Comparative thoughts from the learnings through Thiaoouba and from the spacepeople from planet Erra (norwegian here)- that through Semjase has given much information on special themes.

  • - Jesus or Jmmanuel as the Erra-pleiadians said was his real name - as you will find in  Matteus 1-23. Both civilisations said that he survived crucifixion and went to east. Rampa tells much (in the HERMIT) of the same as "Thao" told - that there was two in these drama: Jesus/Jmmanuel and the later "walk-in": THE CHRIST- from a much higher level.


ONE point is quite different from the informations from the Erra-pleiadians - it is about MU. They said it was a high-civilisation in todays part of China in the Gobi-desert of today - in time ca 30000 years past. May it be that the name of this high-civilisation was a continuation of that MU-civilisation that this "Thao-book" here talks about? This one is described as much older - 1.35 mill. back. And the Gobi-high-civilisation may be colony from this "oldest" MU-civilisation - which the LYRAN-PLEIADIANS conducted in the GOBI-region (danish language link), as Semjase told.

Regarding Atlantis' sivilisation, Semjase told that this was built up by white pleiadians - but this "Thao-book" here tells Atlantis inhabited by people from MU - about 30.000 years back.(they seem to agree on this timeperiod!)

"There was also a white race there - tall blond people with blue eyes." (from text in book) - those must have been the pleiadians that Semjase said was the main-builders of Atlantis.

(so...)It was the Mayas, very learned colonisers from Mu, who governed the country, and they constructed there, a replica of the Pyramid of Savanasa.(from text in book) The plaiadians/Semjase told nothing of those - probably because they were not from their "own genetic family" - and it seems to be a kind of rivalisation between the differnt visitors - some of them having made some chaos in the past, and they now seem to have got a kind of bad conscience, and want to help Earth - but primary be their own policy.

It is quite logic that there must be difficult to illuminate "everything" in a book of 177 pages - but very much of a possible history - and much clear WISDOM is included in this book. It is also to remark that their explanations on the theme THE OVER/HIGHER - SELF, is quite identical to those from the initiated  Lobsang Rampa. He also learned from "the hermit" that the EARTH was seeded from space - through "the gardeners". They also - he learned - brought all kind of animals and plants here - and later human races.

Also the information that the spiritual bodys are damged through use of drugs - is identical to what Rampa and Martinus learned.

Well - someone may belive that all this "Thiaoouba book" is invented from Rampa-information (he wrote his books from 1956) and similar - but after studying this information - it does not seem likely. 

It is far more convincing that they both told the REAL TRUTH - and in their own ways. So everybody must study and make their own conclusions.   

( feb.2003)

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