The Merkabah--A Vehicle for Ascension

INTERVIEW QUESTION The other thing you say about the Merkabah is that it is actually a vehicle for ascension, to take people from the 3rd to the 4th dimensions. How does that work? Could you explain a little bit about that?

DRUNVALO: Well, I guess I'll have to explain a little what 3rd and 4th dimensions mean. 3rd and 4th dimensions are part of an understanding of reality that is Melchizedek in nature. There are many, many levels of consciousness. The American Indians see this as going from the 4th to the 5th worlds. There is actually no difference between those thoughts. According to them all reality began from the Great Void and they see the Great Void as a world that we count for zero.

These different dimensional levels are simply different wavelength. The notion of wavelength is the key to everything. Any physicist would know what I am saying. It is the ultimate key to anything that can be talked about, because everything in that reality is wave-form. And to each one of these worlds that we exist in, like this one, or the heavens with the stars, or the atom, is associated a wavelength. You may go 'Why is there a wavelength?', I could explain why and I will in the workshop.

And for example, this world, that we call 3 dimensional, has a wavelength of 7.3 cm . It happens to be the distance between our eyes, or the distance across our hand, or the distance from the tip of our nose to the tip of our chin. It's found all over our body, in many, many places.

As you go up, you find that in between these dimensional levels there is voidness, that each level is a new reality and that there is an infinite number of them, or almost infinite.

And they are all here, right in this room. They are all superimposed on each other.

INTERVIEW QUESTION You can access any of them, potentially?

DRUNVALO: If you know how to do it. It's very easy once you know how. You can change your consciousness wavelength. You would literally disappear right out of the room body and all and reappear into a new world.

Each two of these different dimensional worlds are separated by 90 degrees... This is hard to explain now... For those of you who are aware of UFO phenomena, you may have seen UFO striking across the sky, taking a 90 degrees turn and disappearing. UFOs are not like airplanes, where everybody get into the plane and the plane take you somewhere. The people on UFOs have linked together their consciousness and they make a very specific change inside of themselves which happens to be related to this 90, and when they do so through their breathing and their connection, they can make the entire ship disappear, and move into the dimensional level that they tuned to. There is a certain tuning process that is done with your breath , your understanding and all that you are.

INTERVIEW QUESTION Can a person make that shift?

DRUNVALO: One person can make the shift and two or more can do it in a very special way. I never believed that we would be doing this on earth.

his training here is only on how one person can make the shift. However we will be discussing about the grid at one point, and the information on how two or more can do this is in the grid at this point. And so that phenomena which is a very high level of ascension process will more than likely begin to take place here on earth.

INTERVIEW QUESTION So, is that what people are beginning to learn with the Merkabah breathing? Are they beginning to learn how to make the shift from a dimension to the other?

DRUNVALO: Well, in the beginning stages, you'll learn how to connect with your higher self, how to realize that this entire reality is just light, that it is intimately connected to what you are thinking and what you are feeling; you'll learn that water can be literally turned into wine and that a lot of other things can take place, which the Hindus call siddhis, the powers, like levitation and many others. These are simple things that have to be mastered first. And then, as time goes on and in connection with your higher self which will lead you through the steps, at the proper rate for you, then at the right moment

We will teach 17 breaths which will lead you into a very specific understanding of the Merkabah. And an 18th breath will be taught to you from your inner self, which will be the one showing you how to make this 90 degrees turn and literally go into other dimensional levels.

--From the "Conversations with Drunvalo", a video-tape interview conducted by Auroria Genie Joseph. © 1993 Drunvalo Melchizedek

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