Near the city Mosjoen in Norway, 20 August 1954:
 Meeting with a stranger

ufo-crash in remote Sweden with the pilot surviving at ca. the same time  (not real picture- only illustration made by Rune)

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One of the most spectacular Norwegian UFO sightings ever, was the Mosjoen case from 1954. Two women walking out for blueberry picking in a wooded area at Mosjoen claimed that they faced a "Mars man" and a flying saucer. In the years that followed, the debate raged in the newspapers about the credibility of the sisters' statement. On the occasion of that is now more than the year's 60th anniversary of the event, I present it here for new readers.

deficiency: the belt not drawn here and hair longer and another color



Aug. 20, 1954 - On this afternoon two sisters in Norway met the pilot of a UFO. While picking blueberries in fields around 'Øydalen', near Mosjoen, Norway 24-year-old Edith Jacobsen and her sister, Asta Solvang, were approached by a man with a tanned complexion and long hair who smiled and made friendly hand gestures. Curious, they decided not to run away.

The stranger wore a greenish one-piece coverall, which covered him all the way up to his neck, and they could not see any buttons or seams. He also wore a very wide belt around his waist. But what really grabbed their attention was the man’s long, light brown hair. His eyes were light blue and somewhat slanted, and his skin was a bronze color. After waving back to the visitor, they asked who he was. The man extended his hand towards the women but instead of shaking hands he slightly brushed their palms, and then spoke in a "sing song type manner” and in a language they could not comprehend, even though both women were fluent in English, German, and Russian and were knowledgeable in Spanish and French.

“His hands were beautiful,” said one of the women, “with long well manicured fingers like that of an artist”. The stranger took something out of his coverall that resembled a pencil and what appeared to be a piece of paper, when he then proceeded to draw a central point surrounded by several circles, which seemed to represent the orbits of the planets within our solar system. After pointing out the Earth and the moon, the stranger pointed at a ‘planet’ which the women were unable to distinguish due to their state of excitement. Moments later he put both items back into his tunic through a seam that neither woman was able to see.

At this point both women were starting to feel a little concerned, but the smiling man motioned for them to follow him. Both women obeyed and soon arrived in a small clearing in which rested a metallic lenticular-shaped object with a small dome on top. The object measured some 4 to 5 meters in diameter and was about 1.30 meters in height, and was grayish-blue in color. As they started to approach the craft the man motioned for them to step back.

He then opened a hatch at the base of the object and climbed in, and then closed the hatch. The women then heard a slight whistling sound, and moments later the object began to rise up into air with a rotating motion. Once the craft had climbed to about 45 meters it stopped momentarily, and then it increased its rotation, quickly rising up into the sky in a diagonal trajectory and disappearing from sight. The women notified the police after the encounter and according to police officials both women were of sound mind and well respected in the community.

more details:

The sisters Edith Jacobsen (24) and Asta Solvang (32) was on blueberry-picking with their uncle, Halvdan Jacobsen, on Øyfjellet this Friday morning in August-1954. There was not much to find, and eventually the two sisters went together alone in the local terrain.
How far away their uncle was, is hard to say. Eventually, they agreed to try a swamp area, to see if there was more to find there.

Edith: "Suddenly we see a man at a distance from us. At first we thought that there had to be another picker, but when he came near to us, we saw that he had nothing to carry.
We walked forward to him while we wondered who he was - who had come in these areas. Then he handed out his hand and smiled - but he only made a touch with his hand. He just stroked it to mine. He began to speak, but we did not understand a word of what he said. It was unlike any language I've ever heard. I've learned a little German and English, working with lessons in Spanish and have heard some French and Russian in radio. This language was very strange and melodic, it seemed like it had little of consonants, and simply no "coughing or spitting -sounds".

When we realized that the man had to be from  abroad, we began to look at him. He was of medium height, had regular, neat facial features, dark long hair with natural fall. Face color was nicely tanned. The color of eyes we did not notice, but I think they were just a little bit obliquely. His hands were beautiful and expressive, with long, fine fingers, as I think a master pianist must have. He had no rings. He carried something that looked like a jumpsuit, but he had a wide belt around his waist, so it could rather have been 'pants and blouse'. "The Blouse" was tight at the neck, but else fairly loose. I could not see buttons or zippers or something similar. The color was khaki-brown. The shoes  did we not notice.
What we most noticed by this man, was the genuine friendliness he emitted. It gave a confident and feeling good, so we were not the least afraid during this strange meeting. His smile convinced us that he would  harm us.

Asta and I agreed that we should not tell anything about what we had seen. Now when the man and the vehicle was gone and we were left with our buckets, without the slightest evidence. We found it all so amazing and wonderful that we were afraid to be a laughingstock if we said anything. We hit uncle a little later and I'm not sure that he did not notice anything "on" us. For my part I walked in a daze and thought I chatted completely as at random, while I thought about what had happened.

The public
It was Asta who told it first. She was unable to keep it hidden for her husband, and then it came out all over town. A journalist from 'Norlands Folkeblad' heard it and alerted the police to get the case to be confirmed. We were interrogated by the police, and on Thursday we were taken up in 'Øydalen to the site for inspection. There were no tracks, but it was not to expect either, for it was gone six days since it happened.
Since the case became known, there has been a fierce rush at us from all sides. It's gotten lots of letters from individuals and associations engaged in research on flying saucers.
We could not go into town without being stopped, and had to tell everything anew. Many laugh at us and many are angry because they think we are trying to keep the whole city for a fool. But we have told only what we have seen and heard as best as we can remember.

We saw it at the same time and perceived it equally. But the pressure on us has been so great that I sometimes have to start to wonder if it has scribbled for me. It is so amazing that I could well understand that even people who have known me all my life; refuse to believe me. People get to believe what they want, but I would dearly wish that it was someone other than us who have had this experience in Øydalen. A priest and a police commissioner, or other serious, respected men - as people would believe."


What then says her husband?
At the same time - it has come to light something that might strengthen lady's statement.
It turns out that the lady's husband had talked about the case to the comrades at work already the day before the story appeared in print, and he told his friends that his wife had behaved very strangely when they return home from the trip to the woods. She was excited, and lay all night without sleep, and he felt confident that she had experienced something that had made a strong impression on her. When she finally told him about the meeting with the disk/strange man, her man had said to her: "But this is all nonsense, and I can not tell anyone this." The Lady had answered him that it was absolutely true and that he for the part could tell it to anyone. All this, had her man said to his colleagues before the story was published. Now it might be argued that the man also, could have been involved in the joke, but people who knows him say that it is unthinkable that he would have done something like that.

ufo-crash in remote Sweden with the pilot surviving at ca. the same time  (not real picture- only illustration made by Rune)

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