IN those Korendor-contacts there is a claim (in book2/moontrip) that I interpret as there has been - and possibly still exist - military/force-thinking civilisations in the Vega-system, (see also ca 75% downscroll on ) belonging to a similar-thinking alliance from the surrounding planets/systems out there - the text some below.

The Billy Meier-contacts also mentioned contacts to just planets in Vega:

Fx in the on Thursday July 29, 1976  - Billy was introduced to "Menera". She had a strange looking ship, and was said to be from the planet DERON in Vega System, and should fill in for Semjase until the end of that year. Menera was described as a dark/black, and very pretty. Dark skin, very brown, 10 cm shorter than Semjase. Billy asked to know if she was connected to the "Hottentotts" of Africa. Her forefathers, she said, came to Earth and mated with the HUNS. They came together with the Africans and created the "Hottentots".

art of Jim Nichols of a meeting between Meier and Semjase from Erra in Taygeta / behind Pleiades in the mid 70ths

Meier was later told of the power hungry "Ishwish" leaders that ruled with cruel power in those far ages(more than 230000years back) in the Lyra/Vega- planets - which eventually started a civil uprising. The war from that was said to last for four centuries and over 60% of the population was destroyed - three worlds of the Lyra system were dissolved! No one in the Lyra and Vega systems escaped this great war from 230,000 years ago was told in the contacts.

So the Vegans have evidently - as many/most incarnating in this galaxy on this consciousness- level/dimension - been very warlike - but the question is whether they still are? Are there still some pocets of the "old thinking"...?

Because if one shall believe what the Korendor book 2-Part Four, tells - there still did exist a powerstruggle between the Korendor-alliance and the alliance of Vega-planets in the 60ths - but the question is, if it still goes on? So here is  what the korendor-people answered to the question: "Who are the Kalrans?"

The Korondor -man "Kalen" said about this:

"The Kalrans are inhabitants of the planet Kalran, fifth planet of the star Vega. Their planet developed along lines almost identical to ours, but with an emphasis on military power. Once they had achieved space travels they colonized the remaining suitable planets of the Vegan system. They established an impregnable fortress in that system, which the infant Alliance could not hope to tackle. The Alliance members decided upon a complete isolation of Kalran, economically, culturally and scientifically. We feel now that this may have been our greatest error.

"The Kalrans, left to their own devices, expanded their power and capabilities.
Developing an awesome military force second to none in this part of the galaxy.
Stilt, they made no attempt to disturb outside planets, and we in turn, continued
our policy of isolation. An occasional patrol vessel kept check on their activities,
but for several hundred years, the Kalrans filled in relative coexistence with the
Alliance, each ignoring the other.

"The Alliance had expanded to over 200 planets in nearby sectors of space. Our
discovery teams drove ever farther into space, locating and enlisting new worlds
into our group. It was upon one such a mission that we discovered that our head-
in-the-sand policy had backfired.

"Probing into space around the Kalran system, we chanced upon a previously
uncharted system of four worlds. Our instruments showed life, so we sent
ambassadorial ships to the major city of one of them, to extend our friendship
and our offer. We were met by Kalran warships. The embassy ships were
destroyed. We retreat and attempted to make sense out of this unexpected
development. Patrols had shown no expansion by Kalran forces, yet they had
taken over this system, a serious compromise of security obviously existed, since these warriors had slipped out from under our noses and occupied an
entire planetary system,

We headed back to Alliance HQ with the disturbing news. We were paced to the
edge of the system by three Kalran warcrafts, which then turned and headed
back to their base,

This was many decades ago. We were unable to stop the spread of Kalran
influence, as their science was a match for ours and their methods were
completely ruthless. They continued to harass our shipping and passenger crafts,
make sneak attacks upon Alliance planets, and in general make blasted nuisances of themselves.

pictures up/down: wars and hatred have seemingly ruled (parts of...) this galaxy in the past - but the result will at last be as the picture down tells: deep inner pain and a dark conscience


"To this very day, they remain the major "darkforce" in the known galaxy. They
control over 150 systems in a tight net that is impossible to penetrate. Over the
last several decades, it appeared that they had decided to stop annexing
systems, and instead concentrate on spreading their influence by less violent
means. Of so we thought, until today. Their presence here in this system
confounds us, yet confirms a concept that one of our theorists had proposed - that
the Kalrans had in fact joined forces with another group, or several other groups,
to the end of creating an empire equal or superior to the Alliance in size and

"If this is indeed true, and it would seem that there is in fact no other assumption
to be made, then we may find ourselves, willingly or not, mandated to stop them
by force. Here we have the edge, for the present as we have developed highly
sophisticated military capabilities. We have psychprobes that can affect an entire
populace simultaneously, disrupters capable of pulverizing the very moon we
stand on!'

He continued listing the weapons that had been developed as a
fault of the dangers that the Kalran Empire posed. They were fearsome indeed.

"These are hideous weapons. And we hope beyond hope never to use them, but,
for the safety of the alliance, it may be-come necessary, Earth may be the crux. If
we allow them to take over hare, we will have no choice except war. If we stop
their advances here, they may very well choose to five and let live. It remains to
be seen.

"It appears that our destination is at hand…"


The different alliances seem to have some different philosophies and ideas on how to best help Earth. And just like the politicians - they fight to market their own ideas, and simultaneous  abuse the "others views" - but this denotes an unfinished structure of their society! (Well, the Erra pleiadins fx open admit they are abs not perfect...)

Another speculation is if the NAZI-germany in/before WW2 had direct contact to the here mentioned "Kalrans" and their negative(claimed here dark) alliance, and that JUST THOSE supported WW2/Hitler-germany with ideas to make their secret super high-tech and advanced planes in ww2.


Because when reading the contact-reports/"semjase-berichte"  - and esp. the newer material from Meiers writings - one get an impression of a strong, partly negative, condemning, "military" style and character: fx blaming all other contactpersons to be "lüger und betrüger" and/or downgrading and ridiculing their value. Well, one can joke that it was not a chance that the Erra-people chose just german as their primary contact-language - with their warlike past, and their tradition on "obeying orders". (It should also be mentioned that the so-called contactperson Alex Collier - claim that the renegadegroup of the (Erra)- pleiadians called the Giza-intelligence, had contact to the pre/under ww2-german-nazi's - watch f x part 6 of "UFO contact Alex Collier interviewed by Rick Keefe" on youtube. -And it is best to search for "Alex Collier" in the search-window on youtube  - because the adresses may change)

But back to the speculations on the german pre-ww2-connection with former manipulative  ETs. Well the Germans have seemingly learned their lesson: remark how just THEY WERE  MOST OPPOSEING to the US warcampaign in 2003!  So there is no reason to judge anybody - neither earthly nor interplanetary nations - all have had their karmic task to do and meet here, and all must  learn through self-practice - the cosmic law #1: treat all other people and lifeforms as you- YOURSELF -  wish to be treated. But tolerate all others level of understanding and being - it's their own "problem" and limitation. The galaxy is developing as all other living beings do - and IT also changes toward REAL humanity and LOVE. So the lesson for all here - either star-nation-federations  intending to help us- or ordinary people - the lesson is forgiveness and learn understanding and tolerance for others views!!


Else it is common to read that there has been and possibly still is - pockets of dark planets on some of the planets in Orion, and that just those (+ the greys) in cooperation with secret parts of the us-military/coverup-men behind, are staging most of the socalled abduction/ufo-terror-cases - in the purpose from keeping people away from all kind of extra-terrestrilal thoughts and ideas. According to Stephen Greer and his  book from 2006, most of those cases is deliberate and pure thought-impressions /mindcontrol from the same dark gang - the Cabal's high tech. Another  man having leaked much of the information on this Cabal is Dr.Michael Wolf  - no dead -  as most are of those that talked more that "they behind" wanted. (link)

In on of the last communication from the early 90ths that  I red from this, they said - supposedly still via radio - that their ALLIANCE was never engaged in abduction. They knew some races did it on earth in the purpose of tracking their evt own old roots here - and researching on our/their  DNA - but the Alliance considered it ok as long as the abductees were not harmed.


picture: typical terror ET-abduction ideas that "the dark agenda(powerpeople behind) try to imprint into peoples brains Dr.Greer  - which claim to have much inside information on this from mil/gov.sources.

book on top-secret report of what an ET from the Roswell crash told to a nurse and was all written down and a copy was smuggled out of the R-base, and out the materiel  was this book published some few years ago. selfclaimed sirian contactperson Sheldon Nidle, the conflicts in our galaxy has now been mostly solved in the last decade - and now its only on our earth the combat still exist - to saturate the last conflicts, pain and "spiritual darkness", so that all "from earth" at last turn to their inner being of REAL LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND UNDERSTANDING.


The Korendor-Case watched by the coverup-people

Like many other contactcases studied/investigated, also this case Korendor-case includes closely monitoring /surveillanc from the "hidden power behind" (military/intelligence/the shadow government-people) – who obviously interrupted his mail. Same happened to the mail of another "dangerous" contactman mentioned above -  Eduard "Billy" Meier (the semjasecontacts) in Switzerland in the 70ths. Where "they" had forced the local postoffice to let "them" filter his mail and such sanction the return-films of ships etc he had taken - from the development-laboratory and like. Once they disclosed this clearly seen on the film he got back – it was mirrored, seen on the filmlayer. So "they" had kept the originals and he  only got copies back, but they had been careless enough to make mirrored ones. In the same way they changed the pictures of his contactwomen and used this systematic against him many years later.

one  of Meiers 1500 superpictures of pleiadian/pleiaren ships - most of his dias  now stolen - but he still has ca 500 left of the originals his website.

In the case of Renaud here, they had as said, apparently looked through (scrutinized) his mail: when he later wrote and printed a book on his contacts by help of John Dean, they discovered, after it had been printed, that someone had changed astronomical information in it. This apparently done in the intention to disproving him later – to claim him a liar, and so ridiculing him and so make readers distrusting all the other he had written. Just as they use to do in such cases – with good help of the stupid, egoistic press-people – only seeking superficiality and ridiculing sensations, and not understanding anything of cosmic/spiritual evolution. 

Ca.20 years ago FATE-magazine had an article on this Korundor case written by Allen Griese. He thought as most others, it all was pure science-fiction. But after meeting Renaud in –67, he didn’t longer believe he was a hoaxer as he wrote "..if Renaud was engaged in fraud, it was obviously an unrewarding task".

Yes, it is unlogic to think that people should invent such stories when they KNOW that the result is intense ridiculing, being hunted, abusing, disparagement. And he wouldn't have any money for his information, so there is no logic motives on why he should invent such a story if it was not real and experienced.

 the cover of far past publication of FATE MAGAZINE that wrote of the case in the 80ths by Allen Griese.

So Grise visited Renaud at his home and found, as the contactee's writings claimed, a basement room full of electronic equipment, including the television set and the shortwave radio over which the communications supposedly were effected.

Grise, an engineer by profession, and ham-radio buff by avocation, found that everything seemed to make sense. The circuits were all appropriate to extend the receiving range. "In other words, if he was getting messages from an aerial source, he had the equipment with which to receive them.

More remarkable, however, were the books Renaud was writing on Korendorian life and philosophy. There were a dozen or so of them, all single spaced an, each 500 to 600 pages long. There were, so far as Grise could discern from studying their contents, no typographical errors. But that was not all:

"When he wrote these books," Grise recalls, 'it was like his hands belonged to someone else: He'd sit there in front of his typewriter and pay no attention to what was coming out of him. He could be on the phone or talking with me, and all the
while his hands are going, producing all this perfectly-typed, clearly-written stuff on alien philosophy. It was just unbelievable."

Grise was perplexed by Renaud's attitude: "He showed no signs whatever of wanting to promote himself", he says. "There was no show biz, no snake oil. He didn't even seem much interested in talking. He 'd answer questions, but he wouldn't offer anything. He was hesitant to entertain visitors and he sold nothing, made no money. He said the whole business was imposed on him; he hadn't gone after it".

"Renaud has a large collection of tapes allegedly on his space communications: Grise listened to some of them and heard what was supposed to be the voice of the primary contact-woman Lin-Erri. He recalls, "These were good-quality, reel-to-reel recordings. The womens voice had a kind of hesitancy in speech patterns suggesting a foreign person doing well in English. It had s a singsong, melodious quality ."

When Grise asked if he could meet the extraterrestrials in whom, despite a deep natural cynicism about such matters, he was almost ready to believe it: Renaud said he could request a meeting but could not guarantee that the Korendorians would agree to one...

 Soon afterwards Renaud broke off their brief association and told him to not to call or visit anymore. He likely understood it was no meaning in trying to convince anyone not ready or spiritually ripe.


Some data for planet KORUNDOR and their sun KORENA acc. to the material:

*Sun/star called KORENA

*411 lightyear away

*magnitude 7,386

*diameter 1,693 x our sun

*masse for sun there 4,694 x e27 tons

*12 planetets around their sun

*one year there is.4.53 earth-years

*day in earth-hours  24h-19min-31sec

*diameter for planet korundor: 21,847 miles v. Ekv.(=2,74x earth)

*axis-inclining 11,9633gr (also less marked seasons than here)

*masse: 24,0843 x earth

*volum 20,6909 x earth

*dencity 1,164 x earth

*population  7,9 billion

*capitals name is  "Vrell" with a pop.of  pĺ 37 millions in 2001

*landareas 53,7%

*saltwater was 91% of waterarea

*atmos: 76, 9% nitrogen - 21,7% oksygen - 1,5% other gases

*middeltemp 27,3 grC.

*airpressure 2,36 x earths


more updated info on  the Korendor-case- seemingly from BR himself - here


more from the case may be later

main | buy  e-book on the case and many similar "unknown" cases. This/those books can be found on -  site of Wendell Stevens who's honour it is that much of this "old" information is now accesible again.