From the book of the Brasilian wellknown medium Francisco Candido Xavier, (picture left), who was the recipient of the spiritual communication from the other side - to Andre Luiz(right below) thru a lot of books



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Extracts from the book


Undertitle "life in the spirit world"


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Some more from the book of the Brazilian well-known medium Francisco Candido Xavier, who was the recipient of the spiritual communication from the other side - to Andre Luiz through a lot of books


 Another extracts from the book


Undertitle "life in the spirit world"


Translated from Portuguese (Brazil) of org.title "No Mundo Maior" from 1947



Intro: first to underline is that the soul or the "living/experiencing center" in the being are not material at all, so the LIFE does not originate inside the brain, as IT is only a physical/material-organic receiver for the real LIFE - originating from another level/dimension. Then the student with the greater view have understood that the being lives on after death - then through another, some similar body on another level, or better said levels, because there are a lot of REALITIES or "spiritual worlds" in many separated frequencies. This is logic shown through the spiritual science; theosophy/Tibetan wisdom, as well as the spiritual cosmology from the Danish MARTINUS, and the spiritist movement. And not at least through the new "near/back from death"-research, which have now come forth in the last ca.30 years.

Here a communication where the "dead Brazilian doctor" Andre Luiz communicates this information on education and work, as well as help - on those other levels while we sleep. Some similar can be red in the book of Leadbeater: ASTRAL HELPERS.

Yes, this help from helpers on the astral level - as well as the help of masters living on much higher worlds. But our day-conscious minds or memory does not normally recall this - but the sub.consc.does!



sample-extract #2


From chapter 6

Fraternal Help



"In the darkness of the night, we (means the astral helpers and guides) were at the entrance to a modest room in a humble home.

A kind sister from our (astral) realm was waiting for us on the doorstep. She greeted us attentively.

Calderaro asked:

'And Candida? How is she?"

"She's doing fine. She should be with us for good tomorrow night. Sister Cipriana asked me to watch over her so that her disengagement would happen peacefully. I believe that our dear friend could have already passed to our side, but it seems that the young daughter she's leaving behind needs some care.

We went in. (unseen as they were in the astral. rø-rem.)


A prematurely aged woman was lying in bed, awaiting death. The signs of the extinction of the vital tonus were obvious on her face.

Candida, the sister who deserved our attention so much, was still attached to her body by very fragile threads. Through the soft light discharged by her mind and which haloed her brow, I could see the greatness of her soul and serene heroism.

A young woman with a pale face and weakened body was by her side stroking her gray hair. From time to time she would wipe the tears that streamed from her eyes.

The Assistant nodded to her and explained:

"That's her daughter who has come to say goodbye. Let's listen to them."

Candida, encouraging her with much difficulty; spoke movingly:

"Julieta, my daughter, take care of yourself. You know I probably won't be getting up again. I'm afraid of leaving you amid the conflicts of this world with no friendly hands..."

The young woman was all choked up. Abundant tears bore witness to her utter anguish.

Her mom, however, tried hard to restrain her own emotions and continued selflessly:

"My sons have forsaken us. We're on our own and we must think things over. I've noticed that you've been more disturbed and afflicted these past few days. I get the feeling that the money we have isn't enough for our expenses. What's going on? I've been so much trouble for you in your young age! But I still trust in Jesus. Every day I ask the Lord not to forsake us. I'm afraid that your destiny might go awry because of me ... Other times, my dearest, I fear that you might end up going crazy.

And after a brief pause, during which she lovingly squeezed the right hand of the young woman, who looked no older than twenty; the ailing woman continued:

"Listen. You know that our expenses have been enormous over the past few months. My surgeries were extensive and difficult. The bills are huge. What about the money? Set my mind at ease, my dear!"



The young woman wiped her tears and replied:

"Don't worry, mom! We've got enough. I'm working."

"But there's so little money in sewing," emphasized the patient in dismay.

"Oh, don't worry so much! In addition to our normal income, I took out a small loan. In a few months everything will be back to normal."

"May God allow it."

After a longer pause, the ailing woman asked:

"Where's Paulino?"

Her daughter's face turned red and she answered, embarrassed:

"I don't know."

"You haven't seen each other for a while?"

"Nope," the young woman replied shyly.

"I'd like to see him. I'm afraid I might die at any moment ... and I can't think of anyone I could ask to help you. You're so young; what'll become of you, alone and at the whim of circumstances? The world is full of evil men waiting for a chance to disgrace."


A few tears escaped from Candida's lucid eyes, burning my heart.


"If I die, dear child," she said with touching emphasis, "don't give in to temptation. Seek your income in worthwhile work. Don't be taken in by the promises of an easy life. You know that my widowhood left us in dire straits, but your father left us in an honest poverty filled with blessings. It's true that your brothers were fascinated by material gain. They may have abandoned and forgot us, but I've never regretted humility and work ... I lost my health early on and my heart was soon struck by disenchantment; even so, in this small, poor bed of silence and grief, peace is the crown of my soul and I've come to realize that there's no greater fortune than a peaceful conscience ..

Lord knows the reasons for our suffering and privations, and there's every reason to praise him .. From all that I've suffered, there's one treasure left to me: your dedication, my child. Your loving care has made me rich. I shall die happy, knowing that on earth a daughter's heart will remember me with prayers of

everlasting love ... But I don't want you to be good and gentle only for my sake; obey God too. Consecrate your love and trust to him. He is our Father of Infinite Goodness and he only asks us to have a simple heart and to live a pure life. Resign yourself, my daughter, to the divine purposes amidst the turmoil of human trials, and don't lose heart!"

"Oh mom, hush!" sobbed the young woman, letting her heart out. "Don't say such things! We'll always be together. You're not going to die. We'll live for each other. We'll never be apart... Don't worry! I don't want to see you suffering... Everything will pass. The doctor promised to start a more intensive treatment. Let's have faith!"


With a sad smile, Candida touched the young woman's hands and said:

"Thank you, dearest! I feel calm and happy."

She glanced at the hands of a nearby clock and added:

"Go in peace! Visiting hours are over."

They kissed each other emotionally, and after a tender farewell, Julieta left.

"Let's follow her," said Calderaro attentively. "We must assist her with magnetic resources. That's what Cipriana asked me to do."


On our way, my instructor shed some light on the dying woman's story:

"Candida became a widow when she was very young. She had three children: two boys and Julieta, and their education imposed a bitter renouncement of life's riches on her. She struggled, worked and suffered with resignation and courage. Her sons hated the poverty of their mother's home, left her and traveled to distant places in answer to the unedifying impulses of youth. The widow persevered in her simple life and dedicated herself to preparing for her daughter's future. She got her into sewing, and the girl soon proved to be an excellent professional. However, after a few years of tough ordeals, the worthy mother collapsed from exhaustion. She was hospitalized and underwent several surgeries, with no appreciable results. Her condition worsened to the point that she's been hospitalized for the last ten months. At first, Julieta managed to take care of their financial demands by herself, but as time went by, the poor woman struggled amid necessity and exhaustion. Having depleted all her resources, she resorted to relatives, who cautiously declined. She appealed to friends, who showed indifference.

"Their expenses continued to grow relentlessly. Her sewing wasn't providing the income they needed. She visited her mom daily at end of the day, keeping abreast of her increasingly serious condition. Crazed with affliction, she knocked on every door but they all remained locked. Incapable of deeply analyzing the situation with her mother, who, of course, would not want her sacrifice, Julieta accepted an insidious invitation. She began working nights at a place of entertainment, with the sole purpose of earning more money. She would sing and dance, and consequently increase their income.

"From then on, she started playing the role of a lamb besieged by wild animals. For some time she resisted the appeals of the senses, but the time came when she could no longer avoid the power of physical sensations. Attracted by a man's proposals - the Paulino her mother referred to - she didn't have the strength to resist. She accepted his ill-timed protection. She forsook the sewing machine and moved from the modest room where she had been living so meagerly. Thus, she settled in the midst nighttime entertainment, and whenever she appeared in public she was always accompanied by Paulino, who was interested in taking advantage of her youth and beauty like a vain gentleman showing off a jewel.

"Julieta hid the reality from her mother's eyes. She dressed modestly for her daily visits, and when Paulino accompanied he to the hospital for the first time, she introduced him to her mother Candida as being a mere friend.

"The young woman's subsequent afflictions changed her health, however. She was exhausted and ill. Remembering her mother's example, her conscience bothered her atrociously. Easy pleasures didn't appease her sensitive and affectionate soul. Having a lot of money didn't succeed in lessening her dismay. At the same rate that she received from others the approval of her physical gifts, she seemed to lose her own peace of mind. Prey to irrepressible depression, she spent day and night afflicted by a highly troubled mind. Why hadn't she persisted in her modest life till the end? Why didn't she confess to her mom and receive the guidance she needed? On the other hand, she felt justified:

She needed Paulino's financial help in order to help the one who had given her life. She had tapped all the sources that seemed clean and accessible to her, but every hand had remained closed to her pleas ... But was she doing the right thing? She didn't have the courage to return to the prayers of yester times. Her anguished mind struggled between the demands of the material world and the imperative claims of the spirit.

"Nonetheless," concluded Calderaro, attentively - her mother's prayers have accompanied her all along her rugged path. And Candida has not been suffering in vain. As a faithful collaborator of many areas of service, she is the creditor of many blessings."

After filling me in on that drama so common among young women of our times, I followed my guide to the room where Julieta would receive his assistance regarding her troubled state of mind.

Recalling what her mother had said, the young woman settled on a couch, where she burst into convulsive weeping. Torturous thoughts collided with one another in her diseased mind. Heavy; dark colored vibrations were filtering down from her head and settling in her respiratory system. They obstructed the pleura, invaded the alveoli and from there they moved on to the heart, impacting the exchange of blood, at which time the fluidic substance of these mental discharges vanished, absorbed by the arteries. I noticed, however, that this matter, originating from the disturbed mind and impressing itself upon the physiological mechanism, was assimilated by the blood, which in turn returned it to the physical brain where it accumulated in all the areas closest to the gray matter.

As a result, I noticed not only the young woman's red and swollen eyes, but also the harbingers of much more serious organic disturbances.

Having identified the disturbances manifesting in the brain and the medulla oblongata, I looked at my guide and asked:

"Isn't this the mysterious beginnings of lethargic encephalitis?"

'A lot worse than that," answered Calderaro. "The deranged mind emits destructive energies which, although they may strike others, first reach the organic cosmos of the sender. Having decided on a lifestyle that would cause her to suffer violent and continuous mental conflict, Julieta began discharging energies deadly to her. Her contact with her mother endowed her with a lofty education, which improved her principles and ennobled her sentiments, so much so that she can no longer reconcile herself with a debased existence in the physical realm as the spirit develops it invariably becomes enlightened. Thus possessing a sublime inner light for the human journey, she would easily reap peace, joy and edification as a woman if the appropriate circumstances came her way, where she would feel the healthy manifestation of the abilities of her soul. Dignified marriage would be the field appropriate for her case as a woman ennobled by knowledge and virtue. But having surrendered to the temptations of which she was the target, she feels that she has "fallen down the ladder." Every day, she is constrained in silence recall the examples of her mother, to reconsider her own attitude toward life and to realize that she is maladjusted. This incessant mental friction has been aggravated by the worst possible fluidic emissions from the environment she's frequenting now, and her mind has descended to the realm of the instinctive impulses. She is experiencing extreme difficulty trying to climb to the realm of loftier ideas, where the light of her conscience emits strong appeals for her to return to simplicity and harmony. This situation keeps her from fervent, sanctifying and regenerative prayer; hence the chaos the poor woman is fumbling around in. She's too well educated to reap any benefit from the milieu she's gotten herself involved in, and dominated by continuous anguish, she puts too much pressure on her grey matter, giving rise to lamentable organic imbalances.

Calderaro paused for a few moments, much like a teacher opening a pathway for his student's reflection, and added serenely:

"She isn't threatened merely by lethargic encephalitis:

"She's close to going mad, with various stages of disturbances brought on by cellular malfunction. But not only that. Under such circumstances, Julieta could be struck in other vital centers. She could catch pleurisy as an entryway for tuberculosis. Or she could easily fall prey to deplorable blood poisons, which would be characterized by indefinable diseases of the veins or skin - or even fatal liver problems that would probably lead to the ruin and death of the body."

At this point my guide looked up and reflected:

"But ... divine justice never disregards compassion. Sometimes our headlong fall is a mere semi-disaster into which our despair has dragged us. Eternal Wisdom examines the motives of our actions, and whenever possible, it promptly lifts us up. Only when we completely eclipse ourselves from love and reason, deliberately fleeing the processes of divine assistance and keeping ourselves in the utter darkness of hatred and denial, do we face being fully unable to receive salvific influences; we must then await harsh trials over time under the compulsive forces of universal laws. Whereas the young woman cannot rise to a higher level - like a bird shot and wounded by a merciless hunter - her infirm mom remains in powerful, transforming prayer. Her daughter has fallen in order to aid her mother's body, but Candida has risen higher to save her daughter's soul. Consequently, Cipriana's loving power will take effect tonight."

Calderaro became silent, applying the weeping girl with magnetic assistance from our realm. With no problems worth mentioning, he removed a certain amount of dark matter emitted by her mind, and which had accumulated along the brain. However, I saw that he was leaving some of this substance in the cerebral chamber. I asked the reason why.

My friend took on a meaningful look and explained:

"I have instructions in this regard. Julieta mustn't receive our full assistance today. She must remain physically ill so that she misses her usual nighttime activities. In a few hours she and Paulino will be led in spirit to Candida's bedroom, where Sister Cipriana intends to use the few hours of partial disengagement through sleep in order to speak with Paulino."


I understood all this and once more I wondered at the order inherent to the spirit realm.

Next, Calderaro took me to assist a suffering brother whose case we will examine in the next chapter so as not to break continuity in the process of assisting Julieta.

Around 2:00 a.m., my instructor and I returned to Candida's modest room. She was now outside of her withered material envelope and was resting in the arms of Cipriana, who was stroking her hair with the tenderness of a mother.

Enjoying extreme lucidity outside the physiological sphere, the patient was at peace and happy as she responded to our greetings. Other friends were beside her, reassuring her as her final hour approached.

We were conversing pleasantly, when two brothers from our plane entered the room leading Julieta and a gentleman whom I intuitively recognized.

Calderaro confirmed my intuition, and stated:

"This is Paulino. He has come to hear us out.

Both instinctively knelt before Cipriana, weeping emotionally as she held Candida in her loving arms. Aided by the magnetic assistance of the messengers, who had brought them, they gazed at us in utter amazement; we could see, however, that they were more strongly attracted to Cipriana's light. They felt humiliated and vexed, recognizing the presence of some kind of heavenly power.

They were confused and tearful while Cipriana addressed the young man in particular:

"Paulino, I speak to you in the name of Divine Justice. May the Lord bless you so that you may listen to me with the ears of reason! Listen! Don't you think that Julieta is worthy of your strong, diligent support on her earthly journey? What are you making of your youth? A simple adventure of the senses?

Can't you see that human experience is a road that prepares us for eternity? What is life to you with its sublime gifts? Don't partake in the disgraceful conduct of our unenlightened brothers, who strive to turn women into unfortunate guinea-pigs for the game of the senses. Dignify your existence as a man by honoring the female mission. You were reborn on the earth and grew up in the care of your mother's devoted protection, and in a wife you will find the loving companion for your dreams of a rewarding fatherhood. So, why vainly persist in controlling a poor child out of a mere impulse of selfishness and ostentation? Doesn't it bother you to see Candida's prolonged affliction, tormented by cruel uncertainty regarding her daughter's future? Awaken to your commitments of a higher order. You haven't come into the world simply for pleasure. Earthly existence, my friend, is a blessed school of renewing enlightenment. What is driving you to such condemnable behavior? You are good and useful, intelligent and worthy. Why do you shun sanctifying responsibility?"

Weeping with unquenchable emotion, Paulino said nothing; but he did emit thoughts that were clear to us.

He shouldn't hesitate to get married, he thought, reflecting on the matter; however, he had met Julieta outside the sanctuary of her home in a circle of irresponsible persons and in surroundings not conducive to spiritual edification. Shouldn't he watch out? Shouldn't he plan marriage on more solid bases? After all, he had met the young woman in a nightclub. He had found her nearly homeless.

Sister Cipriana had grasped his ponderings, because she spoke again firmly after a brief pause:

"In response to your standard as a man of character, Julieta's afflictions render her a creditor of greater support. The poor girl didn't go looking for an objectionable nightclub because of ulterior motives. Aren't you aware of her consuming worries as a dedicated daughter? Don't you realize that she went there looking for work and support, security and income? While you were interested in merely distracting your idle mind, was enduring humiliations while trying to obtain medicine her sick mother... How can you absolve yourself and condemn her? What gives you the right to stain the respectability of young woman who has such sacred goals in mind? Are the sunrays vile because they fall upon a swamp? Is the lily that adorns a corpse blameworthy? Paulino, awaken your conscience. It has been numbed by human indulgence! You haven't yet suffered sufficiently to bless and love life. Don't scorn the opportunity that is being offered to you! Help rescue this young woman; she didn't appear on your path by mere chance. Love and trust are not improvised endeavors: they are born under divine blessing grow with one's struggles and consolidate down through centuries. In most cases, affinity takes millennia to accomplish. You wouldn't have approached Julieta with such fondness she hadn't been part of your spiritual past. Dedicate yourself to her; save her from madness and worthlessness. Offer her your support as a husband, and honor her life before death breaks your physical vessel to pieces with its invincible hands. It is nobler to give than to receive, more beautiful to love than to be loved, more divine to sacrifice oneself than to extort the sacrifice of others. Don't let the world's criticism affect you. At its basis human society is praiseworthy, but unjust when it exterminates the seeds of spiritual regeneration for a loftier life under the pretexts of self-preservation. Join us, Paulino! The Lord will bless your laudable gesture. Tomorrow, Candida will live the last hours of her current existence. Give her peace. Restore her well-being for all the grief she's gone through to preserve her daughter in a respectable position. Don't allow love to be corrupted in your soul. Sanctify it with responsibility and fortify it with your inherent character, and Providence will be at your side forever."

The instructor became silent, but beams of sapphire light came from her heart to envelop the young man completely.

Paulino lifted his tear-filled eyes, gazed at her in gratitude and stated:

"I shall accept your words as if they were from my Mother in Heaven. Do with me as you please. I stand ready."

Cipriana affectionately returned Candida to her physical envelope and addressed the young couple:

"May the Father bless us all."

Julieta and Paulino were taken back to their room, while we stayed on in the patient's bedroom to assist with her discarnation process.

At 8:00 a.m. Cipriana suppressed the greater part of Candida's energies. Upon being called by the nurse on watch, the doctor stated that her death was imminent.

Her daughter was informed, arriving at midday in the company of Paulino, who looked visibly touched.

How beautiful is it to witness the indirect influence of the higher realm upon our incarnate fellow spirits!

Just as they had at the time of their corporeal sleep, upon realizing that the venerable woman was dying, they both knelt in tears, nearly in the same position of a few hours ago.

Candida gazed at the young man in a supplicant manner and spoke to him with difficulty, while Cipriana kept her right hand on her head so that her energies would not fade completely. The dying woman emotionally conveyed the anguish torturing her soul. She was afraid of leaving her inexperienced daughter in the world at the mercy of temptations. She appealed to Paulino's gentility, but he did not let her finish. With tearful eyes, he placed his index finger on the dying woman's lips and comforted her.


"Dona Candida," (* In Portuguese, a term indicative of respect. - Tr.) he said respectfully, "don't mention this anymore. Today I awoke with my mind made up: Julieta and I will get married in just a few days. Tomorrow we'll start the paperwork for our commitment, before any circumstances interfere to jeopardize our wishes. So, you can rest assured. From now on, I too am your son.

Weeping copiously, the dying woman made a sign.

Julieta drew nearer her mother, while Paulino leaned his head on her prematurely gray hair. Supported by Cipriana, Candida united their hands in a symbolic gesture and kissed them affectionately.

That was the final gesture of her spent body. In a few minutes, her physical eyes closed forever, while her spirit eyes would open in our midst to contemplate the radiant trails of eternity.






Chapter 7

The Redemptive Process


As we were leaving the hospital the night before Candida's discarnation, Assistant Calderaro had remarked:

"There's no time to lose."

Our work of helping the dear patient had taken a few hours.

"The special aim of our effort," continued my esteemed friend, "is to impede the completion of the processes leading to insanity. The network of spiritual support to that end is almost infinite. A positive diagnosis of mental imbalance is always the end result of a long struggle. Of course, that does not include cases that are purely physiological, such as the invasion of syphilis into the cerebral matter. We are referring instead to the conflicts of personality imprisoned in introversion, instability, phenomena of involution, and tragedies involving crimes of passion incidents that take place by the thousands each week all over the world. In the spheres closest to the daily struggles of ordinary individuals where we are at present - there are many, many fraternal assistance organizations of this nature.




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