months after she passed over I was anxious for news from Judy in spirit, even if it was only to confirm my belief in the afterlife. Quite often a medium’s message from loved ones on the other side are simply ‘survival evidence’, letting you know they still exist. Survival evidence comes in many forms. It may be a message about the way they died or some other personal detail unknown to the medium. Spirit is very clever at choosing details only a loved one would know about. This can be enough for those left behind grieving, desperately wanting something to hold onto.

One of my most popular guests on Celestial Power was Ruth Wilson, a well known talented medium. Ruth got to meet Judy only a week or so before her passing.  Then Ruth unexpectedly rang me three months later. Judy had come to her from spirit and wanted to contact me. This filled me with delight. The morning of the appointment I turned up half an hour late as I was still full of grief and very confused and had written the wrong time in my diary.

Ruth was waiting for me impatiently at her front door and whisked me in to her living room, saying “Judy has a whole lot of people waiting for you… you’re late”. I looked around the room and thought they must be hiding in cupboards or something, because I couldn’t see a soul. It turned out the room was actually full of souls. My parents, an uncle or two, a cousin not long passed over and a lot of other deceased family members and friends were all there. Judy had organised the gathering as my advance Christmas present. She described each of them to Ruth, who then passed on appropriate messages to me……..


The Soul’s Path

The more I delved into this area, the more I came to realise the way the soul separates from the body varies with each person. When Judy spoke to me for the first time through (the medium) Ruth she recalled that when her time came to leave this life, a pair of soft hands were extended to her. “I was gently lifted clear of my physical body,” she explained

Judy was fortunate as     she had prepared for her ‘curtain call’. This may seem a strange thing to say, but it is something that many people with a spiritual or religious background do, as it makes the transition much easier. Judy had been counselled by Peter Ramster in her final weeks. He helped her heal spiritually before she passed over. This meant she was able to tie up a lot of loose ends from this lifetime. Peter is a talented psychologist skilled in dream therapy, as well as in past life regression. He later told me that during the night before Judy’s passing he had a dream of two white doves landing on the window sill next to her hospital bed and calling her soul to leave the body. Her soul then took on the appearance of a third dove, after which they all flew away together.

The image stayed with us both for many weeks. Afterwards I realised that Peter had not been to the hospital where Judy had been admitted the night before her passing, so he had no idea of the layout of the ward. Judy was in a large room and had the only bed adjacent to the window. Peter’s dream took on new significance for us both after that.Many people believe that angels take on the form of birds when they come to earth. Perhaps that is where the image of angel’s wings was born. Another interesting point was that several months earlier Judy  told me about a dream in which she was visited by an angelic presence, who gave her the choice of staying in a pain wracked body or returning to spirit. At the time I selfishly prayed she would stay, but I now know she made the right choice.   So, where do we go?

There are several directions the soul, now an astral body, can go after ‘death’. Most souls are guided gently by loved ones waiting to escort them on their journey back to the spirit realms. However others can find themselves……..

Reader’s comments.

…”Just wanted to say thanks for writing ‘afterlife’ – I found it very comforting and inspiring after my mum recently passed over.  It was simply written and it made perfect sense.  It made me stop at the end of almost every page and question my thoughts, expectations, attitudes and how I live my life”.

Diane H, Sydney Australia

…”Barry’s words promote hope, wonder and fascination. I highly recommend that you begin reading and see for yourself”

Richard Hill – Psychotherapist, Author and Director of the Mind Sciences Institute

…”This compelling and beautifully written personal journey will open your eyes to the wonder of the dimension beyond that which the eye can see”

Penny Goode – Mediator

…”I’m having trouble putting the book down, as I am always eager to get to the next part.  Thank you for writing such a no nonsense account of the afterlife and your own experiences.”

Fiona C

…”Congratulations, you must be so proud of your achievements and if not you should be. It’s very easy flowing compared to some books that seem to go over the same topic many times in different ways per chapter.

Dawn,    Sydney Australia


a reader of the book wrote:

For the thousands of people who loved To Heaven and Back, Heaven is for Real, and Proof of Heaven, a warm and detailed account of life between lives—and our lives to come
What happens when someone dies? What does it feel like? What exactly is the light at the end of the tunnel? Is reincarnation real? And if so, do spirits have any influence over their lives to come?
Based on his own amazing experiences communicating with those who have passed over, Barry Eaton answers these questions about the spirit world, and many, many more. Taking the reader on a journey through the realm of the spirit, the author details the whole process of crossing into the next life, from the journey �home,” to adapting to new living conditions in the afterlife, and even delving into what kinds of activities will be available there, and how we can be prepared for our own personal journey.
This book will give hope, alleviate fear, and provide comfort for anyone who has questions or concerns about life after death.

quotation; from page21: ‘our astral body knows the astral world well, as it is accustomed to travelling there all through our life, usually when we are asleep.’



ISBN 978-0-399-16612-9  

"A very good and easily read book on this – for ALL - important theme, from 2011."


".....The astral body is best described as our mind, or consciousness. After the energy from the etheric body is cut off after death, the astral body returns to what are generally known as the astral planes. Here, there are many different levels or planes of existence. Our soul is guided to its appropriate level, according to our development. Our astral body knows the astral world well, as it is accustomed to traveling there all through our life, usually when we are asleep. The astral body is attached to our physical body by a very fine silver cord. This cord allows us to return to our body after astral traveling at night. Once the cord is cut, in what we refer to as death, our physical body perishes and our astral and physical bodies separate permanently.


After the physical body perishes, the life force is trans­ferred to the etheric body for a short period of time. This helps us to adjust to the new conditions. After that the life force passes on to our astral body for the next stage of its journey back to the spiritual realm. This process is a bit like catching different forms of transport to get to our ultimate destination.

 The earth plane is far denser than the astral plane and the higher spiritual realms beyond that. These planes also vibrate at much faster rates, which is why they are invisible to us. Over a period of what we understand as time, we acclimatize to our new state of being.

 Our spirit is a form of energy that powers our body during earthly life. When it departs the body dies. You only have to see a dead body to realize the life force has departed. The spirit, however, being pure energy, lives on. Believe it or not, the soul can even be weighed. In one bizarre recorded experiment, a man was weighed by his doctor just before and immediately after death. The difference was found to be approximately 3/4 of an ounce (21 grams).

 Our higher self (Ego) is pure spirit. It's that part of us which is immortal. The higher self resides in the world of spirit and controls the other three bodies: the physical, etheric and astral. This is different to the small ego, which is essentially our personality, and which drops away once we pass on. So, when we talk about being immortal, or of being pure spirit, we're actually talking about our divine or higher self.

Once we learn how to communicate with our higher self through meditation, we gain access to an inner storehouse of wisdom and guidance. Our spirit guides utilize this energy source to inspire and advise us.

 We need never feel alone again.




So, where do we go when we return to spirit?

There are several directions the soul, now an astral body, can go after 'death’. Most souls are guided gently by loved ones who have already passed over and are waiting to escort them on their journey back to the spirit realms. But others can refuse to move on from the earth plane.

They are held here by such things as physical cravings, for example drugs or sex. They can also remain because of a fear of the unknown. This fear of moving on is often related to the way the person has conducted themselves in life, perhaps believing they will be cast into some flaming hell to pay for their sins. Some can't accept they have died, or are very attached to a place or person, so they wander around lost and aimless, sometimes for centuries of earth time. This is what happens with ghosts and haunted places.

 There are also those who find themselves in a dark and eerie world, in the lower astral plane of existence, closest to the earth. Souls are often at that level because of their own beliefs that there is nothing after death or as a result of their less-than-ideal activities in the life just ended.

This plane of existence has been given many names. Many refer to it as purgatory. It is a part of the "Bardo" in Buddhism, the Umbral region to Spiritists, and the Gehinnom in Judaism. The great psychic Edgar Cayce described it as the "Plane of Darkness," where the soul is cut off from love and hope while it goes through a period of deep reflection. Whatever label we use, it is essentially a kind of halfway house between the earth plane and the spirit world. The soul experiences a sense of lovelessness and hopelessness because at that stage they feel beyond love and hope.


The soul that finds itself in the lower astral plane goes through a time of intense reflection and cleansing before being admitted into the higher realms of the spirit world. There are several different levels on the lower astral plane. This is most likely where the concept of "hell" emerged. The good news is that there is actually no such thing as hell (well, physical seen, yes, it is an inner state, but on the other side, the "inner" more creates the "outward surroundings" and likeminded are draged/pulled together by magnetic attraction, and as such, create a collective “thought-formed”, but real enough “place”, as long as this thought-form are maintained. Example link; the book;     A wanderer in the spirit land of Franzhesso. And more in this book of the Danish wiseman Martinus (1890-1981).  Rø-rem.).


The only "demons" you come across are those created by your own mental state, though they can appear very real. Helpers and guides from the higher realms visit the lower astral constantly to assist in healing individual souls. No one has to remain in darkness forever, as we are part of a loving universe. To put it in another way, no one is beyond love and hope.

 American channel Carolyn Evers has a fascinating account of how she contacted the spirit of Julius Caesar in the lower astral. He had been stuck there since his death in 44 B.C. Caesar talked of his guilt when he looked back on a lifetime of killing, maiming, enslaving, looting and creating misery for hundreds of thousands of people. He told Evers there is no such thing as death. After his assassination he lived for many years surrounded by what he described as a gray world, where he was in a constant state of agony and mental numbness. As much as he wanted to, he was prevented from progressing to the next level, even though he knew of its existence.

 This stasis only served to intensify his anguish. He described the next step, which was denied to him, as a state of happiness and beauty. Whenever a portal of light opened for someone else to progress to this next level - he rushed to it, but each time was refused entry. The frustration he experienced at this loss of his power demonstrated graphi­cally to him what he had done to others during his life, by selling countless people into hopelessness and slavery. His triumph as one of history's greatest generals meant nothing in this drab gray domain, as he was forced to relive again and again his cruel and heartless actions. He felt not only powerless, but also suffered the ignominy of a life that had brought so much pain and sorrow to so many. Caesar finally came to realize that nobody was punishing him for his actions. It was his own mind that was his tormentor.

 Caesar talked of many of his generals, legionnaires and followers, who chose to stay loyal to him and therefore suffered the same consequences for their greed and cruelty, constantly reliving their past deeds in the same gray mist. However, Caesar said all was not hopeless, as advanced souls came down from the higher levels to help with their education and healing. Evers revealed that the spirit of Caesar's daughter, Julia, was eventually able to help her father move on from his brutal past-life deeds and gain entry to the next level.

The concept of "old souls" is worth exploring. There is a tendency to think that old souls are all wise. My guide M, confirmed that describing someone as an old soul is not necessarily a compliment. We only return to the earth plane to learn and evolve, so the older the soul, the more they had to return as the lessons are not being learned.




The Vastness of the Spirit World

Just as there are many countries on earth, there are many planes of existence in the spirit world. The majority of us go to what Frederic Myers calls the "Plane of Illusion." He locates this on the third plane and believes it is the light at the end of the tunnel many people describe that links earth with the afterlife.

 Myers was a Professor of Classics at Cambridge University in England more than a century ago. Fascinated with the afterlife, he founded the first Society for Psychical Research in 1882. Myers grappled with the question of contact from beyond the grave, and when he died in 1901 his work continued with communications from the spirit world.


To avoid skepticism he sent his messages through a variety of people in England, America and India. The messages on their own did not make sense, but when joined together in jigsaw fashion, they formed a cohesive picture.

These communications continued for some 30 years as Myers proved his messages were not created in the mind of one medium. Quite often the person receiving their message had no idea what it meant. From 1901 to 1932 more than 3,000 scripts were communicated.

 Like all those in spirit, Myers had great difficulty in sending messages from the other side. "I appear to be standing behind a sheet of frosted glass which blurs sight and deadens sound, dictating to a reluctant and somewhat obtuse secretary," he explained. Despite these difficulties, Myers sent through an enormous amount of details of life in the spirit world, all received by automatic writing.

 According to Myers the "Plane of Illusion" is very similar to life on earth. He described beautiful, peaceful surroundings where people live in communities in earth-type houses. They eat, drink, play sports and even go to work. Life seems to continue from where it left off on earth, but without the stress. Every pleasure the heart desires or the mind creates is available here, and manifested by the individual's thoughts, either consciously or unconsciously. So, if someone wants a lovely house to live in, full of beautiful furniture, they can create it simply by visual­izing what they desire. Myers explained this lifestyle is readily adopted by those spirits who previously believed this type of existence is what heaven is all about. Such a place explains the large variety of descriptions we get via mediums about life in the great beyond.

This sounds ideal  - a real paradise - but after a while it begins to pall and boredom sets in, as everything comes too easily, without challenge. Myers says that when the soul is ready it is then assisted to either find ways of accessing higher planes or return to earth for another life.

 During our time on the Plane of Illusion we still have access to our families and friends on earth and, at the same time, are in constant contact with our spiritual guides, as our learning and spiritual growth continues. So it would seem there are still certain responsibilities, even in paradise.

 The next level, the fourth plane, Myers calls the "World of Idealized Form," where all desire to have any earthly contact disappears as the soul explores avenues beyond the confines of the earth plane. Reincarnation is now unneces­sary in this beautiful world "free of rigid intellectual structures and dogmas." The mind, given new freedom, starts to learn how to create an infinite variety of forms, to access energies and colors way beyond our imagination. Only evolved souls are able to access this and further higher planes. Essentially, Myers says, we have to earn our place to be admitted.

 The fifth level he calls the "Plane of Flame." Here spirits take on “a body of a flame”  (symbolic), so they can explore the universe for cosmic understanding without being harmed by temperatures or turbulence. The exploring soul is able to return after each journey with a fuller understanding of these cosmic reaches. On this plane we are no longer in a form as we understand it; instead, we become what is best described as an "outline." Each soul is now part of a group soul, while still retaining aspects of their individuality as they advance.

 The sixth level is the "Plane of Light" where the inhabi­tants are evolved souls. By this stage these souls have lived through all aspects of the created universe and they have completed their growth. They have left behind all need for matter and form and exist purely as white light. Here, pure reason reigns supreme. Emotion and passion, as we understand it, are absent. These souls are now white light and, according to Myers, "the pure thought of their Creator."

The seventh "Plane of the Spirit Realm" is the domain of God or the Creator. Myers, who was not a religious man, describes this final plane of being as dwelling not only out of time, but outside of any universe. He describes it as "the passage from form into formlessness. It is an existence that has no need to express itself in a shape, however tenuous, however fine. The soul who enters into the seventh state passes into the beyond and becomes one with God."

 My guide M confirmed that the vast majority of souls from earth are living in the third plane. However, there are several different sub-spheres to this plane, where the soul can learn and progress before finally reaching the fourth level, the world of Idealized form. This only happens after many incarnations.



 A chapter of the book is about his friend Rachel, who was in the process of an early leaving this world. As the author is clairvoyant he had watched her and communicated with after just after she left this level, and so been able to give comforting help to some of her close friends about her new energy (when she passed) and her vital appearance. This was very comforting to them after seeing her suffer so much. I was then reminded by a mutual friend that Rachel had always loved dancing and used to conduct dance workshops, so it was apt that I saw her dancing at her own funeral. There was no doubt a new door had opened for her.

Rachel and I had known each other for many years. She had been the catalyst for my spiritual awareness to commence when we were both very young. We were appearing in a stage production of Daughter of Silence in the early 1960s. Rachel was the star of the show and I was playing a small role. I was very smitten by this beautiful girl, so when she asked me if I would like to go to a spiritualist church with her, I eagerly accepted. At the time I would probably have accompanied her to a biker gang rally I was so infatuated!

 The spiritualist meeting was the first I had ever attended and it had a big impact on me. I realized for the first time in my life that contact with the spirit world was possible. My mind and intuition had been opened. The medium stood on a small platform in front of the congregation. One by one, along each row of the audience, the medium passed appropriate messages to everyone present. From their reactions I knew the messages were genuine.

Rachel was given reassurance from a friend who had died tragically in a motorbike accident, which brought tears to her eyes. I remember being given a very encouraging message about my future and being told that I was "one in a million,"  which was very surprising. Rachel thought it was just letting me know I was only one of many. Maybe it was my ego, but I chose to take the other interpretation at the time and that message has provided inspiration for me ever since.

 Through my association with the spiritualist church, and with my own numerous experiences over time, I've come to realize just how alive the dead are. The details of their journey are fascinating and offer us lots of clues to what life is like on the other side.

 It seems many souls want to stay with their loved ones until after their funeral, and before beginning their journey back into the world of spirit. There is often a lot of concern felt by the deceased for those left behind, particularly if their loved ones are deeply grieving for them. And sometimes souls are still in a state of confusion at the time of their funeral, not fully realizing they have died.

The evolution of the soul itself plays an important part in what happens next. Advanced souls, once freed from their physical body, intuitively remember where they are heading. They waste no time in hanging around once they have completed their earthly life's work. However, some people are so sick and weak,they need help from those in spirit to make their transition, as this too requires energy. Others can become very confused after long illnesses or extended medication. Like most of us going on a major trek, we want to rest up, so we can get the most out of it. Rachel knew intuitively she was close to death and chose to spend her final days resting peacefully.

Spirit helpers are always there waiting to assist us in our crossing. Family members and other loved ones who have gone on before us know when we are about to cross over and are waiting to welcome us home again. Help is always on hand. It is up to us to accept it.

Sometimes family and close friends report brief contact in some way with the person who has just "died."  They may experience a strong feeling, a familiar perfume or fragrance, or hear unusual sounds, while others actually see the departed, or receive symbolic signs. This apparently depends both on the soul itself and those who are open to contact.

There are many ways those we love communicate with us. For example, we may hear their favorite music in unexpected places. When my partner Judy passed over, I kept hearing the song I associated with her being played on radio for months afterward. Several times I had to pull over and stop the car as I fought back tears. I still have an emotional reaction when I hear Joe Cocker's  "You Are So Beautiful."….


reading, recital of the part in this book on his last physcial life, ending at Somme in world war 1 - mp3

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See also this book;  Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I - interview author Michael Tymn | alt

and some 20min AUDIO mp3  about his book DEAD MAN TALKING

Michael E. Tymn has written/collected a book on many soldiers from WW1 - telling back throught mediums - of their new life - here a powerpoint made as intro to this book

En svenske som har forsket på sitt liv under ww1 og fant bekreftelser | noe i lyd av dette

the 2 illustrations above is  colored version of this old book's illustration of the astral plane's location in different dimensional "frequency layers" around the Earth - but note that each plane is located at a specific vibration frequency, in the same way as the various television / radio channels creates their own "realities" or "rooms" - that only those who are ON or in tune with frequency can experience. From this book


According to the danish wiseman Martinus the angels are helpers with the ability to "move" to/thru many lifelevels/dimensions, which "their wings" is to symbolise.

testemony Of Light Helen greaves pdf and audio

Testimony of Light: An Extraordinary Message of Life After Death by Helen  Greaves, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®