Book-extract on theme life after death:

Translated by r.ř. (amateur) from chap.XIII of  the book:

“THE Great wonders- letter to my grand-daughter” (translated title of/from swedish:)






You, dear children!

You probably want to know something about our state after death. It is a source of difficulty, but I will to try.
Something have I already talked about in the letter about death. You remember that the first feeling that seizes the redeemed spirit is usually an indescribable well-being. It is so pleasant to be free from the heavy and cumbersome physical body, you feel so easy in the new costume - which, however, have been carried “below” the physical body for the whole life, without being aware of it. You almost feel that you dream and is afraid to wake up, so beautiful felt is at first the new life. Then being moved, by your own spiritual viability of the sphere, where you have your proper home.

Normally meetings have already been hold at the deathbed, from departed friends, who welcome one, rejoice reunion and follows to the new home. Where you can rest, and after the inner forces return, seeks to orientate oneself in the new world.

But soon one faces a difficult task, as no one can escape. Man is forced to get  grips with himself and examine his past life on earth. It is not an outer court remand - it is an entirely internal act, where he is his own both accuser and judge. During this period, which for some may be easy enough - but for most people is extremely painful, you are alone, feeling abandoned and none of whose compassion you would expect any consolation. Usually, however, even the guardian spirit is not far away, he do not meddle with his protégé, he makes common cause with the conscience. Everything must now be presented “into the day” to be examined, not only what we say and what we have done or failed to do, but also the reasons for our action must be confessed and weighed. And you can not excuse with saying ‘forgot how it was, how it happened or what the intention was.’

Mercilessly is uprolled plate after plate of our lives, everything there is, as it were photographed (filmed) in ethereal light and we see ourselves as a living panorama, from which the images stare at us and demand to become explained. Yes, in the rule, we must compose a story or a record of our whole life and truthfully record not only what we have done, but also the reasons why we have done so. It can be embarrassing enough to stand in judgment before another man, but to be face to face with one’s own higher self, the divine spark of the soul, and forced to admit: ‘there I was a coward and did not want to admit my guilt, but let another bear the reproach, which should have hit me. 

‘ -There I was stiff and did nothing to alleviate another's suffering, though it had not cost me anything,

‘there I was proud and let a subordinate feel the full weight of his heavy job, while I was selfish and took me a share, which was right to get to the another, where I was weak and gave in to a temptation, as I should have been able to resist - it's nothing but terrible. And you can so understand that how humanly we may have lived our life, we have - most of us - many of these spots on our life image.

For a few - the bright sides of the board are in majority: they have no difficulty in recognizing their errors and have therefore easier to come away from this review. But for most, it is always a painful self-examination, and for some it can be so embarrassing that they are ready to cry out “till the piles Covering us, and to the mountains falls on over us."

This is the true meaning of the Catholic doctrine of purgatory, which therefore has an inner meaning, well worth to consider. From purgatory even as also from this soul testing, as it has led to a real repentance, the spirit is leaving free and may as happy minds begin their new life in a new world, which offers many pleasure-topics and development opportunities.

 You may wonder why such self-examination is necessary, could not - just as well, immediately have their new life with its rich possibilities?

 No, we have entered in mortality with certain tasks to complete, some standards for ourselves, for our development, then it is quite natural that after having passed from the earth (pfysical level-) - must make up our moral balance of life and engrave its dearly acquired experiences in our essence, so we another time beware of committing the same error of cowardice, hardness, pride, selfishness or weakness.

But there is another and deeper basis for this self-trial; we have through every of our missteps to a greater or lesser degree, offended us against God's holy law - within us self. And thereby provoked a disharmony in our nature that prevents us enjoying the happiness that the new life has to offer us, only so when we openly and humbly have acknowledged our mistakes (if that is not done already in mortality) we get in the harmonious atmosphere where we are able to take part in the spiritual world, of both joy and work.

 And of what - do these exist, you wonder? The people have in their naive imagination, imagined that they would manifest themselves in a perpetual praise of God with songs and trumpets.  And as a bid by a grateful heart, that picture is quite legitimate, but let no one imagine that IT will become our only job in another world - I'm afraid it should become a little tiresome in the long run. No, there is work there as here - fortunately, all earth work, though in different and easier, lighter forms. Much of what is being done on earth, is prepared through intensive work in the invisible world. Thence are inspired our speakers, writers and poets, our artists and musicians, our engineers and inventors, our statesmen and leaders, our patrons and philanthropists -  and in most cases, they have no idea from where they get their inspirations.

But how then, is carried out this intensive work in the spheres? -You might ask. This I’ve decided not to speak about, but I have the idea that work up there in many respects are similar to the work down here, only that it is infinitely more easy, not only because life in the astral world make so small demands on us, but also because the astral matter is so very formable, and easily processed.

But the work of the spheres is only to a very small extent, on acquiring the little necessities you need there, it goes to a substantial degree on developing their intelligence, to acquire knowledge. In all spheres, there is therefore schools, targeted to the inhabitants spiritual position, from the most primitive elementary schools - to the finest universities. All go to school and all have much to learn.

It is natural that teachers must be at a higher position than his disciples and that is why teachers are always taken from a higher sphere. You can always go into a lower sphere than the one you belong to, this is a sacrifice, but you do it volunteerely, in the case of such a love service, as teachers vocation. Even the “chairmans” in every sphere, are taken as the rule, from a higher one.

 Music and art in all forms are important cultural carriers and therefore exists - especially in the higher spheres, excellent conservatories and colleges for fine arts, even as actor paths for scenic art. Large libraries are also available, for the inquisitive, there he borrow as much he can take, yes, he can also get hold of books he wants.
Cohabitation is in the higher spheres, the  most pleasurable thing to wish for. Old friends, who have known each other in mortality, long since passed, forms or come together making small families, who have an intimate association with each other.

They could have widely different occupations in different spheres or on earth, but after finished work for the day, they gather in their villa for a pleasant social gathering or meet in a lecture or a concert. It is in the spheres yet another work, which is of utmost importance, work that we here on earth, in too small a degree have sought to follow, it's helping work towards those who stands lower in both intellectual and morally.

Where each and one is imbued with a fraternal feeling, which keep everyone together as a sibling circuit, where all are prepared to the best efforts assisting those who, during the hard evolution and of any reason, has lagged behind, or lay wounded from the wounds they inflicted to themselves. It is given in the spirit world, to the lower regions, much more grace than on Earth and where substantial help is required,. but I will rather talk about that in the next letter.

Even among people on earth, the spirit world inhabitants do a very large and blessed work. Have you thought of that when you go into a large crowd of people, where thousands and thousands, for you unfamiliar faces pass by - have you thought of the incredibly work it must be to keep track of all those single individuals, to follow him or she in all around, support, help and sustain and in a certain sense, keep the accounts of all that she/he does. It's a colossal book-

keeping, for you can hardly believe, as many do, that we are all led by chance -  trying to manage the best we can. No, think instead, that everyone in the crowd are of God's heart, just as close, that all are his sons and daughters, undergoing the hard walk up to the father's home, where all are covered with the same ineffable tenderness. The ruffian, who half drunk elbows his way, is an eternity hiker as well as you and I, he has a divine opportunity in himself and will once again come to shine like a precious jewel, when all slag was deleted or burned, - when all rough surfaces and edges had become smooth.

It is so that this work, each individual must carry out, but it is also true that he could do it without more help, and this invisible help is always ready to hand him a help. Who are these invisible helpers, you may think? It is human spirits from the astral world’s higher spheres or even higher worlds, who voluntarily undertook the arduous, often thankless acquisition as guardian spirits, leading and helping their wandering brothers and sisters on earth, who have not yet come so far in development.

 Now consider that every human being has such a guardian spirit, yes, sometimes several, which form a spirit defend her, which is a very large and important work  carried out, by the spirits for the earth’s children. But you know, that they can not force us to do anything, we have our free will and therefore bear the responsibility for our actions. Our guardian spirits can only warn us when we are about to do a bad deed, encourage us to do good, to comfort us when we are distressed, and inspire us strength and courage, as we are about to fail with fatigue.

Usually, it is during sleep that our guardian spirit affects us. He/she then lures out our own spirit from the body and speak to us directly. We have as a rule not any memory thereof, when we wake up, but unconsciously we have received an impulse, which can help us over difficulties. Sometimes it happens, however, that we really have a feeling that something is cleared during the night. When we are awake, Our guardian spirits, have harder to make them-/her-/himself heard, but even then, particularly sensitive people may know their voice as an inner voice.

You might think it strange that it’s not arranged so that we are better able to hear our guardian spirit and even see her/him, for then we would certainly be willing to follow the advice. No doubt, but then we would also be much more restricted and irresponsible. The idea is just so, that we should be educated to freedom and independence, therefore, will help be given to us so imperceptibly, so we shall also reap the profits if we follow it.

These, our guardian spirits, have residents up in a higher sphere, but have their daily work in the earth beneath. They do, however, not always follow his protégé (the person he/she is helping and protecting) in heels, but are through spiritual report, connected to each other. Our guardian spirits feel whenever their presence on earth is needed, and is not late rushing down there. Often it is a father or mother or a dear friend from a previous life, who undertakes such a loving acquisitions. There is of course nothing  preventing the same guardian spirit to watch over many protégés. Yes, each family group, each nation - also have a high spirit, watching over their destinies. A spirit, whose wisdom and power is proportional to the importance of the mission he is to do.

But now I want to tell you, that as each such assignment is completely voluntary, so can it also happen that a guardian spirit, who sees all his efforts thwarted, who is just met with contempt and derision. Yes, witness how his Minions are creeping in the dirt, then finally with grief turns away and leaves his post, perhaps to a spirit which stands lower in development.

On the other hand, it may happen that a man who tirelessly work on his development, can have a guardian spirit of a higher order, who better is able to promote his protégé’s further growth.

May the your guardian spirit never have to shed tears over you!


 wish ....your grandfather.



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