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another contact-case where the contactee is of spanish roots- an allegedly 'walk in case' - THE ADRIAN INTERVIEW


Amaury Rivera Toro on 1988 Puerto Rico Abduction

taken into a ufo-ship in a group and shown 3d film of a possible coming meteor impact near the MEXICO GULF (see video)

up-left one of the many pictures he took of the ufo, and right an  idea of the killerwave-film he was shown inside the UFO.

“Thus, on the night of Mother’s Day 1988, I came to work with the camera of my
aunt, one of those cheap little Kodak Instamatic 110s with fresh film, and a Record
Disc of the Gran Combo in their character which my aunt wanted the members of
the orchestra to sign with their autographs for her. But when the time came I was
worried about approaching those of the Combo to ask for their autographs, as there
was too many people around them and I turned back and put the camera away.
That night there were more people than ever in the Club, and It was almost
impossible to snap pictures of the group. I later took some from a distance while
they played and others during their rest.”

Now I must confess something that when my aunt reads this she will hear for the
first time, but I must tell you what really happened that night. I never tried to ask
for the signatures, and I left the record behind the bar, intending to tell my aunt
that some one must have taken it, and that all of the Combo had signed it. I did not
have the strength of face, as they say, to ask all of them to sign the album. Pardon
me Aunti, I thought the pictures would be enough. My usual hours at the Club
were from 8:30 P.M. to 04:00 A.M. After leaving work that night, I headed home,
and as usual drove slowly as my uncle had advised, and also because of the thick fog )*
that I was passing through as I drove the La Bajura road home.”

“The fog was like a thick smoke, opaque and white. I proceeded driving very
slowly, but every moment depending on the edge of the road to keep me out of the
ditch. It was almost 04:30 A.M. Then suddenly I heard a sound as if somebody or
9something ran along the side of my car, as if that was what it was. Perhaps to catch
up to the driver’s door, or better, my door... Everything happened so rapidly.
First I heard the steps and thought that it would be some animal on the road, and at
the same time, from the side of my eye I saw movement to my left. I saw it rapidly.
I turned my head to the left and what I saw through the windshield of my side was
no cow or horse, or anything like that. It was something incredible!”

“My mind did not know what to think? A child with disfraz...? But so late in
the night. An enano...? Why would an enano with a mask be frightening people
that passed by there so early in the morning? Enano? No, it couldn’t be, I thought.
The head, those eyes... nor the mouth, nothing was.... ‘Get out of here’ I thought.
It was a THING, a rare little man... that ran along the side of my car. Amaury, get
out of here!, I said to myself. In the panic of the moment I wanted to press down on
the accelerator, but instead of that I pressed the brake and the car came to a
brusque halt. When I looked through the back window with the idea of continuing
to get away from there, far from that creature that ran at my side, without taking
my eyes from it, I could not, because now that the thing with the big rare head and
dark (brotados) eyes was in front of my car on the right side, it was walking toward

“I remember seeing the source of the light above his body, which had a well
fitted vestment, It was all so fast... I thought, ‘How could he get to that side of the
car so easily? In answer to this I heard another noise at my side of the car, and
looking there, he was there again, but closer even, up to the door of the car, and
there I became aware that there were two persons, or things, different beings or
demons, whatever they were. At that moment I felt paralyzed. I don’t know
whether from terror or something else. I felt them open the car door on my side,
that of the driver, and there I could no longer sustain the fear, the utter terror, and
the confusion, and I lost consciousness.”

“When I woke up I was still in my car. Still greatly confused. I looked around
and saw that I was in a parking garage full of cars, a parking area, like those
underground ones. I say underground because the place was not in the open air,
and there were other cars there, some ten or more. In that place, where one could
see that all was of a tone of light metallic gray, there were no doors or windows at
all, and if there were lights I did not see them. But still the site was illuminated by a
delicate white light.”

“The other cars were empty from my point of view, and all was very quiet. I
only remember hearing my own agitated breathing.”
10“There were no doors or windows, but one of those small beings suddenly
appeared again. I don’t know from where, and it only appeared for a moment. I
felt terror again when I saw it and remembered it from the road. There the being
put his hand on my forehead, and I don’t know if it was from fright or what, but
my mind went blank again and it was all black. I did not see any doors or windows,
but the being that touched me on the head must have entered through something,
and from outside brought in my car and those other cars there.”

When I came back to consciousness again, I was in a rectangular room. In
reality I could not distinguish where the walls began or ended. It gave one the
impression of being in a great infinite space instead of in a habitation. The floor,
the ceiling and the walls were all of one tone of light gray metallic color. I do not
remember seeing lamps or light bulbs, but nevertheless all was illuminated in an
amberish light. If a person stood in the middle of that place alone, without any
point of reference, he would think he was standing in a great empty space. One
could not see doors or windows of any kind, but there was a kind of long sofa where
there were some twenty other people seated with me. The other people, men and
women, seemed to be all Puerto Ricans, and all of us were afraid of what was

“Nobody spoke. We looked at each other, but no one said anything. It was as if
those sofas or seats were not noticeable at first sight. One had to be sitting on them
to distinguish them clearly, because it was like they confused the sight by being of
the same material as the floors and walls, all equal. It was like it created a kind of
optical illusion effect. It was like a camouflage of only one tone of metallic color
which continued through all.”

“I was in a seat toward the left rear, the last of the line to the left. I don’t know
how I got there. In one moment I was sitting terrorized in my car wanting to get
away from that little hand that was put against my forehead. I lost consciousness,
and in the next moment I was sitting there with hose other people.”
“All were afraid with their gaze fixed on two of the beings, of those little men
that were standing there in front of us in that salon. I don’t know if they were
others or the same ones, but they were all alike, with those eyes and the big heads
and ling skinny arms.”

“At that moment there appeared a man of human appearance, tall, white, and
with black hair that came nearly to his shoulders, and with dark eyes. He was
slender and strong, and was dressed in a black suit, pants, belt and a black long
sleeved shirt open at the neck. I do not remember well, but I think he was wearing
11black boots. He came up and he told us not to be afraid, that no harm would come
to us, that all was well .

[At that point the man, seeing that all were afraid of the little creatures there in that
room with them, picked one up like a child and it straddled him with its legs as he
took its mouth and chin in his hands and turning its head from side to side said,
“See, they are harmless. They will not hurt you. Relax, you will be all right.]
“Then he spoke to us of many things, some of which I did not fully understand.
Others I will not mention here for now. It is better that I wait a time for that,
because I do not believe this is the time for that. The language used was Spanish,
Puerto Rican Spanish.”

“We listened to all that without saying a word, and also I don’t know whether it
was from fear or what, but I was sitting there in that seat without being able to
move, as if I were paralyzed.”
“Among the things he told us, that I can tell you now, was that there were dire
events that would come to pass on this planet, and that all of us there would have a
task to do that would become known to us when the time came, that many things
would be changed. To me he said that I would have to see, with ‘hindsight, the
planet after what would come to pass.’ The better part of this duty is that I always
have had an interest in the plants and animals of nature. I don’t know how I am
going to carry this out.”

[The speaker described a cataclysmic event (read in the book or some on youtube) 
 - that is due on cycle that will 
substantially change the geography of this planet. He waved his hand and a kind of
screen or image appeared in the misty vapor in that room that showed a great tidal
wave sweeping over San Juan and tremors that split the island in the middle and
waters ran through the cleft in the Island. The scenes showed a great loss of life and
property there.]

“To others of the people that were there with me, he said that they would have to
see to works with marine life, animals and things, and such as that. I could not
understand very well what he said, but he told me not to worry, that children are
being born without knowing all things, but little by little they learn, and that such
will also be the case with us. He said that each thing will come in its time.”
[The strange man took each of the people there in turn and told them what they
would be doing at the time of the cataclysmic event. To a young man in his high
teens, sitting there in his undershorts and sandals, obviously taken while relieving
himself in his back yard, he said that he would have to provide drinking water for
50,000 people. This certainly was not going to be possible until he was mateur
enough to undertake such a responsibility, thus the big event was still some years
away, but still within the lifetimes of all present. Some were already in their fifties
with less than twenty years remaining expectancy, thus we have a window of
between ten and twenty years from 1988.]

“I lost consciousness again, and when I came to, I was in my car, in a place
where I had never been before, and it was daylight and I was crying, crying very
much, but with much feeling, like I would cry when my mother would die, which
has not happened, but I believe with the same sentiment.”
“I also felt a mixture of courage, fear and confusion. I was sitting in the driver’s
seat crying when I heard the sound of jet aircraft of those military kind, as if they
were very low above the car there, and I hurried to look. When I looked out there
was an enormous flying disc above. It was suspended silently in the air, and three
military jets had arrived and began to make passes on the flying disc. The disc was
flattened and circular, of a medium bronze color below and metallic gray on top.
On the underside it had something like a circle with an opening in it, and some
things that came out of the edge of the circle, like points of a star, and it had a
cupola above and below. And it did not make any sound! None!”

“The jets made turns and passes over and around the disc as if checking it out,
and then two of them broke the circle and went up higher in the sky and the other
one descended and began to make close passes around and above and below the
disc. There, I don’t know why. But I remembered the camera of my aunt in the car,
and I grabbed it and began snapping pictures. What is strange is that it was almost
automatic, and I did not give it much thought.”

“I exposed the film frame each time I heard a strong beep. The beep did not
come from the camera nor from any watch with an alarm, thus I don’t know where
it came from, but when I heard it I pressed the camera shutter release. That is the
way I took the photos that developed out in the film. In the photo furnished with
this report you can see the disc and one of the jets that was making the passes.”
13“When the disc moved a little to the right, the jet followed. The disc moved to
one side, and I don’t know if it was a reflection of the sun or because it discharged
some kind of energy from itself, but it flared into brilliance and disappeared.”
“The jets remained at the site for a moment and then rejoined in formation and
flew away in the opposite direction.”

“Still feeling the rarity of the situation, I looked around where I was and I did
not recognize anything, but now I thought that I was on the road near where they
had put the aerostat, which before this was only earth and gravel, and which it took
two years to prepare. That is a place behind the Sierra Bermeja hills toward the
coast. I went in my car down that road and further on I asked a man there where I
was and he said I was in he Las Palmas District. I followed that road and came out
on the El Combate Road and from there I could drive home.”

Upon arriving at my house I could not remember anything that had happened. I
gave the camera to my aunt and went to bed, and I slept until the next day, rare for
me indeed. Later my aunt came back with the developed photographs and
nervously said to me, ‘Amaury, these photos, what are they of?’ I said, “What
photos?’ And she said, ‘These photographs, these things, what are they?”
“I did not know what she was talking about and she came over and showed them
to me. Then when I saw those pictures I remembered the whole event. I began to
experience the terror and anxiety all over again.”
[Amaury fainted again and slept all day long. He was just not ready to cope with
the facts of the spectacular event that was so frightening to him the night before.]

*   *   *

Book on this; written by this man himself - pdf - copied from here

audiobook on all of this book- text can be followed by down- loading the pdf  file

another contact-case where the contactee is of spanish roots- an allegedly "walk in case" - THE ADRIAN INTERVIEW
 )*often reported such "fog" where entering such 'a set-up dimension-port/door- see fx the case of Alec Newald

Swedish UNDERSEA ufo-contact - Ante Jonssons experiences  *   Puerto Rico contact-case, where the contactee was taken to under-earth/ -seabase.



"A great number of ETs have claimed that their normal lifespan is a thousand years and more, notably those visiting Switzerland who say come from what we call the Pleiades. (See ALSO; UFO CONTACT FROM PLANET ITIBI-RA, BY Pallmann and Stevens, A DATE WITH THE GODS by Charles Silva, THE SHOCKING TRUTH by A. Coe, and others.)"