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Celeste and Jananda Korsholm (


As I was walking on the beach near our home in Denmark in the summer of 1985, a wonderful light suddenly appeared in front of me. I became aware that this energy field was an Ascended Master, Serapis Bey. He explained that we had work to do together. I was, of course, very exited and said in my mind, "Good! Good! Let me hear! I am ready!" The response from this wonderful, loving energy was, "Wait and see!" I waited and waited and soon I forgot about our meeting. It was not until I was giving a lecture in Oregon in 1989 and someone gave me a photocopy of a new book by Serapis Bey, that I remembered our first meeting. "Now," I thought, "Our work together begins." The title of the book was "The Ascension Handbook" by Serapis Bey through Tony Stubbs. Immediately, I wrote a letter to Tony Stubbs, who was then residing in Mexico. I asked for permission to translate his book into Danish. He granted permission, later sending a revised version. My friends in Denmark greatly appreciated receiving this clear, easy to understand material.

Celeste and I started teaching ascension classes based on Tony Stubb's book from our home in Oregon. In 1991, we moved to Sedona, Arizona. On one of my morning walks in the mountains near our Sedona home, I was again contacted by the Ascension Master. He invited me into Planet Earth's Holy Ascension Chamber. My wife, Celeste, a visionary artist, has created several paintings of the Ascension Chamber, one of which is reproduced on the cover. Although there is access to this energy field from all over the planet as well from all dimensions of spirit, it is strongly focused over Cathedral Rock Vortex in Sedona. People on spiritual quests are drawn to Sedona where it is easier to communicate with Serapis Bey and the Ascension Flame.

As we committed to our personal ascension and began to focus on this aspect of spiritual service, we began to receive information directly from Serapis Bey. During our workshops, we were aware of his loving, wise presence. He inspired us all to choose conscious ascension and move forward rapidly in our spiritual growth.

Eventually, we developed our own version of the ascension material. We decided to print this information in the condensed form that you find on the following section. There is nothing new about these ideas. We merely give them a fresh format from our individual perspective. A dedication to daily meditation is at the heart of these teachings. Each of the four chapters on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ascension includes a meditation as a practical tool to work on your personal ascension in the safety of your own aura at your own pace.


What is ascension? Ascension is basically a change in the focus of consciousness. It is the natural, on-going evolutionary process of all creation. As eternal, spiritual beings, we were created by God to expand through experience. When we choose to incarnate in the dense, physical, third dimension, we descend. We come to Earth again and again in order to experience, learn, and master this most difficult of dimensions with unconditional love. This choice greatly accelerates our spiritual evolution. The only problem is, we fall asleep in matter. We get bogged down in materiality, thinking that it is our total reality. We forget that we come into incarnation in order to return to the spiritual realms with added wisdom and experience. This is ascension. This is our goal.

All life is ascending, the plants, the rocks, the animals, each in its own time in its own individual way. The Earth, as a living being, is also ascending. It is happening according to the Divine Plan whether we know about it or not. Only the resistance to this process is painful.

This natural evolutionary process can be greatly assisted by consciously choosing to commit to our personal ascension. Our personal awareness and choice is so important. Spirit will never force us to accept love, joy, and inner peace. Our free will choice is always honored. By ending our resistance, we can move rapidly forward without the pain and struggle so often associated with human life.

In past ages, ascension occurred after the death of the physical body. When souls decided to plunge totally into the dense realm of matter, they found they needed many human bodies to spiritualize physical form. When too many mistakes were made in one body and it was exhausted, the body was discarded. A period of rest was experienced without the body, then a new body was formed to allow a fresh start. Memory of other incarnated mistakes was blotted out, not as a punishment, but as a gift of beginning again, without entanglements, to meet the challenge of spiritualizing the physical body. The soul, of course, retained the memories. As more and more of the soul is incorporated into the consciousness, "remembering" past experiences becomes easier.

This process of reincarnation has progressed far enough for the proportion of spirit to matter within the body to improve considerably. Now it is possible for people to ascend with the physical body, no longer needing to leave it behind. Visualize this evolutionary process as the movement of a long train from inertia to full speed ahead. At first, tremendous power was needed to move even an inch very slowly. Many great souls were required to come to Earth to begin moving the unknowing inertia of mass mind. History still remembers some of them such as Lao-tzu, Zoroaster, Quetzalcoatl, Krishna, and Aknaton. Their combined efforts got the train moving, so to speak. Over time, the continual input of light into matter helped the evolutionary train to pick up more and more speed.

At this point in time, there is enough momentum built up for the train to be moving at tremendous speed. This momentum carries along the mass consciousness. Now it is much easier for incoming souls to move along quickly to spiritualize their physical bodies because the whole process is well advanced. Young people today can quickly awaken to their spiritual truth and begin to contribute to the forward progress of the mass consciousness rather than spending most of their lives dragging back heavily against it. They can help bring forth the ascension for the masses before physical death, before totally wearing out the physical body in resistance to evolution. Much more energy can be expended on the positive and much less wasted on the negative.

It is possible to ascend physically as Jesus and the other masters demonstrated. In this process, the physical cells are all expanded into a higher frequency. The physical body begins to glow from within and radiate light. Much as the blades of a fan seem to "disappear" as they rotate faster and faster, a body that is vibrating at higher frequencies seems to disappear from the third dimension. Its primary focus is on a higher dimension. It seems "magical" to those who remain focused on the denser third dimension, but it is a perfectly natural process.

In your personal physical ascension, you must begin where you are. If you have a worn-out, abused, painful, unhealthy body, it is necessary to bring it into greater balance for ascension. The whole goal of incarnation is to bring Light into matter, to quicken it with Spirit. This is the challenge of physical life on Earth. Of course, you can easily leave the body behind. This is the old way, and it is still valid. However, we are working to transform the physical body into higher vibrations, not to leave it behind. If you accept this challenge, you begin to realize how important the physical body can be in the ascension process.

Naturally, it takes less effort to begin conscious physical ascension with a healthy young body than with a worn out one. The important factor is to begin now to improve your physical health, whatever it is. It takes a change in thinking about the consequence of taking good care of the physical body. Many have not understood the importance of honoring the physical aspects of incarnation. They care for animals and plants. They work for improved environmental conditions. They are loving and serving in many positive projects, but they do not care for their own bodies.

It is obvious, when you think about it, that a poor physical body is as much a drain on the environment as other kinds of pollution and abuse. A sick person requires tremendous energy in the form of care, drugs, and money that a well person does not. You can run around saving the planet only if you have the good health to do so. It makes sense to care for and honor your body's needs as a priority in your spiritual work.

This does not require fanaticism. It does require some self-discipline. Gentle, loving attention to the physical body repays you with the energy and well being to improve conditions around you. The modern emphasis on exercise and diet is a very positive indication of the spiritual progress of the mass consciousness. You can do your part by maintaining a balanced lifestyle of exercise, healthy food and rest.

Meditation can also be a very helpful tool in improving the physical body. As transcendental meditation has demonstrated, calming the mind and body relieves stress and has many beneficial side affects. Focusing light or loving feelings within the body in meditation can heal many physical imbalances. Conscious release of tension or emotions in meditation can change lives. These techniques work. They are readily available to all. Only you can choose to act upon this information. It is your choice to live as Spirit within a healthy, balanced physical system or to ignore it and have to leave it behind in the ascension process. Honor your body as a focus of your soul's expression. The rewards of well being and ful- fillment can be great.

On page 7 is a chart of a meditation (will include that later ...) to integrate the physical body with spiritual frequencies. Each energy center is listed with an affirmation and a color. To work with this meditation, begin at the top to repeat the affirmation three times as you focus on each chakra. Activate and balance each one with high frequency Light energy. When you have completed all the affirmations, imagine yourself in an intense beam of white light connecting your body to the mind and heart of God. Extend this beam down through your feet to the heart of the Earth. Allow God's cosmic energy to flow through your heart and all your aligned chakras to the Earth and then back again in a continuous loop. Visualize yourself as a rainbow bridge between the Source and the Earth. When you feel complete, return to your normal consciousness.


There is much confusion about the role of emotion in ascension. We tend to perceive higher dimensional beings in an emotional vacuum while we can hardly keep afloat in a whirlwind of feelings too powerful to control. This concept causes deep separations in consciousness that make it difficult to work together as equals. Higher dimensional beings come to us knowing both are worthy of respect. We often go to Spirit feeling guilty and inadequate. These different sets of assumptions make it hard to communicate.

Our rejection of our own divinity is a tremendous barrier to overcome in the ascension process. For this reason, the emotional body requires a basic clearing and cleaning before we can get on with more positive activities. The emotional body has been the collector of all the mis-qualified energy from all our physical incarnations. This dense emotional body accumulates around our physical body like a heavy overcoat. Emotions like fear and anger vibrate at very low frequencies. They cannot be taken into higher vibrations where joy and love predominate. Hanging on to denser energies automatically holds you down in the denser vibrations and delays your evolution.

Perhaps an explanation of energy fields would help explain the emotional body's place in ascension.

Imagine that all energy is divided into octaves like a piano, with each dimension represented by an octave. The Source is the highest octave while the physical dimension is the lowest, the emotional dimension is the second lowest, and the mental dimension is next above that. These three lower octaves make up your personality while your spiritual dimensions compose all the higher octaves. You are the same relative note in each one. If they were all sounded together, like the totality of your being resonating or vibrating together, it would make a very rich, beautiful sound. Our bodies, emotions, thoughts, and spirits are all composed of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Our physical senses keep us focused on the physical level so we are unaware of the others like a deaf person who can only hear some of the middle tones.

In meditation we can align the three lower energy bodies with our spirit bodies and consciously allow Spirit to flow freely throughout our beings. We can actually experience ourselves as primarily Spirit in nature rather than a body with feelings and thoughts with only occasional loving, inspirational currents flowing through.

The key to freedom from lower frequency bondage is so simple, so obvious, and so well known that it is often overlooked and forgotten. The key is FORGIVENESS. Your emotional body can be completely transformed by forgiveness. If you are interested in achieving constant unconditional love and peace, knowing yourself and all others to be divine, begin now to forgive. Forgiveness is an ongoing tool in the ascension process. Use it and consciously know your own divinity. Begin with 4th dimensional attitudes to share universal truth and wisdom.



Stand in front of a mirror. Hug yourself. Look at yourself with love. You might imagine that you are looking at your child's body, for indeed, your body is your creation. Just for a moment forget your flaws in loving acceptance. Say, " I forgive you for all the times you let me down. I know we agreed beforehand to experience all these things together in order to learn. Thank you for your willingness and courage. I love and appreciate you for all that you are." Let the love from Spirit flow throughout your body into every organ, nerve, bone and cell. Let this high frequency energy nurture your body from inside out, replacing any dense resistance with joy and light. Take some time. Relax and enjoy it. Feel the surge of renewed energy and well being. Know that this inner peace is a gift you can give yourself at any time. By so doing, you gain a powerful ally in your ascension.


One at a time visualize everyone with whom you've ever had significant dealings in your life: parents, siblings, mates, children, bosses, landlords, teachers, etc. Tell them that you forgive them for any harm that you ever felt that they did to you. Remember that it was all done by prior agreement, even if you didn't know that at the time. Thank them for fulfilling their part of the bargain. Tell them that you love them. Then you might visualize a lovely crystalline pink light flowing between you, dissolving any animosity and setting you both free from heavy emotions. When you feel complete with one person, move on to the next.


"I forgive anyone I think has harmed me in this or any lifetime, anywhere, on any plane. I forgive all debts and erase all karma. I choose Light for myself and for all my selves."


Changing your mind is perhaps the most important aspect of ascension. This requires some self-discipline, but it can be done. Meditation can be the means of changing your mind. In meditation it is possible to change the focus of your thoughts from the limited, fear-based perspective of your physical brain's memories and subconscious mind to the vast resources of Universal Mind. Once you experience the difference, you can tap into U.M. at will and begin to function with the calm creativity of higher dimensions.


As you are born into a physical body and learn how to control it with your physical brain, you automatically become absorbed into Mass Mind. M.M. is the sum total of all the thoughts of physical brains on this planet. It is the accumulation of the ages into one vast cloud of thought. All incarnated beings contribute to this. The great avatars and the mentally retarded, the loving and the fearful all think their thoughts and contribute to M.M. All are energy. All thoughts accumulate in the mental field around the planet. Carl Jung called this the collective unconscious.

It is difficult for one person alone, no matter how powerful his mind, to change the vast inertia of M.M. It would be like one pure drop of water trying to clarify the whole ocean. On the other hand, M.M. is a great resource of wisdom and experience for survival in the physical environment. Myths and legends of all ages and races are expressions of M.M. This folk wisdom is a tremendous support in accepting the physical body's growing up, maturing, and aging. Removing people from their ancient rituals and superstitions is not necessarily an improvement in their lives unless they are replaced with more universal truths. Limited understanding is better than chaos. A return to the "old ways" so popular these days is a necessary balancing of the extremes of modern life. Unfortunately, a great many negative thoughts existed in primitive societies. M.M.'s limited, fear-based thinking will not bring about the needed solutions to the problems of the modern world.


Universal Mind includes all the thoughts of all the planets, stars, and galaxies. It is a frequency that flows up and down through all dimensions. It is not bound by the 3rd dimensional problems of one tiny planet. If you attune to that frequency, you automatically experience unity with all that is.

To understand the difference between UM and MM, imagine yourself looking at Earth from outer space. Mass mind is like a dark cloud separating Earth from the rest of creation. >From out in space, we can see that there is no separation. Earth is a beautiful gem floating among the stars, part of all that is. All the great avatars who have incarnated on our planet taught that humans are not alone and helpless. Quetzalcoatl, Hiawatha, Lao-Tzu, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus all manifested U.M. directly. They expressed the unconditional love and unity of the Source through their human forms. They taught that man was Spirit, created in the image of God with all the necessary ingredients to connect consciously with U.M.

      MASS MIND                 UNIVERSAL MIND
      1.  based on fear         1.  based on love
      2.  separates             2.  unifies
      3.  rigid, selfrighteous  3.  flexible,
      4.  limited               4.  unlimited, inventive

When tapping into U.M., you can leave the stagnation of fear-based M.M. behind and go directly to new imaginative ideas. In U.M. there is no judgment to categorize or separate. All individuals are honorable and worthy of respect. No energy is wasted on attack or defense. Clear, rational, creative ideas are instantly available. Loving, peaceful thoughts flow smoothly through the mind. U.M. offers a better way to solve problems than the old limited M.M.

  1. Take the Universal Light Elevator up to the 5th dimensional floor. Get out and roam around freely. Communicate with whomever you meet. These will be high-frequency projections of your Spirit. They can teach your human mind what your Spirit mind already knows. When you feel complete, return to the elevator and come back down to the physical.
  2. Visualize an intense laser beam of white light streaming straight from the Mind of God down around your body. In this Light is all the love, wisdom, and power of your Spirit frequencies. It is warm, nurturing and serene. Imagine yourself seated in front of your computer in this Light. Turn on your "I AM" computer. Call up the menu of programs, and choose the one which you want. Remember, U.M. contains all the thoughts of the universe. You must focus on a specific topic in order to access useful information. The clearer you are in your question, the more pertinent will be your answer. Your I AM computer is extremely user friendly, so go ahead and learn by doing. It has no time or space limitations. You can access past or future time. You can communicate with Beings in different kingdoms such as the dolphins or divas. Have fun! All knowledge is at your disposal. The possibilities are endless.

Once you select the focus of your interest, press "Enter" and calmly wait for your answer to come up on the screen. Suspend judgment for a moment and just observe with a receptive attitude. Make a printout of whatever you receive so you can remember it later. When you are complete, put the computer in "Park" and switch off for now.


All ascension is a spiritual process. Each of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies are spiritualized in turn as we become aware of ourselves as Spirit. The first step is to convince the individual mind that it is not alone and separate. If one is blind to his eternal soul, he must first be awakened to the existence of "something out there".

There are as many ways to enlightenment as there are individuals. Some are able to awaken easily and naturally to their spiritual essence. Their own guidance can help them find the right people, the right books, the right ideas, etc. Gradually, they overcome their own resistance and gain greater understanding.

Others require very dramatic wakeup calls before they remember who they really are. This is a job for the "Angelic Swat Team!" These are Seraphim, the highest order of angels, who are specially trained to awaken closed minds. At the invitation of the individual's soul, they arrange for him to "accidently" be involved in severe diseases, car crashes, wars, etc. It takes great expertise to get the individual's attention upon Spirit without actually killing the body or the spirit. This must be a last resort when all else fails. The Seraphim can step in to act swiftly in a crisis as well as plan long range campaigns for mass ascension. They play a very essential, though little known, part in the ascension process.

Once a person accepts the basic concept that Spirit exists, he begins the gradual awakening to the vast differentials of Spirit. The primitive mind sees Spirit in everything, animate and inanimate. Everything around him is alive and must not be offended. From this develops the idea that some spirits are more powerful than others, with hierarchies of gods struggling for power over other gods. Gods become jealous, demanding tyrants who must be carefully appeased with sacrifices and rituals. God is thought to be in his heaven far above and separate from man on Earth.

The next step in the evolution of ideas about Spirit is the "savior" concept. God is still all powerful and separate from man, but He does notice man enough to send a messenger, even a son, to tell people how to please Him. This messiah does his best to teach people about God from his own experience. He speaks of God in personal terms, as "Father", etc., so making Spirit more accessible. At this point, man begins to think that he might have an intercessor with God through this messenger. He tells him his troubles, confesses his "sins," gives money or something of value to the messenger, and sends him back to God to act on his behalf.

Eventually, the "savior" concept evolves into the idea that man can communicate directly with Spirit. He begins to regard himself as a part of God who can contribute to God's creation. This is the understanding of the "new age." Like all the other steps in the spiritualization of the physical dimension, change comes gradually and is tremendously resisted. Some catch on quickly and joyfully explore the new ways. Some lag behind. There have always been the leaders, the followers, and the drop-outs. So it is now with the changes of the mass consciousness into a new way of thinking. The new age is not the ultimate understanding in the evolution of consciousness. It is just another step along the way. Like all the other stages in evolution, the new ideas must be gradually integrated into mass consciousness if they are to make permanent change.

So let us discuss some of the peaks and pitfalls of new age thinking. One of the most positive ideas is the restoration of the human being to a meaningful place in the cosmic whole. Many have become aware of a multi-dimensional cosmos with Spirit universally present. The pitfalls seem to come from the new consciousness of having a direct relationship with beings in other dimensions. When an individual first "discovers" angels, space brothers, ascended masters, elementals, fairies, dolphins, or crystals, etc., he tends to begin worshiping them, giving them all his power, and still acts like an unworthy member of the spiritual cosmos. Much remains to be learned about self-love and trust.

Higher dimensional beings do have individuality, but they also have a much greater unity of purpose and function than individuals in the third dimension. Large groups work together on projects. Their talents and preferences naturally incline them to focus on certain aspects of great projects. One may be the spokesperson, but this person's individual personality is not the limit of the wisdom and power of the group's function, nor is the spokesperson limited to this one function. They all have conscious access to the vast resources of Universal Mind.

As we evolve spiritually and become aware of our place in the universe, we, too, have access to Universal Mind. One of the primary conditions for using Universal Mind is responsibility and accountability for access to all this wisdom. The severely limited focus of the third dimension has kept us from understanding the horrendous consequences of misusing U.M. which can destroy whole planets and affect the whole system. The more knowledge we obtain, the more responsibility we must assume.

The mass consciousness must be lifted gradually into more cosmic understanding. None of the beings on Earth are isolated. Spirit is not only "out there" but within each and every individual. All must come to the realization that they are an integral part of the whole. The next step in spiritual evolution is the development of strong, committed individuals who honor their own contributions as well as accept responsibility as group members.


Imagine your physical body surrounded by a brilliant white light, imagine shrinking this light from body size down to a tiny cell within that body. By thought shrink it further to atomic size. Within the atom you can see the electrons and neutron circling around the neutron. Be aware of the space that fills the atom. See the endless orderly motion. How beautiful it is! How perfect it is! Imagine this inner space expanding and expanding and gradually becoming outer space. The same orderly patterns and cycles are functioning. See the planets circling around the sun, the solar system spiraling around in the Milky Way Galaxy, and the galaxy floating around in the cosmos. See its perfection. Feel its orderly, intelligent movement. Know you are part of this cosmic whole. Relax your fears and resistance. Float along with the stars in their graceful dance. Know that all is well. When you are ready, return to your normal consciousness.

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