Report from book:


by prof. A.J.Gevaerd and W.C.Stevens

(report made of rune . in juli-08 from the book, kindly lent out from the Norwegian ufo-researcher Ole Jonny Brenne, who has an enormous private ufo-library and also supply the Swedish/Scandinavian AFU-library in Sweden with information)


originally translated from Portuguese, seemingly published in -82 by prof. A.J.Gevaerdin in Portuguese/andinto English in -84, by the venerable (former colonel, and still-going) Wendelle Stevens.

(another cosmic-genetic experiment with seemingly same genetic family from apart in this cosmos)

more sex/seed-taking cases:

link to this hyp.sess.extract


this case- link- mr. Silva claimed he dated an odd, nice lady on a motorcycle i the mid70s who knew a lot of the cosmos and ufo's

marked this place in Brazil

Short summary

Also this case happened in Brazil in 13/4-79, in the suburb of Maringa; named Jardim Alvorada in South Brazil, and included sexual intercourse with a attractive, white-humanlooking extraterrestrial girl. It is also to remark that many others saw and also photographed the UFO on that day this abduction happened.

It occurred in the same timewindow as the Mirassol-contact - but nothing had been written officially about just that contact when this happened.

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The extraterrestrials here said they came from "Tortum" - one of 8 planets in the "Sato-system" in Andromeda. (book speculate whether they meant the galaxy Andromeda, or the constellation/ starpicture of the same name).

This contact-team said they were of the "AGIPO-unit" - a "human study unit of doctors and similar scientists from their homeworld. The men looked like common white earthmen - being 40-50 years old, the girl also looked like a earth-girl, and was also a doctor. So the contactteam in the "contact-ship" was of 2 men (1,8-2m tall) and one women ("the sex object"). It is also to remark that the hypnotic-sessions brought up much info, just as in those similar sex-abduction-cases in Brazil from the late 70ths and the early 80ths. Book also mention that it seems like the mother of the abductee here, was herself abducted at the age of 9, and seemingly prepared for those things that should happen much later into her own family. If this is correct, it indicates the long planning of those occurrences, that on the surface look accidental.



The 2 brothers, Jocelino and Roberto Carlos de Mattos, of 21 and 13 years then, was on the way to visit their sister on the evening of 13/4-79, when they saw a "star" in the sky. This light soon made them dizzy, and they said they were both simultaneously in some way just "led/forced/hypnotized" or inner guided to go out to a tree on a field outside of the town. That was some few hundred meters into this ploughed field, which was not easy to walk on.

Then the light decended down to ca 100m, and so took the place just above this tree; on the open field, just outside of this village in Brazil. (see picture). There the ship lowered more, and took the older brother inside the ship. They both, apparently lost the (outer/day/awake-)consciousness, and just fell to the ground, and it was the later hyp.that brought forth most of the happening.

When they later got the day-consc.back, they still saw the ship in the distance, and dizzy they helped each other home, not so far to walk - but remarked that it was much "missing time". The other in the family, who had long waited them home, could hardly believe their story, but then they all felt a strong impulse from the still visible ligh/ship in the sky - apparently as a form of "proof" done to show the rest of the family that they did not just joked.

Thru the was later found that also the younger brother had been brought into the ship.

More from the hyp.on those book-extracts on links below, and here some items:

How they looked like:

  • 1,8-2m tall (the men, who were very alike), also the girl was taller than Jocelino, but have not found how tall he was out of the book. (this seems to be common of many of the socalled "lyran-pleiadian family" - men 1,9-2,1 m, and women 1,7-1,85m tall, many such contact-reports as ex.the Semjase-contact. Supposedly was they from one of the early ancestors of our own white race, and of the same fam.tree of those as ex.the Koldas-people, who could walk on our streets without any risk to be recognized as from outside here. R.)
  • light brown skin
  • some bigger head than similar earthmen
  • brown eyes, black eye-brows, else as normal earth-people, but had 6 fingers!
  • short dark hair, but had some bigger ears than earth-people.
  • clothes : overall/jumpsuit, shiny with a belt w.shiny buttons on.
  • Shoes as combat-boots wore with the suit inside them.
  • Used telepathic comm.-and seemed also that the the uptaken earthpeople was done thru telepatie. No talk thru mouth seemed to happen. (One can wonder if they had been prepared to take in their telepatie, or is it as the spiritual science say; that we all have bigger or lesser abilities to comm.thru our higher/inner bodies/soul-level?).
  • Saw some imbedded pictures (screens?) inside the ship, which all showed some landscapes, but they were all quite similar to earth-landscapes/pictures of nature here. But the sky was not blue, but more white. (could have been a cloudy day though - r)

drawings made after/from the hyp.interpretations


similar to the JANOS case in england in the 70ths, they looked just like "us".



Yes- it was the later hyp.that brought forth most of the happening. This report was later printed as the "Jardim Alvorado affair - the Cosmic Connection" - by prof. A.J.Gevaerd. He was a local school-teacher, who first heard about this, and arranged the hypnosis to get out info of what had happened there. This occurred ca 1 year after the abduction.

link to this hyp.sess.extract

Else: as always the local press reported this case some days after the happening, -but in (as always) superficial, wrong and distorted way. (And this is as we now know; deliberate - esp. in the usa/nato-controlled countries and most of the western world else) This brought forth adverse publicity, and the result was total isolation of the family in this society. This went so long that many of the fam.members, later chose to move from the place because of this fear and suspicion, etc from the locals.



in south-am., though the press ARE also reporting such ufo-things openly, and SOME of them also seem to experience things themselves like this one: (link to extract from page 99-101 in this book):

the abduction happend in the "zona 31" as on this map above, which is now evidently built out




other sex-contacts with Etgirls in the same timewindow in South-america.