Clearer information on the new patterns by the radio telescope comes to light, while fevered speculation and media interest grows…

It now seems clear that the symbolism of the formations which appeared at Chilbolton (see other Headline) is indeed connected with messages beamed into space from Earth.

Ufologists, astronomers and all sorts of people who wouldn’t normally associate with crop circles have been quick to draw the designs into their own sphere of influence, and websites and radio shows have been alive with speculation since their appearance a few days ago.

The ‘digital code’ formation appears to be a direct ‘response’ from wherever or whoever, to a message beamed at star cluster M13 from the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974. The fact that the message won’t even be received for another 20,000 years doesn’t seem to have deterred many from claiming the crop formations are a response from ETs who have intercepted the message.

The ‘code’ appears to show an alien DNA structure (as opposed to the human one we sent up) and includes information about a race of ETs, their star system and biological make-up, etc. The code also seems to include a very pixilated diagram of a formation which appeared in the same field last year!

Some are dubious about the formations, feeling that such a direct response is out of character for a phenomenon which has always relied on more mysterious symbolism, and pointing to certain irregularities in the actual execution of the designs. Some have suggested it might even be a military plot to engender fear of ‘grey aliens’ (some have suggested the ‘face’ formation is a grey), to encourage support for the US’s missile defence shield project, while other simply think it a very clever hoax.

Others have waxed lyrical about the new designs and feel that it could be an important step forward for the circle phenomenon, heralding an era (perhaps next year, anyway) of more direct communication. One particularly interesting examination of the formations can be found at

The media have also begun to pick up on the events, and the Daily Mail, which last week had a whole page spread on the Milk Hill spiral, is due to feature photos on Monday.

Don’t go looking for the formations, though – they’ve already been harvested, as several visitors to Chilbolton have discovered to their disappointment. Conspiracy? Probably not. It’s the time of year, you know.